The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1981

Vol 8 Chapter 1981: Wang Shenque

After Yan Dongyang defeated Zifeng, he looked at the only figure still in front, Ye Futian.

Next, the only person who can stop him is this cultivator from Dongxian Island.

Of course, Yan Dongyang does not think that Ye Futian can stop him. After all, Ye Futian's realm is not as high as him. He is in the fifth realm of the emperor, and Ye Futian is the fourth realm. Even in the same realm, he is sure to defeat Ye Futian, let alone high. One state.

In his opinion, Zifeng is already very strong, and Ye Futian's strength is at most Zifeng's level.

Ye Futian also looked at Yan Dongyang, and saw a smile at the corner of Yan Dongyang's eyes, but in this smile, Ye Futian noticed a hint of killing.

Yan Dongyang seems to want his life.

"Boom..." The void trembled violently, Ye Futian only felt his whole body tight, and then there was the sound of the trembling dragon, the terrifying sound wave of the avenue shattered the avenue, and headed towards Ye Futian.

The golden body of Ye Futian shone, the Sanskrit sound lingered, and a Buddha appeared. Only a Buddha shadow collided with the roaring dragon. At almost the same time, Yan Dongyang's body seemed to transform into a dragon, swooping down. Came down in front of Ye Futian in an instant, and Ye Futian looked up at the sky, as if he saw a huge dragon descending from the sky, coming with boundless and domineering power of attack.

The sound of elephants trembled between heaven and earth, Ye Futian raised his hand and blasted out. A phantom idol appeared, suppressing the avenue, and collided with the other's terrifying avenue power. The battle between dragon and phoenix before, now turned into The battle between dragon and elephant.

The loud rumbling sound came out continuously, shattering the power of the avenue in this space, a bursting sound came out, Ye Futian's body was shaken back to the far direction, only feeling the blood rolling.

The other partys body was also counter-shocked back to the sky, the sacred dragon circled, Yan Dongyang bowed his head, eyes overlooking Ye Futian in the sky below, said: "Dongxian Island practitioners, no one is good at such domineering power, no wonder Dongxian Island So important to you."

Ye Futian understood when Yan Dongyang said that the other party knew a lot.

The Battle of Dongxian Island has taken place for several years. No one knew about the storm in Penglai Continent. Although Yanyun Continent may not always pay attention to the news of Penglai Continent, it is also very normal to be heard by the other party.

Ye Futian sensed that Yan Dongyang was good at several kinds of Dao powers, sound waves, space, suppression, power...These Dao powers had already been manifested in his attacks, extremely domineering, otherwise, it would be impossible to repel him.

Zifeng's defeat was also expected by him.

The dragon roared above the sky, covering the sky and covering the sun. Many people around stopped fighting and looked at the battlefield. But at this moment, the magic circle was violent, which made Wang Shenques practice People raised their heads, and then they saw the constant changes in this space.

"What's going on, the magic circle is disappearing." Many people showed a strange color. The people outside looked up to the sky above the gods, and saw an old man standing there waving his hand. After a while, that self-contained space The avenue array disappeared, Ye Futian and others found that they were all standing on the open space of Wangshenque, could not help showing a touch of doubt, looking at the figures of Taoist emperors on the palaces of Wangshenque in the distance.

The strong man looking at Shenque, put away the circle?

What does this mean?

After the magic circle disappeared, the people in the circle also looked up at the palaces that looked at the gods in the distance, and the palaces that towered into the sky.

"This year, there is no one qualified in Dongxiao Continent and the surrounding continents." At this time, the old man on the stairs in the distance stood up and said. Suddenly many people from the powers showed disappointment, and all of them lost their ability to practice in God's Que. What qualifications?

"Ye Liunian, go up with the Phoenix." The old man looked at Ye Futian and said.

Everyone was speechless. Sure enough, only Ye Futian and Zifeng were qualified, but this assessment rule was originally set by Wangshenque. Naturally, Wangshenque would do whatever he wanted. Others had no capital to question.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"Senior." At this moment, Yan Dongyang looked forward and said loudly, "Junior has never failed in the circle. Now I want to ask to see Emperor Ji."

The old man glanced at him, then said lightly: "Why are you here?"

Yan Dongyang looked at each other and said, "In the first battle, the senior Ji Huang promised not to have too much contact with Dongxian Island. Only then did the ancient royal family let go of Dongxian Island. They have not dealt with Dongxian Island for many years. Xiandao, Dongxian Island began to be active again a few years ago, and there was a turmoil on the mainland of Penglai. Now the practitioners of Dongxian Island have come to see the gods and ask for the Tao. Are they preparing to worship under the Emperor Ji? If so, My Dayan ancient royal family may have to reconsider their attitude towards Dongxian Island."

Ye Futian showed a strange color when he heard Yan Dongyang's words. He didn't expect these things to happen back then. No wonder Fairy Donglai worried that the Dayan ancient royal family would deal with him and Dongxian Island and sent him to Wangshenque. It seems, After the First World War, the two sides had their own checks and balances to keep Dongxian Island, but Dongxian Island has been almost cut off from the outside world.

However, the Dayan ancient imperial family had never been to Dongxian Island before. After all, people outside did not know his status on Dongxian Island, nor did he know that he was inherited from Donglai Shangxian. For several years, he I have also been practicing in retreat on the island. With the strength of the ancient royal family of Dayan, I shouldn't care about it.

Otherwise, I went to Dongxian Island before.

If you look at it this way, it should be a coincidence that the strong man of the ancient royal family of Dayan came here to meet him. He only raised this matter when he saw his extraordinary strength.

"What else?" The old man continued to ask. Obviously, he also thought that many powerful people from the Great Yan ancient imperial family had arrived. They first went to the Heavenly Battle Palace to provoke, and then participated in the Wangshenque trial, sweeping the Dongxiao Continent as a practitioner. The purpose should not be for Ye Futian.

After all, before this, no one knew Ye Futians identity, nor did he know that he came here and would participate in this test.

Yan Dongyang raised his head to look at the old man in the distance, Wang Shenque's attitude was really unfriendly, but it was normal, they were always picking things, and the two sides had deep grievances, so naturally they would not be much friendly.

"Furthermore, this time, the people who brought the practitioners from the Northland came to learn about the practitioners in the Lower East Heaven Continent. Now, there is really some hope. Even the people who look to the gods and seek the truth, they seem to be no more than that. So far, they have not met an opponent "Yan Dongyang said loudly: "The person who practices under the Emperor Ji, who is known as the number one evildoer of Wang Shenque, where is he?"

Not long ago, the ancient royal family of Dayan received a bad news, so he took someone to walk on it.

The cultivator of Dongxian Island, he did not take it seriously before, and the ancient royal family of Dayan did not take it seriously. Even now, Ye Futian just made him pay attention to it, but what he really cares about is still It's the one who asks for help under Ji Huangmen.

Looking beyond the gods, everyone heard Yan Dongyang's words solemnly, and immediately thought of someone in their minds.

Wang Shenque's number one evildoer, and also their undoubted number one evildoer in the East Heaven Continent, a terrifyingly talented existence, peerless Tianjiao.

"Do you want to see him?" The old man asked Yan Dongyang with his gaze.

"Yes, I want to ask for advice." Yan Dongyang responded.

"You are not qualified enough, let your brother come, maybe qualified." The old man replied faintly, making Yan Dongyang frowned, a little unhappy, but if the rumor is true, then he is indeed not qualified. Ask each other for advice.

The ancient royal family of Dayan reported that he had already proclaimed the upper emperor realm. Not only that, he had proclaimed him in the upper emperor realm, and the great **** wheel was still perfect.

This means that that person has become a true flawless human emperor, and such a person is a great threat to the Dayan ancient emperor.

"Wang Shenque has not been able to fight so far, why should my brother come?" Yan Dongyang said.

The old man smiled, he already understood the other party's intention.

"If it is for this matter, go back and let your brother come." The old man responded lightly, without giving him a chance.

Yan Dongyang stared at the other person, UU Reading still standing in the void, and said coldly: "I, Yan Dongyang, came to Wangshenque across many continents. Even if I can't see Emperor Ji, then, I will be defeated. "

Obviously, he didn't intend to leave.

The old man glanced at him, then looked at Ye Futian and the others: "You go up first."

Ye Futian nodded, and he and Zifeng stepped forward. At this time, Fairy Donglai and Emperor Dan also walked forward, joined Ye Futian and the others, and stepped on the stairs together.

The old man turned around, took them with him, all the way up, towards the depths of Wangshenque.

It didn't take long for them to reach the highest point of Wang Shenque. It seemed to be a heavenly palace, misty and misty, like a fairyland. In front, at the highest point, where the clouds and mist were surrounded, there was a road and a figure sitting there quietly.

This figure was dressed in black, with long hair like ink, falling behind him, the whole person seemed to be one with the heavens, and Ye Futian could not even feel the presence of the other party before coming here.

Behind the man in black, there is a real "Wang Shen Que" standing there, seeming to have countless years of history, but the moment Ye Futian looked at Wang Shen Que, the world's ancient tree in the palace was born. The abnormal movement caused Ye Futian's eyes to reveal a strange color.

This Wangshenque turned out to be a fetish?


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