The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1967

Vol 8 Chapter 1967: Bad Comer

Yang Jian Shennian withdrew, his heart was like a mirror, and as he expected, the strong of the ancient Yanyan royal family had arrived, and he was in Wangdu.

Moreover, the other party seemed not to care about the situation here, quietly drinking in the restaurant, as if indifferent to everything here, perhaps, these people's actions, the strong Yanyan ancients did not care too much about it.

For the ancient royal family of Dayan, what can keep them in their hearts is probably only the look of God.

I don't know what the Dayan Ancient Royal Family came for, this time for what.

After Shennian was withdrawn, Yang Jian didn't think about the Dayan ancient royal family anymore. This was not something he could worry about. He was not at a level of influence. He had no capital to intervene. Now he needs to face it. Strong.

These northern strongmen should all follow the Dayan ancient royal family. As for whether they came to the Heavenly War Palace or the order of the Dayan ancient royal family, it is unknown.

After the arrival of Yang Jian, the other powerful players in Tian Zhan Palace were exceptionally quiet, and no one spoke. After all, Yang Jian was the owner of the Tian Zhan Palace, the elder figure. Since he arrived, he will naturally take charge.

The solemn space has a strong sense of depression, and the sword is drawn, as if a war may break out at any time.

Yang Jian looked at the powerful men in the void and said, "Since you all have this intention, then please, just as the Heavenly War Palace is the land of Taoist wars, and the hospitality of the Heavenly Wars Palace is this battle platform, You came from afar in the north, and my Heavenly Battle Palace was here to catch you from the wind and dust."

If people who don't know hear Yang Jian's words, they think they are friends.

Tao battle platform in the Tianzhan Palace to catch the wind and wash the dust, naturally in the way of fighting the wind.

In the land above, the mighty coercion is still the same. The old man who spoke before is more respectable among the strong men in the north. He said to the strong men around him: "Since the Heavenly Palace is kindly invited, who wants to feel the feeling? Lets go straight to the enthusiasm of the Heavenly Battle Palace."

As Yang Jian and others have speculated, the strong lineup of these northern powers is indeed not from the same force, but a number of different powers in the northern land, with the ancient royal family of Dayan, coming to Wangdu.

The reason for coming here is because the Heavenly Battle Palace is a land of Taoist wars. Here, you can see the general strength of the people who practice in Wangdu most clearly. Although you cant know the specific strength of the practitioners, you can get a glimpse of the whole. two.

Above the void, a figure stepped out, and the body was facing forward, descending on the Heavenly Battle Palace.

This man is a burly and domineering person with eyes like copper bells, long black hair draped over his shoulders, and a golden robe on his body, giving a sense of wild domineering. A strong sense of oppression.

The practitioners of the northern land suddenly saw a reassuring look when the emperor appeared in the field. This person was the powerful ruling royal family of a continent in the northern land. The royal family hit the continent and didn't know how many corpses it stepped on. There are many continents around, and the influence of the royal family spans multiple continents. Even in the northern landlord continent, Yanyun Continent, has a great reputation. This person is the core core of the royal family. He is good at fighting and his fighting power is terrifying. People who are too strong cannot be crushed.

"Who are you willing to welcome guests coming from afar?" Yang Jian, the host of the Tianzhan Palace, said.

His voice fell, and he saw a fellow emperor who stepped out, stepped directly across the void, and landed on the Dao battle platform, looking up at the figure above the sky: "Please advise."

Neither of them reported their names, as if it didnt matter, no matter what the purpose of the North Power came here, but it was definitely a bad visitor, there was no need to be too polite, and the way the other came was extremely overbearing. Too.

The emperor who walked out was a person who practiced in the Tian Zhan Gong. The opponent came to the Tian Zhan Gong with such a strong attitude, so naturally he didn't need to be polite with the other party.

I saw a brilliant burst of light appearing, the man's emperor's battle platform was suspended in the air, and the light of the magic circle went straight to the sky, making the man's emperor's battle platform become its own space.

Ye Futian glanced at the magic circle of the Dao battle platform. The self-contained space will not affect the outside, but there is enough space in it. It is very magical. It seems that the Tian Zhan Palace is designed for the emperor-level Dao battle. And prepare.

"Bang..." Only a loud roar came out, and the Dao battle platform filled with strong spatial fluctuations. The strong men could clearly hear the sound. I saw that the northern royal strongman stepped into the void, and there were countless voids in the void. The streamer drooped down.

The strong man of Heavenly Battle Palace raised his hand and punched out, then the crowd faintly saw a huge golden footprint directly descended, collided with the opponent's fist, and burst into a terrible avenue light.

At this time, the violent roar of rumblings came out one after another. The other party stepped on the void step by step, and every step of it gave birth to a terrible footprint. With the incomparably powerful force of suppressing the avenue, it seems that it is going to smash the sky directly. This kind of Taoist attack is a bit like a god.

The crowd looked at the Dao battle platform, and every step they took would be transformed into huge footprints. The large golden footprints covered the sky, suppressed the void, and were domineering.

The Emperor of Heavenly Battle Palace attacked and blocked continuously, and there appeared the Divine God Wheel above his body. It was a golden condor. When the wings were opened, it covered the sky and the sky, tearing the space, splitting the road of the Avenue, and rushing towards the other side.

The powerful of the northern royal family glanced lightly at the condor in the bottom of the sky, and the endless big footprints fell down. At this moment, he seemed to be wearing golden armor, and he was radiating a golden glory, with an overbearing eyes. And disdain.

The eyes of the Emperor of Heavenly Battle Palace were extremely sharp. A terrible hurricane appeared around his body. The spread wings of the eagle were cut all the way up. There were countless golden lights of tears in the space on the battle platform. Tear and smash everything in the sky above.

However, those who came from the northern land looked indifferent and looked very calmly at all this. How strong are the northern land lords, many of them have been taught, far more than that.

"Om..." The gorgeous divine light flooded the void, and the figure of the Northern Emperor seemed to disappear. There was a huge phantom of the God of War above the sky. The face of the Northern Emperor appeared and went down from the sky dome. A huge, endless stone pillar appeared, like a divine light piercing the avenue, all the way down.

It was not a stone pillar, but a foot, but his speed was like lightning, so that there was a sky-breaking divine light in the void, and he stepped down.

Avenue is directly annihilated and crushed. Those sharp feathers of the eagle are slashed against the trend, but they are directly broken under the beam of light, and the annihilated divine light blooms out, irritating eyes.

"Boom..." The gorgeous light beam directly broke the avenue, penetrated the void, and hit the body of the Emperor of the Heavenly War Palace. There was a loud noise. The body of the condor seemed to be broken. His deity groaned, a beam of light directly penetrated the body, the body fell directly to the ground, the road was damaged, and it was directly hit.

Countless people have witnessed this scene in the vast land of the Heavenly Battle Palace, extremely quiet.

Very ruthless.

A powerful emperor who was stepped on directly and was seriously injured. This blow was extremely harmful to the emperor of the Heavenly Battle Palace.

But you can also see the strength of the other party. This practitioner from the Northland, with absolute domineering attitude, suppressed the emperor who seriously injured the Tianzhan Palace.

The Dao battle platform magic circle was in operation, and some people went up to bring down the emperor of the Tian Zhan palace. Yang Jian, the owner of the Tian Zhan palace, saw a bit of indifference in his face and looked up at the Dao battle platform. The emperor above said coldly, "You are coming from the north, why should you start to be so vicious."

The emperor didn't take Yang Jian's words seriously, and he said: "I heard that the Dao battle platform in Tian Zhan Gong has always been so cruel. There are often deaths and injuries. It is the real Dao battle. How did it come to me, but it was vicious? , Is the information I got wrong?"

The emperors of the North stood above the Looking calmly at the sky, as if not surprised by this.

Ye Futian looked up and looked at the emperors of the sky. He couldn't understand it. The northern strongman came to Wangdu. It was only a foreign dragon. Why should he be so overbearing?

Is this to provoke a dispute between Northland and East China?

The other party is so pressured, why is it that he is looking away from the god?

"It seems that this time it is not just that the comers are not good. The people in the North have obeyed the orders of the ancient Yanyan royal family. These powerful men act so domineeringly, and there must be some backing behind them, which can only be the ancient Yanyan royal family. It may have been given, then, the purpose of their coming this time is probably not simple." Lin Qiu whispered to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded his head and started so ruthlessly. Naturally, it was not just to simply learn the road, but to get off Mawei. As for who was given the mawei, it was intriguing. Or, it was to give Mawang the entire Wangwang.

Today's Tian Zhan Gong, in fact, has gathered a lot of Wang Du and even Dong Xiao mainland's powerful people.

In this battle, everyone's emotions were also provoked, and they were all extremely displeased. At this moment, no matter how they are inside, but the people from the north are so arrogant, they despised them!


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