The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1958

Vol 8 Chapter 1958: Kyogen

"Slightly understand, do you understand or don't understand?" The other side continued after hearing Ye Futian's words: "The people who participated in the alchemy conference today are all alchemy masters from all sides. If you only understand a little, don't judge it easily."

"The old gentleman said yes." Ye Futian nodded with a smile, without much words, just looked quietly.

Moreover, there are more and more people coming here, the land surrounded by mountains in front, the immortal air, the medicine fragrance is getting stronger and stronger, some people have been refined into pill, and the avenue Shenhui diffuses out of the pill, causing a burst Exclaimed.

"What's the reward of this alchemy conference, why do so many alchemy masters come here?" Ye Futian asked, the masters who are good at alchemy are very proud, how unpleasant they are to show off, and alchemy, There is no need to be in the public.

So to participate in the alchemy conference, there must be a picture.

"Of course." Lin Qiu nodded and said: "As far as I know, every time the Altar Palace holds the Alchemy Conference, there will be rewards, or alchemy, or Dao fire, and some precious remedies, of course, it may also be Some precious alchemy herbs."

"All are treasures that alchemists like." Ye Futian nodded slightly.

"For many years, the Danshen Palace has absorbed many strong men through the alchemy conference. Some alchemists joined, and some practitioners want to ask for Dan. The strength of the Danshen Palace has continued to grow. Even now, in this main city, Danshen The palace is also standing at the top of the line. It is said that the old man in the Danshen Palace has been practicing hard for a long time without asking foreign affairs. It may be impacting the realm. Some people say that they are refining the Shendan to break the situation." Lin Qiu Chuanyin said This kind of thing is not easy to speak in public.

"Understood." Ye Futian nodded and continued to look over there.

With the passage of time, more and more precious elixir has been refined, but there are only two alchemy masters concerned by people here. Ye Futian found that the two were mentioned the most and attracted the most attention. .

One of them is a middle-aged figure wearing a purple robe. He looks more than 40 years old. He was calm in his alchemy. His grandmaster style was very atmospheric. His road fire was purple thunder fire, which was extremely domineering. This person is hopeful. Master Alchemy is known as Master Zihe.

The other person is a lot younger, and looks like he is only in his thirties. Like a white-faced scholar, his Dao fire is golden, and the hot heat surrounds his area. The golden Dao fire turns into golden dragons, entwining that Alchemy furnace.

Listen to the comments of the people around you. This person is the alchemy master of the Danshen Palace. They can also participate in the alchemy conference.

"Zhong Fan deserves to be a disciple of the master of the palace. He has already won the essence of Jiulong Tudan. I am afraid that the unearthed medicinal herbs must be of a very high grade. I will wait and see." .

"Nine Dragons Pill of Pills is the alchemy technique of the Danshen Palace. The Dansong Palace prides itself on being the first alchemy technique in Dongxiao mainland today." Lin Qiu said again: "Unfortunately, after the fall of Dongxian Shangxian, Dongxian Island Closed behind the door, the alchemy technique of Donglai Shangxian was almost lost. No one in the outside world has ever seen it. Although senior Dan Dan had a mentoring and apprenticeship with Donglai Shangxian, he did not learn Donglai Shang. Immortal alchemy."

At the time of the transmission, Lin Qiu suddenly thought of something, yes, Dan Huang and Donglai Shangxian had a mentoring and apprenticeship, then his mentor might also be...

thought that this forest hill looked at Ye Futian's eyes, revealing a strange color, if according to this guess, Dan Huang's sister is the fairy girl in Donglai? So Ye Futian, heir to Donglai's descendants?

"Aren't you a disciple of Dongxian Shangxian?" Lin Qiu said suddenly.

Ye Futian looked at him and shook his head with a smile: "No."

"Guess the wrong?" Lin Qiu secretly said, what identity is Ye Futian?

Naturally, he could not guess that he was a disciple of Dongxian Shangxian. Ye Futian was so young, and his age should not be too big, and Donglai Shangxian had fallen for many years, there would be no intersection, and he had never heard of Donglai Shangxians successor. .

"Boom..." At this moment, in front of the alchemy land, there was a thunder thunder avenue converging and born. I saw the infinite thunder light shining and rushed directly into the alchemy furnace of the Purple River. Under the thunder, there was a thunder The bead came out and slowly floated in the air. This bead was baptized by the infinite Thunder Avenue and released an unparalleled brilliance.

"So strong, the pill is like a pearl." Many people exclaimed that although the Master Purple River did not join any alchemy forces, it was recognized by many as the alchemist with the potential to become a top master.


I saw a ray of blooming light, and countless lights of Thunder Avenue were swallowed by the elixir. The pill appeared above the elixir, and the purple thunder enveloped the vast void.

"Seven products."

Many people marveled that Master Zihe was a Sixth-grade Emperor. However, he had made seven grades of Elixir, and it still crossed the middle and upper ranks. This level of alchemy is terrible.

"It is worthy of Master Zihe." I saw that the powerful people on the ancient mountain also praised: "Seven rank Tao Dan, and the grade is very good, Master Zihe has the opportunity to refine the top Tao Dan."

"Predecessor's false praise." Zihe arched slightly towards the void.

At this time, a terrible vision also appeared in another direction. I saw nine golden dragons appearing outside of an alchemy furnace. The purple-golden god's light went straight to the sky. The golden dragon fired at the alchemy furnace. There was a roaring sound in the alchemy furnace, and a golden **** pill slowly flew out of the alchemy furnace.

The nine dragons spit out the fire of the avenue and kept infiltrating into the elixir, and then a true dragon also poured into the elixir, which made the sound of dragon chanting implicitly from the elixir, which was extremely overbearing.

With a golden divine light blooming, when the phoenix became full, Xiaguang was vast, and the dragon squadron, among the huge elixir, could vaguely see the real dragon surrounding.

"Sixth-grade top." Many people whispered, only a little before entering the seventh-grade, but Zhong Fan's realm is only the five realms of the emperor, and it is already extremely rare to refine the sixth-grade top medicine.

"Although I tried my best, it is still inferior to Master Zihe." Zhong Fan looked at Zihe, smiled and nodded his head.

"Humility, you cultivated as the fifth rank of the emperor, and refined the top-level Tao Dan of six grades. The strength of alchemy is not under me. I just took advantage of the realm, and I can't prove stronger than you." Zihe also said politely.

"The two don't have to praise each other anymore." An alchemist next to him smiled and said: "The first and the second person at this alchemy conference are none other than the two."

"Master Zihe is the first." Zhong Fan said with a smile, this temperament made people feel good.

"The technique of seeing Jiulong Tudan today is already an eye-opener. Today's East China Territory is afraid that there is no match for it." Master Zihe said, complimenting each other.

"The master is the first person in this alchemy conference. Can I practice this technique together? In the future, I can also ask the master for advice." Zhong Fan said, proactively sending out an invitation. The first person in the alchemy conference, as long as he is willing to enter the altar of alchemy, Ability to practice this technique directly.

"Master Purple River, the Danshen Palace needs you." The elders above the ancient mountain also invited, and Master Zihe looked at the ancient mountains, and then slightly bowed to the courtesy: "Entering the Danshen Palace to practice, the Purple River is fortunate."

"Welcome the master." Many people on the ancient mountain laughed, and recruited a figure of alchemy master with great potential.

"Welcome Master Zihe." A young man stepped forward and said with a smile, when he saw this person, everyone looked at him instantly. Now the first genius of alchemy in the Danshen Palace is known as the Danshen Palace. The master of the palace is the successor, and the future master of the palace, Qi Mu.

Zihe looked at Qi Mu. He naturally understood that this time the Danshen Palace had given him a face. Qi Mu did not participate in the alchemy conference. In fact, he gave him the opportunity to invite him to enter the Danshen Palace for practice. The other party treated him like this. If he still refused, it would be a bit impersonal, so he chose to enter the Pyramid Shrine.

"With the participation of Master Zihe, in the future the Danshen Palace will surely ride the dust in the alchemy way. UU reading Donghuayu Alchemist, who is in the Danshen Palace, what a grand occasion." Qi Mu smiled and said.

Everyone around was quite excited. The ambition of the Danshen Palace is really big, but today the Danshen Palace really has few other alchemy forces to compare.

"It's really big talk." A slight voice came out. Although the voice was not loud, it was still heard by many people. Many people turned their eyes in search of the direction from which the voice came out. Qi Mu's eyes also looked at the crowd Among them, following his gaze, many people took the initiative to leave, and then the figure of Ye Futian and his team appeared there.

The speaker is the practitioner of Danhuang Tower, a disciple of Danhuang.

Danshen Palace, which completely ignored other alchemy forces, Danhuang Tower was also ignored, not to mention, there is Dongxian Island, even if Dongxian Shangxian has fallen, Danshen Palace should not be so well-known, Dong The people of Huayu Alchemy are all in the Palace of Pills?

"Your Excellency?" Qi Mu looked at him and asked.

"It doesn't matter who I am, it's just your Excellency's words, it is somewhat empty-eyed." The disciple of the Dan emperor named Liu Chuan, he looked at Qi Mu and said: "Donglai Shangxian had never said such rants when he was alive."

Ye Futian also looked at Qi Mu. That sentence may have blurted out because of today's atmosphere, but it really despised the alchemists in the world too much!


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