The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1955

Vol 8 Chapter 1955: Peer

Ye Futian and his party sat down, and all the strongmen under the Danhuang Tower also took a seat again.

"Today was a feast for my Danhuang Tower. I didn't expect Shimei to come, but it was a coincidence. In a few days, I will bring some practitioners here to Dongxiao mainland, and Shimei will be together." , Emperor Dan smiled and said, "This trip must come to visit."

Fairy Donglai nodded gently, she naturally knew who the other person was referring to, which was also her purpose to come to the mainland of Dongxiao. Ye Futian represented the future of Dongxian Island, and Dongxian Island happened to have a strong enemy, she had to Do something.

"It was coincidental this time. The sister and sister came at the right time. If the seniors knew that the teacher had successors, they would certainly be happy." Dan Huang said with a smile again, that the existing relationship with the teacher was very close. Both sides were very close. The teacher's fall has been a great regret. Now, I should be happy to see the teacher's descendants.

"I came to find Brother, and I came here for this matter too." Donglai Fairy said: "I don't want to come directly to take the younger brother over."

Dan Huang showed a strange look, looking at Donglai Fairy with some curiosity.

"His character brother also understands that there are some secular rules in the world, why he was put in his eyes and relying on his father's relationship to go to the door, naturally there is no problem. However, I don't want it because of this reason, since it happens to happen Then, I had to borrow a quota from Brother." Donglai Shangxian said, Dan Huang immediately understood what she meant.

It seems that Shimei is very confident in Ye Futian.

As for the character of the predecessor, he naturally understands some things. If Ye Futian is not good enough, he just relies on the identity of the inheritor to meet him. Even if the other party will give directions, I am afraid that Donglai Shangxians inheritance is not a person. .

So, the fairy of Donglai said that he wanted Ye Futian to prove himself first, but the premise of doing so was that Ye Futian was outstanding enough, otherwise, he would be drowned among the evil spirits, ordinary and unremarkable.

The others at the banquet heard the words of the fairy of Donglai, and their minds were tense. Before they had flashed this question in their minds, but now the fairy of Donglai opened his own mouth and wanted Ye Futian to go to the mainland of Dongxiao.

This means that Ye Futian will occupy a place and become a part of them.

The continental plate centered on Dongxiao Continent, all the surrounding continents are naturally on par with Dongxiao Continent, and Donglai Shangxians friend at that time was a real transcendental existence of Dongxiao Continent, standing at the peak of the super The strong man has a transcendent position on this continent.

Every year, all continents will send genius figures to go to the dojo where he is to practice.

"Yes, it's up to me." Dan Huang nodded and agreed. He could still do the job. As for Ye Futian, he wouldn't be able to see him as a disciple in Donglai. Hard to say.

Since he decided to do so, he can only rely on himself.

"Ye Xiaoyou is a disciple of Donglai, why don't you be so troublesome, with this important identity, you can meet seniors directly." An old man said below.

"It's okay, it's an experience." Dan Huang responded, and the other party said nothing when he heard his reply.

"Yellow Emperor has inherited the immortal heritage. Presumably, he has extraordinary talents in alchemy. Although Ye Huang is modest and claims to have a glimpse of his way, how can he get the inheritance of the immortal if he is ordinary." He said, "There are also many alchemy masters among the people who are doing today. They have always consulted the alchemy of the alchemist. Is this a coincidence, can I ask the alchemy of the next emperor?"

Ye Futian They looked at the person who spoke, and they seemed curious about his alchemy.

Who is not curious about the inheritance of Dongxian Shangxian?

Donglai Fairy, she did not inherit her father's mantle, but now is inherited by an outsider.

"As I said before, the technique of alchemy begins to peep at the doorway. Shortly after trying alchemy, the talents are bland. If it is said that Taoism is inherited, it may be luck." Ye Futian said with a smile, there is no need to be in the Danhuang Tower This shows the strength of alchemy, adding trouble

"Yehuang's words are too modest." Someone said with a smile, the fairy of Donglai took Ye Futian to the mainland of Dongxiao for thousands of miles. How could Ye Futian's talent and strength be poor?

"What I said is true, not humility, not to mention that the strong man is here today, and where it is my turn to offer ugliness, why should I take his own shame." Ye Futian said with a smile, he thought that his alchemy talent was bland Strange, nothing special.

As for performing alchemy here? He never makes alchemy at will, and the previously-made alchemy medicines are also useful, and showing off alchemy to him has no meaning.

Hearing Ye Futians words, everyone also understood that it would be impossible to make him alchemy. This guy hid deeply, and he didnt know what the level was.

"Okay, today I intended to entertain you, but when my teacher and sister came here, we would not leave you any more. After a few days, we will head out to Dongxiao mainland together." Dan Huang said, in fact, he was already sending off guests Too.

The powerful people naturally recognized interest, and got up and said goodbye to leave. Many people still looked at Ye Futian before leaving, full of curiosity about the descendant of Donglai Shangxian.

After the crowd left, UU reading Emperor Dan also got up and said: "I took my brother and sister to the palace to rest."

Fairy Donglai they got up and followed the footsteps of Dan Huang. In addition to them, there were many disciples of Dan Huang, who also looked at Donglai Fairy and Ye Futian curiously, but they all shut their mouths in an interesting way and did not say anything. Words, just followed quietly.

"The outsider is not here, and the younger sister and sister tell me the truth. This time, instead of letting the younger brother find the senior through the relationship of the teacher, he chooses to go his own way. How confident is he?" Dan Huang asked.

"Shicheng." Fairy Donglai said, making Dan Huang stunned, Shicheng?

Doesn't this mean that even if Ye Futian is only relying on himself, he will surely be able to enter the old senior's side to practice, so that in the end, it is a surprise to unlock his identity.

Emperor Dan nodded seriously: "Since Shimei believes in young masters so much, I'm somewhat expecting, young master Ye, you have to pass on the teacher's inheritance, hoping to have inherited the teacher's mantle."

"I try my best." Ye Futian replied, the other party did not say much, and chatted casually with the fairy of Donglai.

A few days later, under the Danhuang Tower, a group of people set off, this time, the lineup became much stronger, all with the same goal, Shenzhou, Dongxiao mainland, a main continent!


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