The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1974

Vol 8 Chapter 1974: 1 Punch

The roar of the violent avenue continued to erupt in the circle, and the emperor from the north rushed into the circle, directly starting the violent battle.

The powerhouses of the various forces in the East Heaven Continent did not fight against each other anymore, but agreed to the outside world, otherwise they would all be miserable.

After the powerhouses in the north landed in, they found that the practitioners who looked at Shenque from outside the magic circle had not intervened. Of course, they understood this. This was to hand over the battlefield to them, which happened to be a kind of assessment. The formation itself is Wang Shenque's assessment of them.

If you want to enter the gods, you need to pass the magic circle.

It's just that the assessment is a little different this time. The Emperor of the North, replacing the Emperor of Wangshenque, directly entered the battlefield of the law formation to participate in the battle.

The powerhouses of Qin He Palace did not continue to attack Ye Futian and the others. They turned around to face the violent slaying of the Emperors. Many people have already shot, each of whom has found their own opponents of comparable realm, and exploded in this space of the array. Road war.

Within the space of the magic circle for a time, it seemed that the sky was going to collapse and the earth was going to be violently rioted.

The practitioners outside Wangshenque just feel dizzy. In the battles that broke out, they wanted to see each battle clearly and didn't want to miss any details, but the battle was too fast. Different battlefields broke out at the same time. For a battle of this level, they can only choose to watch the battle on the battlefield, and only have a glance at other battlefields. After all, there is no way for divine consciousness to invade the circle, and they can only see with the naked eye.

"These people in the Northland are so wild." Someone said.

"Well, the strongest of the ancient royal family of Dayan will be here. The young man who is headed is like a cloud. He should be a member of the royal family of the ancient royal family of Dayan. He led a group of people to ask for the truth. He must have selected the strongest. Characters, but we are different. Many powerful people have already entered the Wangshenque before, or they themselves are practicing Wangshenque. This time only some of the powerful people entered the circle, not as good as the elites carefully selected by the other party." Some people are more rational. , See the key.

They have the opportunity to enter the gods every year, and many powerful people have stepped into the practice of the gods of the gods before. This year, only some of the romantic characters, the other party is different, led by the ancient royal family of Dayan, must be the commander. , Led the powerful emperor from all the top forces in Yanyun Continent to come and approach the city.

From this point of view, they are at a disadvantage.

"Under such a fierce attack, I am afraid that the entire army will be wiped out." Some strong frowned. They are some of the big powers in Wangdu. Many elders of these forces have not entered the battlefield. It feels that the emperor of the northern people is like a broken bamboo, extremely fierce, and in different realms, they have formed a trend of destruction.

This battle was somewhat similar to the Taoist battle in the Heavenly Battle Palace that day, as if the opponent had previewed the war in advance in the Heavenly Battle Palace.

At this time, the strong men of the Danshen Palace gathered in a prescription position, standing scattered, after all, the realm was different.

Dan Divine Palace's successor Qi Mu stood in the center. He glanced at the imposing Northland Emperors, then turned back and looked back, where Ye Futian and the others were in the direction.

Ye Futian and his group traveled the fastest, so when they turned around, Ye Futian was in the rearmost position.

In the other direction, there was a strong man in the Heavenly War Palace, where Yang Gan, the leader of the Heavenly War Palaces generation, stood there. He had a terrifying aura and extremely powerful fighting spirit around him. He glanced at Ye Futian. He Dan Shen Gong Qi Mu and other powerhouses were in the position, and said: "You have different opinions about the Heavenly Battle Palace in the past, but that is all over. Now the Northland powerhouse has broken into Wangshenque and regards us in the East Heaven Continent. No one, everyone, please put aside your previous suspicions for the time being and face it together."

Qi Mu and other experts from the Pill Palace looked at Ye Futian and the others, only to hear him say: "I have no opinion."

He naturally also felt the strength of the other party. If they had conflicts again this time, they would definitely lose both sides, and both would be eliminated.

"What does Ye Huang think?" Yang Gan looked at Ye Futian.

"Not interested." Ye Futian replied, still calm and calm. He glanced at the powerful men in the North who had been killed from a distance. No matter who came, he could not stop him from seeing Emperor Ji, Yanyun in the North. It's the same if the mainland practitioners are killed.

He doesn't need to join hands with people, let alone fight with the people who calculated him before.

The powerhouses around heard his words and their pupils contracted slightly. They all gave in and gave the stairs, is Ye Futian still so arrogant.

Yang Gan also frowned, a little displeased, and said: "Ye Huang, although there was some misunderstanding before, he still focuses on the overall situation."

"The overall situation?" Ye Futian looked at the other person: "I remember telling you before that I am not a person from the Hope City, nor a practitioner of Dongxiao Continent."

"" Yang Gan was speechless when he heard Ye Futian's words. Ye Futian was serious. He still separated himself from the East Xiao Continent, and he was not with the powerful.

Lin Qiu smiled when he heard Ye Futian's words, and said: "People who hadn't practiced in the Northland before joined forces to deal with him. The boundaries are clear. Now that the people from the Northland have entered, and want to borrow the power of others? Will use resources."

"Self-proclaimed high." A strong man next to Lin Qiu and Ye Futian sarcastically said, this is still the case at this time.

Not far from the sky above, the terrifying atmosphere of the avenue permeated, and several emperors killed them. One of them was the strong man of the northern royal family. He glanced at Ye Futian and entered the Heavenly Battle Palace that day. It seems that he had seen this person before, and the other side avoided fighting and left directly.

"No need to fight, we are all going out. It seems that we should go to Senior Ji Huang to ask for advice." The imperial clan powerhouse has a domineering voice, his body is shining with golden light, and his domineering power is permeating out, he steps forward, heaven and earth Rumble, trembling in the void.

It's not just him, there are many strong people around him, and they are shooting in different directions at the same time.

"Om." I saw Qi Mu from the Pill God Palace fluttering back, without any intention to fight, so that all the powerhouses in the Pill God Palace followed him. The rest of the practitioners retreated after seeing this scene and gave up their positions. , Making many people show a touch of strange color.

After they retreated, Ye Futian was facing each other. In this way, Ye Futian and his party faced these northern practitioners directly.

Feeling the breath of Ye Futian's body, the mainland royal family powerhouse in the north swept towards him, a touch of dominance flashed in those pupils, and the footsteps made the void tremble, as if to step through this void.

Ye Futian avoided fighting that day, where is he going today?

Qi Mu and others also looked at Ye Futian. This time, he was inevitable. He had to fight anyway. If he didn't join hands with them, let Ye Futian face it alone.

A sneer of contempt flashed in the eyes of the Northern Man Emperor, his figure flashed, and it fell on Ye Futian and their slanting sky. Dao Shenhui exploded from above his body and pressured down, creating a vast space. With the oppressive force of the suffocating avenue, a boundless and heavy power enveloped Ye Futian's body.

At the next moment, a towering figure like a **** of war appeared, like a **** wheel on a great road. This figure like a **** of war looked down at the sky below, with one foot stomping down in the sky, and a thunderous horrible sound came out, and the world seemed to want It collapsed and shattered, a golden stone pillar appeared, shattered the void, and flattened a sky. It was the other party's feet, like golden lightning, falling from the sky and stepping directly on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his head to look at the stepped foot. Above his body, a majestic avenue spread out. When his eyes swept upward, his eyes seemed to shoot out brilliant sword lights. , The whole body was filled with immense vigorous power. At this moment, it seemed that the world resonated with his body, and an unparalleled aura burst out of his body. Standing there casually gave people an invincible illusion.

The northern royal family powerhouse in the void also felt a ray of invisible crisis. Looking at that look, it was a pair of extremely confident eyes. It seemed that UU Reading did not pay attention to his domineering attack at all. in.

When the footprints of the God of War stepped down, the shining stone pillars of Tongtian wanted to penetrate Ye Futian's body, but at this time, Ye Futian raised his arm and threw a punch at the footprint.

The sound of elephants sounded from the heavens and the earth, and the idols shook the sky. With this punch, the avenue collapsed and the space shattered. The crowd saw that the beam of light formed by the footprints of the avenue was directly split, and the dazzling avenue shone out in all directions , A beam of light went up against the trend, and the stone pillar continued to collapse and shatter, but the light was still still going up, directly descending on the feet of the **** of war.


An astonishing violent blast sounded, the feet of the **** of war burst and shattered, and then the phantom of the **** of war appeared cracks, seeming to be also bursting, the terrible power carried by that punch was like a broken bamboo, and it directly blasted the powerful northern royal family in the void. Above the body, he made a dull sound, and then his body was shaken out, spitting out a blood arrow in the void.

Ye Futian's body was still standing on the spot, as if he hadn't moved a bit, his arm was lowered, and the eyes of the emperor in the surrounding space were frozen there, all looking at him in shock.

Is such a terrifying power?

Even the powerhouses of Heavenly Battle Palace and Pill God Palace trembled violently, but Ye Futian glanced around at everyone, and said faintly: "This level is also worthy of fighting with me?"


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