The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1966

Vol 8 Chapter 1966: Northern Territory

The line of mighty powerhouses stood above the void and glanced down at the Heavenly Battle Palace. One of them said, "This is the place where Dongxiao mainland Wangdu Dao battles."

The people around nodded and swept down, which made everyone under the sky reveal a strange color. Listening to these words, these people are not practitioners of Dongxiao mainland, but from other continents, so they should be at the same level. Continent.

Ye Futian observed them carefully, and found that these people are not a whole, but also divided into small camps. They immediately realized that the other party was not from the same force, and might be a strong of multiple forces.

This means that these people may be one of the other six continents from the seven continents of the East China Region. Only continents at the same level as the Dongxiao Continent can have such a strong lineup.

Except for the few places in the Seven Continents, other non-main continent practitioners dare not come in such a gesture.

"Here is the Heavenly Battle Palace, the place where Wangdu Dao fights, are you not the people of Wangdu?" Yang Gan said.

The eyes of the strong men glanced down, and some people said, "We are coming from the north."

"Northland." Many strong men's pupils contract, and the territory of the East China Region. The Northland of the Seven Continents refers specifically to the continental plate of the North, where there is a main continent that is one of the Seven Continents.

The seven continents of the East China Territory, centered on the East China Continent, are the seats of the East China Territory and the absolute core of the East China Territory of the Eighteen Territories of Shenzhou. The other six main continents surround the East China Continent, with countless continents in the middle The plates are scattered around the six main continents, showing a tendency to hold the moon.

The East Continent is in the east area, while the north area in the north area refers to Yanyun Continent as the core continental plate.

Well, since these people came from the north, they must have come from the mainland of Yanyun.

The strong man of Yanyun Continent came to their capital of East China Continent. This is not a trivial matter. It is very likely that the leader of Yanyun Continent has also arrived, but I dont know if he is among the crowd.

"Northland." Ye Futian whispered in his heart, searching for some memories in his mind, because Donglai Shangxian's memories, he knows a lot about many things in Shenzhou, but the memories are scattered, so it is relatively vague, only to practice. The memory of Donglai Shangxian was deliberately imprinted in that will and was well preserved, so Ye Futian was able to inherit the spiritual inheritance of Donglai Shangxian, but he knew something about the outside world but was not so clear.

This place in Northland seems to be a bit impressed.

The enemy of Donglai Shangxian is in the north.

Lin Qiu's expression also became a little dignified. He looked sideways at Ye Futian. He seemed to stop talking. He had already guessed Ye Futian's identity, and these people probably had a thousand miles with Ye Futian. Inextricably linked.

"Do you know the Northland?" Ye Futian asked Lin Chuanyin next to him. He found that Lin Qiu looked at what he wanted to say. Lin Qiu should have known something.

"The continental plate of the Northland is centered on Yanyun Continent, which is equivalent to our Dongxiao Continent. The difference is that Yanyun Continents rule-level influence is even more terrifying. There were two superpowers that ruled the continental plate. , Are the ancient royal family, Yan and Yun, and later Yun dissipated in the long river of history, only the ancient Yan family has been inherited to this day, with countless years of history, its long history is far from looking at God Que ratio."

Lin Qiu said to Ye Futian: "The Dayan ancient royal family has been inherited for many years, the background is unpredictable, the strength is super strong, they have a very powerful influence in the entire East China region, and they act extremely powerful and domineering. In Shangxian, the contradiction broke out in the ancient imperial city of He Dayan. Both sides were so strong and proud that the conflict was insolvable, and a war broke out, which directly led to the fall of Dongxian Shangxian, a generation of legendary alchemy masters died, Dongxian Island Since then, I havent asked about foreign affairs and closed on the island."

Ye Futian nodded and understood.

Dayan Ancient Royal Family, the enemy of Dongxian Island, is also his potential threat. It is no wonder that he felt a little familiar when he heard the Northland, which turned out to be the place where Dayan Ancient Royal Family took the town.

In this way, the strong of the ancient Yanyan royal family may also arrive, coming to Wangdu.

He gazed at the vast groups of figures in the void, but he did not find the absolute core figure. The strong man of Dayan ancient royal family should not come in person. After all, his identity is not the same. The strong man of big ancient ancient royal family is the same as Wang Wang At the level, if you want to talk, you also have to talk directly with Wangshen Que. There is no need to come to Wangdu's top power to show off its power, which does not meet the identity of the ancient royal family.

This is like the time when I was practicing in Dongxian Island, Jiang Jiuming, the strongest of the Jiang's ancient royal family, was alone, and did not communicate with other forces at all, because he was not a person of one level.

Then the strong man who arrived in front of him should be the practitioner of the major forces of the Yanyun Continent who came with the ancient royal family of Dayan.

Yang Qian and others heard that coming from the north naturally realized that the strong man of the ancient Yanyan royal family might have arrived. Are they coming to look at the god?

The eyes of the strong men have become more dignified, and all the practitioners below the Heavenly War Palace have stopped fighting. Everyone looks up and looks at the mighty strong people, and the vast and majestic Heavenly War Palace has become exceptional at this moment. Quiet.

The northern forces descended on Dongxiao mainland Wangdu, and of course they realized that it was unusual and something might happen.

Everyone knows that at that time, the emperor Ji Wang had a conflict with the ancient royal family in the Northland. The two sides have not been very harmonious. The other party came to this trip, I am afraid that the comer is not good.

"Practitioners from the Northland came to the Heavenly War Palace. I don't know what to say." Only one voice came out. This sound came from inside the Heavenly War Palace. It was majestic and majestic. When the voice fell, I saw the sky. A group of strong men in the battle palace stepped out, led by the dragon and tiger spirit, filled with a sense of majesty of overbearing domineering, like a **** of war, this middle-aged awesomely is the lord of the palace of war, Yang's **** of war exists, Yang Jian.

"I waited from the north, and heard that the Heavenly War Palace is the land of Taoist warfare, so come and see the standard of Taoist warfare of Wangdu practitioners, you can continue." A figure in the void said aloud, they still It seems extremely uncomfortable with a high attitude.

Moreover, in this case, how could the Tian Zhan Gong break out as if nothing happened?

"Since you are here, let's participate together, just what it means." Yang Jian said quietly and responded directly. The attitude of the other party made him very uncomfortable, even if he came from Yanyun mainland in the north, but Here is their site, Dongxiao mainland Wangdu, even if the dragon arrives, they must lie on their stomachs.

Moreover, these people were obviously provoked. As the master of the Heavenly War Palace, Yang Jian is such an overbearing and iron-blooded character, how can the other party be so arrogant and arrogant.

Hearing the words of Yang Jian, the owner of the Palace of Heavenly War Palace, his eyes suddenly fell on him. The mighty Avenue was extremely overbearing and strong. However, Yang Jian was already the top of the emperor, and let the pressure of the Avenue fall on him. There was also an invisible avenue of breath sweeping from him, making this space have a strong sense of war. Everyone in the vast land of the Heavenly War Palace can clearly feel the strength of this war.

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"That's what I meant." One of the old people responded with a faint voice. It is also a powerful presence in the Nine Realms. Yang Jian sees this level of characters and understands that the Yanyan Continent's powerful strongman must have arrived. And, in the middle of the capital, you might be looking at everything here.

There is no strong ancient Yanyan strong standing behind them, these people will not be provoked when they come, and, if they are not strong strong ancient Yanyan, they can not bring people of this level to come from afar.

This turmoil does not seem to be aimed at them, but to look away.

Thinking of this, his thoughts swept out and searched towards a distant place, constantly expanding the range, centered on the Heavenly Battle Palace, and the endless areas of Wangdu all appeared in his mind as if they could be seen at a glance.

Among the endless crowd, Yang Jian quickly found a restaurant. In the restaurant, there was a line of extraordinary characters sitting alone, no one else seemed to be cleared by them. The person headed looked quite Being young, but surrounded by the existence of the upper realm.

"Indiscreet." An old man swept his head straight out, and the young man frowned, looking away, as if penetrating the void, shooting in the direction of the Heavenly Battle Palace. His eyes were calm and calm. The top characters in the Heavenly Battle Palace are still some level, so they were found so quickly!


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