The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1956

Vol 8 Chapter 1956: Mutsu

Dongxiao Continent is one of the most prosperous and powerful main continents in the entire East China Region, and is known as one of the Seven Continents.

In Dongxiao Continent, there are countless powerful forces. Places like Penglai Continent are placed in Dongxiao Continent, but they are just a corner of the land. There are countless families of Zongmen family and ancient people.

Among them, the power standing at the peak is undoubtedly, naturally looking at the gods.

Wangshen Que was named after a palace. At that time, two people were drinking and looking at it, so they named it, but today, Wangshenque has not only referred to that palace, but is the strongest in Dongxiao mainland. The forces, the path of Ji Huang's practice, the holy place for countless people.

At this time, in the land above the mainland of Dongxiao, a group of people walked vastly. It was Ye Futian and his party. In addition to them, there was also the Dan Emperor. They came together, and the lineup was very strong.

The clouds in the void, Ye Futian's eyes looked down, towering buildings, Xiange ancient hall, countless, this is not the main city of Dongxiao mainland, but the remote city, they are extremely strong, the emperor is very common here, everywhere All.

The mainland of China is endless, there are more than a thousand continents around Penglai, and the main continent of Donghua Region, Dongxiao Continent, is the congregation of countless continents of Donghua Region. Those who practice strong and prosperous people will move to stronger places. , Naturally strong.

Across the city, they have a land of mountains below them. The strange peaks are steep. There is a terrible atmosphere in the mountains. It seems that some palace communities can be seen vaguely in the mountains that span thousands of miles. Obviously they are also inhabited. .

"Do you want to go around?" Someone said to the Dan Emperor, they knew where it was. The Dongxiao continent is like a cloud, distributed in different regions. This mountain range is the Fulong Mountain Range, and there is a mountain villa located here. The Fulong Mountain Range got its name because even a real dragon has to lie down when passing this mountain range.

"Don't have to." Dan Huang said, he knew several masters of the Fulong Mountain Range, he had some friendship, and borrowed it, there would be nothing wrong.

When passing by the mountains, there was immediately a strong air rising into the sky, there was a roar of the monster and beast sounded through the void, accompanied by a dragon chant, there was a monster dragon and dragon, and there were all kinds of fierce beasts taking off. Someone stood above the body of the demon emperor and looked at the line of people in the void: "Who is here."

"Deliberate Emperor Pagoda, borrow it from here, everyone forgive me." Dan Emperor's temperament was lingering, the sound penetrated the mountain and descended below, so that another Taoist thought swept above the void, and Ye Futian could clearly feel several gods. Nian came and swept past him.

"It turns out to be an old friend, why don't you come here and sit down." Just listening to a heroic voice, I saw a majestic middle-aged man lifted up in the air, rugged, giving a sense of majesty and domineering .

"Emperor Dan, I'm not loyal enough. I won't come here to stay for a few days." There were voices again, and I saw several figures rising into the sky. The breath was very terrible. Ye Futian felt that there were three nine realms in this mountain range. The existence of this shows that the Fulong Mountains can be described as Tibetan dragons and lying tigers.

Dongxiao Continent is indeed the main continent, passing such a random place, there will be such a brave battle.

However, from this we can also see the status of a powerful alchemist, and the practitioners of the Fulong Mountains are relatively friendly to the emperor.

"There is a Fulong Mountain Villa in the Fulong Mountain Range, and there are three owners. They are good at the power of the beast." Fairy Donglai introduced Ye Yetian to the audience and let him know the people he met. Ye Futian nodded slightly. It seems that although the fairy of Donglai has been closed in Dongxian Island, the outside world is afraid that it has never been broken. It is possible that she may go out often.

glanced at those monsters again, all monster-level monsters, Fulong Mountain Villa, good at imperial beasts, but to say this ability, there may not be many people stronger than him.

"I have to rush to Wangdu on this trip, so I won't stop here. I have the opportunity to visit a few owners next time." Dan Huang said.

The Land of Wangdu, also known as Wangcheng, is the largest city on the mainland of Dongxiao. It is named after the **** of hope. Once, Wangdu could not even enter the top ten of the mainland of Dongxiao, but because of the influence of God of Que, Wangdu continued Development has gradually become the first city of Dongxiao mainland.

"That's right." Several owners nodded: "Since this is the case, I don't stay too much, just because there are some younger generations in the mountain who want to go out, it is better to take them by the way of Dan Huang and let them also meet the world."

said, he looked back and said to the group of people: "Don't you want to go to Wangdu, you can learn with Senior Dan Emperor on the road."

I saw only a few people come forward, the breath is extraordinary, they are all emperor-level characters, and bowed slightly to the Dan Emperor: "I have seen Senior Dan Emperor."

Ye Futian looked at a few people, these guys are smart, they are all emperor characters, need someone to bring? But it is an excuse, mainly for the purpose of establishing a relationship with the emperor Dan, knowing a master alchemist, only good.

"OK." Dan Huang nodded.

"Troubled." Several owners thanked.

"Just walk together, what's the trouble." Dan Huang didn't care, and the three owners of Fulong Mountain Villa were all in the Nine Realms, and they were already standing on the top floor in Dongxiao mainland. Where did he need to take care of him? He understood this naturally.

"I'm leaving now."

"Okay." The other party nodded and said: "Please."

said and looked at several villas and said, "You remember to learn more from your seniors."

"Yes." Several people nodded one after another, and the emperor Dan and his party set off again, but they also took the Fulong Mountain Villa with a few people, and their mounts were all demon emperors.

Among them, the mount of a young man in black is a black dragon with terrible breath. The huge pupil of this black dragon swept the black wind carving under Ye Futian, and didn't care much, but when looking at the above Zifeng, his huge eyes Hidden a little curious, he obviously found that Zifeng is also a demon.

On the way, a group of people self-reported their names, chatted casually, and soon became acquainted with each other. This time, Fulong Mountain Villa came mainly from three practitioners. They are descendants of the three main owners, namely Lin. Qiu, Hantie, Lengye.

Linqiu temperament has a somewhat demon-like spirit, looks extraordinary, is the son of the big owner, the middle emperor Xiu is the realm, wearing a robe, with an extraordinary style.

"I don't know who these predecessors are?" Lin Qiu asked Penglai Fairy and Bei Gongao behind Emperor Dan, and they were curious. Especially, Penglai Fairy gave them a feeling of extraordinary beauty, noble beauty, and terrible breath.

"My sister." Dan Huang responded, but did not introduce too much.

"Linqiu has seen seniors." Linqiu bowed across the void to hear the words of Emperor Dan, and Penglai Fairy nodded gently.

The other party glanced at Ye Futian again, and saw that the white-haired young man was very at ease, drinking quietly there, and appeared to be extraordinarily happy. The wine shop was refreshing and refreshing. He was guessing that the white-haired emperor should be Dan Emperor's nephew.

But he was not good at asking everyone's identity, he smiled and said: "Good wine, if you don't mind, can you ask for a glass of wine."

Ye Futian nodded with a smile, took out a jug of wine, and the power of the avenue dragged the jug towards the other party and landed in front of the forest.

"Please." Ye Futian smiled, and a person took the initiative to ask for a drink, he naturally would not be stingy.

This Lin Qiu character should be relatively straightforward.

"Thank you." Lin Qiu said with a smile, peeling off the hip flask and reaching out to Ye Futian: "Fu Long Mountain Villa Lin Qiu."

"Ye Liunian." Ye Futian raised his glass and responded. As for his identity, he didn't know it, so he only reported his name. The other party didn't get his origin from Ye Futian's words, but he didn't mind. Drinking the wine, I just felt comfortable, and the air flow was flowing in my body.

"Good wine." He praised it. Sure enough, he could not get rid of the relationship with Danhuang. He could taste it from the wine. This wine came from the power of alchemy. It seems that he should be a disciple of Danhuang's sister.

"Drink a few glasses together." Ye Futian gave the wine to Han Tie and Leng Ye again. They looked extraordinarily bold. The nearby Donglai Fairy glanced at him. This guy collected some good wine from Dongxian Island. ? The way to use it as a water drink hasn't been finished yet. UU reading is now ready to invite people to drink.

But she didn't really care, and Fulong Mountain Villa was not a simple force. Ye Futian's making friends would naturally not hurt.

Dongxiao mainland is very big, they traveled all the way, spanning an endless distance, it took a few days to reach the main city of Dongxiao mainland Wangdu.

Arriving in the land above Wangdu, a group of people descended from the void and walked low. Ye Futian sat on the back of the black wind sculpture and looked at it. At the glance, towering palaces lined up, walking on the street, the figures of holy figures Cultivation is nothing, many of them are people in the imperial realm.

They came to the main continent of the East China Territory, looking at the capital of the East Xiao mainland.

The arrival of a group of strong people has attracted the attention of many people. These people have extraordinary temperament and very strong strength. Even in Wangdu, they are also very strong, but they only looked a few more times. They are not too curious. Wangdu is too strong. Many, powerful people come from time to time, and the practitioners here are not surprised.

Ye Futian's heart is a little bit turbulent. He has been in Shenzhou for some years, but he has been practicing most of the time. Now he comes to Dongxiao mainland, which is really starting to contact the core area of Shenzhou.

Next, it is possible to come into contact with those top giant forces, and there may be an intersection with everything that happened in the original world!


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