The Legend Of Futian Book 9 Chapter 2210

Vol 9 Chapter 2210: Starry Sky Monastery

The group followed the owner of the Ziwei Emperor's Palace and walked towards the magnificent ancient temple.

The top figures of the various forces waited in place, looking forward to the many figures who stepped into the temple. This time there are many strong people who have entered the temple, and there are people from all forces. Not only the strong Shenzhou, want It's not that simple to get the chance.

Moreover, the palace owner of Ziwei Imperial Palace intends to restrict them, presumably he also has concerns. Having been in charge of this star field for countless years, Ziwei Imperial Palace is afraid that he does not want the inheritance of Emperor Ziwei to be obtained by outsiders.

In a sense, the other party only showed a strong posture on the surface, but actually gave in. After all, they were involved in too many forces.

However, just let them explore the way first.

In front of the magnificent and ancient temple, the sacred brilliance shone down and enveloped the entire temple. The powerful expressions were solemn, and the palace owner of the Ziwei Palace stepped into it together.

Entering the temple, what appeared in front of you was a starry sky world, as if there were several starry sky doors leading to different places.

"You go in." The palace owner of Ziwei Emperor Palace pointed forward and said: "Enter that door, you will walk into the relics left by Emperor Ziwei, the place where he once practiced. Here is my Ziwei Emperor Palace. The most sacred forbidden land, there are people guarding the seal inside, and someone will help you open it after entering."

"Yes, Palace Master." Everyone nodded, and then walked forward one after another, passing through the door and entering the other space. As the other party said, they seemed to have arrived in a hall with an amazing array. Fa, there are two strong guards there, and the breath is extremely terrifying.

The two of them took a look at them and directly opened the large array. Countless divine lights flowed like a star, and there was a terrible array of light in the whole hall, flowing endlessly. Ye Futian, they looked down at their feet? The next moment? A beam of light directly flooded their bodies.

At this moment, everyone feels the movement of the stars? They seem to have passed through the halls and entered the starry sky world? But this is just a thought, and soon their body shape stops, but They all know that the formation has brought them to another place.

"This is where?"

The powerhouses looked around and felt a little shocked in their hearts. They actually felt that they were in the starry sky? The surrounding land was a galaxy, starlight flowing, magnificent and beautiful? However, their feet were real, like a starry sky without walls. Temple.

Looking up, there is a staircase leading to the sky? Where? Beyond the magnificent galaxy, you can see a vague figure, just like what they saw when they looked at this star field in the starry sky? Emperor Ziweis Phantom.

"Star Temple?" Someone murmured? This magical place makes them feel like they are in a dreamy place? It makes them feel that the owner of Ziwei Palace did not lie to them? It is indeed the place where Ziwei Emperor once practiced. .

There are legends like Emperor Ziwei? Only such a strange place can be worthy of his practice? Not in a large hall, he turned the starry sky into his own practice dojo.

"Om." A group of figures walked forward, stepping up, and they were all here. Naturally, they wanted to explore the relics of Emperor Ziwei. In this starry sky dojo, what did the Emperor leave behind?

After Ye Futian looked at the magnificent picture, his eyes fell in another direction. Seeing a cultivator over there, a flash of killing thought flashed in his eyes.

In that direction, the other party seemed to perceive Ye Futian's gaze, and then looked towards him, the two looked at each other, and suddenly the same killing intent was revealed in those terrifying eyes, as if there was a seal god. The light shot directly from his pupils and invaded towards Ye Futian.

The great light of Ye Futian circulated on his body, blocking the invasion of the power of the seal, and the light curtain of the great road spread out, and there seemed to be an invisible great pressure between the two.

The practitioners around them seemed to perceive something, and they all looked at the opposite figure.

The person Ye Futian looked at was naturally the young man of the domain master mansion of the Donghua Region, Ning Hua.

The practitioners of the Sifang Village and Tianyu Academy Alliance forces saw this scene and knew that this person was afraid that Ye Futian might have an enemy, otherwise Ye Futian would not be like this.

Next to Ning Hua, there was a gathering of strong people from the East China Region. They looked at Ye Futian, and there was a slight wave in their hearts. Looking at this situation, Ye Futian now has a murderous heart towards Ning Hua.

Moreover, the lineup around him seems to be strong enough.

"I heard that you have made a lot of fame in Shangqingyu, so do you dare to be so presumptuous?" Ning Hua stared at Ye Futian, and there was still some contempt in those proud eyes. Eight realms, perfect avenues, and the No. 1 evildoer in the East China Region, are invincible under the giants. Looking at the Shenzhou, he is confident that there are few people who can compete with him under the giants.

This trip to the original world was also a trial for him, contacting the top figures of all parties, or having the opportunity to fight against each other, but he did not expect that he was chased and killed by him and was finally rescued. Ye Futian of Ye Futian now has killing intent on him.

Ye Futian did not respond to the other party. His white clothes fluttered, and he glanced at the practitioners around Ning Hua. The practitioners of several top powers in the East China Region were all there, including the powerhouses of Tianyu Academy and Piaoxue Temple. , I saw Qin Qing spread the message to Ye Futian: "Emperor Ye, before coming this time, the palace lord had instructed all the forces to take care of Ninghua one or two times, and everyone from all the forces agreed. Ye Huang wanted to do something, can you? Look for opportunities later."

The cultivators of the Donghua Region came together. Palace Lord Ning Yuan himself did not arrive. People from other forces naturally have to take care of the Young Palace Master Ning Hua. Otherwise, after returning, I am afraid that I will not be able to explain to Ning Yuan.

By Ning Hua's side, Huang from the Desolate Temple, Fairy Taihua, and others all looked at Ye Futian. Ye Futian knew what Qin Qing said was true. If he wants to do something, these cultivators in the East China Region, I'm afraid I won't sit idly by.

"The first evildoer in the East China Region?" Ye Futian looked at Ning Hua and The smile was slightly ironic, and Ning Hua frowned and said, "Slaying Zongchan that day At that time, your life was too big, who saved you?"

He didn't even know at the time that there was a powerful figure in Donghuayu, and his father didn't know. Later, according to their guess, the person who helped Ye Futian might be related to Emperor Xi, but there is no evidence. Jie's super powerhouse, even if he is the Palace Master, has to give three points of courtesy, and it is impossible to question him.

"You still pray that your life will be bigger in the future." Ye Futian glanced at Ning Hua, then turned and walked forward. At this time, all the powerful people have set out to explore the place where Emperor Ziwei was trained. Only both of them were delayed. a little time.

Ye Futian stepped into the void, and the group of people walked towards the sky at the same time. Ning Hua stared at his back, with killing intent flowing in his eyes. He did not expect that the ant man who fled in embarrassment back then dare to threaten him.

Since entering Sifang Village, is there any reliance on self-reliance?

That being the case, let's wait and see.

"Go." He also walked in the void, heading forward, extremely fast, and the rest of the strong also followed him forward!