The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Legend

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In the land of Nine States, the cultivators of all the holy lands arrived one after another. All the saints had arrived at the palace, and those who were participating stayed in front of the stone wall, mixing into the large crowd.

At the moment, above the sky, there were giant beasts such as Kunpengs and Black Dragons that came from the air. Countless people looked up and saw a black mass in the sky, and it was a large number of cultivators approaching. It was as if everyone from all holy lands had come.

“The three holy lands of the Endless Ocean have arrived!” Many people shuddered secretly and had already guessed who was coming.

“The Ocean Palace, coming to the Holy Zhi Palace of Barren State to beg your pardon.”

“The Clan of the North Deep, coming to the Holy Zhi Palace to beg your pardon.”

“Celestial Cliffs, coming to beg pardon.”

Three consecutive shocking voices were heard, and they were from the mouths of the masters of the three great holy lands to show their sincerity. This peace summit was brokered by the Little Princess Xia Qingyuan. They agreed to the conditions put forward by Ye Futian, and with the princess as a witness, they dared not fake it even if the thought had crossed their mind. They had to perform their duties to the utmost. Since the choice of compromise was already made, no matter what, they had to set aside their dignity for the time being.

The situation was such that concessions must be made, or their holy lands would no longer exist. They had to admit defeat. And they were very clear that this was not only bowing down to Ye Futian but was in fact also bowing down to Emperor Xia. The Sacred War was instigated by them, and now that they had lost, it was only natural for them to bear the price, otherwise, Emperor Xia would only favor Ye Futian. Look at Great Zhou Sacred King, who had wanted to kill Ye Futian in return, but died trying. And they had never even thought of using their own lives just to smite Ye Futian.

Suddenly, there was dead silence in the vast space. There was no welcoming sound from the palace. Just silence. The cultivators of the three holy lands landed in front of the stone walls, and many people even bowed their heads slightly and felt a mixture of emotions all at once. The seven great holy lands laid siege upon the Holy Zhi Palace and were defeated. Now, this was the price they had to pay.

The saints have bowed their heads. Countless people in the Barren State stared at this scene, and their hearts were disquieted. Today, not only had all the saints of the Nine States come to visit, but the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean had come to ask forgiveness.

A person walked forward, tall and broad like an ancient god standing upon the sky stairwell.

“Saint Douzhan.” The Barren State looked at the figure, and many suddenly showed a look of great emotion. Some even start to breathe quickly. They did not have such a strong feeling when they saw all the other saints of the Nine States. However, Douzhan was different. In the first battle of the Divine Path, he almost used his entire power to save the Holy Zhi Palace on his own, forcibly breaking the limits of his physical body and attracting the Divine Catastrophe. Instead of trying to overcome the catastrophe, he used it against the cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and did not hesitate to torch his own life in return. He continuously breaching the battle matrixes of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty until, on the verge of death, forcing the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to withdraw their troops. This was also the beginning of a great era.

The Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian, took him to the Nine State College, where he sought medical treatment from Saint Jiang, who cured him, and he finally passed the catastrophe and became a saint. This was the living legend of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, a person who was destined to be recorded in the annals.

How could the people of the Barren State not revere and worship him?

“Was it merely to ask for forgiveness?” Douzhan surveyed the people from the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean coldly, his voice heard loud and clear.

“The three holy lands of the Endless Ocean are willing to serve the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian, as the Ocean King. And from this day forward, the Endless Ocean will be ruled by the Ocean King,” said Ocean Saint of Ocean Palace. This was the title he had dreamt about. To become the master of Endless Ocean, this was the reason for his title as Ocean Saint after he had become saint. But now, Ye Futian would inherit the title of Ocean King.

“There is more,” Douzhan continued. His voice was still cold and distant.

“All of us, when entered into the Holy Zhi Palace, will repent in front of the tombs of all those from the palace who died in the battles,” Saint North Deep said, although he was reluctant. The princess had ordered them, and they had agreed, so no matter what happened today, they must bear all of it.

Douzhan glanced at the crowd. He understood that the saint of the Endless Ocean was probably unwilling but had said what they said pressed by the present situation. Ye Futian had already warned him before, but it did not matter to him.

“Since you have named Palace Lord Ye as the Ocean King, then the command of the Ocean King is that after Nine State Forum, the three holy lands are to bring their laws of cultivations to the Holy Zhi Palace for the Ocean King to peruse. Any objections?”

The cultivators of the three holy lands were truly feeling torn, but still, they could only answer with as much conviction as they could, “We have no objections.”

“In addition, the Ocean King will often call on the cultivators of the Endless Ocean to cultivate at the Holy Zhi Palace, to practice with the disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace. Any objections?” Douzhan continued.

“No objections,” they responded.

“Very well then. Since the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean are sincere in their desire to belong with the Holy Zhi Palace, you may enter the palace now,” Douzhan said. He turned around and led the cultivators of the Endless Ocean into the palace, leaving countless people shocked.

The three holy lands of the Endless Ocean had surrendered, and from this day forward, the new Ocean King of the Endless Ocean was born, and it just so happened that the Halberd of Time and Space was in the hands of Ye Futian.

Perhaps this was all fate.

“Yi Clan of Summer State has come to pay respect to the Holy Zhi Palace.” Above the firmament, there was a group of brilliant figures heading for the direction of the palace. However, there was no sound that was coming out of the palace, which forced the cultivators of Yi Clan to stop outside the palace.

“Yi Clan of Summer State has come to participate in Nine State Forum.” Another voice was heard, somewhat displeased.

“Enter.” An indifferent spoke. Even the word “please” was omitted.

The cultivators from Yi Clan looked vexed, and Saint Yi was even more displeased in his heart. It seemed that Ye Futian still held a grudge about the battle at the Imperial mausoleum. That time, they had gone against Ye Futian. Later, Moon Saint had gone to persuade them not to participate in the War, and that was why they stayed on the sidelines. But even so, though Ye Futian would not deal against the Yi Clan, neither would he be warm to them, so this cold attitude was not unexpected.

Today, Saint Yi came in person in an attempt to ease the mood, but Ye Futian did not give much appreciation. However, today’s Holy Zhi Palace, relying on its own strength alone, could suppress the Yi Clan with no problems. Therefore, Saint Yi could only toughen up and enter the Holy Zhi Palace.

After a long while, all the other holy lands came one after another. Above the sky stairwell, Sword Demon appeared there, and looked downward, saying, “Nine State Forum now officially begins. All Nine States cultivators of the Noble Plane can dash through the sky stairwell. Those who successfully enter the palace through the sky stairwell may participate in the Law Battles. The rest of the people may enter the palace from both sides following the directions.”

“Finally, it’s starting.” Countless cultivators of the Noble Plane who wanted to participate in the Nine State Forum took a deep breath. In an instant, thousands of cultivators stepped forward and walked toward the sky stairwell of the Great Path. There, for the other states in the Nine States, were held the qualification for the Law Battles. However, for the people of the Barren State, it was not only the admission ticket for the Law Battles, but it was also the sky stairwell that realized their dream of cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace. As long as they could get up there, they would also become a member of the Barren State holy land, the Holy Zhi Palace.

Standing above the palace, in one glance, countless people were marching forward, covering the sky as if they could flood this holy place.

The crowds who entered the palace from the sides were led all the way forward. Today’s Holy Zhi Palace exuded a sense of sacred majesty. On both sides, there were many palace compounds. Right in front of them, there was a straight path. Looking into the distance, the terrain faintly to appear getting higher and higher. Nestled within the depths of the Holy Zhi Palace, there was a towering palace that was erected into the sky, ethereal and holy.

As they moved forward, they were getting closer and closer to the palace and the mighty crowd voluntarily kept quiet, as if they could feel that solemn and sacred atmosphere, as if on a pilgrimage. For the people of the Barren State, the significance of coming today was not only to watch the Nine State Forum but a pilgrimage.

After a long time, they finally came to the end of the road, a vast expanse of land to view the battles. In the order of first come first serve, they lined up all the way to the back. In front of them, there was an incomparably beautiful Law Battle Platform that was suspended in the air. In front of the platform was the sky stairwell that led to the majestic palace located in the void. At this time, above the sky stairwell, there was the viewing stand in the shape of an arc for all the holy lands of the Nine States. There were already many cultivators from the holy lands in the Nine States sitting there.

Behind them, there were cultivators arriving in succession from the void. Their bodies landed on the platform that was suspended in the air. These were those who had passed the assessment and had obtained the qualifications to participate in the battle.

Looking at those who were continuously landing on the platform, some were envious. The battle of the Noble Plane that was to be witnessed by the saints of the Nine States was tremendously rare, possibly only once in a centennial. However, compared with those who had obtained the qualifications for the law battle, the people of Nine States were even more curious about Ye Futian, especially those from the Barren State. They all looked up to the sky and looked forward to his arrival.

Time passed by bit by bit, and there were now more and more cultivators on the battle platform, and there were more people gathering on the viewing stand out in front. The cultivators of the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean had arrived, but they were sitting at the end. In addition, the cultivators of the Yi Clan were also being arranged to sit at the end. Saint Yi sat there with extreme indignity, and yet he couldn’t very well leave, so he sat there with an uncomfortable exasperation.

Sunlight sprinkled from the sky and landed on the beautiful law battle platform. Countless people still looked up skyward. They saw that above the sky stairwell, and in front of the magnificent palace, there finally appeared an extensive group of people walking down the steps.

Among them were Saint Xia, Saint Li, Lord of Vajra Region, Moon Saint, and the others. They were those cultivators who had leaned toward the side of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Sacred War.

Ye Futian welcomed them into the palace to chat and catch up. Countless eyes gazed at the same place. Among the congregation of people, the hearts of the people of Barren State were beating with excitement, looking at the white-haired youth who stood at the top of the sky stairwell, occupying the space right in the middle. That handsome and extraordinary white-haired youth was the most legendary figure in Barren State today—the palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian.

Next to the white-haired youth, there were many others such as Sword Saint, Yu Sheng, Gu Dongliu, You Chi, Xu Shang, Zhuge Qingfeng, Yun Shang, Qin Zhuang, and Sword Demon. Among these people, some of them had risen later, while some of them had already been named on the Barren Sky Ranking, but all of them were now legends of the Barren State who would be remembered by the Barren State.

At this moment, countless cultivators of the Barren State had the urge to cry, and some people, who were passionate, were already in tears. In this life, to be able to lay eyes on them here was what made this life worth living. However, it seemed that there was still someone missing by the side of Palace Lord Ye!