The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 The Princess Valet

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Sword will of the great path coursed about in the heavens, shooting throughout the vast area.

Countless cultivators throughout the area looked up at the terrifying scene high up in the air at that moment. An oppressive light screen of the sword appeared in the heavens as the sword will coursed.

That is saintly might.

There are sword saints fighting.

Who is it that is fighting?

Sword will coursed about everywhere within an inn at that moment. Countless looked up at a compound hanging in the air and their minds shuddered. There was definitely a sword saint-level figure staying within.

Yaya sat cross-legged and rings of sword will of the great path coursed about, streaking through the air around and shot far away. The sword diagram in the battlefield looked even more brilliant. Boundless sword will coursed about on that sword that was lashed out. Intense clashing was heard. Her sword had forced her opponent’s sword to keep backing away. Sword Gashes of the Void continued to crumble and the cultivators of Lihen Heaven backed away from the battlefield immediately after seeing that scene.

So the one who made the move was supposedly the reincarnated Sword Saint of the Void told in the legends then. Is she already that strong now?

Boom. A streak of extremely dazzling beam of sword flash came and went in an instant. The Sword of Liyang was penetrated right away and the Sword Gashes of the Heavens crumbled and reduced to dust. A cold voice was heard throughout the place shortly after.

“If the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven continued to behave in such a manner, then it’d best to stop fighting others as swordsmen from here on out, as it would have only tainted the name of swordsmen.”

The voice was heard throughout thousands of miles in the air. Countless heard and their minds shuddered. There were actually people ridiculing swordsmen of Lihen Heaven and claiming them to have tainted the name of swordsmen. Those were incredibly bold words.

A grunt was heard in one of the palaces of Lihen Heaven. Blood was seen at the corner of a person’s mouth. The sword will around the Sword Saint of Liyang was dispersed. He wiped the blood of the corner of his mouth and looked faraway with pointed eyes.

The Sword Saint of the Void eh.

Both the Sword Saint of the Void and the Swordmaster had been known to be the two greatest swordsmen in Emperor Xia’s Realm in the past, fighting to become the number one swordsman.

So the Sword Saint of the Void has returned then.

He had naturally heard that voice as well. They were indeed the ones who were in the wrong in that battle indeed, but it was simply impossible for him to do nothing while seeing his students killed. As such, he did not think much about it.

As for the case with the name of swordsmen of Lihen Heaven, they had been venturing out as powerful swordsmen of Lihen Heaven for many years. It was not something that people would have been able to taint with just words alone, even the one uttering such words was the Sword Saint of the Void. At present, he, the Swordmaster of Lihen Heaven, was the number one swordsman in all of Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Sword will gradually dissipated in that battlefield at the moment. The overbearing pressure was finally gone. Many took a deep breath as they suffered quite a lot earlier, feeling as if their bodies would have been torn to shreds by the sword will around at any given moment.

Countless cracks appeared on the ground and the surrounding buildings were all destroyed. Many were caught in the crossfire and were hurt.

Yu Sheng’s raging body remained standing in the ruins, stained with blood all over him. Many looked shocked. He was able to take one strike throughout the void by the sword saint and still remained standing. His physical body was seen to be insanely strong by those around.

Even though the Sword Saint of Liyang had only launched a strike remotely and had not been bringing his full power, it was nonetheless a strike imbued with the might of sainthood. If it had been common sages at the pinnacle of their training, they would have been rendered paralyzed on the ground even if they happened to survive. Yet, Yu Sheng was able to remain standing with blood all over him. It was a testament of the insane durability of his physical body.

Many took a deep breath, as none of them had expected people from the Nine States of the Lower Worlds had actually been able to shame Lihen Heaven, the number one holy land of the swordsmen in the Upper Worlds.

The very moment the Sword Saint of Liyang made a move, it had actually meant that Lihen Heaven had lost, and it was a crushing defeat in their part.

The man from the Nine States had truly been powerful.

Yu Sheng swept his cold eyes across. The ones from Lihen Heaven had already retreated when the two sword saints duked it out remotely.

They suffered a crushing defeat, so much so that the Sword Saint of Liyang had to make a move to save their lives. As such, they had no face to remain staying.

If it had not been for that one strike from the Sword Saint of Liyang, Lu Cheng would have probably ended up dead by the hands of Yu Sheng. He was truly brutal. The raging aura that burst from him earlier was a testament that he meant business.

“You alright?” Yu Sheng turned around and said to Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen sat cross-legged. His Life Spirit had retreated back into his body. His aura was unstable. He had been exerting himself a lot before.

“I’m fine,” Ye Wuchen looked the bloodstained Yu Sheng and said. He had not been strong enough. Despite having borrowed the power of Renhuang Sword Will, he had only been barely able to defeat the three major swordsmen, before he became hardly able to continue fighting. If he was as capable as Yu Sheng, he would not have needed Yu Sheng to make a move.

The short skirmish previously also made him understand that the cultivators of the Upper Worlds were indeed far stronger than those of the Nine States. Many of the top notch figures that he had met on the pilgrimage led by Xia Qingyuan years ago were of such standards. He was not all that talented, so he had to make up with hard work. The reason why he had been willing to give everything to meld the Renhuang Sword Will into his body, was precisely so to enable him to grow stronger.

However, the Renhuang Sword Will was simply too powerful. He had only been able to refine a small part of it despite having spent years at it, but it had nonetheless helped him a lot in furthering his swordsmanship. Yet, it was clear to him that he had a long way to go.

Powerful sword will was sensed coming from afar. A sword came together with the whooshing, hovering in midair and two figures were seen standing on it.

“Yet another sword saint.” Everyone was shocked to see the old man riding the sword. What the hell is with today?

While there were many saints in the Upper Worlds, but the elder was nonetheless considered a major figure.

The other figure seen standing on the sword was of exceptional bearing. His hair was snow-white and he looked extremely handsome. His eyes were brimming with spirit and his white garb billowed in the air.

Who is that grey-haired young man?

The grey-haired young man walked down and the sword saint followed behind him. The scene caused the pupils of many to dilate. Their eyes sparkling.

The young man is the one taking the lead here?

Ye Futian walked down. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen looked at him.

“What happened?” Ye Futian’s eyes felt rather cold. The village chief was able to sense Yaya’s sword aura when Ye Futian was on his way back, so they came here instead. The battle was over by the time they got there and there were only rubbles left. Other than that, there was Yu Sheng, who was bloodstained, Ye Wuchen, who was injured, and the others.

“The ones from Lihen Heaven did this,” Ye Wuchen said.

Ye Futian’s eyes were very cold. While Pei Qianying was from Lihen Heaven, yet the feud in the past was due to Pei Qianying being conceited enough to strip Wuchen of his Life Spirit, and had them look for him at the Ninth Layer of Heaven. It was due to that he went about climbing the Sky Stairwell, beaten the Jiutian Temple and reduced Pei Qianying to a cripple.

So despite being the number one holy land of swordsmanship, they are actually standing up for Pei Qianying then.

Furthermore, the fact that they were able to come so fast meant that they had been monitoring the ones from the Lower Worlds all the time, right when they were still in the Nine States?

“How did you end up getting hurt?” Ye Futian looked at Yu Sheng and asked. Even if the ones who attacked them were cultivators of Lihen Heaven, Yu Sheng would have never gotten so severely injured, despite the same could not have been said for Ye Wuchen and the others.

Unless a saint made a move against him.

“An attack from a saint.” Xu Que said coldly, “If it hadn’t been the case, all of them from Lihen Heaven would have stayed behind.

Ye Futian’s expression had gotten even colder as things had indeed happened as speculated. Not only that Lihen Heaven acted against them, a saint had even lashed out at Yu Sheng.

If they had not came prepared, having Yaya and some saints traveling along with them in the Upper Worlds, things would have turned out very grim for them.

“We’ll head back and get you people patched up first,” Ye Futian said. Everyone nodded and the village chief took all of them back riding on the sword. They were out of sight within mere moments.

“Why did his hair turned grey?” Some mumbled to themselves and they were many who had actually been guessing at Ye Futian’s identity.

There were those who had witnessed those battles fought in the Jiutian Temple, and they had not been able to recognize him at first. It was not until they had taken a good look, that they found him to be the genius who claimed to be peerless in the Nine States, Ye Futian.

No one knew if Lihen Heaven would have made another move against them, seeing how that holy land suffered yet another defeat. However, with even Lu Cheng, who had studied under the Sword Saint of Liyang had been overwhelmed like that and the sword saint had to save him personally, claiming that the case was ended right there and then, even if the ones from Lihen Heaven wanted revenge, none of those who studied under the Sword Saint of Liyang would have been able to defeat Yu Sheng, more so given that Ye Futian was on their side.

Unless, Lihen Heaven was ready to field a great number of mighty ones, with even the saint making a move.

However, as the number one holy land of swordsmanship, there was no way Lihen Heaven would have done so, as it would not have been something they would have been able to boast about after all.

The news of that battle was quickly spread throughout the Upper Worlds, as Lihen Heaven was simply too well-known in the Upper Worlds, making it impossible for the news to not spread.

Many claimed that while Yu Sheng, who had defeated Lu Cheng, and Ye Futian, who had beaten the Ninth Layer of Heaven, were cultivators from the Nine States, but they nonetheless stood at the very pinnacle below Saint Plane, even at the Upper Worlds. They were worthy of being compared to the top few in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

There had not been people like that emerging from the Nine States for a very long time.

When the news spread, the names of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng of the Nine States, once again spread throughout the Upper Worlds. Many linked that battle with the day where three from the Nine States being able to make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

At the 33rd layer of heaven of the Lihen Heaven, the clouds were fleeting and a figure was seen training with his eyes closed before a swordsman’s palace.

Those who were training there were all of the bloodline of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

A figure was seen carrying a sword on their backs as they walked, going up the Sky Stairwell. He then stopped before that figure and bowed, calling respectfully, “Brother.”

The young man who was seen training with his eyes closed took a look at the one who came. He then smiled and asked, “How did you get free enough to come here?”

“Lu Cheng, a student of Uncle Liyang, intended to ask for guidance in swordsmanship from you,” the one who came said.

The young man wore a puzzled look and asked, “Lu Cheng was the best student studying under Uncle Liyang. If he needed teaching, he would have gone to Uncle Liyang instead. What is he doing here?”

“A student who studied under Uncle Liyang, Pei Qianying, was rendered a cripple in the past. Lu Cheng stood up for him and was overwhelmed by his opponents. If it had not been for Uncle Liyang making a move, Lu Cheng might have been killed on the spot. As such, many chastised Uncle Liyang for that. It would seem that that battle had instigated Lu Cheng enough, that he wanted to learn what it was like to be the Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane.”

The man who came smiled and answered. The elder brother-in-training before him was the number one figure in Lihen Heaven, the true Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane, one of the few acknowledged by all in the Upper Worlds to be standing at the very top.

As such, it was entirely within reason that Lu Cheng sought him out after being defeated by Yu Sheng.

He was probably feeling vexed from being defeated.

“There is actually someone capable of landing such a blow on Lu Cheng. A tough one indeed then. Who would that be?” The young man asked.

“Someone from the Nine States named Yu Sheng. He was probably very powerful,” the one who came answered.

“Well then.” The young man nodded and continued, “Tell Lu Cheng to come here.”

“Indeed, brother.”

A decree was sent from the Emperor Xia’s Palace when many were still talking about Ye Futian, shocking many people.

The decree of Emperor Xia stated that Ye Futian, Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State of the Nine States, was to be appointed as the princess’ valet and was permitted for the moment, to venture outside for training. He was also allowed to enter Emperor Xia’s Palace!