The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1992

Vol 8 Chapter 1992: Wake Up

Ye Futian was in front of Lin Yuan, and he also felt an invisible force. He turned his head and glanced at Lin Yuan, and he saw that Lin Yuan was soaked in an instant, with a touch of pain on his face. Obviously, someone released pressure on him. .

Lin Yuan realm is too far away from the human emperor, a powerful human emperor released his spiritual coercion, enough to directly crush his spirit.

Because of one sentence, the other party actually released great pressure on Lin Yuan.

Ye Futian frowned and turned back to look at the other party. However, at this moment, the other party had already retracted his breath, and a small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He glanced at Lin Yuan. The small smile seemed to be mocking Lin Yuan. Self-reliance, or rather, deep disdain.

Seeing the other person's eyes, Lin Yuan was angry, but he was still silent. Indeed, his realm stood in front of the other person, and there was no doubt that he had the right to talk to the ants?

The scornful look in his eyes was a response to him.

In fact, Lin Yuan didn't say anything, just told the other party not to care about different opinions, nothing more.

Seeing the other party's figure turned, Ye Futian was a little unhappy. He naturally saw that Bei Gongshuang had no intention of arguing with the other party. Her personality was like this, perhaps because the other party first said her own judgment. But Bei Gongshuang disagrees, is it considered as a question or provocation?

Cultivating to the realm of the emperor should not be this kind of demeanor, unless there are other reasons.

Ye Futian looked at the goddess-like cultivator beside him, perhaps because of her.

He can naturally see that this young man wants to be close to each other.

"You are all right. This pattern and imprint were all carved by Lei Chi Tianzun at will. Every imprint on the pattern is self-contained and has no connection." At this moment, Ye Futian suddenly faced Beigong Shuanghe. Lin Yuan said.

"Predecessors..." Lin Yuan looked at Ye Futian. His sage cultivation level is not weak in fact. It depends on who is compared. Ye Futian's words, he vaguely feels that dissatisfaction arises because of the other's attitude, deliberately That said.

The attitude of the other party was already obvious before, and he was very dissatisfied with their conflicting opinions, so it was already a warning just now.

If Bei Gongshuang was not considered a dispute before, then Ye Futian said at this time, he was arguing, and it might cause conflict.

Although Lin Yuan was angry before, he didn't want to be a storm. Both of them were not ordinary people. He could see that Ye Futian and the others were also extraordinary figures with extraordinary temperament and realm. It would be too uncommon if they were bothered by him. worth it.

Many disputes in the spiritual world are caused by very small things, and these small things are not worth the price.

Lin Yuan, he didn't want to see it.

Hearing Ye Futian's words, the youth who had already turned around was stunned, and then slowly turned around again, his eyes fell on Ye Futian, but Ye Futian did not look at him, but said to Lin Yuan: "I will Take you and follow me to Guixian Island."

Lin Yuan heard Ye Futian's words but didn't have any surprises. He just looked at him and felt a little worried. After all, the other party was a power that even Lei Chi Tianzun would descend on his mansion, which shows how strong its power is.

Ye Futian's attitude made him a little worried.

In this case, it is easy to intensify contradictions. This trivial matter may become a fuse.

"Senior..." Lin Yuan wanted to say something, but he didn't know how to say it.

"It's so decided." Ye Futian smiled and said, thinking about what Lin Yuan wanted to say.

"I already said that she was wrong." At this time, the young man looked at Ye Futian and said, his eyes were sharp.

Ye Futian's eyes fell on the other party. Everything before that was just a small thing for him. Just as Lin Yuan said, different perceptions, different opinions, each has their own opinions, nothing more, no interference with each other. .

However, the other party must say that they are wrong, Bei Gongshuang has already given in, but the other party regards it as their weakness?

"She's right." Ye Futian looked at the other person's eyes and replied, without avoiding it. Since he wanted to fight, he would naturally accompany him.

Bei Gongshuang is not qualified to talk to him, so, is he enough?

"Reason?" the other side said.

"I think she is right, she is right, do you need a reason?" Ye Futian's voice is indifferent, and his own opinion also needs a reason.

The other party suddenly smiled, seemingly sarcastically.

"I don't understand, do you think you have understood the secret of the cliff?" He sneered.

"Your excellency understand?" Ye Futian asked back.

"No." The other party responded directly.

"Since no one comprehends and proves that I am wrong, then I can naturally consider it to be right. Unless you can comprehend a set of axe methods from it, why would you question others' opinions?" Ye Futian said, still refuting the other party. .

The meaning of the avenue on the other party's body spread out, and he smiled at Ye Futian and said: "Where did you come from, and from which force?"

"Does this have anything to do with the cliff practice?" Ye Futian did not respond, but asked directly.

The other party stared at Ye Futian and said, "It's okay."

"Since it's okay, what do you ask?" Ye Futian replied, just as the other party had targeted Bei Gongshuang and Lin Yuan before, his tone was tough and aggressive.

Strands of avenue pressure filled the opponent's body, and his eyes always fell on Ye Futian's body.

"What they said is not unreasonable. It is possible that these marks themselves are not related. Before they are confirmed, don't make a conclusion easily." At this moment, the woman looking at the cliff in front said softly, making the young man startled and staring at this. Then he moved away from Ye Futian, looked at the woman in front, smiled and said, "It makes sense."

The same words, from different populations, seem to have completely different attitudes.

"Any definite conclusion is unreasonable in itself, unless you can feel the secret of the cliff, and argue about it, it is better to confirm it in practice." The woman continued, and she turned her head and glanced at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stared at her. As an empress, this woman had a noble temperament, and her plain and beautiful eyes were confident and proud.

Ye Futian just smiled.

"Is there anything funny?" the woman asked.

"Nothing." Ye Futian responded: "It's just that I can't be wrong, at least today, I can't be wrong."

He may not be right, but he must not be wrong, because he has no way to link it together and feel it, and other people can't do the same.

Since it can't be done, it can't be confirmed, so it can't be wrong.

The woman took a serious look at him, and didn't know if she understood the meaning of Ye Futian's words, she turned her gaze back, continued to look at the cliff, and felt seriously.

After she spoke, the young emperor also calmed down. Like her, he was quiet and enlightened, and wanted to prove something to prove that he was right.

Since the other party did not continue, Ye Futian naturally would not deliberately find the fault. Like the other party, he also looked at the cliff again.

Although he had supported Bei Gongshuang before, in fact, he can't judge himself at present. Bei Gongshuang's words have a certain truth, and he also feels this way, but the other party's words are not unreasonable.

Lei Chi Tianzun has been to the other party's mansion. He knows some news. Judging from the other party's previous words and some rumors about Lei Chi Tianzun, it is really possible that there are treasures hidden in the cliff.

So, what kind of connection is there?

Thinking of this, Ye Futian calmly felt it. After a while, he closed his eyes and was immersed in the feeling again.

Inside the palace, a series of patterns reappeared, as if he was inside, watching the former Lei Chi Tianzun carved roads.

This time, he watched for a long time, and those axe techniques were like beams of light, which kept echoing in his mind, but they were still the same, self-contained and could be linked to each other, but it seemed a bit far-fetched.

After a long time, the axe in Ye Futian's mind continued to show up, like a picture, jumping back and forth, each axe is very strong, but still can't find the slightest connection.

What is the mystery of this cliff?

He opened his eyes, and saw Bei Gongshuang walked to the cliff. UU Reading stood nearby, watching the cliff from close range, sometimes even reaching out to touch it.

"Why, so serious?" Ye Futian said to her in a blank space.

"Strange." Bei Gongshuang murmured, turned and walked back to Ye Futian, seeming to be thinking. She raised her head to look at Ye Futian and asked: "Why are there some imprints, some of which are not hidden in them, but more The axe mark that contains Taoism is deeper, and the artistic conception is stronger."

Ye Futian suddenly raised his head and looked towards the cliff, only to see the countless imprints on the cliff were all brought into his mind in an instant, and all appeared in his mind.

In his mind, there seemed to be a flash of lightning flashing, as if he had caught something, and there was a touch of excitement in his eyes.

Yes, there is no axe mark that contains Taoism, and some are deeper than Taoism. What does this mean?

He thought of the rumors about Lei Chi Tianzun. The Emperor Xi asked him to engrave the Tao. He engraved the Tao for decades, enlightened and detached.

How did he do it?

When Ye Futian looked up at the pattern again, his mood became different. He was already able to determine that the pattern and each imprint of the moment were separate and existed, and they had nothing to do with each other.

His random guess is right!


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