The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1969

Vol 8 Chapter 1969: Yi Boyuntian Ye Futian

The Emperor of the North came to Wangdu powerfully, and asked Wangdu on the battle platform of the Heavenly Battle Palace. A number of battles of the emperor's ranks broke out in succession. Many emperors suffered heavy losses.

The news came out, and all of them were shaking, and all forces were eager to move, as if they felt a storm coming.

The Heavenly Battle Palace gathered not only the emperors of their own powers, but also invited emperors of all forces to visit. In addition to some top powers in Wangdu, there are also the top powers of the continents around the mainland of Dongxiao. The lineup is not It is not powerful, but even so, it is still being suppressed. It is conceivable that what lineup is coming from the Northland this time is bound to be the elite of the elite. The strongest Northland was selected deliberately. Approving people, coming to Wangdu, will have such a fighting power.

Undoubtedly, it must be the ancient royal family of Dayan. Behind the rumor that they have arrived, they live in a palace in Wangdu.

The incident caused a lot of waves, and soon a wave of disturbances was set up in Wangdu, and countless people discussed the matter.

In addition to the Dao battle itself, there was a lot of attention and a lot of scolding. That person was Ye Liunian, who was only famous yesterday.

Ye Liunian became famous after defeating Master Zihe at the Alchemy Conference. Many people knew him. It is said that someone challenged him yesterday, and his eyes hurt the other side. His strength is extremely strong. However, when the North Power put forward the road war, Ye Liunian denied The hope is that it has a relationship with Dongxiao mainland, leaving directly, avoiding and not fighting, so that many people disdain his style.

Although he is a powerful alchemy master, he is ashamed of such actions, especially when the two parties are involved in the struggle, everyone is caught in the middle of the situation. He even demarcated the hope and how can he not be criticized. .

Who is this genius alchemy master brought by the Dan emperor? It seems that the character is not very good.

And don't forget, Dan Huang and Wang Shenque are still related. It is said that Dan Huang was once instructed by Ji Huang's friend Donglai Shangxian, and who doesn't know the relationship between Donglai Shangxian and Dayan ancient royal family? Ye Futian chose to evade at such times, and naturally someone would gossip.

However, these Ye Futian didn't care, and when he returned to the inn, he closed the door and could not practice with peace of mind.

A beautiful figure appeared beside Ye Futian who was practicing.

"Sister." Ye Futian shouted to see that the coming man was a fairy from Donglai.

"Why don't you shoot?" Fairy Donglai asked, her voice calm and she couldn't hear her attitude.

"If you don't want to do it, you won't do it." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Don't want it?" Fairy Donglai looked at him, and Ye Futian looked up and smiled at the noble and proud figure: "I passed on Donglai's way of immortality, does the elder sister think that my opponent is only the same person in the Northland Emperor?"

Donglai Fairy's beautiful eyes fluctuated slightly, still looking at him.

"If the people of the Dayan ancient royal family didn't take action, wouldn't my self-depreciation in the Taoist battlefield be worthy of the status of immortal inheritance?" Ye Futian said with a smile: "Sister Sister also knows that the strongmen of Dayan ancient royal family even If I didnt show up, wouldnt Dongxiandao have no face if I shot."

Donglai Fairy looked at him, Ye Futian seemed to make a lot of sense...

As the heir of Donglai Shangxian, his opponent should be the ancient Yanyan royal family. The strong of the ancient Yanyan royal family did not show up. Where is the reason?

Thinking about this, Donglai Fairy didn't mention it again, but said: "There are a lot of gossip about you now. Many practitioners know that you live here. Many people talk about it. I am afraid that some people behind this will intentionally help. ."

"Destroy my reputation. When I first arrived, what is the point of doing this?" Ye Futian said.

"Prevent you from looking into the **** Que." Fairy Donglai said, Ye Futian was stunned, and suddenly understood that with his talent of alchemy and talent, there is also a Dan Emperor. If the God of Que Wang comes into contact with Ji Huang, he may directly threaten in the future. Dan Jinggong's status.

If his reputation is broken, and if he and Wang are cut off from each other, the matter will be heard in the ears of those who practice God, and it will naturally give him an opinion, which will affect his entrance to God.

It is a pity that the other party is destined to be in vain. First, he did not intend to go into the practice of looking at God's Que. Second, the relationship between Ji Huang and Dong Lai Shang Xian, it is impossible to prevent anything for convenience, not to mention his own strength. Well, even if there is no relationship between Donglai and Shangxian, he must have met Ji Huang.

"You practice, I will come to you when I go to the lookout." Fairy Donglai said and left.

Just a moment after she left, someone came again, looking a little sneaky, sneaking a glance at the direction of the fairy of Donglai.

Ye Futian glanced over there and said, "What are you doing secretly?"

Lin Qiu smiled, stepped forward, and regained his previous demeanor. Previously it was just speculation, but now it has been confirmed, but Donglai Fairy found that he did not matter, and obviously did not care.

He walked to Ye Futian and sat down, asked in a low voice: "After the fairy?"

Although had arrived before, he did not dare to eavesdrop. After all, there was some disrespect for others, but he only knew that Donglai Fairy came to find Ye Futian.

The strong fairy character should be the daughter of Dongxian Shangxian, Ye Futian followed her, and there should be no problem in looking at the **** Que.

Ye Futian glared at him, but he didn't respond, but if he didn't respond, in Lin Qiu's opinion, it was equivalent to default. His eyes were a little bright, and looking at Ye Futian was like looking at a baby.

"Since you are a disciple of the descendants of the Immortals, you must have come from Dongxian Island. Are there any magic pills on your body that you can lend me to use?" Lin Qiu couldn't care about any manner at this time. What is the identity of immortals, then the first alchemy master figure of Donghuayu, since Ye Futian is regarded as his next generation descendant, then what is the fear of immortals on his body?

"Of course." Ye Futian replied, Lin Qiu's eyes were brighter, about to move, and happiness came too suddenly.

"Why should I borrow you?" Ye Futian passed a look of contempt and looked at him with a smile, this immortality medicine still has to borrow? Can I still borrow it? I just ate it, it was the first time I heard of the medicine.

"Everyone is a brother, blessed and shared." Lin Qiu had forgotten what a face was at this time.

? ? ?

Ye Futian looked at Lin Qiu, when was he a brother? There must be blessings.

Seeing Ye Futian's eyes, Lin Qiu said with a thick face: "Brother Ye, the younger brother will only look forward to the first horse."

"..." Ye Futian looked at Lin Qiu, this guy is also the median emperor strong, with extraordinary temperament, famous background, and even so thick-skinned.

An eminent person emperor has no face, what can Ye Futian do?

He took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Lin Qiudao: "There are a few magical pills in my possession, all of which are treasured by me. The fairy left me to take them, and I have given them to you now. give it to you."

said that he patted Lin Qiu's shoulder, Lin Qiu was grateful, almost tears came out.

"Lin must have his liver and brain smeared." Lin Qiu's eyes were red, and he reached for the porcelain bottle. When he held the porcelain bottle, he pressed hard, but did not take it off. He looked at the reluctant Ye Futian Road: ."

Ye Futian finally let go, still looking at the porcelain bottle, Lin Qiu put it away in an instant, how could he give Ye Futian the opportunity to repent.

"Brother Ye, I won't disturb your practice. There are still some things to deal with. Brother Ye has any instructions to come to me at any time." Lin Qiu turned around and left without speed.


Ye Futian looked at Lin Qiu's leaving back and blinked.


Never seen such a shameless emperor.

Hey, pity his immortality medicine.

The palm of his hand stretched out, Ye Futian had the same porcelain bottle as before. After opening the porcelain bottle, he poured out the medicine. He threw it directly into the mouth and swallowed it. UU reading the book suddenly saw a wave of avenue breath.

Is such a precious immortality medicine easy to make? There are only a hundred bottles left on my body.

The next day, Lin Qiu came to Ye Futian again. Not only did he come, but he also brought two brothers Han Tie and Leng Ye, descendants of the three owners of Fulong Mountain Villa. The temperament has changed a little, it seems that the realm has improved again, the red light is all over the face, and the spirit is vigorous.

After they found Ye Futian, they bowed down at the same time. Lin Qiu was very moved to look at Ye Futian and said, "Thank you Brother Lin for giving us such a precious medicine."

This panacea is a top grade panacea, consolidating Daoji, after taking it, the foundation of the road is more stable, the vitality is more vigorous, the spirit and spirit are all improved, and the state of the day is even more refined. Able to ask.

Ye Futian's demeanor is really admirable, so generous, can not let him be grateful.

Ye Futian glanced at a few people and waved his hand: "Since you are all brothers, dont go out. That medicine is a fairy left to me to break through. Since you need it, I will give it to you. I will spend more. Ten years of practice is just that. Its only a few decades, and its okay..."

"This!" The three Lin Qiu were very moved, deeply impressed by Ye Futian's dignity, true brother, Yi Boyuntian!


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