The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Sword Saint Of Liyang

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At the moment when Lu Cheng was knocked away, the hearts of everyone present also jumped. That strike was too fierce, and how could it be resisted by mere flesh and blood?

This strike probably cost half of Lu Cheng’s life force.

The people who were observing the battle in the distance revealed a look of horror. This time the premier holy land of Sword Way in Emperor Xia’s Realm sent out such an impressive group to deal with several sages, and originally everyone thought the other party would definitely be at a disadvantage, but they never would have thought that following Ye Wuchen’s explosive actions, Yu Sheng descended like a demon god, so that even someone as strong as Lu Cheng was crushed.

“I have seen him, a few years ago at the Jiutian Temple. His name was still on the list of the Jiutian Ranking, but at that time he only challenged at the Magi Plane.” Some people exclaimed, shocked, and seeming to recall the haughtiness postures of the three, he continued, “He came from Nine States.”

“The three great cultivators who made a short-lived appearance a few years ago?” Many people had heard of the battle of the Jiutian Temple. At the time, it had caused some sensation in the Upper Worlds. After all, three people from the Nine States broke through the Ninth Layer of Heaven at the same time, and with Princess Xia Qingyuan attended the battle in person.

“Yes, this person was one of them,” that person said, and suddenly many people trembled in their hearts, and they understood why Lihen Heaven had dispatched such delegates to face them. Those who had conquered the Jiutian Temple would not likely be overcome by ordinary characters. As for the reason of their appearance it couldn’t be more clear.

When Lihen Heaven disciple Pei Qianying was disabled at the Jiutian Temple, it was in front of several other disciples from Lihen Heaven.

Although it was Pei Qianying who had instigated the grievance with the other party, and had challenged them at Ninth Layer of Heaven, he was, after all, a disciple of Lihen Heaven, and these disciples seemed to want to avenge him, so it was little wonder that Lu Cheng declared that he wanted to disable these three individuals.

But perhaps he had never thought that those people who had conquered the Jiutian Temple, after these few years, were strong enough to crush someone as strong as he.

Many in the Upper Worlds, like the cultivators of Lihen Heaven, had heard about the battle a few years back. Though they knew those three were powerful, they had no actual idea just how powerful they were.

Today, however, they were seeing one of them.

Compared to the rumors of a few years ago, he was only stronger than imagine, not weaker.

Boom. Yu Sheng took a great step and continued to move toward the fallen figure. He was surrounded by a terrifying overbearing pressure, his demon god-like presence was giving out a suffocating pressure.

Ye Futian led cultivators of Saint Plane to the Upper Worlds was because of what happened at that time, but as soon as they have arrived that trouble already was at their door suggested that someone was keeping tabs on them. Of course, Yu Sheng knew exactly what that meant.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to come so quickly.

When the disciples of Lihen Heaven saw Yu Sheng’s movements, they all came to Lu Cheng’s side, and the Sword Will flowed around their bodies. A sword net seemed to have appeared in this space, the Sword Will of Lihen permeating every corner.


A loud bang, Buddha and Demon of all heavens appeared behind Yu Sheng, the Buddha and the Demon as one, its authority pressuring the world. Their palms struck forward at the same time, and the magnificent body of Yu Sheng also struck out, like the Mahavairocana, but it was the Palm of Mahavairocana with demonic attribute, blasting forward toward those cultivators.

The swordsmen of Lihen Heaven swung their swords at the same time, and suddenly all the palm prints were torn and shattered. Yu Sheng stepped forward in great strides and the ground shook. The swords of the swordsmen pointed at Yu Sheng, intend to kill. All swords became one and stabbed on Yu Sheng’s torso.

The body that was covered by the dark golden armor seemed to be indestructible, but even so, the armor was disintegrated bit by bit by that Sword Will of Lihen, and it was even slicing at the spiritual will, rushing into the mind of Yu Sheng. If it was another person, their body would probably be immediately separated into a million pieces.

However, the body of Yu Sheng was already exceeding normal physical limit. After the Sacred War, he was also tempered by Saint Jiang’s medicinal bath, so that the strength of his body was only below the saints, and not something that could be surpassed by mere numbers of combatants. Because after all, even a large number of people was not an indication of the increased combat power of an individual, and without a strong enough offensive, they would never be able to overcome the defense, so a large number of people was simply useless. The increase in the battlefield matrix that would increase the damages of the single attack, was perhaps a little more hopeful.

Roar! A loud holler came out, the lion’s roar shaking the sky, ringing through the eardrums of the people. The swordsmen from Lihen Heaven felt that their heads were about to burst, and then Yu Sheng threw a punch and the void seemed to be exploding, and many figures were knocked away.

Even the strong swordsmen from Lihen Heaven could not block him; what strength was this?


Another step, Yu Sheng continued to move forward, and ran straight toward Lu Cheng, who had already stood up, and the sword that Lu Cheng had used to smash at Ye Wuchen, showing its intent to kill.

Seeing that body, like a demon god, coming toward him, Lu Cheng’s heart beating wildly, and his entire body was surrounded by shining and radiance sword light, his life spirit, bloomed. From the sky, there appeared a giant sword, and he felt an acute sense of fatal danger. Obviously, Lu Cheng never thought that anyone from the Nine States could be as strong as this.

Upon Yu Sheng, the light of the Buddha and Demon was blazing, and when he saw the faint divine authority above Lu Cheng, and divine implement had been shown, he did not hesitate to take out the Battleaxe of Judgment and smash it toward Lu Cheng.

“Slice,” Lu Cheng put both hands above the top of his head, waving forward, and suddenly a giant sword from the top of his head smashed out, cutting a thick and incomparable sword mark in the sky, like a natural fissure cutting through the void, piercing through the sky.

The Battleaxe of Judgment slammed down, and suddenly the sword mark exploded and was destroyed. The Sword Way continued to collapse and self-destruct, and Yu Sheng leveraged its momentum to smash toward Lu Cheng.

With a loud boom, the Battleaxe of Judgment smashed on the Divine Sword, crushing Lu Cheng’s body. He let out an angry roar, still holding on, and the Sword Qi soared.

The Buddha and Demon of all heavens appeared, and their power pressed the sky, and broke the Sword Qi once again. Lu Cheng’s knees slammed into the ground, and there was a loud bang. Terrible cracks appeared on the ground, which extended toward the four sides.

“Enough.” A loud commanding sound came from the sky, and there was an authority of the Divine Path falling down, rocking the firmament. The heart of many jumped, and when they looked up at the sky, they saw the clouds and wind moving, and there was an invisible pressure of the Divine Path that flowed above the sky, feeling extremely sharp.

This air current pressed toward Yu Sheng and asked him to stop.

Yu Sheng looked up at the void, his look indifferent, and the Battleaxe of Judgment continued its downward movement. The blood continued to come out of Lu Cheng’s mouth, his body collapsing, and all the innards were rocked to their limit, and he felt on the verge of destruction.

“How dare you?”

A cold reprimand came out, the wind above the sky blowing, and immense Sword Will started to gather. The next loud sound of rumbling was heard, a sword came from outside the sky, and cracks appeared in the void. A sword that passed three thousand miles, carrying the momentum of the thunder toward Yu Sheng.

The heaven and the earth seemed to be annihilated by this one blow. In the distance, everyone was madly retreating, fearing that they would be caught in the peripheral of the attack. But obviously they worried overmuch; the opponent’s control over the sword was superb, and it was meant only for Yu Sheng, and not the rest of the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven.

Yu Sheng looked up at the sword, and it came in an instant, forcing him to retract the Battleaxe of Judgment and smashed it toward the Sword Will in the void instead.

This sword came from outside the sky, and when the sword fell, the space in which Yu Sheng was in seemed to be pierced, the ground madly bursting and smashing, and that sturdy, god-like body crazily backing up, his shirt was torn, and a sword stabbed onto the Battleaxe of Judgment, puffing out endless horrific authority of the sword, madly tearing at his body.

An angry roar, the terrible defense of Yu Sheng was broken through by the Sword Qi, and blood flowed. His body flew out in reverse, and at that time, the sword stopped, flying back to the void, and everywhere the sword had pointed to, its qi was felt for miles.


A loud sound, and everyone saw that Yu Sheng had fallen to the ground, covered in blood. The shocked crowd looked up to the sword, and the sword mark on the sky that ran a thousand miles.

Three Thousand Mile Sword; they already knew who wielded the sword.

Lihen Heaven, Sword Saint Liyang.

Sword Saint of Liyang, even in the Upper Worlds, was considered a big deal, and he was also Lu Cheng’s master, cultivating in Lihen Heaven, whose actual strength was unfathomable.

At this time, there was a faint shadow gathering on the sword that was suspended in the sky; it was the shadow of Sword Saint of Liyang, and it was also the person who Pei Qianying begged on the ground. Jueying Sword Saint knew that he couldn’t take care of the people from the Holy Zhi Palace, so he took Pei Qianying to Lihen Heaven, intended to us Lihen Heaven’s power for revenge.

The Sword Saint of Liyang understood perfectly the idea of Jueying Sword Saint. But seeing his disciple kneeling and begging, and when he thought how he had been disabled, he still couldn’t resist sending out the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven, to allow them to take Ye Futian and his cohorts, following the rules of the Jiutian Temple.

However, even though Sword Saint of Liyang had been cautious with the ability of Ye Futian and his cohort and had sent out the most powerful setup of Lihen Heaven, they were still crushed.

He glanced at Yu Sheng. He did not expect that in the Lower Worlds in the land of Nine States such characters were possible.

In this battle, they acknowledged defeat.

“Since Lu Cheng was defeated, Lihen Heaven will no longer be bothering you in the future; this is the end of the matter.” Sword Saint of Liyang said lightly. Lu Cheng was crushed, and there was probably no one on his side who could overcome Yu Sheng. If he made the move against these youngsters, he would appear petty and a laughing stock.

The truth was that he should not have intervened. But when he saw that Yu Sheng had really wanted to kill Lu Cheng, he could not just sit by and watch Lu Cheng being killed.

Yu Sheng was covered in blood, and his looked up angrily at the Sword Saint of Liyang in the void, but he also understood that his anger was meaningless.

The premier holy land of Sword Way in the Upper Worlds. Even though the Holy Zhi Palace lorded over all of Nine States, it was still far off from Lihen Heaven. This was not Nine States. The rules of Sacred War did not apply.

At this time, loud rumbling sounds were heard. Many people felt that their eardrums were shaking, making them extremely uncomfortable. They looked back at the distance and saw brilliant light coming toward this side. Sword Saint of Liyang looked up and glanced over there, and suddenly said, “All of you go back.”

When the voice fell, his body disappeared and turned into a sword, flying toward the void. In this instant, the authority of the sword of the Divine Path sheltering the sky and was far stronger than it was before.

There were swords above the firmament, and in front, there was a sword diagram at the center of which, a sword ran through the void and slayed with a speed that was difficult for the eyes to perceive.

Buzz! The sword of Sword Saint of Liyang puffed out infinite sword light, and directed toward the sword that was coming.

The two swords collided in the void, and the horrible air currents of Sword Way now appeared in the sky.

“Let’s go,” Many screamed and retreated in a hurry, and buildings within hundreds of miles of radius had turned to dust in this moment. Many people below Sage Plane spat out blood, and even those of the Sage Plane were also madly withdrawing to escape.

However, at the moment their hearts were beating wildly. Today they did not merely witness an exciting and aggressive battle.

But in fact, they had witnessed the exchanges between swords saints in the air!