The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1977

Vol 8 Chapter 1977: Mop Up

Seven realms, very strong?

Even if it is a powerful player in the upper emperor realm, it is still defeated by Ye Futian, and it is still a battle without suspense. How terrifying is this battle?

Inside and outside the magic circle, many practitioners were speechless, only then did they understand Ye Futian's pride.

Thinking of that day, the Heavenly Battle Palace invited Ye Futian to go there, wanting to provoke a Dao war, maybe in Ye Futian's eyes, they were just a joke.

With Ye Futian's fighting power, he didn't even bother with the road war between them.

Looking back now, it is indeed quite ironic.

Even many of the emperors who came from the north looked towards Ye Futian's position. This person was very strong, and there was a solemn meaning in their eyes.

However, at this moment, Ye Futian ignored the thoughts of the people. He looked around the crowd, stepped on his feet, and his body rushed straight into the sky. Standing in the sky in the space of the magic circle, the light of Buddha on his body was dazzling, and he saw only the sky. There was an infinitely huge Buddha, with Sanskrit sounds lingering and spreading into the eardrums of everyone.

"What is he going to do?" Many people only feel that they are a Buddha when they look at them. At this moment, Ye Futian has become a Buddha.

In addition, ten thousand swords sounded around Ye Futian's body, and the infinite sword intent flowed between the sky and the earth, covering the boundless space, turning into a super powerful sword intent. In this battlefield, many people clearly felt that Strong sword intent.

In one direction, Qi Mu raised his head to look at the kendo airflow flowing upwards, and his clothes danced. If this sword intent was to kill him directly, how would he stop it?

I saw this powerful sword intent flowing over his head, flooding the sky, covering a wider area, not only him, but many Danshen Palace powerhouses around him were all shrouded in it.

Many people frowned, and even many people stopped fighting. Watching Ye Futian's movements, this guy released such a powerful breath, what purpose did he have?

When they looked at Ye Futian, they saw the other party's body hovering above the void, the avenue of Sanskrit sounds lingering around the heaven and the earth, turning into infinite Buddhist characters, shooting in different directions.

"Since you want the Dao war so much, I will do you all." Ye Futian said, and when his words fell, he saw the Buddha yelling, and the terrifying sound waves swept out of the road, turning it into an invisible sound wave. Sweeping the endless void, as if the endless space in the magic circle, all were shrouded in sonic attacks.


The bodies of the few strong Qin He Palace closest to Ye Futian's body were directly shocked and flew out, groaning, his face was frustrated, his soul was shocked, some people fell directly, passed out, and some people vomited blood, wilted, and their bodies trembled. more than.

"Is he attacking everyone?" The people outside looked at the scene in shock, Ye Futian naturally wouldn't attack everyone, but attacked those who wanted to attack him or who had already attacked. man of.

Before , he had been ignoring the opponent, only passively defending, but the opponent was reluctant and provoked again and again. Since he likes Dao war so much, he had no choice but to fulfill them.

The sound of keeps on. People below the upper emperor's realm can hardly bear the power of the sound waves of this great road, and they have all suffered heavy losses.

Even if it is the enchanting emperor of the Pill God Palace like Qi Mu, his body is still standing still, resisting the terrifying sonic attack of the road, and his clothes are dancing wildly, as if a sacred Buddha appeared in his mind, yes. As he roared, King Kong Fu Demon Law wanted to suppress and surrender him.

He was tense, and when he looked at Ye Futian with a deep sense of jealousy, he realized that, not to mention the alchemy level, in the battle, he was not Ye Futian's opponent at all.

At this moment, the kendo qi flowing above the sky flowed, tearing the space, and attacking again outside the sonic attack.

"Be merciful." Someone shouted. It was a person who could not resist, but the sword intent of the great road came and penetrated his body, leaving bloodstains. He snorted, his body was stained with blood, and his body faced Falling into the sky, this sword intent severely wounded him and directly lost his combat effectiveness.

The sword intent was constantly flowing, raging crazily, and soon, a group of figures fell from the void, all of them were seriously injured under the sword.

Qi Mu's body and Zhou Dao divine fire envelops, but the gorgeous kendo airflow directly penetrates the divine fire, as if the indestructible sword intent. His body releases the terrible Dao airflow, blocking many sword intents, but accompanied by a cold sword intent coming, He grunted, and the defense of the avenue was broken.

"Bang!" With a loud noise, Qi Mu's body was shaken out, and a sword came again, and the sound of puffs continued. Soon this descendant of the Alchemy Palace couldn't bear it. He was hit hard and his blood was red. The clothes fell weakly.

Only the emperor of the seven realms can withstand Ye Futian's double attack.

The sky full of sword intent rages in the sky and the earth, countless kendo air currents are flying and whistling, and there are avenues of Sanskrit sounds, Ye Futian stands alone in the sky, just like a Buddha, the fairy peak goddess Yihuang looks at the figure, speechless for a while.

One person, attacking the powerful at the same time, probably these people finally angered him.

He didn't make a move before, not because he was incapable, but just disdainful, but his provocations again and again finally angered him and directly swept the strong.

Looking at the falling figure, Emperor Yi was filled with emotion. Before the battle between the emperor of the forces of the East Heaven Continent and the people from the north, they had been swept away and suffered heavy losses, but they still did not forget to deal with Ye Futian. Finally, Ye Futian also shot at them and was bloodbathed again.

The trip to look at the gods was originally a feast for the forces of the East Heaven Continent, but this time, they were completely reduced to a foil.

"Awesome." Lin Qiu, not far behind Ye Futian, couldn't help but marvel in his heart. Ye Futian had hinted that he was strong, but Lin Qiu did not expect to be so strong, one person, sweeping the battlefield, no one can beat.

It is ridiculous that those people actually want to prevent Ye Futian from entering the gods. Who can stop such a performance?

It is inevitable for Ye Futian to enter the gods.

Those rumors before infamous, now only appear to be the despicable Danshen Gong and others, Ye Futian simply disdains to be with them.

At this point, the powerhouses who were watching the battle at this moment naturally knew it well. The powerhouses of the Danshen Palace, Qin He Palace and other forces looked at the gorgeous scene speechlessly. One of them sent into the battlefield. The existence of the enchanting human emperor will become a foil and a stepping stone for Ye Futian to enter the gods.

"Who is this person?" An elder of the Danshen Palace asked. He naturally asked Ye Futian's back, such a wicked cultivator, he himself didn't believe that he was cultivated by Emperor Dan. Must have a special identity.

No one answered. They all know who this person is, but they don't know. No one knows the true origin of Ye Futian. Perhaps only Emperor Dan knows.

Many people looked at Emperor Pill, and the elder of Pill God Palace asked: "Emperor Pill, this person shouldn't be the one who practiced in Pill Emperor Tower, right?"

"No." Dan Huang responded calmly.

"Where did he come from?" the other party asked.

Pill Emperor glanced at him, his eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, is an elder-level figure in Pill God Palace so presumptuous?

"Are you questioning me?" There was a strong pressure on the emperor Dan's body, and the robe was unexpectedly windless, making the other party aware of the emperor's identity and status.

"I'm just curious, please give me pointers." The other party continued to ask.

However, Emperor Dan did not pay attention to the opponent. After a cold glance at the opponent, he moved his gaze away and continued to look into the circle. Ye Futian's strength was not even clear to him. Only the fairy Donglai standing behind him was the most Understand it.

Ye Futian's strength was somewhat beyond his expectation. He swept the strong by one person.

"Emperor Dan, you have something to do with Dongxiao Continent anyway, but the people who brought you do it. Something is wrong?" The elders of Qin He Palace didn't look good. Their people suffered heavy losses, almost the entire army. Annihilated.

"Would you like me to ask him, UU Reading is standing there and let the people from Qin He Palace beat you, don't fight back." Pill Emperor's cold eyes glanced at the opponent, and strongly responded: "Cultivation for so many years , I'm a lot of age, can you say this?"

The other party looked unhappy, but he couldn't refute it. After all, their people took the initiative first, but they were brutally abused.

"It's just that, the Emperor of the North is unscrupulous." The strong man in the Heavenly Battle Palace sighed and looked at the battlefield. If there was no such contradiction before, Ye Futian would be a sharp knife on their side.


Now, their Dongxiao Continent has suffered a bloodbath, and they have cheapened the emperor from the north for nothing.

No matter how powerful Ye Futian is, he is one person after all. Among the powerhouses from the north, there is also the imperial power of the Yanyun Continent.

"It's useless to keep the people who are swept out of the game. Now in the battlefield, there are still hopeful practitioners, plus him, no worse than the lineup of the Northern Emperor, just smoothing out those incompetent people." Dan The emperor opened his mouth and said, with irony in his plain voice.

Many powerful people in Qin He Palace and Pill God Palace looked at the Emperor Pill with extremely embarrassed expressions, incompetent?

However, the winners and losers, they can't refute, the powerhouses were swept away by Ye Futian alone!


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