The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1983

Vol 8 Chapter 1983: 1 Sword

Looking at the inside and outside of the gods, the vast space, countless people look ahead.

At this moment, there is no magic circle, everyone can clearly perceive the aura of the great avenues of the two, the unparalleled great power of the avenue, they are all perfect-level avenue **** wheels.

Ye Futian was in the sky above, and a huge idol appeared on his body. Numerous idol figures appeared in the surrounding sky and walked on the sky, flooding the sky, turning this area into an idol domain, everyone understands , That is Ye Futian's Great God Wheel.

The infinite idol fell down, oppressing the heaven and the earth, suppressing the sky, stepping on the road, and the power is not knowing how wild.

However, Yan Dongyang is also an extraordinary figure, the prince of the ancient royal family of Dayan, who is full of royal atmosphere, arrogant and noble, golden dragon appears, a natural vision, a dragon-like figure hovering in the sky, and thousands of dragons appear around at the same time roaring and roaring. , The sound of dragons roared and shattered the avenue, shattering the void, causing many idols to collapse and shatter.

Suddenly, a huge Buddha figure appeared above the sky. Ye Futian seemed to be an ancient Buddha. The Vajra Volunteer law bloomed, and the force of the two sonic avenues collided in the void, making the avenue crazily collapsed and shattered.

The sacred dragon bucked the trend, rushed straight into the sky, and roared towards Ye Futian. Yan Dongyang raised his hand with a punch, and the full dragon shadow rushed out at the same time, swallowing Ye Futian's body, trying to break it. day.

Ye Futian overlooked the sky, his feet stepped on the void, the idols stepped into the sky, and then he also blasted a punch, the King Kong Fu magic law and the idol splitting punch broke out at the same time, setting off an incomparable storm of the road.

Wang Shenque has a high-ranking emperor powerhouse appearing in different directions everywhere, an invisible air current on his body blocked the battlefield between the two, avoiding the terrible attack from spreading to Wang Shenque and the practitioners who came to watch the battle.

The huge idol and the Shenlong collided between the heavens and the earth. Countless people looked up there, and the sky made a dull sound, the Great Dao Shenhui swept out, Ye Futian's body was shaken into the sky, and Yan Dongyang was Shocked back down, still unable to change the position of the two.

A more wild avenue aura emerged from Yan Dongyang's body. The golden glory swept across the sky. He stared at the figure in the void, and saw Ye Futian stepping on the void, deliberately preventing him from going up and suppressing him in Wangshen. Below the que.

The practitioner who walked out of Dongxian Island wanted to suppress him from the ancient royal family of Dayan.

But Ye Futian's attack was indeed extremely violent, and could even suppress Yanlongyin. If his realm was higher than the opponent, I am afraid Yanlongyin would be restrained.

Yan Dongyang stared at Ye Futian's figure, his body suspended in the void suddenly released the royal breath, extremely noble, this wisps of royal air swept through the sky, at this moment, the extremely brilliant golden light shot out like sword light, Like golden sun rays, shooting towards Ye Futian.

"Huh?" Ye Futian frowned slightly, and the divine light appeared in an instant. When he reached him, it seemed that a golden dragon shadow appeared. He raised his hand and waved, and the idol suddenly burst out and collided with the dragon shadow. , But afterwards, countless divine brilliance shot and killed, and every divine brilliance contained violent attack power.

Attack is stronger than before, and faster.

Everyone looked at the battlefield and their hearts were trembling, and it seemed that there were thousands of attacks coming in an instant, and Ye Futian's idols seemed to be difficult to resist. Not only that, when countless divine lights bloomed, they enveloped this square of heaven, and that radiance. Covering Ye Futian's body, the surrounding world is full of his avenue divine light, as if it turned into an independent avenue field.

I saw the light curtains of these divine lights intertwined, and a huge phantom dragon appeared, and Yan Dongyang's body and the phantom dragon merged into one.

Ye Futian's body was covered by the realm of avenues, and was brought into his realm of avenues by Yan Dongyang. The realm of avenues was a space of its own and turned into a dragon realm.

It seems that Yan Dongyang is better, after all, the realm is stronger.

Yan Dongyang raised his head and swept towards Ye Futian, his expression indifferent, extremely domineering, he stepped in the air, and the sound of the dragon's roar shook the sky, and then lifted a punch and blasted out in the air. Ye Futian only felt that he was bound by a domain at this time. This space seemed to solidify, he knew that Yan Dongyang had brought him into the realm of his avenue.

"Boom..." This fist struck out from the air, and the space where Ye Futian was located made a dull sound, as if the space was about to be shattered. In this avenue field, everything was controlled by Yan Dongyang, including this field. Avenue in space.

Many people saw the space where Ye Futian was collapsing, and cracks appeared, and they were about to be shattered directly, along with his body.


A loud noise came out, and the power of the avenue tearing the space blasted in front of Ye Futian, but after all, he could not break Ye Futian's body. He still stood firmly there, and there were invisible air currents around him. An ancient sacred tree appeared in his body, with countless branches and leaves spreading and sweeping out. The place he passed was the area of the avenue he controlled. Yan Dongyangs attack blasted this area without breaking it. Come.

"What's going on?" Yan Dongyang frowned. He actually felt that he was losing control of the space in the Dao realm. With the invisible air flow around Ye Futian's body spreading, it seemed that the power of the Dao in that area was instantly affected by Ye. Futian took away.

In his avenue field, can it still be like this?

Yan Dongyang seemed to be a little unbelievable, both fists broke through the air at the same time, and a dull roar came out, still unable to break the space where Ye Futian was, where he was not under his control.

Yan Dongyang stared at Ye Futian. He pointed his finger towards the sky, and the sacred dragon that immediately enveloped this area of avenue swallowed directly toward the space where Ye Futian was, and wanted to swallow that space together with Ye Futian.

I saw that Ye Futian didn't move at all. His hands were imprinted, and the surrounding branches and leaves suddenly seemed to turn into strands of sword intent, and the sound of sword chants came out. In an instant, the infinite divine sword surrounded his body, resonating, and there were countless vast voids. The magic sword revolves around Ye Futian's body, which is extremely spectacular.

Countless eyes looked at the shocking scene on the battlefield. The sacred dragon that covered the sky and the sun was extremely large, and the open mouth could swallow a sky. Ye Futian's figure was shrouded in shadow and became darker and darker. Swallowed down, engulfing the entire space.

But at the same moment, Ye Futian pointed his finger towards the sky. The next moment his body disappeared and was swallowed by the extremely large dragon.

Many people's hearts were shaking violently, but the next moment, they saw the huge body of the dragon trembling violently, and every part of the body was bursting with brilliant light, like sword light.

"Om!" On Shenlong's back, a sword light directly broke through his body, the dazzling sword light rushed into the sky, a violent explosion sounded, Shenlong's huge body was crazily shattered under the sword intent.

Many people just feel that the void violently shakes down, and the great brilliance of the great road sweeps out, like the fragmentation of the great road field.

There, Ye Futian's figure reappeared, his silver hair dancing with the wind, his body was slender and dustless, like an immortal.

"Your avenue field is too fragile." Ye Futian looked down at Yan Dongyang below. This look directly invaded Yan Dongyang's consciousness, making Yan Dongyang feel cold all over his body.

In the next moment, an invisible air current over Ye Futian's body enveloped this square sky. Above the sky, there were hundreds of millions of divine swords whizzing around the space where Ye Futian was, turning into a terrifying kendo storm.

Ye Futian seemed to have an incomparably powerful kendo will bloom, in nine different directions, each with a sword, and billions of sword intents all revolved around the nine swords, faster and faster.

Accompanied by a brilliant sword light blooming, billions of sword intent seemed to be unified and turned into a sword.

"go with."

Ye Futian's finger fell, UU reading pointed towards Yan Dongyang, and in an instant, from the sky down, there appeared a light, a sword light, the sword light turned into by billions of divine swords was like a giant The sword pierced this Fang Tian directly, from top to bottom, ignoring the spatial distance.

"No room."

Fairy Penglai saw a strange light flashing in the beautiful eyes of this sword. This swordsmanship is the swordsmanship inherited in Dongxian Island. It seems that Ye Futian has already cultivated.

This sword is out, not to mention this distance, even if it is thousands of miles away, it still kills with a single sword.

The crowd saw that from the sky to the bottom, there seemed to be a sword piercing through the world. Yan Dongyangs body uttered the sound of a stunned dragon, but the next moment, the sacred dragon was pierced, and Yan Dongyangs body also transformed. As a beam of light, it was stabbed all the way to the ground from the void.

"Boom!" The terrifying sword intent tore the earth apart. When the sword light disappeared, everything around it was shattered into nothingness. A sword pit appeared on the ground, surrounded by terrible cracks.

The powerful men of the ancient royal family of Dayan stepped forward one after another, walking towards the sword pit, only to see a figure coming out from the inside, covered in blood, broken clothes, messy long hair, where there was the slightest imperial attitude, looked extremely embarrassed .

He raised his head and glanced at the empty figure. This time he did not come for Ye Futian, but for the one looking at the gods. However, he was defeated by Ye Futian's sword and he was defeated by Dongxian Island. Of spiritual practitioners!


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