The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1965

Vol 8 Chapter 1965: Mysterious Comer

Ye Futian smiled at random, and did not respond positively, just said: "Walk around and see the scenery of Wangdu, but I don't have too many ideas."

This time, I mainly listened to the arrangement of Penglai Fairy and followed her to the capital.

Moreover, he did not intend to go to Wangqianque to practice, listening to the meaning of Penglai Fairy, and introduce him to meet Emperor Ji, now he is half a disciple of Dongxian Shangxian, the master of Wangqianque, the first person in Dongxiao mainland Ji Huang was a good friend with Donglai Shangxian.

"Yehuang's strength is extraordinary, alchemy is so amazing, can you ask, what is the relationship between Yehuang and Danhuang?" Just heard a voice, Ye Futian looked at the person who spoke, but it was the fairy of Fairy Peak The characters, the appearance and temperament of the fairy are extremely outstanding, but they are the goddesses of Fairy Peak.

"Fairy Peak Goddess Yi Yi." Lin Qiu introduced Ye Futian's voice.

The question of Emperor Yi is what everyone else wants to know. This Ye Futian alchemy technique is so extraordinary, but he claims to be not a disciple of Dan Huang, so what is his identity?

At this time, it is still a mystery at this moment, no one knows, but even if he is not a disciple of the Dan emperor, this time he came with the Dan emperor, it must have an extremely close relationship with the Dan emperor.

"Fairies will know about it in the future." Ye Futian responded with a smile and did not answer the other party. Since Fairy Penglai asked her not to reveal her identity for a while, she naturally had her reasons, and the emperor Dan also told the people who came from Taiyuan mainland. For the time being to stop them from speaking to others.

Only they knew that Ye Futian was not a disciple of the Dan emperor, but a disciple, a descendant of the fairy in Donglai.

If these people knew that Ye Futian had been the successor of the first alchemy master in East China, it would have been another attitude, and it would have caused a lot of trouble. After all, except for her daughter, Donglai Shangxian did not have a mantle After he fell, Dongxian Island could not hide, and gradually became unknown.

After so many years, Dongxian Island has gradually been disregarded by the top forces of Donghuayu.

"Ye Huang can't reveal a little bit in advance?" Yi Huang asked with a smile, but he couldn't bear to refuse. The Yang Qian sitting there echoed: "I'm also very curious about this fact. Since I will know it later, Ye Huang Why not reveal a bit in advance, or give some hints."

"Dan Huang is one of my elders, but not a master." Ye Futian replied with a smile, still an answer without an answer, but it was also a hint to let them guess.

But Donglai Shangxian has been falling for many years, and the emperor Dan is only one of the practitioners of Donglai Shangxian who taught him. It is difficult for everyone to think of it. After all, no one has thought about Donglai Shangxian. Too.

Everyone is thinking, but there is no clue.

"It seems that I can only wait, I can't think of it. Can anyone think of it?" Yang Qian said to everyone, the crowd shook their heads, the super alchemy level, the powerful fighting power, the Dan emperor's juniors, they thought There is no such person as a spiritual practitioner.

"It seems that no one can guess." Yang Gan shook his head and smiled in response to everyone's reactions: "Well, so I had to wait, I don't know if there will be any surprises at that time."

The crowd didn't think about Ye Futian's identity any more. Since the other party refused to say, they couldn't guess, they could not think about it, wasting time.

"I also want to ask you a question." At this time, someone at a certain place said, everyone looked at the person who spoke, a middle-aged emperor, with a bit of majesty, this person was not Wangdu. The practitioners, like Ye Futian, came from other continents. This time, they came mainly to look at the god.

"Excuse me." Yang Gandao, he was invited by him. He naturally knows who the other party is. This person is also an extremely powerful emperor. The Taihua mainland from this regional plate is the first family of Taihua mainland. The emperor of the Fahrenheit family, named Hua Tianlin, as far as he knows, Hua Tianlin has a great reputation in Taihua mainland, it can be said that it is like the sun, and has been hailed as the first Taihua mainland since young. The evil character.

In this trip, Hua Tianlin came to the capital of Dongxiao mainland and had only one goal. When he saw Ji Huang, the first person in Dongxiao mainland, he asked Ji Huang to teach him the way of cultivation. Although he was a disciple of Taihua mainland's first family, he still had I haven't received any advice from giant-level figures. This time, I wanted such an opportunity.

And, with his strength, he will definitely get this opportunity.

"How many people from all continents come to Wangdu this time, how many people will have the opportunity to see Ji Huang?" Hua Tianlin asked, he was not so curious about Ye Futian, the great state of China, too many powerful people, There are also countless powerful practitioners. He can't focus so much. He only focuses on what he wants to pursue.

"I'm afraid that no one can answer you." Yang Gan said: "Even in Wangdu, not many of you have seen Jihuang several times. Jihuang Shenlong sees and fails, we want to contact You cant do the same thing, whether its the Tian Zhan Palace, the Danshen Palace or other forces, you have to ask how many people can see Ji Huang, only Ji Huang knows."

Hua Tianlin nodded without asking much.

"However, you are here, you can understand each other in advance." Yang Gan continued to laugh: "The people who came here this time are all people from all walks of life, many of them came to look for God, if you are interested, You can go to war to understand each other."

"This kind of discussion confirmed that I was not interested and quit." Hua Tianlin said, seemingly disdainful of the battle of the road, he said, he actually stood up and made many people show a strange look. This Hua Tianlin really intends to leave like this.

Practice to their level, have their own personality.

"I have something to do, so I won't stay here. I have a chance to see you again." Ye Futian also said goodbye and was about to leave.

This time the other party invited him to come and walk around without any problems, but he did not expect the other party to count on him and wanted him to participate in the war. Although Yang Qian apologized, he still did not like this atmosphere. , And had no interest in participating in the Taoist war, he was ready to leave.

This makes Yang Gan a little embarrassed. It seems that his thoughts are going to fall through. These people have no hint of collision.

But when Ye Futian was about to leave, his eyes suddenly looked in the distance, where there was a faint breath of breath.

Not only him, but everyone else also realized that they looked over there.

Soon, the sky and clouds changed color above the void in the distance, and the pressure of a monstrous avenue pervaded, covering the entire Sky War Palace, not just them. Soon the people of the Sky War Palace felt the Road of Terror Coercion, UU reading looked up at the distant sky.

"Huh?" Yang Qian frowned. At this time, behind him, strong men came out of the palaces of the Heavenly War Palace one after another. The powerful thoughts swept away and walked towards the distance. Obviously they all felt it.

Soon, in the sky above, a divine light descended from the sky. At the next moment, a line of mighty strongmen came down with the divine light and appeared directly in the sky above the Palace of Heavenly War.

The atmosphere of these people is extremely arrogant, everyone is the realm of the emperor, and some of them are even terrifying, and the top level of the emperor's top breath is hidden from the body, and there are many upper emperors.

Such a lineup is terrible, even if it is in the capital, there are not many forces that can come up with such a luxurious lineup.

Moreover, these people are obviously not Wangdu forces.

The battle of Dao under the Heavenly Battle Palace stopped at this moment, and countless Dao eyes looked up at the line of powerful men who came to the void. Who are these people?

"I don't know what advice you have for coming to Heavenly Palace." At this time, Yang Gan, the Master of Heavenly Palace, stood up and looked up tentatively into the void, and at this moment he had not been able to guess the origin of the other party. .

Such a lineup, there are few Donghuayu.


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