The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1990

Vol 8 Chapter 1990: Cliff

"You seniors come from other continents, right?" The young man asked Ye Futian and the others with a smile.

"En." Bei Gong proudly nodded: "I heard the news of Guixian Island, coming from afar."

"The junior name is Lin Yuan, this is my Taoist Lu Qing." The young man said: "After the news of Guixian Island, people from various continents came to Xianhai Continent. This place is somewhat famous in Xianhai Continent, but Shenzhou Da There are many relics on the ground, and here is not very famous in other continents outside, but there are many people who have passed by recently, like the seniors, come here and take a look."

"For many years, no one has comprehended the road carved on this cliff?" Ye Futian asked.

"I dont know, everyone understands it more or less, but this picture is said to be a bit scattered. Tianzun Lei Ping carved here for 30 years and enlightened Dao. This set of axe methods is said to have come into being when Dao was established. Practitioners have different comprehensions. As for whether they fully comprehend it, it is not known." Lin Yuan responded.

"Understood." Ye Futian nodded.

"The predecessors have extraordinary temperament, should they come from the top forces of other continents?" Lin Yuan asked. Ye Futian looked at each other, only to see a hint of expectation in Lin Yuan's eyes.

"It's true." Ye Futian smiled and nodded.

"Can juniors follow seniors? I am willing to guide seniors." Lin Yuan bowed slightly.

Ye Futian heard the other person's words, looked at him, smiled and said, "You want to go to Guixian Island to watch the ceremony."

The cultivation of these two people is not very strong. The Xianhai Continent is not big for the top people, but it is still very big for the sages. Moreover, with their realm, I am afraid that they are even qualified to set foot on Guixian Island. No.

But such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I don't want to miss it. Now that I met Ye Futian and the others, Lin Yuanguan Yefu had extraordinary weather and personable demeanor, so I wanted to get an opportunity to visit Guixian Island.

Although he is still too far away from that realm, in this life, maybe this time I can have a chance to see the top characters in the world. If I missed it, maybe it is a lifetime.

Ye Futian saw a ray of anticipation in the other's eyes and smiled and said: "Try your luck, if I can comprehend the avenue on the cliff, I will take you there, if I can't, I won't take you."

When Lin Yuan heard Ye Futians words, a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes. Although Ye Futian and the others may be top forces from the outer continent, the road on this cliff was carved by Lei Chi Tianzun after all. There have been many in Xianhai Continent. The romantic figures come here, although they have their own understanding, but how many people dare to say that they fully understand the law of the great road on the cliff?

Although Yefu's weather is of extraordinary quality, I am afraid it is still vague.

However, this kind of look only flickered, and he smiled and said, "Senior must be able to do it."

Ye Futian smiled, Lin Yuan gave up his position on the reef and said, "Senior, please."

After all, he took the initiative to retreat to the back of the reef, Ye Futian was not polite, stepped up, and looked at the cliff in front of him. In front of him, there were many people standing in different directions.

"Do you really want to go to Guixian Island?" Lu Qing looked at Lin Yuan and asked.

"Well, it's a rare encounter in a thousand years. Even if you can't enter it, you have to look outside. The movement of the experience may shock the whole Guixian Island, and you can see some outside." Lin Yuan nodded.

"Although our practice is acceptable, as you said, this is a rare feast in a thousand years. These days, there are strong men walking in the sky every day. The top figures of the entire Donghua region will be there. There is no place for the cultivation base. If the movement of the gods is too large, or if we encounter other changes, our strength is probably very small." Lu Qingdao, she seemed unwilling to go.

Faced with the top figures gathered from the East China Region, one would feel a pressure, and it was a divine calamity, it was too much involved, a major event that was rare in a thousand years, a slight difference, it would definitely be a shock. The cultivation base is not enough to see.

Therefore, Lu Qing is slightly more conservative and worried about risks. She always feels that such a feast will not be peaceful. If you follow Ye Futian and the others into the island, the risk will be even greater.

"At that time, Lei Chi Tianzun went to seek the Tao, and carved the Tao for 30 years, and finally achieved the name of Tianzun. I am now in the realm of cultivation, what qualifications do I have not to seek the Tao with a humility, broaden my horizons, and watch the divine calamity, only a trace of insight, to us Its all very meaningful."

Lin Yuan said and took Lu Qing's hand, and Lu Qing nodded slightly. This time, let him go for a while and see the strongest calamity in the world.

Ye Futian looked at the direction of the cliff, his eyes became very strange, and his whole body revealed a sense of strange beauty. He looked at the rune-like patterns, as if people were practicing tomahawks.

At this moment, in his mind, those people seemed to be moving, waving their battle axes.

"Awesome." Ye Futian felt the meaning of the battle axe and gave a compliment in his heart. This battle axe is very strong.

However, it doesn't seem to be difficult. For him, he can clearly feel the power of the avenue, and it is easy to understand.

Then, Ye Futian looked at the second pattern, which was somewhat different from the previous one, but very similar, and it was also a very powerful one.

Ye Futian stood there quietly, feeling quietly. From his side, Bei Gongao and Bei Gongshuang also looked at the cliff, and they all understood. Just as Lin Yuan said, everyone is different. Sentiment.

Behind them, Lin Yuan watched quietly. Although he didn't have much hope, he still waited quietly here, and at the same time, he could practice cultivation.

In the fairy sea, in front of the cliff, many people talked about it, and some discussed the Taoism on the cliff.

At this time, another person came down in the void and came to the front of the cliff. The temperament of this line was also extraordinary. Everyone had an extraordinary temperament.

"Here is what Lei Ping Tianzun left when he enlightened Dao. It is said that there are still his treasures in the cliff. Whoever can crack it can get it." At this moment, a young man opened his mouth and said. .Wuxiaworld~ Look at a woman beside her.

The woman's face was so outstanding, her temperament was dusty, she looked like a goddess, and many people took a sneak peek, but she quickly moved her vision away and didn't dare to look more.

Those who come in these two lines are extremely difficult to identify. Now the situation in Xianhai Continent is naturally clear to everyone. The strong come here, and many people can't afford it, so try to be as low-key as possible.

Those who come here may be practitioners of top foreign powers, so naturally they dare not be too rude.

"Very strong." The woman glanced at the cliff, as if she could see a lot at a glance, she couldn't help but praise.

"I have seen Lei Chi Tianzun once. When I went to the mansion as a guest, Lei Chi Tianzun's senior was a strange person, and the method of staying is naturally very strong." The young man smiled and said, suddenly many people looked at him and glanced at him again.

This sentence implies a lot of things, Lei Chi Tianzun once went to his mansion as a guest, what does it mean?

means that there are people in his family who are at the same level as Lei Chi Tianzun, who are qualified to let Lei Chi Tianzun come to visit. Undoubtedly, they are giant-level forces.

The woman was not surprised. Obviously, she knew that the other partys family had this kind of energy. They did come from a giant-level power, and they came from Donghua Tian!


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