The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1984

Vol 8 Chapter 1984: Domain Lord Mansion

Yan Dongyang, defeated.

Yan Dongyang, who came from the north of the ancient royal family of the ancient royal family of Dayan, descended from the blood of the royal family of Dayan, and the perfect road **** wheel, lost to Ye Futian.

If Ye Futian is a native of Dongxiao Continent, then Ye Futian has kept the pride of Dongxiao Continent with his own power. However, he has cut off contact with Dongxiao Continent and separated. He is from Dongxian Island. , He didn't bother to be with those people in Dongxiao Continent.

Thinking of the calculations of Ye Futian by many practitioners before, many people feel a little ridiculous. Qi Mu of the Pill God Palace even wants to prevent Ye Futian from entering the gods in this way.

However, how to stop it?

Ye Futian alone, surpassed the light on everyone, Emperor Ji had already seen him, let him come down from Wangshenque and defeat Yan Dongyang.

Ye Futian also did it. After he saw Emperor Ji, he walked down from Wangshenque and defeated Yan Dongyang with a sword of light.

Ye Futian, standing in the void at this time, looked like a son of god, unparalleled.

"The avenue **** wheel is perfect, and cross-border defeated the same perfect avenue Yan Dongyang. Is this battle Dongxiandao's revenge against the Dayangu royal family?" No one will forget the grievances between Dongxiandao and the Dayangu royal family , Dongxian Island was destroyed by the big swallow.

After many years, the cultivators who walked out of Dongxian Island have been defeated by all the emperors of the North, who will fight for the battle.

But Fairy Penglai, who watched the battle in the sky, knew that Dongxian Island could not cultivate such a character. She always wanted to, but the birth of a character of this level requires chance. It is not something that can be cultivated if they want to train. Even if they practice on Dongxian Island. The resources are powerful, but the top powers in China, such as the ancient royal family of Dayan, who do not have powerful resources for practice?

By chance, Ye Futian, who came from the original world, entered Dongxian Island. It was probably an opportunity, not Ye Futian's opportunity, but Dongxian Island's opportunity.

So, she sent Ye Futian to Wangshenque, and asked him to prove his strength.

At this time, Ye Futian lowered his head and glanced at Yan Dongyang in the sky below. His expression was calm. He did not feel the excitement after defeating a powerful enemy, but looked extraordinarily indifferent, as if everything should be like this. Standing in the void, he spoke calmly. : "Now, you have one defeat."

Before, Yan Dongyang said that he entered the Divine Que formation and fought according to the rules of the Divine Que. He was not defeated. The Emperor Ji had no reason not to see him.

Now, he has lost.

Ye Futian was actually telling him that you can go.

Yan Dongyang has been standing there, his eyes always falling on Ye Futian, unable to move away for a long time. This battle has a strong sense of frustration for him. As a member of the Dayan royal family, his talent and strength are beyond doubt, and he himself is extremely Proud and conceited, his goal this time is not Ye Futian at all, and Dayan doesnt care about Dongxian Island. He originally intended to see the first heavenly arrogant of God Que. If he really breaks through, then he wants to take a look. , The perfect emperor, how strong is it.

However, he failed to see the other party.

Lost to the people who practiced on Dongxian Island, the force that once destroyed their Dayan ancient royal family, this trip, apart from knowing the answer he wanted to know, was completely different from what he expected. It came with majesty, but now, it can only be embarrassed. Leave.

There is no need for Ye Futian to say, he himself has no face left.


Yan Dongyang opened his mouth and said, and immediately left with the strong man of the ancient royal family of Dayan. In the surrounding area, the emperor from the north looked at Ye Futian in the void, and left with a hint of unwillingness. It is completely opposite to the posture when he came.

"I have a chance to see you again in the future." When they left, a voice came and fell in everyone's ears. It was Yan Dongyang's voice.

Obviously, he was not reconciled to this defeat.

That sword directly restricted Yan Dongyang's strength. Before he could explode all his strength, he was defeated by this sword.

In the future, they will meet again.

Ye Futian indifferently glanced at the figure leaving in the distance, goodbye?

If we meet again, Yan Dongyang still can't bear a sword.


Everyone was extremely emotional when they saw that the Emperor of the North had disappeared, but they were not happy or proud. This time, the people in the North Land lost, and the practitioners in the East Heaven Continent and Wangdu also lost. .

Everyone, in the end, it was nothing but Ye Futian alone.

Especially those things that happened before, and then todays battle broke out, making Ye Futian truly attracted attention.

"As a practitioner of Dongxian Island, Emperor Ji, might he accept him as a disciple?" Someone thought to himself, after all, Shangxian Donglai and Emperor Ji are good friends, but thinking of Yan Dongyang's words and the **** of hope The words of the old man, maybe not.

However, Emperor Ji will inevitably preach to Ye Futian, at least he will give a lot of advice, no one will doubt this.

He is only in the four realms of the emperor, and he is already so powerful. Normally, the upper emperor of the seven realms is not an opponent. If he hopes to practice for some years and has a stronger realm, he will inevitably come out of a peerless figure in the future.

Toxian Island, will he regain its glory in his hands?

At this time, the old man looking at Shenque in the void took a step forward, looked at the people coming from all walks of life, and said loudly: "This year is over, it's all gone."


Many people are disappointed, and I must hope that Shenque is also a little disappointed in this practice.

Of course, perhaps it was the emergence of Ye Futian and the arrival of the Northern Man Emperor that led to the current situation. Otherwise, some of them will definitely be able to enter the gods to practice. However, this is fortune, nothing Speakable.

Looking at the strong man of God, the people all dispersed and evacuated one after another.

Qi Mu looked into the distance. As the heir to the Pill Palace, he realized how far he was from Ye Futian. Even if Ye Futian didnt know how to make alchemy, he could not be compared. His achievements in practice were doomed. They are not one level people.

Ye Futian will be able to directly contact Jihuang.

"Let's go." An elder from the Danshen Palace spoke, and Qi Mu and others also left here.

But there are still many cultivators who still look in the direction of Wang Shenque and Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan did not leave naturally, and Lin Qiu and the others were there, standing quietly below. The old man looked down at them, and then asked Ye Futian: "Together?"

"En." Ye Futian nodded: "All my companions."

"In that case, let's go to the gods and rest together." The old man said.

"Thank you." Ye Futian smiled, and suddenly a group of figures rose into the sky. Lin Qiu came to Ye Futian's side, looking at him like a monster.

Although he had imagined that Ye Futian would be strong, he found every time that he still underestimated his strength.

"I have a question for you." Lin Qiu said to Ye Futian.

"What's the problem?" Ye Futian said.

"Did you refine those pills yourself?" Lin Qiu looked at Ye Futian with a strange meaning.


Ye Futian looked forward and said: "Senior Jihuang is still waiting for me."

As he said, he speeded up and walked forward. Lin Qiu watched his back figure and stopped there. He was speechless for a while. He really did it by himself?

Looking at Shenque, one after another attic palaces, many emperors appeared, and their eyes were looking at Ye Futian. Although they hadn't gone out before, their spirits were always there and witnessed the battle.

This generation, in the realm of the middle emperor, Wang Shenque could not find anyone who could defeat Ye Futian.

It seems that Dongxian Island is going to have a romantic figure.

Many emperors nodded to Ye Futian from the air, and Ye Futian would also nod in response, until they came to Xuankong Island again, the place where Emperor Ji cultivated.

Emperor Ji had witnessed the battle with his own eyes before. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "Yes, Yan Dongyang is a fifth-order human emperor. The road is perfect. You can beat him across the realm. In the middle emperor, the entire Donghua There shouldnt be many people who can fight you."

Ye Futian naturally understood that only the middle emperor with perfect avenues can fight him, and the figures of this level are basically the princes of the giants themselves, and the entire Donghua region will not be too much.

"However, before UU reading, the Dayan ancient royal family did not care about the existence of Dongxian Island and you, but this battle, after Yan Dongyang returns, the Dayan ancient royal family will definitely pay more attention to you. It's not a good thing, and Dongxian Island is the same." Ji Huang continued.

"I was concerned about Dongxian Island before, so I brought him here." Fairy Donglai said.

Jihuang pondered for a moment, looking at Ye Futian with thoughts.

Ye Futians strength cant be concealed. Now Dongxiandao notices him, but as he grows, more people will notice his existence. Unless he continues to practice and practice alone in China, the original world will happen. Sooner or later, the matter will be exposed, and Ye Futian is in the original world, and there is a strong enemy of Shenzhou.

"If you can enter the Domain Lord's Mansion, then, in the East China Region, no one can move you." The Emperor Ji suddenly said something after thinking about it.

"Domain Lord's Mansion?" Ye Futian looked at Emperor Ji.

Shenzhou eighteen domains, each domain has a domain master mansion, and Donghua domain naturally also has it.

The Domain Lord Mansion is a power directly under the seat of the East Phoenix Emperor, which is equivalent to the East Phoenix Emperors direct line, supervising the Divine Land, and is extremely powerful. If the Domain Lord Mansion is regarded as a power, the 18 Domain Lord Mansion will be It is the peak force.

Besides, there is also the emperor behind!


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