The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1988

Vol 8 Chapter 1988: Xianhai Mainland

Shenzhou Infinite Continent, Donghua Region, as one of the 18 regions of China, also has many continents.

The Xianhai Continent is one of the more peculiar continents. This continent is not large, nor is it the main continent. It can only be regarded as a medium-sized continent. Normally, there is not much sense of existence. However, the people of Donghua Region do not. People don't know about Xianhai mainland.

Guixian Island, the mainland of Xianhai, is home to a top existence, Emperor Xi.

Now, there is news from Guixian Island that Emperor Xi will experience three calamities. This news spread quickly, first to the Xianhai Continent, then to other continents, until it spread to the East China Region.

For a time, this Xianhai Continent, which was not paid much attention to on weekdays, focused on the entire Donghua Region.

At this time, people were constantly traveling in the sky above the Xianhai Continent, and practitioners from all continents rushed in, not just such top powers as Wang Shenque, but also practitioners from many continents around. Who doesn't want to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event?

This is a divine calamity, it exists in the legend, very few people have seen it, not to mention it is a continent, even the entire Shenzhou continent, it is difficult to see it once.

Now, there is such an opportunity in Xianhai Continent to be able to witness the emperor Xi crossing the divine calamity. Although it is only the first calamity, it is still enough to attract the attention of the world.

At this time, in the void, a group of strong men descended from the sky, as if coming directly from outside the sky, causing many people around in the void to look towards this side, and they secretly said in their hearts that they did not know which continents top figures had arrived. This speed, eyes and Spiritual thoughts can't be captured.

The person here is really the Emperor Ji and others who came from Wangshenque, and Ye Futian and his party with several Wangshenque practitioners.

"Here." The Emperor Ji stood there and said, Ye Futian looked down at the sky, and it turned out to be a vast expanse of children. In the fairy sea, there are islands, but there are many buildings on those islands, just like The city on the island is somewhat similar to Qingzhou City in the East China Sea where he lived when he was a child.

Of course, the East China Sea is far from being comparable to Xianhai.

It's just that his realm is not comparable to that of his youth, so he feels a bit similar. After all, his vision and spirituality can cover extremely remote areas. Although the island cities are extremely far apart, the vision Can still cross the island city.

"So fast."

Ye Futian glanced at the Emperor Ji. The speed of the top powerhouse was too terrifying. He walked across the void, like a shuttle in space. He came to this Xianhai Continent from Dongxiao Continent, without knowing how much he crossed in the middle. The mainland, but gave him the feeling that it didn't take long to arrive. This is the speed of the giants.

"I don't know when to cross the catastrophe for the time being, you walk around Xianhai Continent, and when the day of cross catastrophe arrives, you will go directly to Guixian Island." The Emperor Ji said to them, everyone nodded in response, and saw Ji. The emperor took a step forward, his body disappeared, and he went to find a place to practice alone.

Although the news of Guixian Island came out, the date of crossing the catastrophe has not yet been determined. They dont want to miss it and they can only come first. In this situation, they cant go to Guixian Island to disturb them. Now outside of Guixian Island, Im afraid it will I don't know how many practitioners have gathered.

"I am going to find a place near Guixian Island to practice, what are your plans?" Li Changsheng asked with a smile.

"I'm going to Guixian Island." Zong Chan said, those who look forward to the gods have their own plans.

"I'll take a look everywhere." Ye Futian smiled.

"Okay, let's go away first, and meet again in Guixiandao." Li Changsheng said with a smile, and then the powerhouses dispersed one after another, all they wanted to do.

Ye Futian and his party are still there. In addition to Ye Futian, Fairy Donglai and Emperor Dan have also arrived. Naturally, Xia Qingyu, Zifeng and others need not say much.

But Fairy Donglai did not leave, but went with Ye Futian, and did not intend to disperse.

This time the Guixian Island incident caused such a sensation, people from all forces will come, and the strong of the Dayan ancient royal family will inevitably be there. There are also some other top forces. The person with the highest state around Ye Futian is Beigong. Proud, she is not very relieved.

"Let's go." Ye Futian walked forward, the emptiness was in the void, passing by the island cities, the sound of huge waves was constantly beating from the fairy sea below, and the sea breeze was blowing on him, making the white clothes hunt and the silver hair Flying.

Ye Futian missed this feeling a little, and there were many pictures in his mind, and when he spent time with his teacher and reconciled, he traveled across the East China Sea.

I dont know how they are now. They have been in Shenzhou for some years, whether they are all well in the original world.

People are constantly walking in the sky over Xianhai. Many people pass by Ye Futian, but most practitioners will not be troubled. This time they are practitioners from all sides, and no one knows the other party. The bottom line is that it will naturally not happen easily.

At this time, Ye Futian and the others were not far above the prescription position. A group of strong men moved forward at an extremely fast speed. One of them glanced at Ye Futian and them, and then a voice came out: "It's a demon phoenix."

The speaker's eyes were a little bit strange, he glanced at Zifeng, showing interest, and at a glance he saw that Zifeng's real body was the phoenix bird.

seemed to perceive the opponent's eyes, Zifeng's eyes lit up the terrible fire of the avenue, and the meaning of the avenue bloomed from the eyes, and the meaning of the avenue of flame invaded the other's eyes.

However, I saw a strange light flashing through those strange eyes, UU reading www. uukanshu. Com let Zifeng's will invade, his eyes flashed, as if he felt something, and then smiled and said, "What a great Phoenix, it's a pity, if it is no owner, it will be fine."

As he said, he took a look at Ye Futian and the others. This monster is following a group of humans and should have a master.

If it's an Ownerless Phoenix, it's fine.

"Let's go, don't look." The person next to him reminded him, the other nodded, and the group of people accelerated, disappearing into the field of vision in the blink of an eye.

Ye Futian frowned slightly. Although the other party did not make any excessive actions, his tone still seemed a little frivolous.

"There are top figures, they should come from the top overlord-level forces." Fairy Donglai said softly. Ye Futian was speechless when she heard what she said. He didn't expect that the group of people randomly encountered over the Xianhai Continent might be of this kind. The existence of a level, a giant-level force.

"Can you see which force it is?" Zifeng asked, obviously she was a little unhappy, the other's eyes and attitude made her very unhappy.

"Zifeng, the other party is not doing anything, don't cause trouble." Fairy Penglai said softly. Although they now have the protection of Emperor Ji, the giant-level forces should not provoke them so as not to let the Emperor Ji make enemies.

Zifeng nodded, although he was unhappy, he didn't pursue it.


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