The Legend Of Futian Book 8 Chapter 1994

Vol 8 Chapter 1994: Guixian Island

In the sea of immortals, a Ye Qingzhou floated in the sea, seeming to follow the current, passing by island cities from time to time.

On the light boat, it was Ye Futian and others.

At this moment, Lin Yuan took out a map, looked in the distance, and said: "It's almost here, the next island city is Guixian Island."

"En." Ye Futian nodded slightly on the light boat ahead. In the past few days, they did not deliberately hurry, but took the light boat across the Wanzhong Mountains, all the way comfortably. If the Emperor Xi wants to overcome the catastrophe in the process, they will speed up. Go directly.

However, in the past few days, they have never seen the robbery, and they have been walking along very leisurely.

On the other light boat, there are two figures. Bei Gong proudly drives the light boat forward, and in front of him, Bei Gongshuang is closing his eyes and practicing, with a faintly terrifying thunder intent permeating his body. Shrouded by the power of thunder, Bei Gongao controlled the fluctuation of Yu Wei, allowing her to practice with peace of mind.

After Ye Futian asked her to get the treasure that day, she melted into her body and began to practice refining. This way, she has always been in the process of refining. x

"Before I get to Guixian Island, I don't know if Xiaoshuang can practice well." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Let's see, if it doesn't work, I will watch him in the sea of immortality." Bei Gongao said, although watching the three calamities is a rare thing in a thousand years, self-cultivation is also extremely important.

This is the opportunity that Bei Gongshuang got, and it may break through the realm. Before she can practice, Bei Gongao will not actively interrupt her.

As Qingzhou moved forward, Beigongshuang's thunder spirit became stronger and stronger. Above the sea of immortality, thousands of miles of clear sky, but at this moment a thunderstorm suddenly appeared, rushing towards the direction where Beigongshuang was. Strands of lightning fell from the sky and fell directly on her.

Bei Gongao looked up, and did not stop the vision. Ye Futian said that the treasure was relaxed. He didn't want it but gave it to Bei Gongshuang, but in fact Bei Gongao understood that such a treasure, if Without Ye Futian, they would never be able to reach it in their entire life, just like the last time he got Xiaomu in Dongxian Island.

Ahead, Ye Futian on the light boat turned his head and glanced at the direction where Bei Gongshuang was, with a bright smile on his face, and said: "Is it going to break the border?"

"It should be." Bei Gong proudly nodded, and saw that the power of thunder in the void became stronger and stronger, making this sea of immortals restless, and the waves continued to rise, turning into a terrible thunder field.

"It's such a terrifying sight. The human emperor breaks through the realm, and it is like a great robbery." Lin Yuan murmured, his sage realm is already very strong among ordinary people, and his cultivation level in Xianhai mainland It's an upper-middle level.

But if it is placed in front of the emperor, the sage is obviously not enough, like a child in the eyes of a giant, the power of the emperor to break through is enough to make the sage feel terrible.

"In the future, you will reach such a realm. Sooner or later, you will have to experience it." Ye Futian smiled at Lin Yuan. He also walked all the way, from princes to sages, to transcendents and saints, to the emperor of the Taoist priests. They have all looked up to the people in front, but as time goes by, they have gone higher and higher without knowing it, and have already surpassed countless practitioners who have looked up.

"It seems to be too vague now." Lin Yuan said with a smile, but to tell the truth, the realm of the sage is too far away from the emperor.

"The breakthrough of the lower emperor's realm is so terrible, what kind of scene will he look like in the words of Emperor Xi?" Lin Yuan murmured, his imagination was beyond imagination.

"It can't be compared at all." Ye Futian smiled and said: "If Xi Huanglijie, I am afraid that Xianhai Continent will tremble."

There are two real calamities in the cultivation base, one is transcendence into the sacred, the other is to go through the three tribulations and transcendence, other times it is just to break the realm.

Divine Tribulation, according to his understanding of cracking this realm, is not tolerated by the current rules of the Great Dao, I am afraid it is shaking the world and weeping, at least he can't imagine what it will be like now.

At this moment, Bei Gongshuang opened his eyes, and the sky of thunder light crazily poured into her body, and her eyes also seemed to contain terrible thunder light. When she looked up to the sky, two lightning bolts shot out.

His figure flashed, and Bei Gongshuang's body rose into the sky, bathing in the sky and thunder, the main road into his body, the whole person turned into a main road container, madly swallowing and absorbing the power of thunder.

"The power of the avenue that breaks the border is good." Ye Futian raised his head and looked over and said, Bei Gongao also nodded, with some surprises, it seems that his daughter will make great progress this time. x:/

"That treasure will definitely make her sublimate." Bei Gong said proudly.

Yiye Bianzhou stopped, and everyone was watching quietly here. After a long time, the light of thunder on the sky dissipated, and Bei Gongshuang's figure floated down and returned to the small boat, her beautiful eyes Looking at Ye Futian, he blinked, making Ye Futian laugh.

"Continue to set off." Ye Futian said, the voice fell, and Qingzhou accelerated forward.

"Go." Bei Gong Ao also spoke, and the group of people immediately accelerated forward. Behind, Fairy Donglai watched all this quietly, and his eyes on Ye Futian became more and more admired, and he did not know how a person appeared in the original world. Such a character, around this person, will inevitably gather more and more powerful characters. There seems to be a kind of temperament in his body that makes people willing to follow him.

Such people, if they become powerful, will be amazing.

I don't know where Ye Futian can go in the future, wait and see.

There are many rumors about Guixian Island in Xianhai Mainland. Some people say that Guixian Island really has Guixian, and some people say that this huge island is the back of a **** turtle. However, more people believe that Guixian Island is named because The island is shaped like a basalt turtle, hence its name.

Regardless of the rumors, Guixian Island is truly famous because of a spiritual practitioner, Emperor Xi.

Not only Guixian Island, but the entire Xianhai Continent is named because of Emperor Xi.

A top-notch existence is enough to make a continent known to everyone.

As they approached Guixian Island, there were people walking in the void from time to time. Ye Futian and the others took a light boat on the surface of the sea, and people passed by over their heads. Sometimes the aura in the void was extremely powerful, a bit surprising, and there were talks from time to time. The sound of laughter.

In the front, a piece of land can be seen, it is Guixian Island.

"It's coming soon." Lin Yuan was a little excited. This time following Ye Futian, he had the opportunity to see Emperor Xi cross the robbery up close. How could he not be excited.

There are many scattered islands around Guixian Island. As they approached, they found many people everywhere.

"What's going on?" Ye Futian showed a strange color, and his spiritual thought swept over and found countless practitioners. They were all in the outer area of Guixian Island and did not land on the island.

A series of voices floated into his ears, and Ye Futian suddenly understood, and said in a low voice: "It seems that Guixian Island is too lively now and has begun to control people to go."

"Unexpectedly, although Guixian Island is very large, it is only an island in the end, and the number of people that can be accommodated is limited. However, this time, the entire Donghua region was alarmed. I don't know how many practitioners came. If all of them land on the island, Guixian Island is overcrowded," Fairy Donglai said from behind.

Ye Futian nodded, and they continued to move forward and came to the area where the crowd was blocked. They saw an incredibly amazing avenue aura in front of them, and the front seemed extremely heavy, even if they wanted to move forward, it was difficult.

"The upper part is also forbidden." Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at the upper part. Those cultivators who were walking from the sky also stopped, blocked by an invisible force, and then all fell down. (_

Ye Futian and the others looked at the sea. There was a huge turtle, not just one. In this sea area, there were many turtles on the periphery of Guixian Island.

"Your Excellency, how can I enter the island?" Ye Futian asked the people around him.

"A few days ago, there was news from Guixian Island that people in the upper emperor realm can enter the island. Unless there is a top figure leading the way, they can enter together." The person next to him responded.

Ye Futian nodded, UU Reading, he stepped forward and said, "Senior Turtle, I'm from Dongxiao Continent, and I hope to be accommodating."

The **** tortoise glanced at him, with some contempt in his eyes, and then dived into the water.

Ye Futian walked forward, facing the strong road resistance, and seeing him forcibly breaking in, the turtle of the upper emperor realm raised his head and glanced at him, and a terrifying water wave slapped him. Come.

Ye Futian swiped his palm towards the void, like an axe light slashed down, and saw the water waves were directly split apart, his figure broke in like a streamer, and rushed directly towards the **** turtle.

"Boom..." The huge waves were soaring, and the tortoise came directly through the water and rushed towards Ye Futian. An extremely heavy pressure directly pressed on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian didn't avoid it, and slapped his palm forward, a terrifying force slapped and suppressed it, like a monument to a avenue, with a dull sound in the sky, the huge turtle was shocked back into the sea. Ye Futian's figure flashed, and he stepped directly on the turtle's back, and said: "Senior accommodating." Remember the website of this site, www. biquxu. Com, easy to read next time, or enter "" on Baidu to enter this site