The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1979

Vol 8 Chapter 1979: What Status?

The soul calming bell flew back, and a faint crack appeared. The human emperor and Ye Futian were separated by a very long distance, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding. He glanced in the distance, the avenue **** wheel was put away, and he sighed in his heart. , He can do nothing.

Back in shape, he did not continue to fight, but retreated to the position behind Yan Dongyang, the prince of the ancient royal family of Dayan. Without words, there was also a person to the left of Yan Dongyang, with a strong aura, the middle emperor's pinnacle realm, and extremely tyrannical Avenue breath.

"His Royal Highness, I am afraid that Emperor Teng needs to take action." The man said, Emperor Teng was named Yan Teng, and he was also a member of the Great Yan ancient royal family, but he was not a direct family member, but his strength was extremely terrifying and his combat power was extraordinary.

Yan Dongyang did not respond, glanced at Ye Futian in the distance, Wang Shenque has not seen a truly powerful person so far, at least he has not recognized a powerful person, perhaps, want him to become his opponent?

He is naturally aware of Yan Tengs strength. Once in the lower emperors realm, the Great Dao Divine Wheel was perfect. After breaking through the realm, it could not last, but it did not hinder his strong combat power. In addition, the sixth realm cultivation base was higher than Ye Futian. If you do, you are sure of it.

At this time, another person came to kill here. This time Yan Dongyang did not move, Yan Teng's figure flashed, and a true dragon appeared above the sky. The huge and boundless dragon shadow rushed straight into the sky, sending out a sky-shaking dragon. The sound, Yan Teng grabbed the palm of his hand from the air, the real dragon roared and shook the soul, and at the same time the domineering attack directly tore the avenue and culled the opponent, accompanied by a loud noise, blasted the strong Wangshenque who attacked. Get out.

"Yanlongyin." The cultivator of Wangshenque swept in the direction of the opponent. Yanlongyin was able to attack the gods and souls, but also had terrible attacking power. It is said that the ancestors of the ancient royal family of Dayan were in Yanshan. Going out in the middle of the world, and later opened up the territory and became the dominant giant.

Of course, this is only one of the methods of the ancient royal family of the Great Yan. As a giant-level force, he dominates the endless territory of the Yanyun Continent, the first in the north, and the power of the ancient royal family is beyond doubt.

"Dragon Emperor Qi, this fellow is also a member of the Dayan ancient royal family." Lin Qiu glanced at the opponent. When attacking, a golden air current appeared between the sky and the earth, turning into a huge real dragon phantom, covering the sky and the earth. The imperial spirit is like the dragon imperial clan, which makes him understand that the opponent is also the imperial consummation.

Ye Futian didn't have too many thoughts. Sooner or later, he had to face the strongman of the ancient royal family of Dayan. This time Fairy Penglai sent him here to practice for the future, but he didn't expect to meet him here in advance.

As for Yan Teng Ye Futian, the powerful royal family of the Great Yan ancient royal family, he didn't even care. The imperfect cultivator of the Dao Shen Wheel, below the upper emperor realm, did not threaten him, and he would not care about anyone.

Although this Yan Teng attack was overbearing and it was enough to deal with other human emperors, it would not be so easy if he faced Zifeng.

In the same realm, Zifeng Avenue is perfect. If you fight against him, it is more than enough to deal with him.

However, these few royal powerhouses of the Dayan ancient royal family are indeed very strong, sweeping forward all the way, the clouds are calm and gentle, like him, no one can beat them.

At this moment, no one has attacked Ye Futian anymore, and I probably understand that it is almost impossible to defeat Ye Futian in the realm below the upper emperor.

At this moment, Ye Futian could only see in the distance, a domineering figure walking all the way forward, with a dragon possessed on top of his body, sweeping forward all the way, there are several strong people who want to stop him. When he shot, they were all knocked back by him.

"Come." Many people around Ye Futian saw this scene and secretly said in their hearts that this person is Yan Teng, and he went straight to where Ye Futian was.

"It seems that there is going to be an extraordinary battle." The people watching the battle outside Wangshenque also secretly said in their hearts, some expectations, I don't know what the situation will be when Yan Teng and Ye Futian are swept by the side?

This Taoist battle must be extremely exciting.

Under the gaze of anticipation, Yan Teng killed not far in front of Ye Futian. There was no other emperor in the surrounding area to intercept him. Yan Teng standing in the sky surrounded the sacred dragon, and the golden dragon hovered. Going up, the head is high above the sky, and a pair of huge longan overlooks Ye Futian below, expressing domineering intentions.

"Roar..." There was a dragon roar, and the void shook violently. The power of the terrifying sound wave shattered the soul. A **** dragon phantom swooped down, attacking Ye Futian, in the center of the many phantom dragons. In the direction, there appeared a huge, boundless dragon claw, smashed from the sky, and the claw directly covered the sky.

Ye Futian's body didn't move. Behind him, a brilliant red figure rushed straight into the sky and descended on the sky above Ye Futian. The divine wings spread out to cover the sky, and the endless phoenix shadow flew out, burning above the sky. The great sacred fire started, engulfing the void, this sacred soul was like an immortal sacred fire, which caused the whole sky to burn directly, and it was all Taoist fire.

The loud sound of the phoenix ming came out, and it was in direct opposition to the sound of the dragon's roar. There seemed to be countless divine feathers flying out of the phoenix divine wings. Each divine feather was sharper than a sharp sword, turning it into an invincible attacking power. Cut to the sharp claw that smashed down.

A divine light appeared above the sky, and the sharp claws that shielded the sky and sun were directly torn and cut. A huge phoenix phantom appeared behind Zifeng, with its wings spread out, and it soared into the sky in an instant. The sky above the sky turned into her avenue area, and the parasol tree divine flame enveloped the sky and burned above the sky.

Yanteng was wrapped in the realm of Shenhuo Avenue, his eyes suddenly changed, this fire was...

It's not just him. Feeling the power of the sacred fire on this great road, many people have realized something and gave Zifeng a shocked glance.

"Indus Divine Flame." In the distance, Yan Dongyang glanced at the direction where Zifeng was, a brilliant phoenix shadow appeared, and the sound of a bright phoenix trembling trembled between heaven and earth.

Indus God Flame is the Dao Fire of Fengzun, the monster giant under Donglai Upper Celestial Seat.

Then, Zifeng's identity is also ready to emerge.

"I didn't expect Feng Zun to be here later." Yan Dongyang said, hearing his words, the other emperors knew Zifeng's identity, after Feng Zun.

After Fengzun, why did he follow Ye Futian to Wangshenque?

Fengzun is Donglai Shangxian monster partner, his descendants naturally cultivated on Dongxian Island, which means that Ye Futian did not come from Taiyuan Continent with Emperor Dan, but from Dongxian Island.

Many people in Wangdu were also stunned. The empress next to Ye Futian had such an amazing origin.

Yang Gan, who was fighting next to him, glanced at Zifeng, and then his gaze swept towards Ye Futian. At this moment, he finally understood why the Danshen Palace was defeated so badly, whether it was alchemy or combat power.

It turned out to be a cultivator cultivated in Toxian Island with all his strength, but now he is sent to Wangshenque to practice.

However, in fact, with the relationship between Dongxian Island and Wang Shenque, Ye Futian could have entered the Shenque directly. There was no need for such trouble. Probably, it was just for him to show his talent.

No wonder it was heard that at the alchemy conference in the Alchemy Palace, the people in the Alchemy Palace boasted that Ye Futian and others would have opinions. It turned out that he came from the once the first alchemy holy land in the Eastern China Region, the undisputed number one.

Moreover, Ye Futian himself may be the heir of Dongxian Island and inherited the way of alchemy on Dongxian Island.

He feels a little ridiculous thinking about this, is Ye Futian a person of Wangdu, does it matter?

He is from Dongxian Island, and coupled with his talents, he needs the identity of a practitioner of Dongxiao Continent?

Therefore, he is completely disdainful to be with them. Before, it was just their self-righteous pride.

There was a violent collision in the sky. Zifeng and Yanteng were fighting, but although Yanteng's combat effectiveness was strong, it was absolutely suppressed. Zifeng has been crushing and beating the dragon. The noble phoenix crushes the dragon, which is terrible. Wutong Shenyan made Yan Teng just want to quickly leave the battlefield.

Another phoenix ming sounded through the void, and the crowd saw the true dragon being swallowed by the phoenix divine fire. With a muffled groan, Yan Teng's body flew upside down, and back to a very remote place, the body of the main road guard was all Dyeing red, there is faint blood seeping out, UU reading looks extremely embarrassed, and there is blood flowing out of the corners of his mouth.

Yanteng, the powerful royal family of the ancient royal family of the Great Yan, was defeated.

"The Great Dao Shenhuo is perfect." Many people marveled, this Zifeng is so strong, many people didn't realize it before.

Looking beyond the magic circle of the gods, the strong man in the Danshen Palace swept his eyes to Emperor Dan, then looked at the fairy Donglai behind him, and said: "I didn't expect the descendants of Shangxian to come and be rude."

Obviously, they had guessed the identity of Fairy Donglai. Fairy Donglai seldom went out these years, and not many people had seen her, so no one had recognized her before.

But after Feng Zun arrived, and thinking of Ye Futian, the identity of Fairy Donglai was also ready to emerge, after Donglai went to the immortal.

Fairy Donglai glanced at the other person, but did not respond. These people are still nothing but imaginary snakes.

"Ye Liunian, is a fairy disciple?" The strong man in the Pill Palace asked again.

"No." Fairy Donglai denied directly, making the opponent startled, isn't it?

They thought they had guessed Ye Futian's identity, but Fairy Donglai denied it so simply, and in her identity, there was no need to lie.

Then in what capacity did Ye Futian come to Wangshenque?


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