The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1982

Vol 8 Chapter 1982: Give Him 1 Defeat

Ye Futian, he naturally knew that there were many forces in the original world that possessed gods, those forces that stood at the top.

The role of the gods can cultivate perfect-level practitioners of the Great Dao, and it can improve the possibility of casting the **** wheel of the perfect Dao, but this is the first time he saw the gods are outside, the "Wang Shenque" itself, It is a fetish.

The emperor Ji Ji sat in front of Wangshenque to practice, and here he built the air practice dojo.

The black figure in front of him is naturally Jihuang.

Ji Huang looks very young, only more than 30 years old. On the surface, he does not seem to be much older than Ye Futian, but in fact he has been practicing for many years. His eyes are unfathomable, just like the realm of cultivation. The breath is exuded, but it seems to be one with the heavens, and the realm is detached.

The first person in the East Xiao Continent, is also the strongest person on the continental plate in an endless area centered on the Dongxiao Continent.

The old man who led the way, Fairy Donglai and others bowed and saluted, and Ye Futian also leaned slightly and said: "The younger generation has seen Emperor Ji."

Jihuang nodded slightly, then looked at Fairy Donglai and said, "Your disciple?"

Fairy Donglai shook his head and said: "Uncle Ji, he entered the Dongxian Island trial before, but by chance, he swallowed the **** pill and inherited the inheritance left by his father. He is regarded as his father's disciple. "

The old man who led the way showed a look of surprise. He had thought it was the descendant of Donglai Fairy before, but he did not expect that Ye Futian inherited the inheritance of Donglai Shangxian.

Ji Huang took a serious look at Ye Futian, and then said: "Since you are the descendant of your father, why didn't you tell me before."

"The last time I came, I happened to pass by Senior Brother Dan Huang, so I came along together, just to let him and the others try together, and let Uncle Ji see how his cultivation is." Fairy Donglai responded, and Emperor Ji nodded: "Unexpectedly Many years after your father left, he could still find a heir to his mantle, which is nothing but a thing."

As he said, he looked at Ye Futian and said, "Your avenue is perfect. You must have had an extraordinary experience before entering Dongxian Island. Where did you come from?"

Ye Futian glanced at Fairy Donglai. Here, only Fairy Donglai knew his origin, even Zifeng didn't understand the matter.

"Let's talk about it." Fairy Donglai said, but did not hear her voice afterwards. Ye Futian saw that she was transmitting to Emperor Ji. Although Emperor Dan and the others would not disclose it, Things are sensitive, one less person knows it.

As for Emperor Ji and his father were close friends during their lifetime, there is no need to deceive, and, with Ye Futian here, it is naturally necessary to let Emperor Ji know about Ye Futian.

There was a strange color in the eyes of Emperor Ji. He was not moved when he heard that Ye Futian was the descendant of Donglai Shangxian, but at this moment he was slightly moved. Obviously, he had learned from Fairy Donglai that Ye Futian was from the original world. He came to China after being surrounded by various forces.

He was silent for a moment, and then he said: "After your father left, our major forces reached a certain tacit understanding. Since then, Dongxian Island has faded out of the vision of the Donghua region. Xiandao is attentive, but his appearance will also make Dayan feel wary, which may be detrimental to him. It is not difficult for Dayan ancient royal family to get rid of a trouble."

"In order to avoid Dayan's attack on Dongxian Island, I will not accept you as a disciple. However, since you have passed the assessment, then it is logical that you have been practicing for a while in Wangshenque." Emperor Ji said, Ye Futian They immediately understood what the other party meant. Although they did not accept disciples, they still left Ye Futian in Wangshenque to practice.

As for how long to practice, it is not that they have the final say, not to give the ancient royal family an excuse.

"Go tell them, just tell them what they want to know, as they guessed, let them go back." Ji Huang said to the old man.


The old man nodded, then turned around and went to tell Yan Dongyang.

But a moment later, a voice came from below: "Junior Yan Dongyang, come to see Shenque today to ask for help. There is no defeat in the formation. According to the rules of Shenque, you should be eligible to meet Senior Jihuang?"

This voice spread all the way from below to here, and the entire Wangshenque practitioners could hear this voice, and Emperor Ji naturally heard it, and looked at the distance.

Then, the old man also went and returned, bowed his head slightly, and said: "Yan Dongyang refuses to leave."

"There is no defeat." Emperor Ji murmured. He glanced at Ye Futian and asked, "Can you beat him?"

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded and responded directly and positively, making the old man startled again. Is he so confident?

Yan Dongyang is the same as Ye Futian, the middle emperor realm avenue **** wheel is perfect, and the talent is high, the battle is terrible, Ye Futian didn't even have a questioning tone, so he gave a positive answer directly.


He is confident and can defeat Yan Dongyang.

Ji Huang nodded slightly, and said, "In that case, send him a defeat."

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded, then turned and walked, washing his white hair with the wind, and the back of the white hair reveals an absolute confidence.

Jihuang stood up, took a step, and went directly to the edge of the floating island, looking far below, watching Ye Futian's back go over there, as if intending to watch the battle in person.

Learned the origin of Ye Futian from Fairy Donglai. He was also full of curiosity about Ye Futian. How strong would he be a monster from the original world?

Looking at the edge of Shenque, all the emperors who came to the north were still in place. Yan Dongyang raised his head and looked at the direction of Wang Shenque in the distance. At this time, they saw Ye Futian coming towards this side.


At this time, someone exclaimed, in a very distant place, they could vaguely see a figure, standing on the edge of the top of Wangshenque, standing with their hands under their hands, looking at this place.

Although they are extremely far apart, most of the people here are cultivation bases of the Human Sovereign realm, and they can still see clearly.

Emperor Ji Ji asked Ye Futian to come back to fight Yan Dongyang?

This battle, did he personally watch the battle!

Ji Huang, in the eyes of many practitioners in Dongxiao Continent and the surrounding continent, is an absolute god, the supreme existence, many people even saw Emperor Ji standing in that position for the first time, UU reading www.uukanshu. com watched a road war.

is it because of the advent of the ancient royal family of Big Yan?

The white figure floated down from the void and landed in the sky above the Emperor of the People from the North. Ye Futian bowed his head and looked down at Yan Dongyang, just like Yan Dongyang looked at him before. The positions of the two seem to be opposite.

Yan Dongyang also raised his head, looked at Ye Futian who had returned from Wangshenque, and said, "You came back so soon?"

The old man said that Ye Futian passed the test and would be qualified to enter the gods and listen to the preaching of Emperor Ji.

This means that Emperor Ji will instruct Ye Futian to practice cultivation.

Is Ye Futian coming back so quickly now because of him?

"En." Ye Futian nodded, looked at Yan Dongyang and said: "Senior Jihuang doesn't want to see you, let you go back to Dayan."

"Wang Shenque wants to break the rules he made, and I am undefeated, why can't I meet with Emperor Ji?" Yan Dongyang responded.

When spoke, there was the sound of dragon chants on his body, and the void was shaking. He stepped out and walked towards the void, towards the location of Ye Futian.

"You will lose!" Ye Futian opened his mouth and said, and walked forward, the avenue air flow descended from the sky, mighty, and fell down like a mighty sky.


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