The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1959

Vol 8 Chapter 1959: The Level Is Too Low

Yanagawas words made this space into a brief silence. Today the Danshen Palace held the alchemy conference here and recruited the master of the Purple River. The scene is naturally very lively and relatively relaxed and happy. Naturally, some touted words are inevitable.

did not expect someone to take it seriously, but pointed it out in public, making the scene a little embarrassing for a while.

After all, even the people of the Danshen Palace are not good and true. It is said that their Danshen Palace and alchemy skills are better than Donglai Shangxian. That is self-deception.

"Donglai Shangxian has already surpassed that year, its alchemy strength is unparalleled, and its realm advantage is there. However, if it is only on the level of alchemy, even Dongxian Island when Donglai Shangxian is alive is not necessarily able to say Bidan Jingu. Be strong."

At this time, there was a group of people standing there in the sky above the ancient mountain. One of the middle-aged men embraced his chest with his hands, looked down at the sky, and looked at Liu Chuan and said: "What's more, Donglai Shangxian is no longer there, which is the past tense Now, the alchemy of Donghuayu still depends on the Palace of Pills. Nowadays, the outstanding masters of alchemy on the mainland of Dongxiao are all gathered in the Palace of Pills. Even if the people of alchemy in the world are all in the Palace of Pills, there is nothing wrong with it Right."

This person's breath is extremely powerful. Although he has a calm attitude, he comes with majesty. He is in the direction of him. The breath of the person who practiced is terrible. This person was invited by the Danshen Palace to observe the ceremony. People are also powerful forces of Dongxiao mainland, practitioners of Qin He Palace.

Qin He Gong is the top power in Lin Qius mouth. They were invited to watch the ceremony and have always maintained a very good relationship with Dan Shen Gong. At this time, it is normal to say a few words for Dan Shen Gong, even if it is the top power. And also willing to make a strong alchemy holy place.

"Of course." Yanagawa looked up at each other, his eyes collided with each other's eyes, and met in the void, the momentum was not weak, and he said: "Although the Danshen Palace is a holy place for alchemy, I don't deny its alchemy. The strength is strong, however, how big is the East China Territory, how many capable people are different, although Dongxian Shangxian is no longer there, but Dongxian Island is still there, do you know that Dongxian Island does not have a great alchemy master? Taiyuan Continental Dan There are also a lot of powerful alchemists in the imperial tower, and they are not necessarily inferior to those in the alchemy palace."

Many practitioners of Danjing Temple looked at Yanagawa. Although the prestige of Dongxian Shangxian and Dongxian Island still existed, they did not have much deterrent effect, let alone Wangdu.

An old man on the ancient mountain's eyes fell on Yanagawa and said, "So, are you from Danhuang Tower?"

Hearing the old man's words, the crowd suddenly exclaimed, and there was a little commotion.

The Danhuang Tower is a top alchemy force in the Taiyuan mainland. Its owner is said to have extraordinary skills in alchemy and was named the Dan Emperor. Now, a top alchemy force has been created in the Taiyuan mainland, and it is rumored that the Danhuang may come from the east. Heir to Shangxian.

The Dan emperor also often came to Dongxiao mainland, many people knew.

This speaking practitioner, is the emperor of the Dan emperor?

This is interesting. What happens to the people of the two great alchemy shrines of Dan Huang and Dan Jing Palace?

Now, they seem to want to see it.

"Yes." Yanagawa responded to the other party.

The old man in the void smiled and said, "I heard that the Dan Emperor had been guided by Dongxian Shangxian, and the Dan Alchemy's alchemy strength was indeed very strong. Lets inherit the emperors mantle. Except for the emperor himself, the level of alchemy of the rest of the people is somewhat doubtful. As for Dongxian Island, I dont know.

"Since you are the successor of the Dan emperor, today you come to my alchemy conference in the Danshen Palace. We might as well have an alchemy together with Zhong Fan to see the level of the alchemy master of the Taiyuan mainland Danhuang Tower. How about that old man?" He said, he did not bully with the realm. After all, he was a figure of identity, so he would not bully the small.

Although Zhong Fan's alchemy was defeated by Zihe before, his alchemy level is still super strong. In the Danshen Palace, no one dares to say that alchemy's attainments can stabilize Zhong Fan except Qi Mu. Too.

"Let's come." Zihe said, "Since I joined the Dansing Palace, I am now a member of the Dansing Palace. I have heard the name of the Dan Emperor for a long time. When meeting the disciples of the Dan emperor, how about sharing alchemy together?"

"Since Master Zihe is willing, naturally there is no problem." The old man of the Void Pill Palace said with a smile, Zihe is the first person in this alchemy conference, pressing Zhong Fan.

Liuchuan was silent, his alchemy level was clear to himself, and there was still a gap between him and Master Zihe, and he wanted to defeat him in alchemy, which was unlikely.

But at the moment the other party is aggressive, he must be admitted to learn Liandan, if he refuses to dare to fight, then what is it.

And the alchemy master's confrontation naturally speaks with alchemy.

"I practice under the Dan Emperor's Gate. The alchemy method is not what I am good at. However, since you want to try it, then try it." Liu Chuan is caught in a dilemma. If he refuses, he will lose more than his own face. .

flashed, Yanagawa stepped out, Zihe looked at him and said, "Please."

"Please." Liu Chuan responded, and then sat cross-legged in the void, a alchemy furnace appeared in front of him, and the fire immediately enveloped the alchemy furnace, and at the same time, there were constantly alchemy medicines flying into the alchemy.

Like Yanagawa, Master Zihe directly kills alchemy and controls the purple avenue fire to be perfect.

Under that thunder and supernatural power, all the actions of Yanagawa didn't look very eye-catching. What's more terrifying is that with Master Purple River's alchemy, the light of Thunder Avenue directly submerged the void and covered the space where Yanchuan's alchemy furnace was located. It seems that one step is slower, and then one step slower.

"Boom..." Avenue Thunderlight falls from the sky and blasts into his alchemy furnace. Soon a brilliant elixir comes out, suspended in the air, swallowing the power of heaven and earth, similar to the previous alchemy process, but the Master Purple River is more Handy.

However, on the other side, Yanagawa's expression was not very beautiful, only to see that the alchemy furnace in front of him was trembling.

"Bang!" A clear voice came out, and then there was a scorched smell. Liu Chuan's face was blue, and he only felt extremely embarrassed and embarrassed. Even though alchemy failed, although he was disturbed by the other party, but failure was failure. He Even the Elixir was not refined.

"Essence of refining the pill medicine can't be achieved by connecting the pill, and it's also a pledge of alchemy. Although admiring the predecessor of the emperor, is this the standard of people practicing under the emperor's door?" Zihe's voice suddenly became cold and ironic He said, as if suddenly becoming majestic and overbearing, he was aggressive.

Yanagawa has a dilemma. UU reading is extremely embarrassing, and his body is stiff in the void.

"After going back, follow Dan Huang to study for a few years, and then come out to be extravagant." Zihe spoke lightly, with an overbearing tone, which was completely different from his previous one.

Yan Chuan Elixir can't be refined, can't refute the other party, but the heart is extremely depressed, and there is a slight sense of anger. This Master Purple River took him as a stepping stone and stepped him into the Dan Jing Palace.

"Go." Zihe flicked his sleeves, Yanagawa walked back into the crowd, slightly lowered his head, and looked at everyone with no face.

There were some voices of discussion around, slightly harsh.

"It seems that today's East Huayu elite alchemy masters are all in the Danshen Palace. There is nothing wrong with that." Some people said that the practitioners under the Dan Emperor's Gate were so vulnerable that many people were disappointed.

Lin Qiu's eyes were on Ye Futian. Ye Futian always behaved extremely indifferently. If this guy is really an alchemist, wouldn't he have the idea?

"Is the level of the alchemy master in Donghuayu so low?" At this time, another subtle voice came out, a very small voice, but it was still heard by many people, revealing a stunned look, looking at the person who spoke Woman, He Ran is Bei Gongshuang beside Ye Futian.

In one sentence, scolded the alchemy master of the entire East China Region!


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