The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1964

Vol 8 Chapter 1964: Strong

Ye Futian will naturally not accept Taoism, for no other reason, a median emperor of Qin He Palace, fighting with him?

How to fight?

is not a character at all. The Emperor of the Seven Realms is barely qualified to invite him to fight.

His eyes fell on the Dao battle platform, his expression was indifferent, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

The other party invited Taiyuan mainland to practice humane warfare, in fact, naturally came to him, however, he was not a practitioner of Taiyuan mainland at all.

Many people sitting next to him looked at Ye Futian and wanted to see his reaction, but soon they were disappointed. Ye Futian just sat there without any idea of a challenge.

It was that some people around him had frowning tightly and their faces were unpleasant. They naturally realized that the Tianzhan Palace invited them to come, and the drunkard meant not to drink.

Nowadays, the people in Qin He Palace are directly provoking, whether to fight or not?

Not only the people here, the vast area of the Heavenly Battle Palace, countless practitioners below all looked up here, wanting to witness an emperor-level Taoist battle, now see the practitioners of Taiyuan mainland give No more opportunities.

"People of Qin He Gong practice are good at fighting. This Wang Ye has proved that the median realm of the emperor has been under juvenile years. The avenue **** wheel is strong and the fighting power is extraordinary. Among the people of the same level in this look, the fighting power is very strong. This is the first time I have come to my Heavenly Battle Palace to participate in a road war, and it will be very exciting."

Yang Qian said with a smile, he did not encourage the people of Taiyuan mainland to participate in the war, but like to speak for himself, in this situation, if the people of Taiyuan mainland want to leave, he will not say anything.

"Yesterday at the Alchemy Conference, Ye Huangzhan revealed his superb alchemy power and refined the extraordinary Tao Dan with the median realm. I think its own strength is also extraordinary. I wonder if I can have a chance to see it?" At this time, Someone said, this time the person who spoke was Alchemy Master Zihe.

Yesterday, after Ye Futian refined the Elixir, he knew that to discuss the strength of Alchemy, he also had to be a little inferior and could not compete with Ye Futian.

He guessed that Ye Futian's strength would definitely not be weak, or even very strong.

Ye Futian looked back at Zihe and smiled and said: "Why, Master Zihe wants to fight with me?"

The Purple River was shocked. His realm was much higher than that of Ye Futian. Naturally, he wouldn't go personally, and his words should be very clear, right?

"Wang Ye's state is similar to that of Ye Huang." Qi Mu, next to him, said to the Dao battle platform.

Ye Futian looked down his eyes and saw Wang Ye's eyes also looked at him. There was a ray of war in his eyes. Obviously, he wanted to confront him.

"Master Zihe's realm is also higher than me. Will the refined medicine be able to beat me?" Ye Futian swept to the side and said: "If he wants to fight in the war, he is not worthy."

Ye Futian's indifferent tone was full of arrogance. Since the other party wanted to provoke him so much, he was naturally not polite. He didn't give the opposite face at all. At the alchemy conference yesterday, the practitioners of Qin He Palace jumped up and down. Now, if you want to fight him, is it enough to just play alone?

Nearly people also heard Ye Futian's cold and arrogant meaning. It seemed that he was very confident. Wang Ye was definitely a very powerful character in Qin He Palace, but Ye Futian said that the other party was not worthy of fighting with him.

Moreover, he defied both Zihe and Wang Ye in one word.

On the Dao battle platform, Wang Ye gazed at Ye Futian, and an invisible road pressure came from across the air, as if he wanted to force Ye Futian to shoot.

Ye Futian frowned and glanced at the other party. His eyes seemed to have changed in this moment. Wang Ye only felt that he saw not a pair of eyes, but a full moon. At this time, Wang Ye only felt The whole body was cold and biting, the coldness seemed to kill the soul.

Everyone around showed a strange color. They felt an invisible avenue of breath in the middle of their eyes. This avenue of breath seemed to be the meaning of frost, giving people an extremely cold feeling.

This is already fighting?

"Oh..." There seemed to be a ray of frost in the void. The crowd found that frost also appeared on Wang Ye on the battle platform. His hair turned white, covered with hoarfrost, and his body shivered slightly. It's very cold.

At this moment, Wang Ye, in the realm of the emperor, felt the extreme cold. He wanted to break free from that feeling, but he had fallen, and his eyes made him fall.

Many people looked at Ye Futian who was sitting there shocked, but he didn't move at all. He just looked at Wang Ye from the air, still sitting in his place.

"Are you looking for me to fight?"

At this moment, Ye Futian spit out a sound, this sound seems to contain the power of sonic waves, giving people a sense of heavy overbearing, it seems to contain the power of Buddhism, shocking people.

The moment when the voice fell, countless voices echoed in Wang Ye's mind, and he only felt that the spirit would burst.

"Poo......" With a groan, Wang Ye spit out a spit of blood directly. His body seemed to be shaken by an invisible force, his steps receded continuously, and his face was pale.

At this moment, the pressure disappeared, and he broke free from that feeling, and looked up at Ye Futian, who was still sitting there, and saw that the white-haired youth looked as usual, as if he had never shot.

"Do you want to fight again?" Ye Futian continued to ask, his voice was still calm and breezy, and Wang Ye's face was ashamed. He saw that he stood upright, saluted Ye Futian slightly, and bowed: "Leader. "

He just turned around and left without a face.

A brief collision, Ye Futian gave him a profound lesson.

Is the Emperor Realm strong?

The emperor of Qinhe Palace, with extraordinary fighting power, he pretended to be extraordinary. However, just now, he felt how weak he was, and his eyes and slurs were unbearable.

Dao battle? He is also worthy.

What kind of war.

Wang Ye turned around and walked off the road, leaving a group of stunned people.

However, at this moment, the sky beneath the Daotai battle hall made a loud cry and countless loud noises.

Although they did not see Dao Battle, but they seemed to experience a more thrilling battle than Dao Battle, with a look, they retreated a King of the same realm to leave?

Moreover, judging from Wang Ye's attitude, he was willing to admit defeat, had no idea of fighting at all, and was defeated and convinced.

This can only be said that the two are not at the same level and the gap is too great.

The people sitting in the stands here were also shocked by Ye Futian's strength. All the practitioners of Qin He Palace felt dull, and the practitioners of the Danshen Palace were speechless. They encouraged Ye Futian. Dao battle, but Wang Ye can't bear a look, the strength does not match, what kind of Dao battle.

Although they guessed that Ye Futian's strength might be strong, they still did not expect to be so arrogant.

Just because he shot just now, I am afraid that the strong man of the Five Realms can hardly beat him. No wonder he directly provoked Master Zihe.

"If you want to watch me fight in the road, the core person should come out in person, for example, the young palace master of the Heavenly War Palace, Ye Mou may consider it." At this time, Ye Futian said lightly, making the people around him feel Slightly shocked, so arrogant words.

What level of character is the Master of the Palace of Heaven? Already the upper emperor of the Seven Realms, and his own fighting power is super strong. Who can be the opponent of the people below the upper emperor?

However, his dissatisfaction can be heard from the tone of Ye Futian. UU read the book This time the Heavenly War Palace invited them to come, but in fact he wanted to see them fighting. Ye Futian naturally had opinions, so Only then can I say this and vent my discomfort.

Yang Gan, the young master of the Tianzhan Palace, did not care about Ye Futians dissatisfaction. He smiled heartily and said, "I really want to sue the Emperor Ye for this day's event. It is my impure purpose to invite you to come this time. Lets take a look at the strength of people from all continents. I am so natural. I like Dao War. If there is any offense, Ye Huang will forgive him."

Many people showed a strange color, Yang Qian, even like Ye Futian apologize?


It seems that Ye Futian's previous shot also won the respect of Yang Qian.

"I missed the alchemy conference grand event yesterday. I didnt expect to see such a scene today. I am more curious about Ye Huang. Alchemy and combat power are so extraordinary. If I am not wrong, this time the Emperor will take the leaves. The Emperor came to Wangdu, was he going to Ji Ji?"

Yang Qian asked with a smile. Many people who came this time actually came to look for God. However, not many people dare to say that they are going to the emperor Ji Ji. After all, even if they can look into God. In practice, it is not always possible to see Ji Huang.

But the confrontation at that moment made Yang Qian realize that Dan Huang brought Ye Futian to look at the city, but he was rushing towards Ji Huang!


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