The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1978

Vol 8 Chapter 1978: Who Is Fighting

After Ye Futian swept the powerhouses, he immediately became the absolute focus figure in the circle, and even attracted more attention than the powerhouse of the Great Yangu imperial family.

At this time, Yan Dongyang, the royal character of the ancient royal family of Dayan, looked at the location of Ye Futian, showing a sense of interest. He did not expect to encounter such a person on the opportunity of rushing to see the magic circle of God. People should be perfect in the avenue, and the middle emperor breaks the realm and still casts the perfect divine wheel, so that he can burst out such a combat power and kill the existence of the seven realms in seconds.

A figure of this level, not to mention that he is a practitioner of Dongxiao Continent Wangdu, and there will be no people in the same realm under his leadership that will be Ye Futian's opponents, unless he personally shoots.

As the perfect person of the Dao Shenlun, Yan Dongyang naturally knows that the fighting power of this level is terrifying.

He thought that he had to enter the gods to see these characters, but he didn't expect to meet them in the circle.

"This person, it should be." Yan Dongyang showed a meaningful smile, as if he had guessed Ye Futian's identity.

Not only him, but the Wangshenque practitioners who entered the circle also looked at Ye Futian, and some of the emperors spoke directly: "The road **** wheel is perfect, you have to enter the Godque practice, why bother, come here earlier , Can also enter the gods."

A person of this level, no power will refuse, and Wang Shenque is the same. Perhaps, he can directly meet the Emperor Ji.

Ye Futian looked at the speaker from the sky, and said with a smile: "I have elders who told me to do this, so I had to follow the rules, and the same."

"Okay, we will no longer test your combat effectiveness. With your strength and the same realm, no one of us can defeat you." The Emperor Wangshenque said, the road is perfect, and how powerful the attack is. Just now, they directly swept the powerhouses, what strength, they naturally understood that the Wangshenque practitioners in the magic circle were also not Ye Futian opponents.

Since this is the case, what test is there to talk about?

I saw that at this moment, there were still some seven-level powerhouses walking towards Ye Futian, with terrifying auras, and they were still practitioners of the Dongxiao Continent. Before, people of their same forces were bloodbathed.

"Enough, dont you guys think its not enough?" A cold voice came out, and Young Palace Master Yang Gansao of Heavenly Battle Palace spoke to those people. Ye Futian launched a group attack, mainly targeting Qin He Palace and Pill God The cultivators of the palace, and some powerful forces who wanted to attack him before, although Yang Qian had calculated him before, he had never attacked him.

Hearing Yang Gans scolding, the actions of the seven realm experts from the Danshen Palace, Qin He Palace and other forces froze, and Wangshenque also had experts who said: "Everyone, this is not a real battlefield. This test, you have already Out of the game."

This array is for screening the practitioners who enter the gods. However, so many high-level powerhouses have refused to let go of one person, so there is no need to enter the gods to practice.

Of course, the powerhouses of the upper emperor's realm themselves will protect the younger generation. At this level, they themselves have no chance to enter the gods. They have come before they have the opportunity. Therefore, there are almost no eighth and ninth realms. The existence of those are the older generations of the major forces.

Those high-ranking emperors naturally understood that this battle was indeed a complete failure. In fact, they also had a chance. The heirs of the Danshen Palace, Qi Mu and others, were actually very enchanting, but they encountered Ye Futian. Being crushed, there is no opportunity for performance.

can only say that they are more unlucky.

After hesitating for a moment, they each went back and evacuated with the injured people. It would be meaningless to continue to stay. It's better to give up directly. This fight completely accomplished Ye Futian and brought out the elegance of the other party.

After they evacuated, the battlefield of the law formation suddenly became quiet. Before Ye Futian's burst of strength, many battlefields were stopped and all looked at his battle. At this moment, the confrontation really formed.

The strong man looking at Shenque, from the north.

And without the provocations of those people, Ye Futian will definitely be accepted by Wang Shenque. It doesn't matter whether he is a practitioner of Dongxiao Continent or Wangdu. His position does not need to be doubted, he will enter Wang Shenque to practice. The position is naturally on the side of Wangshenque.

The purpose of the emperor from the north is to look for God.

When the two sides confronted each other, Ye Futian stood alone in the back, his body suspended in the air, facing the emperor of the north, his expression was still calm, and in the space below him, there were Zifeng Linqiu and others.

The vast battlefield, the invisible avenue coercion permeated out, becoming more depressing than before, the emperors from the north were scattered, everyone's avenue aura was extremely terrifying, and some even directly released the road **** wheel.

"How do you want to fight?" The strong man Wangshenque turned his eyes to the man who came from the north and asked.

"We came to Wangshenque to ask for the truth, and want to meet the Emperor Ji. Since we have entered the circle, the rules are naturally determined by Wangshenque, and everyone is at will." Yan Dongyang, a strongman of the ancient royal family of Dayan, stood in the void, his expression calm and pale. Breezy.

As if they were not here to provoke, but as guests.

"If this is the case, then follow the rules. I hope that the people of the gods will find people with the same realm to take action and test your combat effectiveness. If you are strong enough to pass through this circle and enter the door in front, You can directly enter the gods." One person said, and did not deliberately make things difficult for the other party, as if they were just treated normally, and treated them as ordinary people who came to participate in the test.

Yan Dongyang smiled when he heard the words of the person looking at the gods, and said, "It is worthy of being the number one holy place in the East Heaven Continent, and you have a tolerance. In that case, you are all ready to learn the strength of the strongest power in the East Heaven Continent, the Emperor. There are not many opportunities like this."

Everyone is ready for a long time, looking at the opposite direction, each is ready, regardless of victory or defeat, it is a rare opportunity for trial, they just look at how powerful people who are practicing in the gods are.

"Please." The Emperor Wangshenque said, the voice fell, and the figures stepped out, looking for their own opponents. At this moment, the Emperors from the North looked solemn and take it seriously. They are the North. The elites who came here were able to crush the emperors of Dongxiao Continent before, but at this moment, they will face the strongest group of emperors of Dongxiao Continent, the elites among the elites. Who dares to be careless?

Along with the sound of a violent road collision, the road war officially broke out. In just an instant, the tyrannical road war broke out in different directions in the circle at the same time.

This time the Dao battle was more violent than before. Before, the Emperor of the North had an overwhelming advantage, but the Emperor of Wangshenque was so tyrannical. In most battlefields, the Emperor of Wangshenque was even more fierce.

At this time, in the place where Yan Dongyang was, several human emperors appeared above him. They were all human emperors looking to the gods. All of these human spirits were extremely strong, and the great light poured down and enveloped Yan Dongyang.

Obviously, they want to try the strength of this powerful royal family of the Dayan ancient royal family.

"Om!" The splendid divine brilliance bloomed, there was sword light falling from the sky, and the sun divine brilliance, the dazzling beam of light flooded the void, but Yan Dongyang stood motionless and glanced up at the strong man who shot in the void. I saw strands of terrifying golden divine brilliance sweeping across the world, seemingly everywhere.

He took a step forward, then raised his arm and blasted a punch in the sky.

"Bang, bang, bang..." The cultivators above the sky were directly blown out, vomiting blood, and through the void, they felt that the space they were in was going to be shattered, under a punch. Shattered.

"You can't." Yan Dongyang glanced at the repulsed practitioners and spoke indifferently, only to see that he retracted his arms and stood with his hands behind him, indescribably unrestrained and comfortable, where he seemed to be on the battlefield.

Wang Shenque, a few people looked at Yan Dongyang, and with just a punch in the air, they could see his super combat effectiveness.

In the other direction, UU reading www.uuknshu. Com Ye Futian also stood there quietly, as if he was independent of the battlefield, standing in the air.

But obviously the other party would not let him be so relaxed. He only listened to the sharp and piercing voices. In the distance, wisps of powerful sonic power swept away. He raised his head and saw that there appeared in the void in front of him. The huge bell is the **** wheel of a human emperor's Dao, the soul-suppressing bell.

The soul calming bell floated forward and came to the sky above Ye Futian's head, spinning in the void, and the harsh ringtone came out, wisps of terrible sound waves swept down, directly flooding Ye Futian's body, the bell invaded his mind, making his soul slightly Some shocks.

In the distance, a strong man closed his eyes tightly and controlled the soul calming bell. He wanted to see whether Ye Futian's sound wave was strong or his.

Ye Futian glanced at the distance, as if he understood the other person's thoughts. He clasped his hands together, his precious appearance was solemn, the Buddha's voice was dazzling, and his light was blazing. His body seemed to be transformed into a Buddha. Then, two terrible sound waves converged and collided, as if the Buddha suppressed the evil demon, a loud bang came out, and the soul calming bell was blown out.

Whats more terrifying is that the King Kong Fu Mo Law directly trembles into the soul of the emperor with the soul-suppressing bell, causing him who is sitting in the distance to groan, spit out a mouthful of blood, his face pale, and his soul trembles violently!


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