The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1957

Vol 8 Chapter 1957: Slightly Understand 1 Point

Ye Futian found a coaching inn after they entered Wangdu. Wangdus coaching inn is very comfortable. Although those who practice can not eat, drink or sleep, they cannot walk outside all the time. Many people still have to practice, and naturally Need a place to stay.

The palace is located on a beautiful mountain peak. Many palaces are arranged in different positions in the mountain. They are scattered and elegant. The scenery is elegant and very quiet. It is suitable for practicing.

Of course, this mountain in Wangdu City was originally built by man, not by nature.

Ye Futian came to the edge of the palace. This is the mountainside of the peak. At a glance, you can see this bustling ancient city. This should be the most prosperous city he has ever visited. The largest city in the original world can not be compared.

"Go out for a walk?" Lin Qiu walked to Ye Futian and said, familiar with him along the way.

"OK." Ye Futian nodded, Lin Qiu looked at the line of people behind him: "You followed Senior Dan Emperor from Taiyuan mainland to Wangdu, went out for a walk, and saw the scenery of Wangdu?"

They practiced in the Fulong Mountains of Dongxiao mainland. They naturally came to Wangdu, and more than once, they are quite familiar with Wangdu.

Dan Emperor has also visited many times, so he will know the owner of Fulong Mountain Villa. In fact, many people standing at the top level of the Emperor, in this sector, many of them know each other, after all, the emperor's peak There are not many strong ones.

"Okay." Everyone nodded. Although the Emperor Dan had come many times, for some young emperors in the Dan Emperor Pagoda, it was the first time he had visited Wangdu. He also wanted to see this countless years of history. The city gradually grew into the ancient city of the first city of Dongxiao.

"Go." Lin Qiu stepped on the back of the black dragon, and suddenly the black dragon made a dragon chant and walked forward. The other strongmen also moved forward together, all walking in the air, but they were all at low altitude. Can see the scenery of Wangdu more clearly.

Ye Futian and Xia Qingyan stood on the back of the small sculpture, and the wind blew on them, and the robe hunted. They were not fast and walked around casually.

"Where do you want to go, I know more about Wangdu, and I can take you there." Lin Qiu asked everyone who was walking next to Yukong.

"There is no purpose, just stroll around." A practitioner who followed Dan Huang from Dan Huang Tower said.

"Yes, then walk around at will." Lin Qiu nodded and led the way ahead. In a short while, they saw a magnificent Jian clan, where many powerful people gathered, and there were many people. In the stands, many people sat and looked forward, where fighting seemed to have broken out.

"Where is that place?" Ye Futian asked.

"Heavenly Palace." Lin Qiu responded: "There are countless practitioners going to fight there every day. Over time, it has become a well-known place in Wangdu. The characters of the Holy Land discuss and debate there, and occasionally there will be emperors. On the Road."

Ye Futian nodded, and the practice circles were all belligerent. At that time, there were nine heaven dojos in the Xiahuang Realm, which was a holy place for battle. It is not strange to meet here now, and the strength of the people in the road war is stronger. The characters, and even some people, will be fighting in the realm of the emperor.

"Are you going to see it?" Lin Qiu asked.

"No need." Ye Futian replied that he had experienced too much fighting, not too much enthusiasm.

"Okay." Lin Qiu continued to move forward. They passed many places. One place was paved with stairs, leading to the Tianmen, above the immortal air. Lin Qiu looked over and introduced to him: "Fairy Peak, Fairy Above Cultivation is very powerful, but it was created by a powerful person. In Wangdu, many practitioners have illusions about the fairy of Fairy Peak."

"How many top-level forces of this level are there?" Ye Futian asked curiously. Penglai mainland has several such forces. Dongxiao mainland naturally need not say much, but now there is only one main city, I don't know how many. .

"It's not deliberately calculated, as far as I know, Wangdu's top power of this level is probably twenty or thirty." Lin Qiuyun said lightly and lightly, and Ye Futian's heart was slightly wavy.

"It's no surprise that Donghuayu likes to call it like this. It gathers the top figures of countless continents. Most of the top forces are natural things. Moreover, this is the era after the collapse of Tiandao. It is said that the era before the collapse of Tiandao. There are many god-level characters, and it is impossible to imagine what an era it will be." Lin Qiu said.

Ye Futian nodded, it was difficult to practice, but the worlds population base is too large and endless. Even if the ratio is small, many powerful people will appear. In the long river of time, the practitioners are growing, and the top people will become more and more emperor. many.

Moreover, at this level, if you are more cautious, it is not easy to fall.

The group of people continued to move forward. In the void, there were constantly people walking in the air, and there were powerful people in all realms. They found that many people gathered in the same direction at this time. What seemed to happen.

"Go and see." Lin Qiu said, suddenly walking in that direction. They found that there were also many strong men going down there, converging towards a place, and they saw a building built on an ancient mountain. The Jian ethnic group is magnificent.

At this moment, there are many practitioners gathered in front of the ancient mountain, some are in the void, and some are on the ground, looking forward.

"This is here, alchemy?" Ye Futian showed a strange color, and there was a very strong scent of pill there. Before the ancient mountain, many people were there to pill alchemy, a scorching breath filled the vast space.

"It's the Danshen Palace, the alchemy holy place of Wangdu." Lin Qiu said, looking at the people beside him. This is their kind of practitioners. By chance, he came here. He was not intentional, but just followed the flow of people. Come here.

Many people glanced at Lin Qiu, and apparently had some doubts in their hearts. Ye Futian didnt think much. They came to the outer area and looked over there. They saw that many spiritual practitioners were practicing alchemy, and all these alchemists were all It is the existence of the emperor.

"What are they doing?" Ye Futian asked, shouldn't the alchemist be silently practicing alchemy in the alchemy pavilion? Why do these people cultivate alchemy in front of the world?

This is naturally impossible to show your ability.

"It should be the alchemy conference held by the Alchemy Palace. These people may be all alchemy masters from all sides. There are relatively few alchemy masters in the practice world. The Danshen Palace is regarded as the first alchemy holy land on the mainland of Dongxiao. When Donglai Shangxian was still there, no one could compare Penglai Dongxian Island, but after the fall of Donglai Shangxian, the Danshen Palace has always claimed to be the orthodox of Dandao, and wanted to become the first alchemy force in Donghua. Thoughts," said a practitioner who came with Dan Huang next to Ye Futian. He was a disciple of Dan Huang, and he naturally understood some things about the alchemy world.

This is a beautiful place, and as a alchemist, he naturally knows and knows a lot.

Ye Futian nodded his head. It is no wonder that there are so many practitioners here, gathered all the strong people, and those who practice all want to make alchemy masters. Nowadays, alchemy conferences are held here. Many people naturally do not want to miss them.

"How are the masters of alchemy?" Lin Qiu asked Ye Futian, a little curious. He guessed that Ye Futian was the emperor's nephew of the emperor, UU reading www.www. is naturally alchemist.

Everyone next to them looked at Ye Futian. Lin Qiu didnt know yet. Ye Futian was the descendant of Donglai Shangxian in his mouth, but they were actually curious about Ye Futians alchemy level. The path is not very good at alchemy, nor is it true or false.

Ye Futian looked over there and said, "It's pretty good, all of them can make the elixir equivalent to their own realm, which is considered a qualified alchemist."

An alchemy master, as long as he can refine the elixir that matches his realm, the alchemy level can be considered. With the improvement of cultivation, the alchemy strength will also increase, and the elixir beyond his own strength can be refined. It is a genius alchemist.

As for many people, it is evil.

Monsters like Ye Futian are rare, after all, his fighting power is also beyond the realm.

"The tone is not small." Someone said not far from the side, his eyes swept Ye Futian's side. Those who can come to the alchemy conference today are very powerful alchemy masters, but Ye Futian's virtue is just not bad. A qualified alchemist is just qualified?

"Your Excellency also knows alchemy?" Someone said.

"Slightly understand." Ye Futian didn't care, smiled and nodded!


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