The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1970

Vol 8 Chapter 1970: Opinion

Lin Qiu and the others naturally knew that Ye Futian's so-called decades of cultivation was a bit exaggerated. This guy is not an honest person, but they have to recognize the value of this medicine.

The grade of this pill is not easy to obtain even in the Fulong Mountains, and it is far from being able to be refined by Ye Futian's cultivation level. It must be given to Ye Futian by the daughter of the god, and Ye Futian gave it to him. They are naturally grateful.

This favor is not small.

"Brother Ye will have something in the future, but please give an order." Leng Ye next to Lin Qiu also said. The three of them are the sons of the three owners of Fulong Mountain Villa, and they are all temperamental, very loyal, otherwise the three villas The Lord cannot stay together for many years.

Ye Futian smiled and said: "With your cultivation as the realm, the medicinal effect of this pill can last for a period of time, and it is not so easy to refining. You should continue to practice refining the pill and let the effect of the medicine as much as possible. There is nothing wrong with me."

"Okay." Lin Qiu nodded: "In this case, Brother Ye, we are temporarily retiring here."

Having said that, the three of them turned and left to go back to practice. This time they were mainly shocked by the efficacy of the pill. They specially invited to come and thank Ye Futian. Now they have not fully refined the pill and can continue to practice. Consolidate.

Ye Futian continued to practice quietly, and Wangdu was still lively. Those strong men from the north did not continue to make trouble, but did not leave. They all settled in Wangdu.

Many people understand that these powerhouses from the north came to Wangshenque, and behind it was the Dayan ancient royal family. They had already arrived, but they never showed up.

On this day, Emperor Dan and Fairy Donglai came to find Ye Futian.

"Brother, have you got the news?" Ye Futian looked at Emperor Dan and smiled.

Emperor Dan still enjoys Ye Futian's name very much. Although he has a noble status and is the top alchemy master of Taiyuan mainland, he has always respected Donglai Shangxian. He was not a true disciple of Donglai Shangxian. This is also a great pity.

Ye Futian got the inheritance of Donglai Shangxian, so he is naturally a well-known successor. If he is willing to call him a senior, he is naturally happy.

"En." Emperor Dan nodded: "There has been news from Wangshen Quezhong, announcing that Wangshen Que will be opened in three days. At that time, people from all sides will have the opportunity to go, and we are the same. At that time, you will seize the opportunity. Strive to see Emperor Ji."

"Understood." Ye Futian nodded. They have been here for some time, and he naturally knew about Wangshenque.

Wang Shenque stands on the top of Wangdu. Every year, people from all continents and Wangdu practitioners are given an opportunity to enter the gods and practice, and even meet the Emperor Ji and listen to the preaching of the Emperor Ji. This is a tradition that has not changed for many years.

At this time of the year, Emperor Ji would sit on Wangshenque to practice Taoism. It was also an opportunity for the emperor of all people and the opportunity to be in contact with Emperor Ji.

As the heir of Ye Futian Donglai Shangxian, he was able to see Emperor Ji directly, but Fairy Donglai didn't do this. Instead, let Ye Futian prove himself before all this happened.

Besides, people from all continents also came for this.

Even if the ancient royal family of Dayan led the arrival of the strong in the north, it has been very quiet these few days, I am afraid I am waiting for this day.

Looking at God Que, I am afraid it will not be calm.

Of course, the ancient royal family of Dayan has arrived, and Wangshenque must have received the news. These things do not need them to care about.

"You are ready, we will notify you when you set off." The Emperor Dan said, and Ye Futian nodded, but there is nothing to prepare. This time we are going to Wangshenque, our competitors are mainly practitioners of Dongxiao Continent. , It can't give him much pressure.

What can really threaten him is probably the top powers, such as the powers that stand on the top like the Dayan ancient imperial family.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, when he faced Pill God Palace and Qin He Palace, he had a calm and gentle attitude, because he didn't care too much, and he didn't regard the opponent as an opponent.

Wang Shenque broke out news, Wangdu instantly became lively, and countless people talked about who will have the opportunity to enter the Shenque Enlightenment Avenue this year, and who will have the opportunity to meet Jihuang? Preached by Emperor Ji?

But before that, Wangshenque also had a disturbance, the disturbance from the ancient royal family of Dayan, the other party was not good, these days I could not bear it, I must be waiting for this day.

The three-day event was just around the corner, and it was too short for a practitioner.

When this day comes, the whole hope is boiling over. In the early morning, there are countless people walking from the sky, vast and mighty. All the strong practitioners go to the same prescription position, even if they are far away, they can still vaguely. Seeing where they were moving, there was an ancient temple towering into the sky, standing on the sky like an immortal fault, reflecting in the world.

In the sky above Wangdu, countless auras are permeated. Some people rush into the sky, some step swords, and some control monsters.

On this day, in a palace in Wangdu, a figure walked out of the room, raised her head and looked into the distance, only to see a flickering figure, falling in the area around him, but they did not show up.

"Get ready." The figure said, his voice calm.

"Yes." There was a uniform voice around, and then the figures disappeared again.

The whole day seemed to be moving, very lively.

Wangshenque, it is said that there were only a few stone walls at the earliest. Emperor Ji and Donglai Shangxian were discussing the truth here. However, many years later, Wangshenque is now a sacred place. The most powerful force in Dongxiao Continent is located in Wangdu. Occupy one side of the world alone, extremely vast.

From the outside to the inside, you can't see the edge at a glance, you can only see the endless open space, and you can also vaguely see the towering avenue walls in the distance, and the magnificent ancient clan towers that stand tall. , The Hanging Ancient Temple, which stands in the sky, is said to be the place where Emperor Ji practiced.

It is said that behind the hanging hall is the former Wangshenque, which is still intact.

Looking beyond the gods, there are countless practitioners coming here at this moment. They are vast and can't see the end at a glance, but most people come to watch the excitement. Ordinary people are not qualified to enter the gods, otherwise they look. Doesn't God Que want to be overcrowded?

Only some of the top forces in the surrounding continents, as well as the first-line forces in Wangdu, are eligible for selection. Some people are recommended to enter the gods to seek the truth. The people recommended by the people of all forces will also be the most talented people. , So there will be such a fight every year.

At this time, a group of mighty figures descended, their clothes fluttering, like a fairy from the sky, countless eyes looked over there, and someone said: "The fairy of Fairy Peak is here."

Fairy Peak, as the top power in Wangdu, naturally has a number of candidates. If you enter the gods, you have the opportunity to meet the Emperor Ji and ask for help.

Entering Wangshenque is not to join Wangshenque, but to seek Taoism and practice. If you are strong enough to look for Gods, you can also choose to enter Wangshenque.

"Fairies are early." Another group of strong men arrived, the strong men of the Alchemy Palace, and many practitioners around them followed everything, like the stars holding the moon. The strong men from all sides also came to visit, appearing very polite.

Then came the Celestial Battle Palace, Qin He Palace and other forces one after another, as well as the top forces from the continents surrounding the Dongxiao Continent.

At this time, another group of powerful people came in the void, UU reading came to Wang Shenque, the leader is the Emperor Dan, it is Ye Futian and the others.

In an instant, there were many eyes looking at them, and many experts in the Pill God Palace bowed slightly to the Pill Emperor and said, "I have seen the Pill Emperor."

Their voices instantly attracted a lot of attention. The Emperor Dan is here, so the white-haired young man beside him should be Ye Liunian.

"I have seen Emperor Dan." Many people saluted the Emperor Dan, but it is unclear whether they are sincere. Some people looked at Ye Futian and only listened to one person who said: "Senior Emperor Dan, this person pretends not to be hopeless. The cultivator has nothing to do with Dongxiao Continent, and he does not want to participate in the war. With such a behavior, why should the senior bring him here."

The person who spoke was a strong man in Qin Hegong, and when they said that, they swept to Ye Futian and said, "Since you have split the relationship with Dongxiao Continent, what are you doing here?"

The eyes of the crowd also fell on Ye Futian. Many people were dissatisfied with Ye Futian for what happened in the Heavenly Battle Palace last time. Now that he wants to enter the gods, many people are naturally unhappy.

Qi Mu of the Dan Divine Palace smiled and looked over there, but it still affected him after all. Presumably, this matter will make the people of Wangshenque have a bad impression of him.

Ye Futian's difficulty in trying to enter the gods is undoubtedly much greater, and may even be out early.


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