The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1980

Vol 8 Chapter 1980: Dragon And Phoenix Collision

Seeing that Fairy Donglai had no thoughts to say, the people did not continue to ask. Although they were all the top powers in the capital, what kind of status is Fairy Donglai? Even if it was changed later, , Shangxian has fallen, but there is that layer of halo, and the lord of the forces sees it, and he has to be courteous.

What's more, here is the God of Hope, the relationship between Donglai Shangxian and Jihuang is naturally well known to the world.

They looked at the battlefield in the formation, and their eyes fell on the white-haired figure. It seems that Ye Futian was sent to Wangshenque to practice by Fairy Donglai deliberately. Not only that, Ye Futian will be preached by Emperor Ji. , After all, besides the identity of Donglai Shangxian, its own strength is also amazing.

So far, there hasn't been a single defeat, even if the opponent is Qijing.

Perhaps, Ye Futian's ultimate opponent will be the prince of the same invincible Dayan ancient royal family, Yan Dongyang.

In the battlefield, after Yan Teng was defeated, many people realized that the Phoenix Goddess beside Ye Futian, probably not many people could contend, the perfect-level Dao Shenhuo, the extremely powerful attacking power, Yan Teng is He is the powerful royal family of the Dayan ancient royal family, and the middle emperor's peak realm has been crushed, let alone other people.

At this time, I saw Yan Dongyang who was standing there stepping forward. The hopeful powerhouse wanted to stop him, but he saw Yan Dongyang stepping in the left and right directions, as if he was protecting the law.

"Retreat." Yan Dongyang waved his hand, and suddenly retreated one by one to his side. All behind, only Yan Dongyang was left, walking forward alone.

On him, an incomparably majestic avenue aura bloomed, the coercion and the vast void, in the magic circle space, all the powerhouses felt the coercion, as if everyone was within his avenue field.

"Retreat." A high emperor of Wangshenque also waved his hand. Suddenly those who wanted to step forward to practice Wangshenque retreated and gave up their positions. They also knew that it was difficult to win over Yan Dongyang, Mo It is said that it is inconvenient for the upper emperor to make a move, even if the seven realm strong make a move, it is equally difficult to win.

This is a descendant of the ancient royal family of the Great Yan. This time the ancient royal family of the Great Yan led the northern army of the emperor, and it is under his control. There is no doubt about its status, and the combat effectiveness naturally does not need to be doubted.

Moreover, those who look at Shenque now realize that this battle does not belong to them, but should belong to Ye Futian.

Zifengs identity was revealed, everyone guessed Ye Futians origins, and what is the relationship between the ancient royal family of Dayan and Dongxian Island? Everyone in the world knows that they are dead enemies.

Since Ye Futian was the person who was sent to Wangshenque from Dongxian Island to practice, then he and Yan Dongyang were fateful opponents. Since they met in Wangshenque's circle, they should have had a battle.

Both of them are unbeatable and have not lost a single one so far.

Therefore, seeing Yan Dongyang move forward, Wangshenque's powerhouses all retreated and gave the battlefield to Yan Dongyang and Ye Futian. This was a battle between them.

Yan Dongyang continued to move forward, and soon appeared in the opposite direction of Ye Futian. Although they were still far apart, this distance could not be called distance at all in their realm.

"Ye Liunian." Yan Dongyang spoke to Ye Futian. Obviously, he knew the existence of Ye Futian, not only knew it, but also quite familiar.

Ye Futian was not surprised either, his existence was not a secret, and it was not surprising that the people of the ancient royal family of Dayan knew.

However, he did not think of Yan Dongyang as his old enemy. Although the opponent is after the giants of the ancient royal family, Ye Futian has seen many people of this level in the original world, even those real giants. , Even the Dark God Court and other forces have been in contact with him, from the perspective of vision, the prince of the ancient royal family of Dayan, dare not say that his vision is higher.

He didn't know who his old enemy would be, but at least, it would definitely not be Yan Dongyang.

Entering Dongxian Island to practice and becoming the descendant of Donglai Shangxian is nothing more than his experience in China. In his view, it is all the experience on the road of cultivation. For the ancient royal family of Dayan, it is not an old enemy. .

Therefore, he looked at Yan Dongyang's eyes quite calmly, the clouds were calm and gentle, there was no hatred, and he was not so serious, and seemed very casual.

On the contrary, Zifeng looked even more excited, his eyes were cold, and the great sacred flames lingered in those beautiful eyes.

Fengzun also fell in the battle of that year.

"Om!" The scorching wind swept through the void, the heaven and the earth ignited the great fire, Zifeng's wings flapped, and her figure appeared in the sky above Yan Dongyang, she gave a long roar, and the phoenix screamed through the sky. Incarnate the body, a huge divine bird phoenix, her eyes filled with fierce aura, completely different from when she transformed into a human form.

Yan Dongyang glanced at him. Inside Yan Dongyang, an extremely violent breath erupted, and the sound of dragons bloomed from his body and continued to sublimate until the sky shook, and a sacred dragon soared up and supported his body. Also rose towards the sky.

At this moment, countless giant dragon figures appeared on the sky. Standing in the middle, Yan Dongyang stepped on a golden giant dragon, just like the lord of the dragon. This scene is extremely spectacular.

The blazing gust of wind roared, and the phoenix bird smashed directly towards Yan Dongyang, the boundless and huge figure of the phoenix was extremely domineering.

"Roar..." At the moment Zifeng shot, Wan Long roared at the same time, and the Yanlong Yin technique bloomed. Above the sky, what a shocking scene of thousands of dragon shadows roaring and roaring at the same time, the sound of the terrifying avenue swept out. , The avenue collapsed, and in the circle, many people made a muffled sound, blood tumbling, and spirits violently trembling, people who were not strong enough to vomit blood directly, their faces were pale, they seemed afraid to see that battlefield , The power of invisible sound waves swept away, and the boundless space was shrouded in it.

The people around him are still like this. You can imagine what terrible sound waves Zifeng is under. The great sacred fire seems to be extinguished by sound waves, and the huge phoenix body seems to be blocked by an invisible storm. At this moment, Zifeng feels on his body. Every feather was attacked.

She raised her head and screamed, the phoenix's sound was so loud, she tore a gap in the dragon's chant, but it was not the dragon and the phoenix, but the confrontation, the phoenix continued to kill forward and went straight to Yan Dongyang.

But Ye Futian who saw this scene already knew the end, Zifeng would lose.

Although the two have the same realm, Zifeng has a perfect Dao Soul, but Yan Dongyang is also perfect in the Divine Wheel, and sonic attacks can faintly restrain a lot of power attacks. This invisible Dao is very strong, even if it is not used as a main attack method to assist Subsequent attacks are often more powerful.

Yanlongyin, Wanlong roared together, but it was only Yan Dongyang's first wave of attacks.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Ye Futian felt an extremely powerful oppressive force. The vast void seemed to be enveloped and oppressed by an invisible force, heavy and oppressed.

"Space Avenue." Ye Futian secretly said in his heart, sensing the power of this avenue, the next moment, Yan Longyin's attack was still there, Yan Dongyang's body swooped down, above the sky, a holy real dragon roared and impacted down. , Thousands of divine dragons moved with him, and the shadows of the dragons blasted on Zifeng's body. Although they were penetrated, they also affected Zifeng's aura. Then, Yan Dongyang arrived.

Many people looked up. This collision was somewhat similar to the previous battle between Zifeng and Yan Teng, as if Yan Dongyang deliberately did so, but this attack was even more violent.

The dragon and the phoenix met. The huge dragon and the phoenix collided. At that moment, the space made a dull sound, and many people felt the pressure of suffocation, as if it were hard to breathe.

The next moment, there was another long roar of dragons and phoenixes that shook the sky, the sky collapsed and the ground cracked, and the avenue collapsed. A light of destruction swept the sky and swept out. People in the lower emperor realm directly vomit blood, UU reading www. was shocked to fly extremely far away, and did not stop until the distance.

Ye Futian was also hit by an incomparable storm. He was hunting in white clothes and dancing with the wind, but his body still stood steady there, his eyes were looking into the battlefield, motionless.

With a loud noise, he saw the divine phoenix being shaken back, and there were many phoenix divine feathers falling down. Each divine feather contained divine fire, but floating weakly in the air. Zifengs body was shaken from the void to the ground. , Smashed a deep pit, and the deep pit was instantly stained with a stream of flames, extremely hot.

Yan Dongyang's body was also shaken back and returned to the high altitude. His body was tumbling, but he was obviously much better than Zifeng. After stabilizing his figure, he swept his eyes towards the sky, and said loudly, "As expected. The descendants of Feng Zun have good strength."

His dragon body was reddened faintly, and it seemed to have been corroded by the Great Dao Divine Fire, but it quickly returned to normal.

Zifeng climbed up from the ground, there was blood flowing from the corner of Phoenix's mouth, his body shook, and his blood rolled.

Ye Futian waved her palm, and suddenly a pill flew towards Zifeng. She opened her mouth and swallowed it directly. The injured body recovered at a very fast speed. Her eyes were still staring at Yan Dongyang in the sky, as if she still wanted to fight. .

But she also knows that she has lost!


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