The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1961

Vol 8 Chapter 1961: Hitting Face

The vast area, countless Tao eyes fell on Ye Futian's body, this is not to understand alchemy?

Moreover, he said that he hadn't made alchemy for a long time. Was he deliberately teasing the Danshen Palace?

Zihe stood there silently. As an alchemist, he can naturally see the pros and cons of the elixir, and he can perceive what level of elixir Ye Futian has refined. The elixir Ye Yetian made, I am afraid Not worse than his refining, but Ye Futian's realm is only the fourth order of the emperor.

Could it be that this person's road is flawless, the **** wheel is perfect?

Not only him, many people here are people who know the goods, Ye Futian's alchemy level is unusual at first glance, this shot, the alchemy master at the alchemy conference before, no one can compare, even if it is Master Zihe, I am afraid Not as good.

When did such a young alchemist master appear?

Alchemy takes time. There are not many young and powerful alchemy masters. Rare and rare, Qi Mu of the Danshen Palace is a special case, and there is nothing in it. However, nowadays, such an extraordinary alchemist has appeared.

Eastern Huayu alchemist, who is in the Danshen Palace?

Well, this young man.

Mo said that he was a member of the Danshen Palace, even those who traveled with the emperor from the Taiyuan mainland were stunned. Before that, they also asked Ye Futian if he was good at alchemy. He said that he did not understand it first. not understand well?

I have made this kind of immortality at will. What is the first look? What does this make the old guys who have been immersed in alchemy for years?

Donglai Shangxian heir, Dongxiandao practitioner!

They thought of Ye Futian's identity. The descendants of Donglai Shangxian brought him here. It seems that their own prejudice caused them not to think clearly. If Ye Futian is really normal, Donglai Fairy will bring Ye Futian to come. ? Moreover, he was prepared to take him to Jihuang.

It seems that it is prepared now.

Of course, they will not explain Ye Futian's identity. The Danshen Palace has no one in sight, ignoring other alchemy forces in Donghuayu, and the Danhuang Tower has not been put in their eyes. Ye Futian shot, which gave him a lesson.

Let them know that it is not only the Danshen Temple that has a powerful master of alchemy.

"Who is your Excellency?" At this time, Qi Mu, the Danshen Palace, looked to Ye Futian and asked, he was personable and extraordinary, and did not show maliciousness, but was just curious about Ye Futian.

Ye Futian came with Dan Huang's disciple. It would be more normal to say that he was a descendant of Dan Huang, but Ye Futian said no. If so, what is his identity?

This alchemy standard, even if it is placed in the Danshen Palace, few people can compare.

"A fledgling alchemist, Ye Liunian." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Ye Liunian." Qi Mu whispered: "Your excellency laughed. Such superb alchemy standards must have been immersed in this path for many years. The predecessor of the Dan emperor is the top alchemy master. I have always admired it. It is normal to have his descendants like you. "

He said that he wanted to test it out. Of course, he did guess that Ye Futian was a disciple of the Dan emperor, but he didn't admit it before. So when he asked this time, he kept looking at Ye Futian's eyes and wanted to see. How he answered.

"Whether you believe it or not, it didn't take long for me to practice alchemy. It was only a few years ago that I started to contact alchemy. I am not a disciple of the emperor." Ye Futian responded with a smile, knowing that the other side was curious, but did not say it. Let them guess.

"Are you interested in practicing in the Danjing Palace?" Qi Mu said, "Now in the Eastern China Region, the Danjing Palace should be regarded as the top alchemy holy place. In the Danjing Palace, you will not bury your alchemy ability."

Ye Futian showed a strange look, this Qi Mu saw the powerful alchemist and wanted to invite to join?

was Zihe before, and now he is invited again.

It's just, why does this sentence sound strange, so that the Danshen Palace will not bury him?

"Qi Mu, listening to your tone, it seems that the Danjing Palace has cultivated many alchemists whose strength is better than him." Lin Qiu said with a smile: "Buried? His alchemy ability, how many people in the Danjing Palace can Than? What do I need to enter the Dan Shrine?

He already knows Ye Futian's identity, it seems that the previous speculation should be correct.

Ye Futian is not from Taihuang mainland Danhuang Tower, but Penglai mainland Dongxian Island.

The woman came after Dong Lai was immortal.

Ye Futian, probably her disciple, inherited from Dongxian Shangxian. At that time, the first alchemy master in Donghuayu, the descendant of Donglai Shangxian, needed to enter the Danshen Palace to practice alchemy?

This Qi Mu actually said that he would not be buried when he entered the Danshen Palace, and he did not know where he came from.

At this moment, Qi Mu still seems to have a kind of arrogant attitude, thinking that the Danshen Palace is the first alchemy holy place in the East China Region. Therefore, all the master alchemists need to enter it.

"Besides the Danshen Palace, it is difficult for other forces to make his alchemy ability better." Qi Mu ignored the irony in Lin Qiu's tone, but responded calmly. He looked at Ye Futian Road: "Dan Although there are not many people in the Shrine who are better than you in alchemy, but at least there are many masters of alchemy who can communicate with each other. In the future, we can also exchange ideas about alchemy."

On the ancient mountain, an elder came and said, "Ye Liunian, if you are willing to enter the Danshen Palace, you can give you the best spiritual resources, and even let the palace master personally teach you alchemy, how?"

Ye Futian looked at each other, these people also had some demeanor, he was originally directed at the Danshen Palace, but after seeing his alchemy level, he even made invitations and wanted to let him enter the Danshen Palace to practice, not Direct hatred.

Many times, only the position is different. If he enters the Danshen Palace, he will naturally be in the same position as the other party.

"Although the Danhuang Tower has the Danhuang sitting in town, it is not a real holy place for alchemy. It is lack of heritage. The Danshen Palace is the most suitable for you. You should not miss it by your alchemy level." Another person said. It makes people in the vast space reveal a strange color.

This is from learning from each other to digging the walls?

Want to dig away the Dan Emperor's people and enter their Danjing Palace to practice.

"Your proposal is a little bit exciting, but I'm not very interested." Ye Futian responded with a smile and directly rejected the other party's invitation. How could he possibly enter the Danshen Palace to practice, not to mention the relationship of the Dan emperor, he It comes from Dongxian Island, the second island owner of Dongxian Island, what is the immortal descendant of Donglai, and what is the entrance to the Danshen Palace?

Moreover, some of these people in the Dansing Shrine are self-righteous and consider themselves too high. They think that Dansing Shrine is the strongest holy place for alchemy. As if they missed them, it is a big loss. You may be able to learn a lot in Dansing Shrine, but Ye Futian didn't think he had the energy to put it on. It was enough for Donglai to inherit the fairy.


It seems that the Danjing Palace can't dig.

Qi Mu saw Ye Futian refused, and looked at him and said, "Since this is the case, Your Excellency will do your best to make alchemy, how about you and me?"

Since Ye Futian was unwilling to enter the Danshen Temple, today, it was a matter of picking things up and making them unable to end this alchemy conference. In this case, only he shot and had a discussion with Ye Futian.

Countless eyes looked over there, many people showed excitement, the first alchemist genius figure in the Danshen Palace, he personally shot, what level of immortality will be refined, if Ye Futian put out his best, how will the two meet? ?

However, Ye Futian just glanced at the other side lightly and replied: "Not interested."

Let's just go, he turned and walked away.

Before alchemy was also oppressed by the other party, UU reading asked them to give an explanation and had to shoot.

Now, do you want to learn? Is it endless?

Qi Mu frowned, and many people in the Danshen Palace breathed out, but saw Lin Qiu and others take a step forward, looking around the crowd and said: "Why, could it be that Alchemys strength is not good, and Danshen Palace is going to force people to stay? ?"

"Let them go." Above the ancient mountain, the elders of the Danshen Palace said, suddenly many people will breathe out, and they are not prepared to stay. Today, they have no reason to stay, countless people watch, if they are forced to stay In Ye Futian's words, the Danshen Palace is also dull.

"Let's go." Ye Futian said to the people around him, suddenly a group of people turned around and walked, leaving here.

"Because your alchemy is relatively strong, aren't they worse?" When she left, Beigongshuang's "naive" asked, hearing the voice countless eyes fixed there, those alchemy masters could not wait to catch her and beat her One meal, no beating.

Have you humiliated them before leaving?

Ye Futian glanced at Bei Gongshuang, speechless.

"Visit the next day and visit your lord to learn the way of alchemy." Qi Mu's voice spread far and wide into Ye Futian's eardrums. Obviously, the other party did not intend to stop there!


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