The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1960

Vol 8 Chapter 1960: Explain

Ye Futian was also amazed. She knew the character of Bei Gongshuang. This sentence was not really ironic, but was only said to him, but the practitioners listened so well that their subtle voices could be captured.

So, many eyes in front of the Danshengu Mountain range fell on Beigongshuang's body at the same time.

Bei Gongshuang's beautiful eyes showed a strange color. She also wanted to ask Ye Futian. After all, she had seen Ye Futian's alchemy. These people's alchemy standards were far from Ye Futian's. Ye Futian's lower emperor realm could be refined. The imperial medicine that the emperor wants, but listening to the other party, this is the first alchemy holy land, claiming that all the people of Donghuayu alchemy are here, so, isn't Donghuayu's alchemy level too low?

"Where's the younger generation, dare to talk so boldly." The strong man of Qin He Palace released the pressure of the avenue, and fell directly on Beigongshuang's body. There seemed to be an invisible hand clasped in the void, grabbing the avenue Space makes Bei Gongshuang under great pressure.

Bei Gongao took a step forward and blocked Bei Gongshuang. Thunder Avenue threatened to swept out. Thunder light was hidden in his eyes and spurred at each other. Their eyes met in the void, and they were all eight realms. Existence, an invisible breath swept out.

"Are you questioning the alchemy technique of the Danshen Palace, or do you think I am too weak for alchemy?" Zihe crushed Liu Chuan on the alchemy, but when he heard such a voice, he glanced at Beigongshuang, The body is also filled with road pressure.

"What are you seniors doing?" Lin Qiu took a step forward, looking at those people and said: "You can claim that the ability of alchemy in the East China Territory is in the Danshen Palace. Since it can be touted like this, why can't she Express your opinion?"

"Who are you?" Zihe glanced at the forest road.

"Fulong Mountain Range, the forest hills." Zhong Fan said next to the Purple River, obviously recognizing the other party. The Fulong Mountain Range also belonged to the top forces on the mainland of Dongxiao. He had seen the forest hills and was in this Wangdu.

Linqiu and Dan Huang's people mingled together, apparently making good relations with each other. After all, who did not want to make friendship with the alchemy forces, it was like Qin He Palace and their Dan Shen Palace.

Zihe looked at each other, no wonder he dared to come out. It turned out that he was a descendant of the Lin family in the Fulong Mountain Range. The three owners of Fulong Mountain Villa are all in the existence of Nine Realms. Their strength is very strong. The ordinary forces can't offend. Of course, Dan The shrine is not an ordinary force.

"Are the people of Fulong Mountain Range and Taiyuan Mainland Danhuang Tower coming here today to deliberately choose something?" Above the ancient mountain, the strong man of Danshen Palace said aloud: "Or, the alchemist of Danhuang Tower still wants Continue to discuss?"

"We just happened to pass by." Lin Qiu responded with a smile.

"Just happened to pass by?" The other party glanced at Bei Gongshuang: "So, what did that sentence mean just now?"

Beigongshuang didn't know what to say for a while, and when she saw her, Ye Futian said, "Just say whatever you want."

"I think their alchemy strength is quite ordinary, but why is it called the first alchemy holy site in Donghuayu, is it the alchemy master of the entire Donghuayu is just this level?" Bei Gongshuang said, wondering, or saying, yes Because she had only seen Ye Futian's alchemy before, and Ye Futian's alchemy was too strong?

However, isn't Ye Futian just learning alchemy? Even if the talent is very high, it is not too fast to improve, and these people claim to be the first alchemy holy place in East China Region. How do they feel that they are very different from Ye Futian's alchemy strength.

Previously in Dongxian Island, Ye Futian's panacea was refined far beyond his own level. Even if the panacea was not in good condition at the beginning of alchemy, its grade was not low.

"Ignorant is fearless, it's really big talk." An old man sneered and looked at Beigong Shuang Road: "Since you think I can't wait for alchemy strength, then let's see how your alchemy strength is."

"I won't." Bei Gongshuang said.

Her words made many people stunned, many people laughed, wouldn't they? But the iron alchemy level of the people of the Pill Palace?

"You won't, and dare to speak bluntly." Zihe glanced at Beigong Frost Road.

"But he will." Bei Gongshuang's beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian, making Ye Futian stunned, so sold him?

Sure enough, everyone's eyes were on Ye Futian, including Liu Chuan and other practitioners who came with the Dan emperor. Ye Futian had always claimed that he did not understand alchemy and first glanced at the path, but at the moment Bei Gongshuang said he would, This means that Ye Futian must be good at alchemy, otherwise Bei Gongshuang won't say those words before.

"Is also a disciple of Dan Huang?" Zihe looked at Ye Futian Road.

"No." Ye Futian shook his head.

"Since your friend made a sarcasm, then look at your alchemy level." Master Zihe said.

"I haven't been in contact with alchemy for a long time. I don't know alchemy very well, so I will stop today." Ye Futian said.

"If you don't make it clear, you want to leave?" The strong man of Qin Hegong said indifferently, and the pressure covered Ye Futian where they were. Lin Qiu and others took a step forward and swept to them and said, "Why, Are we going to leave you still unsuccessful?"

Dan Jingu is super powerful, and there are many forces to make friends, but they are not good at Fulong Mountain Villa.

Moreover, since the Dan Emperor has been friends, it is impossible to have any friendship with the Danshen Palace, otherwise it will be the wall.

"Yes." The strong man of Qin He Palace said directly: "She can't leave without giving an explanation."

"Qinhe Palace, when was it so domineering, and became a vassal of the Danshen Palace?" Lin Qiu sneered, but the other party ignored him, but looked at Beigongshuang.

whispered, want to leave so easily?

Ye Futian looked at the other party and said: "Although I don't know much about alchemy, the standard of the alchemy conference was indeed a bit poor. Are you sure you want me to give an explanation?"

Everyone heard his cloudless and breezy voice revealing a strange color, the standard of the alchemy conference is indeed a bit poor?

Others dont say for the time being, this alchemy conference is mainly for Master Zihe. Master Zihe is considered to be a potential Alchemist master in the city, plus Zhong Fan of the Danshen Palace, this level is in Ye Futian. Is it a little bit bad?

Moreover, listening to his tone, it seemed as if he had a good sense of mind, and seemed to disdain the alchemy standard of the alchemy conference.

"Crazy." Those alchemists who participated in the alchemy conference stared at Ye Futian one by one, and his eyes were not good. His sentence offended everyone.

"It's really presumptuous, so see how your alchemy level is." An old man of the middle emperor's realm coldly opened his eyes, staring at Ye Futian. The alchemist's personality was proud and flattered.

"This seat is waiting to be seen." Qin He Gong's strongman stared at Ye Futian and said, not only him, but all the people on the ancient mountain looked at Ye Futian. Really not strong?

Ye Futian walked a few steps forward, and came to the open space in front of him, Zihe retreated his body, Zhong Fan and others also gave way, looking at Ye Futian, they would like to see how strong this person is. Alchemy level.

I saw Ye Futian's palm waving, and suddenly there was an alchemy furnace floating in the air. At the next moment, Ye Futian's plumes of air flowed through him, and the fire of the avenue enveloped the alchemy furnace instantly.

The gorgeous flame is sacred, like an immortal fire. Ye Futian took out the medicinal materials and threw them into the red furnace, refining them with the fire. He himself sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and looked relaxed and relaxed.

"This fire is very strong..." Many people's eyes are slightly changed. With this shot, you can feel the strength of the fire.

In the fire, there seems to be a phantom of the phoenix, and a **** tree grows out, as if planted in the alchemy furnace.

Zihe's eyes suddenly became dignified. As a master of alchemy, he was very sensitive to Dao fire. Ye Futian shot it, and he felt extremely extraordinary from his Dao fire.

This person is afraid it is very simple.

Ye Futian Alchemy is very casual. He constantly throws medicinal materials into the calcination furnace. The clouds are light and windy. It seems that he is really a beginner, but the medicinal materials he threw into the calcination furnace are not ordinary products.

The vast land in front of the ancient mountain, everyone looked at him to make alchemy alone, but he seemed extraordinarily casual as if he didn't care, or he himself was so alchemy.

"Is this alchemy?" Some people who participated in the alchemy conference said: "There is no alchemy technique?"

"I have said that, I don't know much about alchemy." Ye Futian responded with a smile, but in fact, every ray of fire in the alchemy furnace was controlled by him.

The road fire is getting stronger and A breath of avenues penetrates into the alchemy furnace. The illusory ancient tree grows and grows bigger and bigger in the alchemy furnace. Inside, it gradually forms a cyclone, making the alchemy The roaring sound in the furnace is the roar of the highway.

Dao Shenshu grows out and extends from the alchemy furnace. It has a very strong life atmosphere. I saw a place wrapped in ancient trees. There seems to be a burst of divine light. As the light becomes stronger and stronger, I see it. A Dao Dan blooms from it and turns into a Dan Guo.

In an instant, the avenue glows over the boundless space, a natural vision, and the danguo is dazzling all over, just like the avenue divine fruit.

"This..." Many people's faces have changed. This Dango is flawless.

Ye Futian waved his palm and put it in his palm, and then the ray of glory of the road disappeared. Ye Futian looked at the crowd and said: "I don't know much about alchemy. I made a panacea in a hurry. The alchemy masters in the Jingu Palace are on a par. After all, the ability of alchemy in the East China Territory is in the Dan Jingu Palace. However, the standard of the alchemy conference was a bit worse. It should be far from the alchemy level of the Danshen Palace."

Hearing the silence around Ye Futian's words, the ironic words made people unable to respond.

They asked Ye Futian to give an explanation, then, such an explanation, don't know if the Danshen Temple is still satisfied?


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