The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1985

Vol 8 Chapter 1985: Shenque Practice

"Yes, the domain master mansion." Ji Huang looked at Ye Futian and nodded: "The Donghua domain domain master mansion supervises a domain. The strong man is like a cloud. The domain master mansion is naturally not a place to train practitioners, but it will continue to flow. The ability to absorb the strong inside makes the domain master's mansion stronger and able to check and balance the various forces."

"With your cultivation as the realm, it is enough to enter the domain master mansion. To become a member of the domain master mansion, any power in China will have scruples if you want to move you."

Ye Futian nodded. As far as he knew, the elder brother of the Golden Kingdom Lord of the Primordial Realm worked under the command of Emperor East Phoenix. Naturally, there were many people working under the Palace Lord of the Domain Lords Mansion.

Emperor Ji learned about his situation through Fairy Donglai, and made this suggestion. One is to give him a strong background, so that the hostile forces dare not act rashly. The second reason should be Dongxian Island. With influence, Dongxian Islands position would be extremely stable. At that time, would the Dayan ancient royal family dare to act rashly?

Moreover, with Ye Futian's fighting power shown today, it is possible for him to become a senior figure in the domain lord mansion in the future.

Ye Futian was a little moved, but he still hesitated. In the case of unknown background, he still doesnt know his position. Although Princess Donghuang has rescued him once, the relationship between Emperor Donghuang and Emperor Ye Qing resentment

"However, consider this matter later. Your combat power is far beyond your own realm. Now you are cultivated in the four realms of the human emperor. If you can raise your realm to the peak realm of the middle emperor, unless you encounter the top emperor, you will not be threatened. , If you can step into the upper emperor with the perfect **** wheel, in that case, there will not be many people in China that can move you." Emperor Ji said, although there are still many giants in China, but looking at the vastness of China, Its small proportion is pitiful.

There are endless continents in China, how many giants are there?

Except for characters of this level, only the upper emperor who also casts the perfect **** wheel can threaten Ye Futian who has stepped into the upper emperor realm, and he also needs eight or even nine realms. These people themselves are also the most Top level people.

Of course, these premises are that Ye Futian will still be perfect when he enters the realm of the upper emperor.

"The younger generation understands that practice does not happen overnight, so they can only walk in the trial of China while practicing and improving themselves." Ye Futian said.

"En." Emperor Ji nodded: "Blindly practicing retreat is indeed useless, and the power of the path of practice itself also needs to walk on the path of understanding from all sides. Don't rush for success until the understanding is deep enough, especially with the help of elixir. In this way, the foundation of the avenue can be stable. You have some chances in Dongxian Island, which makes your vitality strong. This is the foundation of life, and the way of heaven and earth is the same. Only with a solid foundation can you move forward more smoothly. Although you inherit Improve the alchemy ability, but dont rely too much on the elixir to improve your cultivation, especially those that forcibly enhance your abilities. It damages the foundation of the Dao Dao. Perhaps it will not have much impact on the surface, but it is different for you. With the perfect **** wheel, you can't take a wrong step in order to always keep the road perfect."

Ye Futian listened quietly. The Emperor Ji was telling him, fearing that he would go the wrong way.

"Before the upper emperor, I practiced all the **** wheels of the Great Dao that were perfect, but later I was eager for quick success. Although my mood was stable, I was still a little impetuous. To practice after me."

Jihuang said, speaking of his past, he now has a very peaceful tone, but if he does it again, he will definitely care more about his foundation, and would rather break the boundary later.

"Junior, remember." Ye Futian bowed slightly, thinking the same in Donglai Shangxian's memory, because the pill he refined was not to directly help break the realm, but to focus on the foundation, strengthen the body, and fill the vitality. , To enhance the perception of the avenue, so that a more real perception of the avenue.

Before he helped Emperor Helian to break through the realm, he was also refining this kind of pill, which was to avoid rushing for success and causing insufficient foundation. Although the realm broke through, the road ahead was blocked.

Of course, those pills that forcefully help break the realm are for those who have already reached their limits and know they are unable to break the realm by themselves. For them, they have no hope of breaking through the realm. One step forward is The other step, even if it is by the power of pill.

At this time, I saw Emperor Ji turned around and said to Ye Futian: "You follow me."

Ye Futian nodded, followed the Emperor Ji and walked towards Wangshenque, standing between the heavens and the earth. Fairy Donglai and others stood there quietly and looked at it. It seems that the Emperor Ji wanted to see Ye Futian. Practicing under the gods.

Ye Futian inherited the mantle of her father, and showed such strength in himself. The Emperor Ji naturally appreciates it very much and wants to help him in his cultivation so that he can go further.

This Wangshenque is a cultivating god, and it has the power of creation. There are many rumors about this'wangshenque' in Dongxiao Continent. Many people think it is just a piece of'que', named after Emperor Ji. In fact, it is the real'God'.

Ye Futian followed the Emperor Ji to the front of Wangshenque. The old world tree in his body was swaying and making a crisp sound. It seemed that he wanted to break out of his body. Ye Futian has also encountered this situation many times in recent years, which can make the world The things that the old trees produce are all gods.

He followed Wangshenque and looked up into the sky, and saw that the gods seemed to be one with the heaven and the way, as if it were the avenue itself. This heaven and the earth were different from the heavens and the earth below the Wangshenque, forming a space of its own.

"Do you feel it?" Ji Huang asked Ye Futian.

"Suppress the Avenue." Ye Futian said.

"En." The Emperor Ji nodded: "I see that you are also good at suppressing avenues, the power of idols, the might of domineering, and the suppression of a party of void. This Wangshen fault has an extremely ancient history. According to rumors, these gods are heavenly. The treasure before the collapse, there are rumors that this **** is a stone gate that once guarded the heavens. I got it by chance, perhaps because I happen to be good at similar abilities. However, for countless years, I have been unable to completely refine it. , Maybe for the gods, only true god-level existence can completely refine them."

"Go ahead and try." The Emperor Ji said to Ye Futian. The God of Hope stands in front of him, but in fact there is still some distance. It seems to be close at hand, but it seems to be very far away, like a gate to the sky. , Majestic and majestic, just looking at it, you can feel the ancient solemn meaning.

Ye Futian walked forward, a heavy and extremely heavy pressure fell on him, that force was like Fang Tian oppressing him.

seems to be close at hand, but it seems difficult to reach.

"Bang." There was a dull sound, and Ye Futian's footsteps became heavy. At this moment, he felt that everything around him had disappeared. There was no Jihuang, no practice temple, there was only that god.

"The most original power of the Dao and the purest power contained in the gods." Ye Futian secretly said in his heart, as if it turned into an independent world, he stood in front of the towering gods, from above the gods, The coercion fell, like a sky oppressing it, and as we stepped forward, the coercion of the road became stronger and stronger.

Furthermore, Ye Futian had an illusion that the Wang Shenque seemed to be getting higher and higher in his perception, turning into a real heaven.

"Cultivating and suppressing the avenue here can definitely make great progress." Ye Futian had a ray of thought in his heart, the purest power of the avenue, how strong is the realm of cultivation needed to set foot on the Wangshen Que?

Ye Futian continued to walk forward. This walk seemed to take a long time. His pace was getting slower and slower, but it seemed that he could never reach the end. After a long time, he finally stopped and sat there to practice.

Not far away, Ji Huang and the others all looked at Ye Futian quietly, Donglai Shangxian walked to Ji Huang's side and said: "Uncle Ji, what happened to him?"

Ye Futian at this time, UU reading seems a bit strange.

"The gods are self-contained, and he has already walked into the avenue of gods." Emperor Ji said, "He may practice for a long time there, don't worry about it."

"En." Fairy Donglai nodded, and Emperor Dan looked ahead. Ye Futian was strong in himself and had good luck. Emperor Ji asked him to practice under the divine object. This divine object is his own place of cultivation. , Only the people he values most can come here.

"Send him here, what are your plans?" Ji Huang looked at Fairy Donglai and asked.

"I should go back." Fairy Donglai said.

"I am afraid that the ancient royal family of Dayan will look at this side. As for Dongxian Island, Dayan really doesn't care so much, so they have to do it, and they will not provoke me through Dongxian Island. It is not worth it. He or you." The Emperor Ji looked at Ye Futian and said, "So, you might as well stay here to practice, and then take him to Donghuatian. With your strength, there are not many people who Dayan can deal with you. ."

Fairy Donglai was thinking. Indeed, Dongxian Island is of little value to the Dayan ancient royal family. They dont bother at all. Now there is Ye Futian on Dongxian Island. If they want to deal with Dongxian Island, they can deal with Ye Futian directly. Now, there is no need to provoke Emperor Ji on Dongxian Island!


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