The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1973

Vol 8 Chapter 1973: Break Into

Ye Futian broke through the external Dao Fa attack and continued to move forward, fluttering in white clothes, unrestrained.

In the surrounding direction, many people looked towards Ye Futian. This person is really strong. Although he is arrogant and defiant, he is indeed strong, otherwise he would not dare to be so presumptuous.

But even so, his rabble did not know how many people had offended him, and he wanted to enter the gods to practice, I am afraid it is not that simple.

At this moment, several people came towards Ye Futian's direction, faintly forming an encirclement to Ye Futian, so that the people in the field battle showed a strange color. It seems that these people are going to face Ye Futian. Shot.

To enter Wangshenque, you need to break through the magic circle. During this period, there are no rules. Any method will do. Wangshenque has not laid down rules. Of course, Wangshenque human emperor outside the circle is actually secretly Controlling all this, even if there are no rules, they can also control the situation inside.

For example, they can decide whether to attack the emperor inside, and they can also decide what level of person to attack and whom to attack.

In this way, you can directly control the battlefield within the magic circle. If you are inside, strong people with obvious differences in realm fight, people with high realms will attack the emperor of low realms, and people who hope to practice in the gods will usually do it. Intervening and directly attacking the emperor of high realm, everyone in the capital understands this.

If some human emperors in the magic circle are fighting with each other, then at this time, the human emperors who are looking at the gods above the magic circle will stop shooting, as long as the realm is not too different, they will be allowed to fight on their own.

Therefore, those who walked toward Ye Futian did not have any psychological pressure. According to their speculation, Ye Futian had shown extraordinary combat effectiveness before, and even if several of them took action at the same time, people outside would not interfere.

As they had guessed, the strong outside the circle saw someone walking towards Ye Futian and stopped attacking. They were also curious about Ye Futian's strength, so they could just look at it.

The human emperors who walked towards Ye Futian were all the human emperors who were in the Tianzhan Palace that day, and they were all forces that had a good relationship with Danshen Palace. The two human emperors had four realms and two had five realms. They approached Ye Futian from different directions. At the moment when the atmosphere of the avenue broke out, with Ye Futian's body as the center, an extremely depressed avenue field was formed.

"Sure enough, it's a mob." Ye Futian continued to move forward without paying attention, but Lin Qiu and the others had already taken action. The three of them walked in different directions and went straight to each other, seeing that there were more people in this scene. Flocking here, instead of fighting against the emperor who is looking at the gods outside, it is the same with fighting people here.

There are many strong people around Ye Futian, who are all cultivators who follow the Emperor Dan from the Taiyuan Continent.

"I'll teach you the strength of the practitioners in the Lower Pill Emperor Tower." At this time, a voice came out, and a figure appeared in the void. It was the disciple of the Pill God Palace, Zhong Fan, who worked with Master Zihe that day. , The atmosphere of the avenue was released, and the dao fire enveloped the void, and its power was terrifying, causing the temperature of the entire space to rise sharply.

"Zifeng." Ye Futian yelled, he didn't mean to act.

Next to Ye Futian, Zifeng's long phoenix dress was flying, and a pair of divine wings suddenly appeared behind her, and the terrifying Taoist fire filled her body. At this moment, she was extremely gorgeous, like a Phoenix goddess, in an instant, Many practitioners turned their eyes to her.

"What a strong breath." The hearts of those emperors trembled, and the next moment they saw the brilliant phoenix wings flickering.

"Om..." The violent sacred fire engulfed the void directly. Standing there, Zhong Fan saw that his body was wrapped in an illusory avenue field. In this avenue field, an extremely huge divine bird phoenix appeared, covering the sky. , Flooding this space.

A loud phoenix ming sound came out, stinging his eardrums, Zhong Fan only felt his soul tremble, and the huge phoenix wings swept out.


I saw that Zhong Fans great power was directly cut and shattered, blood bursting out, a **** mouth was torn out of his body, and the whole person flew out directly. If it werent for Zifeng to kill him, he would be dead now. , There is no resistance.

"This is a phoenix, so strong?" Many people were shocked. Zifeng's body was suspended in the air, and his wings flapped behind him. The boundless and huge phantom of the phoenix covered the sky and the sun, covering the boundless space.

There was another phoenix crowing. All the emperors who came to Ye Futian saw a phoenix phantom grabbing them. The suffocating power of the avenue made them feel unable to resist.

continued, just as they felt, a group of silhouettes were shot directly flying out, vomiting blood, and their faces pale.

Even Lin Qiu and the others were stunned, their bodies suspended in the air, staring at Zifeng blankly.

Is this, done everything they have to do?

Zifeng had been following Ye Futian quietly before, and had not revealed her aura, let alone her strength, no one knew her strength, but this sudden eruption made everyone stunned.

The Phoenix Goddess who followed Ye Futian was so strong?

Zifeng's body was still suspended in the air, looking around the crowd, those gorgeous phoenix eyes were surrounded by the fire of the avenue, noble and arrogant, showing contempt for everything, as if to confirm the words of Ye Futian before, a group of mobs.

If Zifeng shot at that time, I am afraid that he would not necessarily lose to the Northern Emperor, right? Ye Futian needs to deliberately escape?

Perhaps, he really just didn't want to participate in the war.

"I have to do it in the end, or find some higher cultivation bases, these are not very good to see." Ye Futian glanced at the crowd and said, ignoring the strong, so as to say who is allowed to understand, as long as it is for him Those who are hostile are naturally covered, even if it is the powerhouse of the entire Dongxiao Continent, he doesn't seem to care.

Ye Futian continued to move forward while speaking, and the strong men around him followed him. At this time, even the Wangshenque human emperor who was outside the circle was shocked. Many human emperors stared down and spoke. Said: "Interesting, do you want to go for a walk?"

I can't really feel how strong Zifeng's combat power is here, as long as he enters the circle to collide head-on to know.

In addition, how strong Ye Futian is is also a mystery. Although he has cracked the attack of the two Emperors before, no one knows how strong he is.

"Don't worry, they are going in." Someone looked into the distance, outside Wangshenque, those strong men from the north were already moving, I saw the head of the people looking towards Wangshenque, loudly He opened his mouth and said: "I am waiting to come from the north to visit the seniors of Jihuang, borrow the ancient road, and enter the circle with the emperors of Dongxiao Continent to accept the test of the great road.

After all, they didn't wait for the permission of the people looking for the gods, so they stepped forward directly and stepped into the circle.

Other powerhouses outside showed a strange color, the practitioners in the north stepped into the magic circle strongly, coupled with the previous battles in the Heavenly Battle Palace, I am afraid that they are going to give the practitioners of Dongxiao Continent a disarm.

The moment they saw the Emperor of the North stepping into the circle, they suddenly exploded with a tyrannical atmosphere and moved forward.

"They want to..." The people outside saw many people directly releasing the Great God Wheel. There were a few figures stepping in the void, rushing in the sky above the circle, extremely fast, they were like gods, every step they stepped on. The world broke and the ground broke, and the space of the circle violently oscillated.

Among them, there was surprisingly the first Northland-continent royal family powerhouse in the Heavenly Battle Palace to end the road battle on that day. These practitioners who were rushing through the air were all those who practiced the royal family and were good at the same ability.


At this moment, the crowd saw a few people stepping on the void at the same time, and one foot directly stepped on the Emperor in the circle, like a huge stone pillar, stepping down this space.

Those who were attacked instantly broke out the power of the Dao to resist. However, under the huge footprints, the Dao directly collapsed and shattered, and a violent rumbling sound came out. Several strong people were trampled directly on the road. I was hit hard by my feet.

Sure enough, this is about to provoke an incident. This time, the Northland dispatched a group of top emperors to deal with the emperors of the Dongxiao Continent. These people who came are all the top ones in the north. Strong presence.

In the formation, the Taoist emperors all turned around and looked at the human emperors who had broken into it. Their expressions changed. Was the Dao battle in the Heavenly Battle Palace an advance exercise?

This time, it's really moving, launching a group battle.

Looking at the gods, the old man with the fairy wind and bones in front of him swept his eyes into the circle, and a sharp color flashed in his eyes, and someone next to him looked at him and said: "Would you like to go in?"

Obviously, he was asking if he needed a spiritual practitioner to enter and fight the opponent.

"They entered the circle on the pretext of seeking Dao. Although they were fierce when they started, they kept their hands a little bit. There was no killer. They knew how to measure. If so, let's take a look first." The old man said, this kind of battle can just be seen. Among the emperors who entered the circle this time, is there anyone who is worthy of preaching by Ji emperor?

"Yes." The person next to him nodded without saying anything, and continued to look at the battlefield!


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