The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1991

Vol 8 Chapter 1991: Debate

Donghua Tian, the main continent of the Donghua Region, is located at the center of the East China Region. People in the world do not like to call it the East China Continent, but call it Donghua Tian.

The domain master mansion of the East China Region is also located in the East China Region. As the main continent of the East China Region, the overall strength of the practitioners of the East China Region is definitely the strongest place in the entire East China Region. The strong are like clouds. .

This time the Guixian Island feast was a sensation in the East China Region, and the power of the East China Heaven was also attracted.

Ye Futian heard that the other party had seen Lei Ping Tianzun, he couldn't help but glanced over there, but he didn't care too much. In terms of vision, he had seen Princess Donghuang three times, and Emperor Ye Qing had seen it three times. How many people can compare?

The youth's words can fool some people, so he naturally doesn't care too much, and then he turns his eyes back and continues to practice with peace of mind.

After the strong from each side looked at each other, they all started to practice. Now the strong from the Xianhai Continent gather, but in fact they have nothing to do with them, just look at the excitement.

Ye Futian felt quietly. As time passed, he even closed his eyes. In the palace of life, an illusory figure sat cross-legged, surrounded by purple light and the sky, thunder horror, he was sitting alone, and there seemed to be countless illusory figures around him. , Each figure is in a different shape, and the battle axe is split, turning this space into a doomsday space. The meaning of each battle axe is extremely terrifying.

Ye Futian at this moment, as if traveling through time and space, returning to the past, witnessing Lei Chi Tianzun practicing the axe.

Those scenes are all presented in this space.

Every axe carries an extraordinary artistic conception, which seems to be natural, the avenue is one, but it still cannot be fully understood.

"Uncle Beigong, Xiaoshuang, please feel it." Ye Futian said. After hearing his voice, the two of them took seriously and sat down. They knew how strong Ye Futian's savvy was. They were on Dongxian Island before. Futian helped them feel.

They also practice the power of Thunder Avenue, and Ye Futian can help them very well.

A ray of light bloomed from the center of Ye Futian's eyebrows, like a picture, directly transferred to the minds of Bei Gongao and Bei Gongshuang, so that the two of them would follow together.

The two closed their eyes tightly and received the picture passed by Ye Futian. Sure enough, they had a stronger comprehension than they themselves, and it was extremely clear, as if they had restored Lei Chi Tianzun's cultivation situation back then.

After a long time, Ye Futian stopped practicing, and the two of them continued to comprehend.

Ye Futian looked at the cliff wall around the pattern, looked at the imprints, there seemed to be many axe marks, these axe marks were all natural, like the simplest axe engraved, there is no hidden way, leaving traces, There are also many traces that contain the meaning of the great road, which seems a little messy, and it is impossible to understand the true meaning of these imprints carved by Lei Cha Tian.

"Lei Ping Tianzun has enlightened the Tao here for decades. Carved this set of axe methods. It is truly extraordinary. Each axe can be used as a single attack. These attacks can be integrated into a complete set of axe methods. If you want to realize it, I'm afraid it is not easy." At this moment, the emperor who came from Donghua said.

The woman beside him also looked forward, but didn't say anything. She felt a little different from her.

At this time, Bei Gongshuang also opened his eyes and looked at the stone wall. She looked at Ye Futian with beautiful eyes and said, "Have you realized it?"

"Each type of axe is self-contained, and if you have enough time, you can feel it, but overall, you can't see it." Ye Futian shook his head and said, he has no clue at all, and can't combine them perfectly.

"En." Bei Gongshuang nodded: "Is there no connection between each other, every type of axe is carved by Thunder Punishment Tianzun, there are not many rules, and it is not a set of tomahawk magical powers?"

Ye Futian heard Bei Gongshuang's words, his eyes showed a different color, if he didn't turn them into one, it would make sense, but Lei Chi Tianzun left a pattern of practice here, just carved it casually?

"It's like an independent individual, but if this is the case, someone should have realized it. Why couldn't they crack the secret of the cliff?" Ye Futian said: "Unless the rumors about the cliff are wrong, there is nothing here. The secret is simply the place where Lei Chi Tianzun practiced."

Bei Gongshuang didn't understand it very much, and said softly: "However, in my feeling, each type of axe is independent, or it may be my low level."

"Maybe you are right." Ye Futian smiled and said, Bei Gongshuang is a relatively pure person. Such a person is not easy to fall into misunderstandings and is not easy to be influenced by others. She thinks what she sees.

Maybe she was wrong because she couldn't comprehend it because her realm was low, but even so, this is her way of practice.

"How true is the rumors about Lei Ping Tianzun leaving treasure on the cliff?" Ye Futian asked Lin Yuan behind him.

Lin Yuan is a cultivator in Xianhai Continent, and he should know a little more about this place.

"There are many rumors about this in Xianhai. Gradually, most people are willing to believe it, but the truth is not clear. Perhaps this senior empress is right. Back then, Lei Chi Tianzun practiced here, enlightened Dao for decades, and portrayed it at will. Maybe." Lin Yuan said with a smile.