The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1987

Vol 8 Chapter 1987: God Tribulation

Ye Futian and Zong Chan came to the side of Emperor Ji. The old man was there before. His name was Li Changsheng. He entered the gods earlier than Zong Chan. He had been following Emperor Ji many years ago.

Now Wang Shenque is in charge of most things.

Li Changsheng showed a gentle smile at Ye Futian, immortal style, making people feel quite comfortable.

"Both of you are the owners of the perfect **** wheel. It's nothing more than practicing under Wangshen's fault. You still have to compete against each other. Is this a sympathy?" Li Changsheng said with a smile, his voice gentle, and it was like a spring breeze.

"For a while, I want to see Brother Ye's way." Zong Chan said with a smile.

"Brother Zong is considered a senior, and the upper emperor's road is perfect. Naturally, I can't compare it to me. It's just asking for advice." Ye Futian also smiled and said.

"You two, looking at Shenzhou, both belong to people with outstanding talents. They are so polite and humble. I can't listen to them anymore." Li Changsheng smiled and said, "By the way, I haven't introduced myself to Xiaoyou Ye. Li Changsheng has been watching. Shenque practice."

"Predecessors are polite." Ye Futian bowed slightly, and he naturally felt that this cultivation base of Li Changsheng was in the Nine Realms of Human Emperor.

When he entered Divine Que a few months ago, the other person was watching, and the emperors of all people focused on him.

It's just that in front of the Emperor Ji, he has another feeling.

Moreover, Ye Futian could see from the conversations of several people that Emperor Ji should be more easy-going, otherwise Li Changsheng and Zong Chan would not speak so casually and easily, obviously they are all used to it.

"The predecessors are too far-sighted. You are now looking at Shenque to practice. Naturally, you are considered a fellow daoist, so you can call it a brother Changsheng." Li Changsheng said, they and Emperor Ji did not have real mentorship, but they were both in The teacher is commensurate.

Ji Huang would not accept Ye Futian as his disciple, but since he was looking at Shenque to practice, he did not hinder this brother.

"Senior Brother Changsheng." Ye Futian naturally didn't care about these small sections, and bowed slightly to bow.

"Well, I deceived another powerful junior." Li Changsheng said with a smile: "In the future, juniors will set foot on the peak of spiritual practice, but don't forget to take care of the seniors."

"Senior Brother Changsheng, don't make fun of me." Ye Futian shook his head and smiled. At present, there should be a big gap between him and Li Changsheng.

"Brother Zong, maybe you will have an opponent in the future, and you won't be as lonely as before." Li Changsheng looked at Zong Chan again with a smile, Zong Chan, as the first talented person in Wang Shenque's cultivation, has always been invincible of the same generation. No one can compete with it.

"I am looking forward to it." Zong Chan smiled.

"I am still too far away from Senior Brother Zong." Ye Futian said modestly, but there is indeed a big gap.

"There is a sequence of learning about the Tao. The temporary strength of cultivation does not mean anything. In this state, any state may require years of cultivation. As you practice for a long time, you will find that if you stagnate, you do not know how many younger generations The characters will overtake you." At this time, Ji Huang said.

Li Changsheng and they all agree. Although Ye Futian has not experienced it, he naturally understands the truth. However, he has always surpassed the existence of others. Although he understands, he can't empathize.

"However, you don't have to deliberately try to force it to affect your mood. The foundation of the Dao is solid, and it surpasses everything. For your spiritual talents, the final point is still where the end of the Dao is." Jihuang said again.

Zongchan and Ye Futian both nodded.

"I plan to go out at the end of the year, and you two will be with me." Jihuang said again.

"Teacher, where are we going?" Zong Chan asked, the place where Emperor Ji went personally, shouldn't be an ordinary place.

"Changsheng, come on." Ji Huang looked at Li Changsheng.

"Yes, teacher." Li Changsheng nodded, then smiled at Zong Chan and Ye Futian, and said: "The two juniors are lucky. This trip is of great significance to you. Maybe you will experience it in the future."

Zong Cicada showed a strange color, and Li Changsheng was so serious, where did he go?

"Not long ago, there was news from Guixian Island that Emperor Xi was about to experience the Three Tribulations." Li Changsheng said, "Now, this news has spread to the Xianhai Islands. I heard that Emperor Xi doesn't mind others visiting."

"Divine Tribulation."

Zong Cicadas eyes revealed a sense of shock. The Emperor Xi himself was a legend in the East China Region. The road was perfect and the peak of the Emperor was already at the top of the East China Region.

Now, is it going to start the Three Tribulations?

The three calamities are divine calamities. Once the heavenly path collapsed, the perfect avenue is not tolerated by the order of heaven and earth. If you want to prove the heavenly path, you need to go through the three calamities.

Now, there are only a handful of such people in the whole China.

Once Xihuangdu's first calamity is completed, it will be possible to become the strongest existence in the East China Region.

Li Changsheng said that they may also experience it in the future, that is, if they maintain the perfect road and step into the realm of the emperor's peak, to prove the supremacy of the Tao, they will have to go through the three calamities.

Ye Futian now also knows a lot about cultivation, and naturally also knows the Three Calamities. In the memory he learned, the existence of the Three Calamities are legendary figures on the land of China. After the Three Calamities, they are gods.

Therefore, except for those supreme beings, there are only people who cross the first and second calamities in the world. You can imagine what level of existence this kind of person is.

Now, there is a strong man in the East China Region, who is going through three calamities.

It's no wonder that characters like Zong Chan were moved by it.

"It seems that Guixian Island is about to shake the Donghua Region." Zong Chan whispered.

"Inevitably, a rare event in a thousand years, I don't know how many top figures will go. This time, it may be a rare event in the East China region for a thousand years. The existence of those peaks will go to the ceremony." Li Changsheng smiled and said. Third order, who will miss it?

Even if it is the domain master's mansion, he will go to observe the ceremony.

"Who is this Emperor Xi?" Ye Futian asked curiously, is there such a tyrannical figure in Donghua Region.

"The Emperor Xi has been practicing for many years, and he has been at the peak of the Emperor for a long time. He practiced on Guixian Island in the Xianhai Continent. The reason why this continent is called the Xianhai Continent is because in addition to the plates that wrap the mainland, Outside the land, there are almost seas between the land plates. There are countless island cities in Xianhai. Guixian Island is the oldest island in Xianhai. As far as I know, before I was born, Emperor Xi He is already the emperor Xi, the pinnacle of the emperor, and he has practiced in Guixian Island." Li Changsheng said, he himself has practiced for many years, and one can imagine how early he became famous.

Ye Futian nodded, he seemed to be a top powerhouse who had practiced for many years.

Now, I am finally going through the Three Tribulations.

"Is this disaster dangerous?" Ye Futian asked.

"Well, when a practitioner enters the holy, there is a holy calamity, transcendence into the holy, and fades from the mortal to achieve the extraordinary body, and the three calamities are to drop the holy fetus and prepare for entering the divine realm. The Three Tribulations are extremely dangerous, much more dangerous than the Holy Tribulations. If you are careless, you may be killed by the order of the Great Dao." Li Changsheng said.

Ye Futian was quite frightened. He didn't expect to prove to the Divine Realm, there would still be a great risk. No wonder there are only a few people in the world.

Once the Heavenly Dao collapsed, hindering practitioners from entering the Dao.

"I intended to allow you to practice for some more time in Wangshenque, but now this time watching the emperor Xi's calamity is also an extremely rare opportunity, a rare encounter in a thousand years, so I don't want you to miss it, so you can go there." The Emperor Ji said. .

"Understand." Ye Futian nodded, of course he didn't want to miss such an opportunity.

As Ji Huang said, this kind of opportunity is rare in a thousand years.

Not only that, but you can also see the strong from all sides in the East China Region. I am afraid that by then, I don't know how many powerful people will go to Guixian Island to observe the ceremony.

"It is possible that you will meet people from the Domain Lord's Mansion this time. If you do, you can make friends and plan for your future entry into the Domain Lord's Mansion." Ji Huang said again, paving the way for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded slightly, do you want to enter the main mansion to practice?

If you enter the Donghua Domain Lord's Mansion, the danger will indeed be much smaller in the future!


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