The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1962

Vol 8 Chapter 1962: Invite

Ye Futian continued to walk around Wangdu, and then returned to the inn palace, but according to Lin Qiu, they only walked a small site in Wangdu.

As the main city of Dongxiao mainland, the sights are vast and endless, and there are countless practitioners.

Despite this, their news is still quickly spread out, for no other reason, because the alchemy conference of the Pyramid Palace is extremely concerned, and what happened there naturally spread quickly, and spread very quickly, soon Restaurants of various sizes are discussed.

Many people know that the Emperor Dan also visited Wangdu, and the people of the Emperor Dan had a conflict with the Alchemist Master of the Danshen Palace and suppressed the Alchemy Master of the Danshen Palace. Some people said that the Danish Emperor deliberately sent People went to disturb the alchemy conference of the Alchemy Palace to prove his alchemy strength.

However, some people think that the Dan Emperor is not so boring, and it is the people of the Danshen Palace who bluntly preached, threatening that the East Huayu Alchemist can all be in the Danshen Palace, directly ignoring the Dans and their existence, so the Danss talents are not endure.

But he didn't know all about the emperor Dan. When Ye Futian went out to hang out, the emperor Dan and the fairy of Donglai went to Wangshen Que and visited the master of Wangshen Que, Ji Huang.

Ordinary people can't easily see Ji Huang, but Donglai Fairy can see it. After she was Donglai Shangxian, Donglai Shangxian and Jihuang were friends. Many years ago when Donglai Fairy was young, she I am familiar with Emperor Ji Ji and call him Emperor Ji Ji. He is often held by Ji Emperor, and the relationship is naturally close. It is only after Donglai Shangxian accident, Donglai fairy has been closed in Dongxian Island. Too.

After the return of Emperor Dan and the fairy of Donglai, some people came to visit in the palace, and more and more people came, many of them were people with a face and a face. Dan Emperor had no choice but to receive it, and then they learned that Ye Futian was already in Wang was troubled, and it directly got into the Danshen Palace, which made him a little speechless.

At this time, in the place of banquets in the palace, an old man smiled at the emperor Dan: "Now the Danshen Palace is already the largest alchemy power in Wangdu. The master figures who are good at alchemy are all absorbed by the outsiders. Its not easy to get a pill medicine, but it also makes the Phantom Palace more and more unpredictable. This time when the Emperor of the Dan comes, some people go to frustrate the prestige of the Pale Palace. Let them understand that the alchemy power is not only the pill Shrine."

This is obviously a person who is dissatisfied with the Dan Jingu Temple. Dan Huang heard this speech a bit speechless, it seems that this pot is his back?

Many people think that Ye Futian is the one who sent him to the Danshen Palace to deliberately provoke trouble and sweep the face of the Danshin Palace.

"Yes, now that the man is the first person to make alchemy since he claimed that Donglai was immortal. Danhuang is the heir to Donglai's immortality. Will the strength of alchemy be under him." Someone said, It was all words of compliments that uplifted Emperor Dan.

But in fact, the emperor of the Dan emperor has a lot of thoughts. The man in the Danshen Palace is said to have hit that realm, and the level of alchemy is extremely high. The level of theory should be above him. After all, many years ago, it was extremely convenient for convenience. A powerful alchemist master figure.

For these flattery words, he naturally would not be too concerned.

"You misunderstood, the years are not my disciples, nor the alchemist of the Danhuang Tower, nor the fact that I sent him to the alchemy conference of the Danshen Palace. This matter should be just a coincidence." Dan Huang explained, although it makes no sense, it should be Misunderstood people still misunderstand, but he will not go to the trouble of Dan Jingu Temple on this trip, just add trouble.

"No?" One person showed a surprised look and looked at Dan Huang said: "So who cultivated such an outstanding alchemy demon figure?"

Dan Huang should not lie to them. If he is a disciple or is practicing at the Dan Huang Tower, he will not deny it.

"This will not be revealed for the time being, forgive me." Dan Huang slightly arched his hand, making everyone more curious. Could it be those relatively low-key powerful alchemists?

But they really can't think of who they are.

"Can you see Ye Xiaoyou?" Someone said with a smile.

"I asked." Dan Huang ordered to the people around him, and the other party left here, not long after, he saw Ye Futian and his party walking towards this side, and the people who looked in front of them were all the old one. The characters of the older generation are basically the realm of the upper emperor.

"The junior Ye Liunian has seen all the seniors." Ye Futian smiled and saluted. Although his strength is not under many older generations, he is a junior figure after all.

"Good temperament." Seeing Ye Futian someone praised, white clothes and white hair, handsome and extraordinary, only the temperament of Ye Futian's body, it gives people an extraordinary sense, at first glance is a romantic figure.

"It's such an affable figure, it's from a famous person at first glance, I don't know which expert has cultivated such an excellent person." Some people praised it, wanted to dig out Ye Futian's identity, and Ye Futian did give them this Feel, such a temperament, like after a famous family.

Judging from Dan Huang's speech attitude, it should be the same.

"Everyone is well-known." Ye Futian smiled back, and did not respond to each other's questions.

"Ye Xiaoyou's alchemy technique is perfect, Master Zihe is speechless. According to many people, when Ye Xiaoyou's elixir came out, no one spoke at the Danshen Palace. You can imagine how they looked at that time." Someone said with a smile: "What grade is the medicine made by Ye Xiaoyou?"

"Middle-grade level, after all, I am also a median emperor." Ye Futian smiled.

The other party nodded with a smile, but they heard that the refined Dan medicine stage is a middle class product, but it is flawless Dao Dan, but they didn't see it with their own eyes.

At this moment, not far away, someone walked away from the sky, and went directly to the cliff outside the palace. Ye Futian looked over there, and they saw the person slightly arching their hands: "The people who practiced in the Tianzhan Palace, have seen Senior Dan Huang."

"Tian Zhan Gong." Ye Futian thought of the place where he passed by yesterday, the incomparably magnificent Dao war zone, Wangdu's top force Tian Zhan Gong, did not expect them to visit.

The status of these forces in Wangdu should not be under the Danshen Palace.

"Everyone please." Dan Huangwang said to the outside, and suddenly a group of people walked in vain and came towards this side.

"Here is the Tian Zhan Gong, what's the matter?" Dan Huang asked, with the status of the Tian Zhan Gong, there was no need to flatter him.

"We are here to find Ye Huang and Lin Qiu." The person said, Ye Futian and Lin Qiu and others were a little surprised. Looking for them?

Dan Huang looked at Ye Futian and smiled: "You talk."

Ye Futian said, "What's the matter with you?"

"The Tian Zhan Gong heard that many people of spiritual practice in the surrounding mainland have come to Wangdu recently, so they want to invite you to narrate. In addition, they also invited many Wang Dao forces. It happened that there are a few wonderful battles in the Tian Zhan Gong today. He deliberately came to invite each other, and invited Ye Huang, Fulong Villa, and everyone from the mainland of Taiyuan to gather and enjoy the Taoist war." The other party said.

"Tianzhan Palace is a land of Taoist wars, and it is often a place for gatherings. The practitioners are belligerent, and Tianzhan Palace has such conditions and is suitable for gatherings." Lin Qiu made a sound to Ye Futian and smiled. He said: "Okay, since Tian Zhan Gong came here to invite him, he would naturally go there and he would bother you."

said he looked at Ye Futian beside him: "Together?"

"Yes, then go for a walk." Ye Futian said, since the other party deliberately invited, he would naturally give this face.

"You guys please." The other party reached out and Ye Futian and his party stepped out and walked out. The people in the Heavenly War Palace saluteed slightly to Dan Huang: "I disturbed Dan Huang's seniors. I'll wait."

Dan Huang nodded slightly and didn't say anything. Soon the other party and his party disappeared, looking at the disappeared figures, and one person said: "The people in the Heavenly Battle Palace are belligerent, and it must be the party initiated by that guy. Not only Ye Xiaoyou was invited, but also the Danshen Palace."

"It's not possible, it's inevitable." A person next to him said: "How can they miss the excitement, and UU reading is not just the Dan Jingu Shrine, and they can't miss it if they can invite them."

When they talked, they looked at Dan Huang. They seemed to want to spy out of his expression, but they saw that Dan Huang's expression was calm, everything was normal, nothing unusual, and he seemed to have no idea about Ye Futian's departure.

Is he not worried about Ye Futian losing money?

Or, it is confidence in Ye Futian's strength. In addition to alchemy, the strength of the alchemy demon character themselves is not clear, but it should not be weak.

Heavenly Battle Palace, crowded at this moment, extremely lively.

Wangdu is vast and endless, but if Wangdu is the most prosperous and lively place, Tianzhan Palace is said to be second, and no other place dares to call it first.

In the Heavenly Battle Palace, a large number of practitioners gather every day, there are all kinds of realms, and the battle platforms are very magnificent and magnificent from bottom to top.

Ye Futian, under the leadership of the practitioners of the Heavenly Battle Palace, went directly towards the upper stairs. There were already many people there. Waiting there, Ye Futian saw some people they saw yesterday, Danshen Temple Qi Mu and Zhong Fan, they were also invited.

In another direction, there are many strong men coming here, among them a group of people who are particularly conspicuous, are a group of fairy characters, that are practitioners from Fairy Peak!


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