The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1968

Vol 8 Chapter 1968: Made Me Look Bad

The strong man of the northern royal family is still on the Dao battle platform, and he looks at the emperors of the heavenly battle palace. The body is surrounded by a golden body, and the eyes are carrying the majesty of the royal family. The royal family of the mainland.

"Wangdu is the capital city of Dongxiao mainland. Dongxiao is famous for the **** of hope. It is the first city of Dongxiao mainland. This day the battle palace is the place where Wangdu fights. It gathers Wangdu good warriors. Shouldn't this be the only thing?" The Emperor of the Northern Land said, with the majesty in his voice, and the contempt of his voice in the cold voice.

Although he is not a strong man in the core of Yanyun Continent, he dominates one side, and his combat power is extremely strong. Even among the strong men coming from the north, he is also considered to be among the top in the same realm. The emperor of the palace was severely crushed and even hit hard.

As the other party's voice fell, the majestic Tian Zhan Palace was a bit suppressed at the moment. The ancient hall standing in front of the sky, many powerful people looked at the powerful Northern Emperor, for a while. silence.

In this way of war, it is naturally impossible for them to send opponents with a realm stronger than the opponent, but in this level of people in the same realm, there are really few people who dare to say that they can beat the opponent. This Northland Emperor did not even really have a war before. Force, after all, the gap between the last road war is not small, and the other party cannot be forced to go all out.

"Are you going to continue fighting?" The Master of Heavenly Battle Palace swept to the other side and asked.

The Emperor of the Northern Land looked at him and nodded, "Of course."

"Which one can let the guests of the Northland re-examine the practitioners I want to look at?" Yang Jian looked around the crowd and asked. The other party has already shown its strength. If they continue to fight, they are actually advantageous. The opponent's shot can naturally be better measured.

Of course, the premise is to have enough strong emperors of the same level.

"I choose one." At this time, someone said, suddenly looking at the person who spoke, and many people's eyes were a little brighter. It was Qi Mu, the Danshen Temple.

Dan Jingu itself is extremely powerful, and knows all the practitioners. Qi Mu is the heir of Dan Jingu. He must have no problem with his vision. The strong man he recommends will naturally be very strong.

"Please speak." Yang Jian said.

I saw Qi Mu's eyes slowly turned, but finally fell on Ye Futian's body, he said with a smile: "Someone before asked Emperor Ye, but Ye Huang did not play, defeated the other at a glance, the strength of fear It is unfathomable. Although the realm is only four realms, it is said that the master of the palace should be qualified to ask about the debate. Ye Huang said so, the strength of the battle is undoubted. Surprise."

Lin Qiu and the others around Ye Futian frowned, but Qi Mu didnt do it himself, but recommended Ye Futian, but it would count. No matter whether Ye Futian wins or loses, there is no harm for him. At least, he can see Ye Futian. What is Fu Tian's strength?

"Yes, I also think that Ye Huang is suitable." The strong man of Qin He Gong also said, but they wanted to see if Ye Futian's strength could fight this powerful Northern Emperor.

For a time, the eyes of the strong men all fell on Ye Futian, including the mighty strong men of the Heavenly Battle Palace. They had all seen Ye Futian's power before. Although only one glance, they injured the same level. The emperor, if he plays, there is indeed a chance of victory.

"I'm sorry, I'm not a person who wants to practice everything." Ye Futian glanced at Qi Mu as a descendant of Dongxian Shangxian, and received many benefits from Dongxian Island. He was the enemy of Dongyan Shangxian Dayan ancient royal family. Naturally, there is no good feelings. The other party is the Northern Emperor who came with the Dayan ancient royal family. He came strong and was cold and ruthless.

However, this does not mean that he would follow Qi Mu's intentions. Qi Mu's words made him even more uncomfortable.

Qi Mu didn't do it himself, or let the people of Danshen Palace do it, but encouraged him?

And he spoke in public, with the intention of threatening, and forced him to fight.

In this case, surrounded by the general situation, standing among the forces of the mainland of Dongxiao, it seems that there is really no choice, otherwise it will offend many people.

It's a pity that Ye Futian was the one who didn't care, he didn't need to please anyone, nor did he need to make Wang Du Zhuqiang feel good about him. He came here and was just invited to walk around.

Even if it is the Tian Zhan Gong, he is counted.

Many people heard that Ye Futian's eyes showed a strange color. Ye Futian said, didn't he separate himself from everyone?

"What is the meaning of Ye Huang, even if he is not a person from Wangdu, he also comes from Taiyuan mainland and is one with Dongxiao mainland." Qi Mu didn't care, he smiled and said, he was thinking, what is Ye Futian? It is unwise for people to say such words.

"I came with Emperor Dan, but I'm not from the Taiyuan mainland." Ye Futian said again, as if trying to clear himself away, making many people's eyes a little weird, and many people were slightly dissatisfied.

"Even if you don't want to participate in the war, you don't need to do this. Since you don't agree with Dongxiao mainland, why should you come and sit here." The strong man of Qin He Palace said indifferently.

"Ye Huang came with Dan Huang, and you need your consent? When is Qin He Palace so wide? As for sitting here, Ye Huang and I were invited together. If it is not welcome, we can leave." The nearby Lin Qiu said a little unpleasantly: "But Dan Shen Palace and Qin He Palace, you are so great and awe-inspiring, why don't you always encourage others to do it? Dan Shen Gong also declared itself the first alchemy holy place in East China Region yesterday. Why dont you stand up at this time? Arent Dan Jinggong and Qin Hegong both powers? Or are there no emperors who can handle it?"

His tone is light and breezy, but it is extremely ironic, making the people of Danshen Palace and Qin He Palace extremely unhappy.

"Enough." Yang Jian said in the Tian Zhan Gong, everyone was silent, and realized that the quarrel between them was a bit inappropriate.

The eyes of the northern strong man in the void glanced at them, revealing an ironic sneer. Is there no one looking? Infighting occurred because of avoiding the war.

Many people glanced at Ye Futian indifferently, seeming to blame Ye Futian for the conflict, and many were dissatisfied.

"Since I don't want to fight, why stay here." Someone whispered, Ye Futian swept the speaker, and smiled indifferently, stood up and looked at Yang Jiandao: "disturbed."

said, he walked directly away, a white coat, with a sense of loneliness, so that many people showed a surprised color, actually gone?

"Boring, seniors say goodbye." Lin Qiu also stood up to resign. This time, he was not in a good mood. He had been coerced by Taoist warfare. He naturally understood Ye Futian's mood.

What's more, he knows Ye Futian's identity. The people from Dongxian Island may be the inheritors of Dongxian Shangxian. Both the alchemy and the strength are extraordinary. How can this person's character not be proud, how can he be affected by this Grievance, has been forced to fight the road war.

Northern strong came to provoke, Ye Futian would naturally stand up if he wanted to fight, not this way.

If these people know Ye Futian's true identity and are descendants of Dongxian Island, I don't know how they feel.

At this time, the strong men in Tian Zhan Palace looked at Ye Futian's figure of their departure, and they were extremely unhappy. They really didn't give face at all. Did they just say go and flick their face?

The people of the Fulong Mountain Range were just like those of the owners, so they were lonely and hard to make friends with.

"In order to avoid war, it is so ridiculous." Some people sneered whispered, but others did not respond, but looked at the strong men in the void. It is not the time to discuss Ye Futian at this moment, even if the heart is dissatisfied, For the time being, it can only be pressed.

Ye Futian and his entourage went to the sky and returned directly in the direction of the inn.

"How do you follow?" Ye Futian asked to look at the overtaking Lin Qiu.

"Both come together, naturally go together." Lin Qiu said.

"Are you afraid of being isolated?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"The Fulong Mountain Range has always been alone, seeking the Tao is a lonely practice, when do you need to be together." Lin Qiu said indifferently: "It's you, when you first came to Wangdu, this directly offended many forces of Wangdu. ."

"I said, I am not a person in the capital, why should UU read care about these." Ye Futian said indifferently.

Linqiu smiled and asked again: "This time the people from the Northland are not good, I am afraid that the Tianzhan Palace will suffer a loss. Although you have not shot, I am still curious. If you shot, what will happen?"

said, his eyes kept looking at Ye Futian. Obviously, Lin Qiu was also curious about Ye Futian's strength.

Ye Futian glanced at the next woodland, then looked forward, casually said: "He is not worthy to fight with me."


Lin Qiu's body paused, his eyes blinked, and he looked at Ye Futian in front of him, his expression was slightly strange.

The emperor was in the five realms and had a very strong combat power. Ye Futian said that he was not worthy of fighting with him.

How confident is this, and he believes in Ye Futian what happened before. Since he said so, there must be no problem.

So, the reason why Ye Futian did not want to shoot was because the other party was not worthy?


"It's interesting." Lin Qiu smiled and moved forward. These people came to look at the **** Que. Ye Futian's identity, he knew, must also be to look at the God Que. Strong, he is looking forward to it!


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