The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1993

Vol 8 Chapter 1993: Crack

"Back to Basics."

Ye Futian looked at the cliff in his heart and said, this is the transcendence of Tao, and he himself represents Tao.

Lei Ping Tianzun carved the road for decades, and took that step to detach himself.

Ye Futian has been in contact with many top figures, and he can vaguely perceive the realm of Lei Chi Tianzun. The carvings he carved on the cliff are not a complete set of axe methods, but the changes in his realm and the process of detachment.

"Xiaoshuang, you are right." Ye Futian said: "Back then, Lei Chi Tian Zun enlightened Dao and beyond. Everything carved here is the process of Lei Chi Tian Zun's enlightenment, not a complete set of axe methods. Axes are all self-contained. Therefore, after Lei Pingtian enlightened him, he no longer needed treasures, even top-level magical instruments had no meaning to him."

Bei Gongshuang's beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian and said, "Did you understand?"

This guy, has he realized it again? Ye Futian's impression of her is too strong, as if there is nothing that he can't realize.

"Not yet, but you already know the key. You reminded me." Ye Futian smiled and said. His words made many people look at him, showing a strange color, but many people were skeptical. Look.

Have you realized it?

But why, they don't believe so.

In front, the young man frowned, but before he could speak, he saw the woman next to him turning around to look at Ye Futian, and said, "What do you realize?"

This woman actually has similar thoughts to Ye Futian and Bei Gongshuang. The more she feels this, the stronger her thoughts. Everything on the cliff is self-contained and not related to each other. The youth around her may be wrong. .

But she didn't say anything, just let the flow go and see if anyone can solve the answer.

Now, Ye Futian said that he knew the key, because she turned around and asked.

"I realized the state of mind of Lei Chi Tianzun when he was practicing here." Ye Futian said.

"Really?" The young man glanced at him coldly and said: "Then, I want to open my eyes."

Ye Futian smiled and didn't say anything. He continued to look at the cliff wall, starting from the first mark on the cliff wall pattern, and starting from the beginning, this mark seemed to be imprinted directly into his mind, extremely clear .

"In that case, you can see clearly." Ye Futian said, and from his eyes a very bright divine light was directly printed on the imprint of the cliff. At that moment, there seemed to be an illusory The figure fell directly into the mark and turned into a phantom of Ye Futian. The phantom waved a movement and saw that the mark also moved, as if it had come to life.


A brilliant glow came out, and from the cliff, there seemed to be a villain, like the return of Lei Chi Tianzun, throwing an axe, everyone could feel the artistic conception, many people in front of the cliff He was even pushed back, extremely fast, as if he was frightened.

But when they retreated, they found that there was no destructive power, but they almost fell into this mood, as if it were real.

"This..." The people around looked sideways, turning their heads and looking shocked at the location where Ye Futian was. No one could do the same as him before, urging the imprint and letting the mind go outside, only to perceive it.

Could it be that he really realized it?

The woman also showed a look of surprise, looking at Ye Futian seriously.

The face of the young man next to her was slightly unsightly, Ye Futian let him see clearly. x Computer:/

If Ye Futian really did it, then for him, it would be a bit slap in the face. Before he was extremely strong, Bei Gongshuang was wrong, saying that the other party was not worthy to argue with him.

After that, Ye Futian stood up.

If Ye Futian confirmed that he was wrong today, then one can imagine how shame he would be.

Its just that, apart from believing in his own judgment, he didnt think that Ye Futian could solve the secret of the cliff. He and Ye Futian were equally confident, thinking that he could not solve it, so naturally the other party would be the same. Untie.

Because of self-confidence, there is no scruples.

But it seemed that he was wrong, and the other party was far more powerful than he thought.

Ye Futian didnt care about their gaze, nor did he pay any attention to the others. He looked forward to himself. Soon, the light of the second imprint came on. This scene made Beigong proud and Beigongshuang return to the east. The illusion of Fairy Island. x:/

Still the same as before, he alone can unlock the relics left by those senior figures.

Is there a ruin that can hardly hold him?

Bei Gongshuang and Bei Gongao couldn't help but ask themselves secretly, this guy is a relic killer, there is nothing he can't solve.

As the rays of light lit up, the brilliance released by the pattern on the cliff became stronger and stronger. Many people saw illusory figures'dancing', waving their battle axes, and a terrifying mood bloomed from them. Makes the surrounding powerful people feel the mood, and don't want to miss such an opportunity.

"It seems that he is right." The woman whispered, and the marks on the cliff were lit up. At this moment, everyone could clearly feel those moods. At this moment, they felt that those marks were like thunder. Tianzun Xianming engraved here back then, swinging the battle axe at will, there is no connection between the marks, and they did not converge into a set of axe methods.

This means that Ye Futian is right.

The young man next to him became even more unsightly when he heard his words, but he heard an elder behind him say: "Or, these chaotic axes are themselves a tomahawk system and a complete set of warfare. The method of the axe."

Although this cannot be said to be completely unreasonable, it seems a bit far-fetched, just to prevent the youth from embarrassment.

The woman heard it naturally, and nodded gently and said, "Perhaps so."

As they were talking, brilliant bright lights shot out from the cliff wall, and saw the rumbling sound coming out. Those brilliance spread from the pattern towards the next cliff wall, making more and more imprints. It turned on, and gradually, the cliffs in front of the coast were trembling violently. The light of those imprints made the cliffs cracks, and every crack seemed to be split by a battle axe.

With the strength of Lei Chi Tianzun in those days, these cliffs could not bear his engraving here, perhaps he was already full of holes, but it was sealed by Lei Chi Tianzun with the avenue, and these imprints were unlocked. The key to this is why no one has been able to break it forcibly for many years.

"It's going to break." Many people whispered, the bright light burst out, piercing people's eyes, those cracks directly tore the cliff wall, and everything in front of them disappeared into dust in an instant.

Everyone's heart is extremely uneasy, and for so many years, someone has broken.

So, this also confirmed Ye Futian's words, he was right.

On the contrary, it was the young man who claimed that Lei Chi Tianzun had been a guest at his mansion. He was wrong, but before forcibly claimed that Bei Gongshuang was wrong.

Thinking about it now, his strength before, seemed a bit ironic.

Many people glanced at the young man, and the other party naturally felt these gazes. As a top-notch enchanting human emperor, he felt a bit shameless at this moment, his face was hot, he did not speak, nor looked at others, but just looked calmly. To the front.

A horrible thunder field appeared in the destroyed space. In that thunder field, there was a thunder **** orb floating in the air, like an eye, swallowing the terrifying thunder power between heaven and earth, one after another. Lightning surrounds it and blends into it.

The powerhouses stood there and didn't move, and they didn't seem to dare to act rashly.

This thing must be the treasure left by Lei Chi Tianzun.

"In the past, Lei Ping Tianzun left the cliff here, not only did not destroy it, but also sealed the treasure here, naturally to leave it to those who crack the secret of the cliff, the senior will crack it, and the treasure belongs to the senior." At this time, a voice came out, making many people look at the speaker.

It was Lin Yuan. His remarks naturally implied other people that the treasure should belong to Ye Futian.

No one else spoke. There should not be many people who can compete with Ye Futian and his party. You and his party who argued with Ye Futian before, don't know if they will compete for this treasure.

The woman next to the young man glanced at him and said, "Let's go."

Obviously, there is no intention to fight, in their eyes, UU read www.uukanshu. The treasure of com is not too precious, since Ye Futian cracked it, then there is no need to fight, the other party should also come from a certain super power.

"Okay." The young man nodded. It was obvious that he had lost this time. He turned his head, looked at Ye Futian, smiled and said, "See you on Guixian Island."

After all, a group of people broke through the air and left here.

Ye Futian glanced at the back of the other person who had left, then looked at the treasure, and said to Bei Gongshuang next to him: "Last time Xiaomu, your father got it, this treasure belongs to you."

"Me?" Bei Gongshuang looked at Ye Futian.

"I have no shortage of treasures of this level." Ye Futian smiled and said, Bei Gongshuang looked at him, and then at her father, only Bei Gongao nodded slightly at her and said: "Accept it. "

"En." Bei Gongshuang walked forward and didn't refuse. The people next to him were a little speechless when he saw this scene. Such a treasure, just gave it away!

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