The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1989

Vol 8 Chapter 1989: Story

In the sea of immortals, some people travel by boat.

Many flat boats floated on the Xianhai. Among one of the flat boats, Ye Futian lay quietly there, Xia Qingyu sat behind him, and the black wind carving next to him looked around.

On the other flat boats behind them were other practitioners. Fairy Penglai, Zifeng and Bai Mu were together, Bei Gongao and Bei Gongshuang were together, and they all followed Ye Futian on the boat.

"It's rare to have such a pleasant time." Bei Gongao looked at the distant scenery, lonely sailing in the distance, and vaguely visible shadows of the ancient city of architecture in the void, which seemed to be a mirage.

"Just take a rest." Ye Futian in front of him smiled and said, his hands resting on the back of his head, he was very casual and relaxed, it was really rare.

I have been practicing for many years, never stopped, dare not delay.

This trip to the Xianhai Continent, now it doesnt make much sense to find a place to practice. Its better to take this opportunity to relax and not think about the practice. Wandering in the boundless Xianhai, moving with the wind, it feels also very good.

Looking up, I can see occasional people passing by in the sky above Xianhai, and from time to time among the big children, I can see people walking away from the sky. I can imagine how many people come to this Xianhai mainland and go to Guixian Island.

"In the future, I will break the border and respond to the catastrophe. I don't know what the scene will be." Ye Futian said in a low voice. He believed that sooner or later, there would be such a day.

"If you have that day, perhaps China will shake, and the sky will come to congratulate you." A soft voice came from the side. Ye Futian raised his head slightly and saw a beautiful face brought into his eyes. Xia Qingyu also looked down at him. Ye Futian's words It makes her look forward to it.

What kind of scene would it be if he crosses the Tribulation in the future?

"Perhaps all beings are enemies, and all the people from the Divine State will be killed." Ye Futian said casually. He doesn't know what the future will be. With the progress of his cultivation, the secret of his life experience should be getting closer, but he doesn't know now. When it is unveiled in the future, will China come to congratulate or punish him?

"No." Xia Qingyuan looked at his eyes and said seriously.

"Who knows." Ye Futian smiled and said, no one can predict the way forward, so he can only go down step by step.

Xia Qingyuan looked at him, knowing that Ye Futian had always had a secret, and he was not sure.

"All beings are enemies, I will still be there." Xia Qingyu said softly, she didn't look at Ye Futian, looked into the distance, will there be such a day?

Ye Futian looked at that beautiful face and showed a gentle smile. In this world, treat him not thinly.

Although he has encountered many difficulties and dangers, and has had many enemies, but there are also many relatives and elders who have always stood by his side and supported him all the way to the present.

There are waves coming, and the lone boat floats along with the waves. A light curtain appears around the boat, blocking the sea water and unable to enter the boat. They seem to be drifting with the waves like this, without a direction, and do not know where to drift.

Ye Futian slept. He hasn't slept for a long time. The spiritual practitioners absorb the aura of the heavens and all things, and they don't need sleep and food, especially after entering the holy. Therefore, Ye Futian rarely rests.

A ray of sound floated into his ears, and Ye Futian, who was asleep on the boat, woke up leisurely, opened his eyes, his eyes looked a little lazy, and he looked up and saw Xia Qingyu still sitting there, eyes looking down at him.

Seeing Ye Futian opened her eyes, she averted her gaze, as if a peeping was discovered, there was a hint of shame on her face.

Ye Futian smiled and said, "What sound?"

"I arrived at a coast, it seems to be a place of cultivation, there are many people in front." Xia Qingyu looked down at him and said softly.

Ye Futian sat up and looked forward. Not far from the coast, many practitioners gathered together. On the cliff of the sea, there seemed to be a huge picture carved with many people standing on the coast. On the rocks.

When Ye Futian swept away his spiritual thoughts, he saw a humanoid pattern on the screen. During the practice of the axe, the spiritual thoughts invaded, those patterns seemed to move, and they contained the strong meaning of Thunder Avenue, making the cliff filled with The power of Thunder Avenue.

"Huh?" Ye Futian showed a strange color. He actually discovered that this pattern was extremely extraordinary and the axe was very strong. When the divine mind invaded, he saw a terrible picture.

Is there still a chance here?

If so, luck is really good.

"It's not just a cliff, look at other places." Bei Gongao showed a different color. He looked at the entire cliff beside the coast and found that except for the complete pattern, the surrounding cliffs were all covered. The traces of spiritual practice extend to extremely remote places, as if the entire coast has been carved with traces.

"Well, this pattern should be engraved after the completion of cultivation, and the other party should feel it here." Ye Futian glanced at and nodded. They drove the boat and continued to move forward. Sometimes someone passed by here to see the situation here. Will fall.

On a huge rock, there is a pair of young Taoists on it. The cultivation base is not very strong, and they should all be at the level of sage realm.

"Excuse me, what is this place?" When Ye Futian and the others passed by, Bei Gongao asked the two of them.

The two of them turned their eyes and glanced at Bei Gong proud of them. They immediately understood that these people may be powerful practitioners from outside. The young man bowed slightly and saluted, saying: "This was once the place where Lei Chi Tianzun practiced."

"Thunder Punishment Heavenly Sovereign?" Bei Gong proudly showed a different color. UU Reading seemed to be another very powerful character.

"En." The young man nodded: "When Lei Chi Tianzun went to Guixian Island to ask for the truth when he was in the realm of the upper emperor, he found Emperor Xi. Emperor Xi did not teach him. He asked him to find a place to carve the Tao, forget everything, and stop practicing. Absorbing the way of heaven and earth, Lei Chi Tianzun came here, carve the way for 30 years, detached.

"Tianzun Lei Chai went to Guixian Island to worship Emperor Xi as his teacher after breaking through the border. Emperor Xi did not see him, but said that it was his own opportunity and had nothing to do with him, but Tianzun Lei Chai always regarded himself as a student." The youth continued to speak. "Here is the place where he once practiced, and it has never been erased. It is said that there are still treasures left in the mountain wall. It is just a rumor. I don't know whether it is true or false."

"I admire." Bei Gong proudly said, with some admiration, whether it is Emperor Xi or Tianzun Lei Chi.

Both of them are extraordinary people. The Emperor Xi gave instructions and did not ask for anything in return. Even though he was detached, Tianzun Lei had taken the Emperor Xi as his teacher, and everything carved here has not been erased and left to the world. Probably it was also after receiving the guidance of Emperor Xi that he felt it, and hoped that it would be beneficial to other practitioners.

Ye Futian also secretly admired, this time the Emperor Xi crossed the Tribulation, Lei Chi Tianzun should also go.

I didnt expect such a giant figure to have such a story, which is a beautiful talk!


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