The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Pathetic

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Many at the holy capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty of the Eastern State looked at the royal palace burning in golden flames after Ye Futian and the others left. All of them were speechless.

“The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty is no more,” someone said, making everyone around shudder. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, one of the three holy lands of the Eastern State, perished just like that. Furthermore, its demise was brought by just a handful of people. Both the Sacred King and Zhou Yanwang had perished in battle.

“What happened to the others of the Holy Zhi Palace?” someone asked. Saint Jiang declared that he would join the Holy Zhi Palace in that battle about a year ago. Furthermore, Douzhan of the Holy Zhi Palace had also become a saint. The two of them were not present in an endeavor as impactful as wiping the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty off, and many were puzzled as to what that meant. Not only that, but the army of sages of the Holy Zhi Palace was nowhere to be seen as well. The only other possibility that came to their minds was none other than Xihua Sacred Mountain, the other holy land that was located in the Eastern State as well.

If the Holy Zhi Palace wanted revenge, then they would have definitely picked the two located in the Eastern State at the same time. It would have made coordination easy, and if one side finished battle, they could then quickly join the battles on the other side.

They did not guess wrong.

At that moment, in Huatian City, where Xihua Sacred Mountain was located, countless gathered at the foot of Xihua Sacred Mountain, looking at the mountain before them in awe. A great army arrived outside Xihua Sacred Mountain. A raging pressure washed all over the holy land as the troops came right outside their gates. A terrifying lineup surrounded the entire mountain. There were mighty ones found standing guard in every single direction.

Saint Jiang and Douzhan were standing above the 3,000 steps of Xihua Sacred Mountain. However, they did not give the order to attack. They simply waited for the fighting at the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to end.

The Holy Zhi Palace’s forces were split two-ways at that time, with the blatant intention of intercepting the two holy lands at the very same time. But then again, they did not need to move immediately. They believed Ye Futian would be able to take care of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty before coming to join them at the mountain. They would have been able to gobble up the entire mountain after that.

But of course, if the ones in Xihua Sacred Mountain were to make a move first, they would have had no fear as well. They had the entire mountain surrounded, which meant that they were ready to fight at any given moment. While the saints on their side were incapable of taking on the three saints of Xihua Sacred Mountain, the sages on their side were more than capable of overpowering those from Xihua Sacred Mountain.

The Black Wind Condor circled near Saint Jiang and Douzhan. The bird chirped and said, “The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty is no more. Both the Sacred King and Zhou Yanwang have perished.”

Saint Jiang listened with a calm expression and was hardly fettered. With the Sword Saint of the Void and the Village Chief taking the lead, as well as having the Glass Saint serving as a reinforcement, it was hardly surprising that Zhou Zhiming was dead. As for the sages, there was not even a need to doubt anything.

Ye Futian had finished his third round of medical testing, and it was now complete. He had truly been rendered invincible under Saint Plane. No one under the Saint Plane throughout the entire Nine States could take him on.

Douzhan shuddered all of a sudden. His state of mind was different from Saint Jiang’s. He was born in the Barren State and was the lord of the Battle Sage Palace. He had been training in the Holy Zhi Palace all the time and had experienced the time where everyone in the Holy Zhi Palace was looking forward to a saint emerging from their ranks.

The Holy Zhi Palace came to the point of being able to have their forces splitting up and taking on two of the most powerful forces to be found in the Eastern State. He heard that his student had taken a group and wiped out the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Both of their saints were dead, so one could have only imagined what Douzhan felt like at the moment. Everything in the past ten years seemed like a dream. But then again, he did not spend a long time being dazed. He was, after all, a saint. His state of mind was stable and he would not have been rocked too hard.

It was not only them who had gotten the news. At the peak of Xihua Sacred Mountain, three figures were seen standing together, looking at Saint Jiang and Douzhan, who were far away. A group of mighty ones stood behind them, and all of them were elites of the holy land. Other than that, there was also a beautiful woman, who was none other than Zhou Ziyi. She had been married to Xihua Sacred Mountain. Zhou Ziyi was shivering all over at the moment, as she came beside Saint Xihua and the others.

“Dead?” Saint Xihua’s voice was cold. They were all waiting for the news from the Sacred Dynasty. He heard very bad news from the mouth of a demonic beast a moment ago, and he was simply waiting for Zhou Ziyi to confirm it.

“My father is dead,” Zhou Ziyi replied. Her eyes were reddened as she looked at the army of the Holy Zhi Palace faraway. Her eyes were filled with cold murderous intent.

“I will kill Ye Futian.” Zhou Ziyi’s voice was bone-chillingly cold. Her suffering had all been brought on by Ye Futian after all.

“You?” Saint Xihua turned his eyes around and took a look at Zhou Ziyi.

“Well, go kill him then,” Saint Xihua said coldly. Kill Ye Futian? Who among us doesn’t want to kill Ye Futian? But you really think you’re fit to do so, Zhou Ziyi?

Zhou Ziyi’s eyes were frozen as she looked up at Saint Xihua, finding his eyes filled with contempt. His eyes were filled with so much pride, it was as if he was looking at an ant, filled with indifference.

She felt a chill run down her spine. It was an alien feeling. While Zhou Ziyi was stubborn, due to her birth, she was not actually stupid. Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had a marriage alliance. Saint Xihua had been kind to her due to both holy lands being allies, but that was the past. Her husband, Liu Zong, had died, and her father, the Sacred King, died as well. Zhou Ziyi was now a mere sage and she was nothing in Saint Xihua’s eyes.

“Saint.” Zhou Ziyi lowered her head under the saint’s gaze. One look made her feel immense pressure, a pressure which she was unable to shoulder. Saint Xihua would have never gazed at her like that before.

“So Zhou Zhiming is really dead then. What a piece of trash.” Saint Xihua’s voice was cold. The pressure upon them was immense as two of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty’s saints were dead. The Holy Zhi Palace had four saints, and with the addition of the Glass Saint, the enemy consisted of five saints. One could only imagine what was going through Saint Xihua’s mind in such a situation.

“Saint, my father died in battle. How could you say such things?” Zhou Ziyi’s eyes got more red. She looked at Saint Xihua with rather cold eyes. She knew that she was nothing before Saint Xihua, but having suffered the death of both her husband and her father, the blow was simply too heavy for her to stay reasonable.

Slap! A crisp sound was heard and Zhou Ziyi’s body was sent flying. It was not from Saint Xihua as he could not have cared less. An elder behind him slapped Zhou Ziyi by flinging his sleeve instead.

“You’re too much, Zhou Ziyi,” the elder said plainly with cold eyes. Blood was seen at the corner of Zhou Ziyi’s mouth. Her face was ashen as she sat on the ground. Tears were seen all over her face. She naturally recognized that elder. It was an elder from Xihua Sacred Mountain. When Liu Zong was still alive, he had been all smiles and polite. There was no way he would have treated her like that back then.

She wiped the blood at the corner of her mouth with her white sleeve. Zhou Ziyi glared at the elder and said, “If my husband and father were still alive, they would have had your head.” She paid no heed to consequences. She suffered one such humiliation as soon as her father died. As a princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, her status had been of unparalleled privilege, so one could have only imagined how much of a shock that was to her.

The elder frowned and heard Saint Xihua said, “This is getting noisy.”

“I’ll take her away at once.” The elder bowed and walked towards Zhou Ziyi. He burst with the power of rules and let the pressure wash over Zhou Ziyi.

“How dare you touch me?” Zhou Ziyi’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with murderous intent. However, the elder could not have cared less. He picked her up by the collar and took her away.

“Argghh…” Zhou Ziyi’s mind felt as if it was about to shatter from the humiliation she suffered. However, no one paid any heed to the scene. No one spoke up on her behalf. She was showered with nothing but coldness.

Zhou Ziyi laughed loudly without care all of a sudden. “Saint Xihua, for better or worse, I’m the wife of your personal student, a princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. My husband is gone and my father is dead. You shall die a horrible death for treating me like that.”

“You’re indeed too much.” The elder took one look at her and pressed his hand on her chest. A devastating power raged all over her body and blood spewed from her mouth, but she no longer cared.

“Did you really think that Liu Zong liked you? You of all people?” the elder squatted down and whispered in Zhou Ziyi’s ear. He then took a look at her and said coldly, “If it had not been for your status as the princess of the Sacred Dynasty, you would have died many times over.”

Both Liu Zong and the Sacred King are dead and you are still unable to see the state of things clearly. You actually dared to talk back to Saint Xihua. You’ve been living too comfortably indeed, the elder thought.

“Kill me then,” Zhou Ziyi said in a low voice.

“If you want to die, get off the mountain.” The elder continued to haul her away. Zhou Ziyi was like the walking dead. She was thrown off the mountain soon enough by that elder. She never dreamed of the day where she, the high and mighty princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, would have met such an end. If her father was still alive, given his overbearing temperament, he would have come all the way to Xihua Sacred Mountain for her.

Zhou Ziyi got up and straightened herself up. She flashed and made her way outside the mountain. She saw the army of the Holy Zhi Palace from afar, and she walked in their direction. The people of the Holy Zhi Palace looked at her walking with cold eyes. The one who stood at the very front of the army was Yu Sheng. He stood guard in that direction and led an army.

Zhou Ziyi naturally recognized Yu Sheng. She knew him from the Chess Saint Villa eight years ago. Yu Sheng and Ye Futian appeared in the Chess Saint Villa back then, breaking the Celestial Dragon Chess Game. However, no one paid any heed to “small fries” like him and Ye Futian back then. Liu Zong, the student tutored by all three saints of Xihua Sacred Mountain, was there after all. She, like the others, paid no heed to either Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Her eyes had been on Liu Zong.

But when she came to think about it, she had probably been prejudiced right from the start, acknowledging Liu Zong’s exceptional qualities but never looking at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng properly. She found them repulsive despite both of them being extremely exceptional, not willing to acknowledge them.

Her husband, Liu Zong, had died in battle while everyone throughout the Nine States came to know Ye Futian’s name. While Yu Sheng was not as renowned as Ye Futian, he stood there nonetheless, standing guard in a corner like a god. Those contemptuous eyes were filled with overbearing might.

She had to acknowledge it despite not wanting to do so. She had to acknowledge the party led by Ye Futian, appearing in the Chess Saint Villa all those years ago, had been exceptional beings and they changed the power balance of the Nine States. They wiped out the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty as they wrote a legend that belonged to them.

“Kill me,” Zhou Ziyi looked at Yu Sheng and said.

Yu Sheng’s cold eyes took one look at her and he did nothing. He simply said, “Kill her.” A spear flew right at her as soon as he finished, piercing her heart right there and then.

She looked before her intently but was unable to even determine who was it who had killed her. Yu Sheng did not bother to do it personally. She smirked and felt that she was pathetic. Her body dropped lifelessly to the ground soon enough.