The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1954

Vol 8 Chapter 1954: Emperor Dan

Unconsciously, they have been on the road for many days. Although they are a little boring, they sometimes have a few drinks and chats, but they are also at ease.

"After passing through another continent, you are about to arrive." At this time, Donglai Fairy standing in front looked at the distant opening and said.

"Continent Group?" Ye Futian whispered.

"En." Fairy Donglai still looked forward and responded: "This vast area has a continent group, bordering each other on the same huge plate, surrounding a main continent of Shenzhou, the East China Territory, and the East Continent. ."

"In fact, this continent is within the area of Dongxiao Continent, and almost all can be regarded as the subsidiary continent of Dongxiao Continent. This plate is self-contained, but it is divided into blocks."

Fairy Donglai continued to say that her eyes showed memories, and seemed to remember that she came here with her father many years ago. She once stayed in Dongxiao mainland for some years, so she understands the vast endless plate of Dongxiao mainland Quite a lot.

The black wind sculpture spreads its wings at a very fast speed, and it can see many practitioners because of the rolling clouds, because there is a continent below them, so many practitioners are also walking in the imperial sky.

After they came to the plate where Dongxiao Continent belonged, they obviously felt that there were more and more practitioners, and from time to time they could encounter the void in the sky with other people.

Moving on, they came over the central area of the continent, and the fairy thoughts of Donglai Fairy drifted toward the bottom, and those bright eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the void and look down, and said: " Go on."

Black Wind Eagle's eyes flashed, Ye Futian passed a thought to him, and suddenly his body swooped down directly towards the continent.

"Sister, didn't you just go to the outer plate of the mainland of Dongxiao?" Ye Futian asked.

"Going to see a friend, speaking of it, can be regarded as your half-brother." Fairy Donglai said, Ye Futian froze, saying: "In Shangxian's memory, there seems to be no disciples, it is fragmented. ?"

"Not a disciple, but also taught that it is a half disciple, but it is different from your situation." Fairy Donglai said.

"Understood." Ye Futian nodded and asked, and probably guessed some. Presumably it was the practitioner who was taught by Donglai Shangxian in the past, but there was no real mentorship. He just gave instructions, so only Can be regarded as a half disciple.

It seems that Donglai Shangxian spent a lot of time in this area at that time. The reason why Donglai Fairy came here seems to be related to this. There may be many acquaintances here.

The black wind carving quickly broke through the clouds and came to low-level flight. The field of vision could already clearly see the buildings below.

"The tallest tower-shaped building in front." Fairy Donglai said, and the wings of the black wind carving slammed into a dark streamer, marching in that direction, and soon came to the periphery of this building. In addition to the tallest tower, the surrounding ancient towers stand like a palace, with a majestic atmosphere.

"Dan Huang Tower."

Ye Futian glanced at the tallest heavenly pagoda, engraved with three elegant handwritings, which seemed to contain the power of the avenue, and it was extremely conspicuous. The Danhuang Tower looks like a holy place for alchemy.

Below the Danhuang Tower, it seems that a lot of people have gathered at the moment, as if holding a banquet. On the ladder in front of the Danhuang Tower, there is a middle-aged person sitting on the throne, wearing a purple gold robe, showing a strong body The majestic breath, the spirit of the dragon and the tiger, talked and laughed with everyone below.

But at this moment, he seemed to perceive something, looked up at the void, and his eyes directly penetrated the void to lock the position of the black wind carving, and at that moment the body of the black wind carving suddenly took a share of The terrible road was under pressure, and the body swooped down, as if unable to control his body.

But the pressure disappeared in an instant. The middle-aged man saw the person on the back of the black wind carving, his body stood up directly, and his eyes fell on the front figure on the back of the black wind carving, Donglai Fairy.

The pressure on the black wind eagle fell suddenly, but the body continued to dive down and came to the banquet place.In an instant, the eyes of many powerful people there fell on this pedestrian. Somewhat surprised that he even dived directly from the sky dome. Isn't it so polite?

But they didn't open their mouths. Seeing the master's movements and eyes, they seemed to know.

At the next moment, that middle-aged man had a smile on his face, and said with a smile: "For a long time, I didn't expect the sister and sister to come."

"Sister sister?" Many people showed a strange color, and everyone around them knew that Dan Huang did not have a teacher. If you say a teacher, only many years ago, the alchemist of the alchemy, Donglai Shangxian, once taught him, Dan Huang has always been very respectful , Call it a teacher and perform discipleship.

Then, sister...

Could it be her.

"Long time no see." Fairy Donglai said.

Ye Futian looked quietly. It seemed that the half-disciples of Dongxian Shangxian were the top figures in this continent. They created the Dan Emperor Pagoda. Many of the guests at this banquet had very strong cultivation practices. Quite a lot, the breath of the middle-aged man is extremely tyrannical. From his perception, it should be the strongest of nine realms, the top of the emperor.

"I didn't expect Sister and Sister to come and get seated quickly." Dan Huang said, he stood up and walked down from the throne, came over to meet him personally, and the fairy of Donglai and his entourage fell to the ground, moving forward in the eyes of everyone OK.

At the banquet, many people looked over there, and someone said, "Don Emperor, don't you introduce me?"

"Good." Dan Huang nodded with a smile. He led the fairy of Donglai to him, and said to everyone: "This is my sister. When Master Zun Donglai went to the fairy cloud, I was fortunate to meet, After meeting the famous teacher, we have everything we have today, and then something happened. You must have heard of it and know some."

"Sure enough." Everyone was shocked, and the descendants of Donglai Shangxian went out of Dongxian Island and came here.

The storm was very big. Although it was very far away from Dongxian Island of Penglai mainland, they had heard of the storm, and it also involved this continental plate.

I just don't know why the descendants of Donglai Shangxian came out this time.

"I have seen the fairy of Donglai." Many people got up and said slightly, and they were very polite. After being famous, even if they were in trouble, the fairy of Donglai was also the top character of the emperor.

Fairy Donglai nodded her head and looked back to Ye Futian beside her, saying: "Brother, I will introduce you to you, Ye Liunian."

Dan Huang looked at Ye Futian with some curiosity. Seeing that Ye Fu's weather was extremely extraordinary, he must have been a wicked character. He nodded slightly to Ye Futian: "Brother Ye knew the extraordinary people at first glance."

"Ye Liunian, I met Brother Senior." Ye Futian saluted the Dan Huang slightly, making Dan Huang stunned, looked at Ye Futian, and then looked at Donglai Fairy.

"He is regarded as a father." Fairy Donglai said.

"Master has successors?" Dan Huang showed a strange color, Ye Futian looked very young, but Donglai Shangxian had fallen for many years. Before he fell, he had never heard of the closing disciples.

"Father left some inheritance. He inherited it in the middle of the year. It is indeed his father." Donglai Shangxian said, Dan Huang was a little surprised, but still nodded: "I didn't expect that I still have a younger brother. Brother Shi came here, and I also had someone who spoke, and could also have a good exchange of alchemy with Brother Shi."

The people below were also very surprised. Donglai Shangxian even left a legacy. Now, he is inherited by this person. Is this inherited alchemy technique?

"How do brothers dare to communicate with brothers? I am afraid that they would ask more brothers." Ye Futian was humble and polite. Fairy Donglai glanced at him and said nothing...

"I think Brother Ye is young, but since he can get the immortal heritage, there must be something extraordinary, presumably alchemy is also extraordinary, perhaps, the future is not inferior to Dan Huang's predecessors." A young man below said with a smile.

"Donglai Shangxian now has another successor, which is indeed a happy event." The old man beside him also smiled and said: "I don't know how much Ye Xiaoyou can make alchemy now?"

The old man had a gentle smile, but Ye Futian smiled and looked at the other person in his eyes, and replied: "The younger people have a glimpse of the path, they have just learned alchemy, they dare not speak of alchemy, and they need to ask more teachers."

The old man nodded slightly: "Humility, even if it is a first glance at the path, the starting is higher than countless people, and there is Dan Huang, the future is expected."

"Let's all sit down." Dan Huang seemed to be quite happy, he smiled and said, let people prepare a seat for Ye Futian and his party, arranged directly beside him, which shows that Dan Huang's attitude towards Donglai Fairy is very Close.


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