The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 Eighteen Years

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The eyes of Glass Saint were cold, and she stared at Ye Futian. “You are so confident that I dare won’t kill you?”

Ye Futian, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, his body pressing closer a few more inches to the Glass Saint, said, “Suppose you want to enter my harem, do you think I am interested in you?”

The two stared one to the other. The Glass Saint was filled with coldness, which made the surrounding temperature drop a few degrees. The lake under the boat even seemed to start freezing. Many people who were close to the lake couldn’t help but shudder. How could it suddenly become this cold?

Ye Futian seemed to not feeling it at all, pressing his lips ever closer to Glass Saint. She was getting colder and colder. Ye Futian said coldly next to her ear, “If Sister Glass Saint is asking for a favor, please pay attention to your attitude.” When he finished speaking, the boat he sat on shattered. The two bodies fell downward, and Ye Futian stood up and stepped out to leave.

Glass Saint had traveled extensively from the Nine States to this remote Qingzhou City not just to goad him. Now in the Nine States, there were many who wanted to kill him, and also many who were watching. Probably there would also be many who were waiting for him to return for revenge. And Glass Saint was bound to be the most eager one.

“Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua have left the Nine States for some time to go to the Upper Worlds. As for the reason for their visit, you should think about it yourself.” Glass Saint also stood on top of the lake, coldly watching as Ye Futian gradually disappeared.

The ban by Emperor Xia was lifted, and the dark tides rippled underneath the Nine States. Ye Futian retreated to the remotely located Qingzhou City because of the death of his wife and had refused to return to the Nine States. The people of Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple were still in exile. Even she did not dare to show herself easily, so the only way was for her to come to Qingzhou City. After all, she was not qualified to let Saint Jiang or the reincarnated Sword Saint of the Void intervene on her behalf.

“Isn’t this a much better attitude?” Ye Futian’s voice was transmitted into her ear, and the Glass Saint still appeared quite indifferent. However, although Ye Futian was extremely surly, she did not have any intention to kill him.

In a flash, the Glass Saint disappeared but did not leave Qingzhou City, for she was still looking after the safety of Ye Futian. Not only could she not kill Ye Futian, but neither could anyone else.

After they had left, there were boats travelling there, stunned by the sight of the smashed boat. The beauty of that woman was just breathtaking.

Was Ye Futian that white-haired youth? Did they quarrel? Even though they were curious, but they could not see it clearly and did not know exactly what had happened.

After Ye Futian received the message from the Glass Saint, he did not change his routine and disciplined life. It was still simple and without variation. Every night, he still went to the lakeshore to enjoy the beauty of Qingzhou City.

In the past few days, he saw that many people had arrived in Qingzhou City, including many who were cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace. The ban imposed by Emperor Xia on the Nine States was not a great secret. People of the Upper Worlds would know about it if they came down. Even if Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua were willing to pay a great price, there would not be any saints who were willing to risk the displeasure of Emperor Xia to come down here to get rid of him.

Then, the people who could be found by Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua must have only been sages, and those in this plane were not feared by him because of his cultivation at present.

In a flash, the year 1977 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar had come to an end. On this day, Qingzhou City was in a festive mood. Under the cover of night, Qingzhou City was illuminated as if it was daytime.

For lower-level cultivators and civilians, each year’s New Year’s Eve was an extremely important day. They didn’t have an extraordinarily long life expectancy, and they were not in the habit of going into year-long retreats like those who were cultivating in the higher realm. One year.

In the land of Nine States, it was not possible to have an atmosphere of Qingzhou City. Ye Futian dined with the Master, Masteress, Yu Sheng and the others, and once again came to the shore of Qingzhou Lake.

This day, Qingzhou Lake was full of fireworks; its beauty was breathtaking. On this day at Qingzhou Lake, countless couples were holding hands to walk around the lake, enjoying this sweet but quiet time. Ye Futian walked casually. There were some who were playing the riddles, and others playing tricks. In this instant, he seemed to have crossed time and space and returned to 18 years ago. This scene was so familiar.

“Auntie, I would like a wishing lamp.” Ye Futian walked to a stall.

“Okay,” The woman at the stall smiled and nodded, handing the wishing lamp to Ye Futian, and glanced at him. “How come a young man like you has all these white hairs? Don’t think too much, it will age you.”

“Well, thank you, auntie.” Ye Futian smiled and took the wishing lamp, then came to the lake, putting the lamp into the lake. He then closed his eyes and made a wish. That day in the Sacred War, Jieyu’s physical body was destroyed, and her spirit drifted away. Hua Qingqing transmitted the message to him that all this was fate and that she would take care of Jieyu for him. Therefore, even though he knew the hope was slim, still he made a wish, hoping that Jieyu was still in this world, even if it was just as a spirit.

Opening his eyes, Ye Futian looked up into the sky, the fireworks bloomed and bloomed, crossing the night sky like it was the most beautiful picture in the world. At this moment, Ye Futian felt as if a person was still standing next to him, that girl seemed to have never left, forever in his heart.

Not far behind Ye Futian, Loulan Xue and Yu Sheng stood quietly there, keeping up with him. As a woman, Loulan Xue’s feelings were more delicate, and she could perceive the emotions within Ye Futian’s heart. She knew that Ye Futian must be reminiscing about the past between him and Hua Jieyu. Did they met each other here or did they fell in love here?

It was indeed really beautiful here. Looking up at the fireworks, a tear was at the corner of her eye. Why did she leave like this, leaving that man alone by the shore? Although she really wanted to walk over at the moment, standing next to him and accompanying him to appreciate the sight before them, she knew that she was not worthy. Even though he was alone, right now in his heart, next to him, there could only be that woman who would never appear again.

In Qingzhou Lake, Qin Yi, General Qin, Feng Qingxue, Yang Xiu, and Feng Ruhai were also present. They were here at Qingzhou Lake for New Year’s Eve, watching him, but did not disturb him. They all knew that this place contained memories that only belonged to him.

“18 years ago today, we were at Uncle Ye’s family gathering, and it was on that day that she came alone to find Futian,” Feng Ruhai said quietly and seemed to have sunk into the memory of the past.

He still remembered that they had wanted to make a match between Feng Qingxue and Futian that day, but that 16-year-old girl appeared, surprised everyone with her beauty, and left with Ye Futian. Presumably, that was the day, she and Futian professed their love from one to the other.

“Well, 18 years ago today, it may have been the day when they fell in love.” Feng Qingxue nodded lightly.

“Time passed by so quickly. Has it already been 18 years in a blink of an eye?” Feng Ruhai whispered to himself, “I hope that after today, he can come out of his grief. Qingxue, if you have the opportunity to persuade him, say his place is not here.”

“Yes.” Feng Qingxue nodded in agreement.

“How come I feel a little cold?” Feng Ruhai suddenly said, “Am I getting old?”

“Dad, I feel it too, it must be that it is cooler at night,” Feng Qingxue said softly, but she vaguely felt that the coolness was not only on the surface but an unspeakable, odd feeling.

At this time, there were endless pleasure boats cruising in the midst of Qingzhou Lake. In one of the most luxurious boat, a drifter-looking middle-aged man laid there and enjoyed himself. There were beautiful women playing music in front of him, and each of his arms was around a woman. These women were dressed scantily, and the softness of their skin could be felt clearly.

A woman put the wine glass to the man’s lips, and while he drank, his hands touched the woman without care. He even reached inside her skirt, which caused the woman to make a feigned protest, but her body leaned into him languidly.

With a beauty in his arms, frolicking in the boat, it was tremendously delightful. With some lethargy, the middle-aged man carelessly looked up and glanced at a figure by the lakeside, where a white-haired youth stood there. In this instant, even though the middle-aged man was still smiling, his slightly squinted eyes seemed to have a flash of lightning, which the woman next to him was not aware of.

The middle-aged man was an assassin code-named Wu Ming, a most powerful assassin from the Upper Worlds, ranked second in the Assassin’s Ranking list at the Sage Plane. Moreover, he was born of the Saint Plane in the Upper Worlds. Becoming an assassin was purely a challenge to himself in order to purify his own strength. He rarely accepted missions now, because there were too few targets who were worthy of his time, but he was greatly interested in the target of this mission.

Ye Futian, Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Nine States—holy land of the Lower Worlds—a low-level sage who ventured into Jiutian Temple and conquered the nine layers of heaven, dealt a crushing blow to defeat Pei Qianying, who was on the list of Jiutian Ranking.

In addition, there was also a battle record that took place at the imperial mausoleum of the Lower Worlds where he faced many of the top sages of the Nine States and demolished the four major sages of the Lower Worlds. After the seven holy lands laid siege on the Holy Zhi Palace, he was still not killed, but the news about that battle seemed to have been blocked by Emperor Xia. No one knew what had happened.

Such a target instantly caught his attention. Nowadays, for anyone below the Saint Plane that he intended on killing, few would live. Even those on the Jiutian Ranking of the Upper Worlds were the same. If it was not challenging enough, he would not be persuaded to come.

Of course, besides being an interesting assignment, the rewards that the person who issued the mission was willing to pay were also shockingly rich. It broke the record of targets that were below Saint Plane and caused quite a stir.

Wu Ming knew that he was the only one here today. In Qingzhou Lake, there were many who were here for the same purpose as him. But he was still confident that the person who killed Ye Futian would be him.

At this time, on the shore of Qingzhou Lake, not only Feng Ruhai and the others had felt the coolness, many people did too.

On the shore of the lake, Ye Futian looked at the fireworks in the sky and smiled brightly. Then he stopped smiling and looked down at Qingzhou Lake.

Stepping out, Ye Futian had not played the guqin this day, but instead set foot on a boat. Tthe boat drifted forward, like an arrow from a string, shot toward the center of the lake.

He wanted to see, just who could kill him?