The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1971

Vol 8 Chapter 1971: Rush

Ye Futian glanced at the people, but before he could speak, Lin Qiu stepped forward and glanced at them, and said: "When is it your turn to look after the gods? Today, the emperor Ye comes to see the gods. Que, do you want to ask you first, can he enter? Do you already represent the attitude of Wang Shen Que?"

Lin Qiu's words caused everyone's pupils to shrink slightly, and the hat was really buckled.

"There is also the matter of the Heavenly Battle Palace that day. You deceived Emperor Ye to go there. After that, you provoke and disrespect others. Then when you need it, you encourage Emperor Ye to participate in the war. Who are you? Its alchemy better than Emperor Ye. Or is it stronger than Ye Huang?"

Lin Qiu continued to speak, "It was a defeat that day, and I was not strong enough. Now I am looking for someone to take the blame?"

His voice is calm and calm, he is not happy or angry, and he is particularly calm. The other party just wanted to refute, but Lin Qiu directly planned to continue: "Stop talking nonsense, do you know why Emperor Ye left? Disdain to be with you, In Ye Huangs eyes, you could only wait for a group of mobs, just like that day, Ye Huang was not interested in alchemy, and you wanted him to take action. What was the result? The same was true in the Heavenly Battle Palace that day, and the Emperor Qin He Palace provoked. So what? Why, I still don't repent now, it seems that there is still no lesson."

"" Everyone looked at Lin Qiu, and this series of voices blocked their words. This guy didn't seem to be troublesome, but he spoke with a clever tongue.

Ye Futian disdain to join them?

After listening to Lin Qiu's words, the people around all felt vaguely that they had misunderstood Ye Futian?

In fact, the other party is constantly provoking, he doesn't bother to have contact with the other party before leaving?

"Lin Qiu, no matter how clever your tongue is, he can't change the fact that he cuts off his relationship with me and avoids fighting." Qin Hegong still has a strong person who speaks coldly, wanting to get rid of that thing?

"Avoid but not fight?"

Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at the speaker, his indifferent eyes were full of contempt, and he said, "Are you also worthy to fight?"

As he said, he looked away and did not look at the other party anymore. He walked towards the front and whispered: "Lin Qiu, since you also know that it is a mob, why bother to spend more words and effort."

"..." Lin Qiu knew Ye Futian's level, so he helped him brag about it. Anyway, it would be exposed soon. When the time came to see how the other party would react, he didn't expect Ye Futian to say so arrogant. Words, this time is interesting.

These emperors, I am afraid they are even more unhappy, he is looking forward to it more and more.

Ye Futian had told him before that the powerful emperor in Beidi that day was not worthy of being his opponent.

The eyes of people from all quarters are all staring at Ye Futian. This guy is extremely arrogant. There are many emperors in this place, and all the top forces and top figures from all continents are there. He actually uttered wild words. They stood Are the figures at the top of Dongxiao Continent a mob?

"In that case, I am looking forward to your next performance." Qin Hegong's powerhouse responded indifferently. People from all walks of life also looked at Ye Futian, and when they saw the gods, they could see the truth. , He said so arrogantly, if there is no real power, I am afraid it will be miserable.

This time, Ye Futian offended many people.

In one direction, the goddess Yihuang of Fairy Peak also took a look at Ye Futian, thinking that Ye Futian is really different. She practiced in Wangdu. She has also seen many romantic figures from all walks of life, many top practitioners, and no one is in harmony. Ye Futian is like this, facing the top figures of all parties, but as if he is independent of the world, the feeling is like that no one can really catch his eyes.

Whether it was Yang Gan from the Heavenly Battle Palace, Qi Mu, the descendant of the Pill God Palace, or those powerful emperors who came from the north, he didn't really care about it. What an arrogance.

She is also very much looking forward to it. No one can see what kind of strength this Tier 4 human emperor has.

At this moment, looking at Shenque from a distance, several figures appeared on the sky, extremely majestic, and their eyes directly penetrated the void to look at these people. Although they were far apart, they seemed to be close at hand.

"Enlighten the formation." One person said above Wangshenque's heavenly palace. In an instant, the world changed. From the outside to the inside of Wangshenque, the empty land was filled with the aura of avenues, becoming emptiness and ethereal. , I can see the stairs leading to Wangshenque and the palaces, it seems to be close at hand, but everyone in Wangdu knows that it just seems to be close at hand, but it is very difficult to step up the stairs to see the gods .

At this moment, there is a large formation in this Wangshenque. Only those who have broken through this Sect guarding formation are qualified to go to Wangshenque and have the opportunity to listen to the preaching of Emperor Ji. This has also been the rule over the years.

"Those who seek the truth, can enter." A voice came from a distance in the void, and immediately countless people looked forward and did not think about Ye Futian.

Hope the gods will open, this is an extremely rare opportunity, I don't know who can grasp this time.

The forces of all parties stepped forward and stepped into the circle.

Ye Futian perceives this magic circle, forming a space on its own, which is extremely wonderful. This magic circle is definitely arranged by a master-level figure.

"Go in." Emperor Dan said to Ye Futian. Ye Futian nodded, and the group of people stepped forward and walked forward. Emperor Dan and Fairy Donglai looked out, not only them, but all the forces. Its the same. If this circle can be passed, it would have passed many years ago. Many of the top figures of the older generation have listened to the preaching of Emperor Ji. This time, most of them are descendants of the clan. The most sure group of people.

Because of the limited number of places, they will only choose the most promising powerful people to enter the palace every year.

Ye Futian stepped out of it, and he felt that everything was changing. The avenue array seemed to have created an illusion. This is no longer the world he saw before, but a completely fictional world.

This area is vast and endless, extremely vast, there are a group of built clan, mountain peaks, look into the distance, in the farthest place you can see, you can vaguely see a heavenly gate, like a gate leading to the gods of hope .

His eyes changed abruptly, revealing a fascinating color. If he wants to see through the illusion, he can see that the Jian Clan here and the world are composed of the power of the Great Dao, but he cannot see through it completely, you Can see, but can't go out, still in this circle.

An invisible avenue pressure appeared between the heaven and the earth, and it seemed that countless avenue air currents flowed and fell on them, making them all bear an invisible pressure.

"Be careful, there will be people who will attack, they are the practitioners of Wang Shenque." Lin Qiu said to Ye Futian: "Besides, we should also be careful of the practitioners of other forces."

Ye Futian nodded. He probably knew something before he came. If you want to see the gods, you need to walk through this guardian clan formation. In this guardian clan formation, there will be people who practice Wangshenque attack them. And they are bright, the other is dark.

The group spread out and did not stand together. To Ye Futian's side, there were Xia Qingyu, Bei Gongshuang, Bai Mu, and Zifeng. If you talk about strength, Zifeng is naturally the strongest.


At this moment, someone was extremely fast, turned into a flash of lightning and wanted to rush past quickly, and saw a big handprint suddenly appeared in the void. UU read the book chopped down from the sky, and the big handprint came suddenly. , As if coming directly from outside the sky, the golden handprints obscured the sky and covered the sky, and the runes of the avenue were also seen from above.

The cultivators retreat was all sealed, and he was under the pressure of the tyrannical road. His avenue divine wheel broke out, and his body directly penetrated the void, rushing towards the sky, and resisted.


There was a loud noise, and the cultivator who was rushing forward was directly blasted into the ground by the palm prints of the avenue, and his body was sunken in, looking very miserable. The next moment, a golden hand appeared in the void, directly He grabbed it and took it away.

All the powerhouses showed their vigilance when seeing this scene. Naturally, there is no need to say how strong the strength of the people who wish to practice in the gods is. The talents of those who can enter the gods may be in the vast majority of them. Above, wanting to step through this circle is definitely not a simple matter.

Just as they rushed into the formation, looking outside Shenque, another group of mighty figures appeared. This group of people was terrifying, and many people recognized them. It was indeed the North Land who came to the Heavenly War Palace that day. The emperor.

However, the few people in the lead had never seen them before in the Heavenly War Palace.

But at a glance, everyone knows where these people come from!


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