The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 The End Of Jueying Palace

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At the top of Jueying Palace, sword will flowed through an ancient hall. The Jueying Sword Saint sat with his eyes closed in cultivation.

Having cultivated to this level, it was extremely difficult for him to advance any more. It required perseverance, concentration, a firm state of mind, and outside luck in order to have a chance of moving forward.

The Jueying Sword Sage had been disturbed these past few days due to Pei Qianying, and it had affected his cultivation.

Now he needed to let go of distracting thoughts. The conflict between Ye Futian and Lihen Heaven had ended. In the future they would deal with him without having to spend too much energy on it.

Sword will flowed around his body. Brilliant light shone through the hall like a wonderful sword matrix. The Jueying Sword Saint gradually calmed down.

But at that moment his eye twitched slightly. He suddenly felt uneasy. He felt that something was about to happen.

“What is going on?” he whispered to himself. As a Saint, he would sometimes sense mysterious things going on in the world, or would have premonitions. His current unrest obviously had not come out of thin air. It was highly likely that something was about to happen.

He opened his eyes and his spiritual will spread out in all directions through the hall. He quickly felt an incredibly strong sense of danger.

His heart beat rapidly as he faintly felt something in the distance. His spiritual will continued to spread out in all directions.

Suddenly his heart began to beat even faster. The sky was filled with flowing sword wills. A massive sword diagram filled the air, and in the center of it endless sword wills gathered together, forming a sword power that could swallow up and destroy everything.

“This isn’t good.” The Jueying Sword Saint flashed up into the sky. But in the next moment a beam of light appeared in the center of the sword diagram, locking his body in place.

“Get out of here quickly!” The Jueying Sword Saint yelled. All of Jueying Palace trembled. Everyone’s hearts were beating wildly. They did not even react, they just looked up into the sky. The Jueying Sword Saint gathered all of his sword will into a Divine Sword. His body turned into thousands of images of swords.

Brilliant light shone down. Another sword diagram appeared that covered the sky. The endless swords gathered together into a single sword and pierced through the air like a beam of light. It fell downwards, ignoring all spatial distance.

In that moment, everyone felt like a god of death was descending upon them. Under this sword will, their lives were insignificant.

The brilliant light pierced their eyes, hurting them so badly that they could not open them, and many of them could not help but hold their hands up to block it out.

The thousands of images of swords gathered together into one. Everyone heard the Jueying Sword Saint shout, and then a destructive sword will swept out, shattering Jueying Palace into pieces.

Everyone in Jueying Palace was now soaked in sweat, and their terror was plain upon their faces.

They looked towards the Jueying Sword Saint. He stood in the air with blood streaming from his mouth and his long hair flying chaotically in the wind. His aura was weak, and he did not look good at all. He had been badly wounded. Below him, the hall had been pierced through by a sword and shattered to pieces. Not only that, the rest of the palace had been destroyed by the left over power from the sword.

Stunned by the sword, everyone stood in dumbfounded silence, staring blankly into the sky. There they saw a very young woman floating down. Far away, a sword shrieked as a group of cultivators appeared in the sky, overlooking everything.

A white-haired figure stepped forward and swept his gaze over the Jueying Sword Saint.

The Jueying Sword Saint stared at him, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

He knew that those who had come on that sword in the sky had come for his life. They would show no mercy.

“Ye Futian.” The Jueying Sword Saint had definitely not thought that his opponent would take such decisive action against him.

Pei Qianying also stared at the white-haired figure, shuddering, not only out of anger and desire for revenge, but because of fear as well.

Why had Ye Futian led his cultivators here?

He wanted to kill Ye Futian, no matter the cost. But even when he had knelt in front of his master and begged, he had never thought that Ye Futian would attack Jueying Palace, appearing before him once again.

The Village Chief and Glass Saint where already moving, surrounding the Jueying Sword Saint from above. As the only Saint in Jueying Palace, they obviously could not let him leave alive.

“In the past, Pei Qianying and the Jueying Sword Saint stripped my sworn brother of his life spirit. They came to Jiutian Temple with their mad words, seeking battle. They could not handle their defeat, and so they monitored my movements and went to Lihen Heaven to incite them to act against us. They spread news about Huang Jiuge and Ye Wuchen. This must be punished. From now on, there will be no more Jueying Palace. I will not drag in those who have nothing to do with this. As long as you don’t move, and listen to my commands, I won’t kill you.” Ye Futian’s eyes were extremely cold. His voice resonated throughout Jueying Palace.

Many people flashed outside of Jueying Palace. They trembled to behold the scene before their eyes, and their hearts would not stop beating rapidly.

The center of the palace was in ruins. Cultivators for hundreds of miles could sense the sword that had descended from the sky, and thus had come over as quickly as possible. When they heard Ye Futian’s words, they knew that the Jueying Sword Saint was finished.

The Jueying Sword Saint had plotted against Ye Futian behind his back. Now his opponent had come to his door to destroy Jueying Palace.

“Let’s go.” A group of figures flashed away as they fled Jueying Palace. For many people, the palace had been a place to cultivate and nothing more. Given that, their lives were far more important. Ye Futian had said as long as they didn’t move they wouldn’t be killed, but they were taking no chances.

A giant, dark golden condor swooped down from overhead, lashing out with its claws. In an instant all those who fled were dead.

Of course, there were those who had actually listened to Ye Futian. As long as they didn’t move, they wouldn’t be killed.

Woosh! Woosh! The terrible sword wills flowed all around, and one of them shot towards Ye Futian. This was the Jueying Sword Saint’s attack. Yaya stood in front of Ye Futian, and a terrible light curtain appeared around her that separated her from the sword will.

Glass Saint moved at the same time. She leapt towards the Jueying Sword Saint with her sword in hand and her long hair flowing behind her.

The Jueying Sword Saint pointed into the sky, and suddenly the images of countless swords appeared. They tore through the air towards Glass Saint.

But she seemed to not even notice them. A terrible cold filled the air, and everyone began shivering involuntarily. Her sword will flowed, and the swords coming from the sky were destroyed one by one. Glass Saint continued forward without having been hindered at all.

The Jueying Sword Saint went pale. Glass Saint was at the same level as he was, and had not been there for as long as he had. But he had been wounded already, and his aura was weak. He was no match for her.

As he felt Glass Saint’s aura approaching, he suddenly turned into a sword and fled backwards.

The Village Chief flashed over and space seemed to freeze. Endless sword wills descended, blocking the Jueying Sword Saint’s path of escape.

Woosh! The Jueying Sword Saint did not slow down. His thousands of images of swords combined into one sword that destroyed everything in front of him to help him escape.

With sword in hand the Village Chief activated the sword diagram. Suddenly, a pattern of swords appeared on him. The Jueying Sword Saint’s attack struck the pattern of swords, destroying it, yet it was also blocked.

At that moment, the Jueying Sword Saint felt very cold all over his body. His very soul seemed to be trembling.

It seemed that the entire world had become bone chillingly cold. The whole world seemed to have become some sort of wonderland, and it was as if he and all of his cultivation were meaningless when exposed to this artistic conception.

He turned suddenly and slashed out with his sword. The light from his sword swept out for hundreds of miles, but all he saw was a cold and ruthlessly beautiful face, and her emotionless sword.

Her sword came towards him, and suddenly all his swordsmanship was gone. All there was was that sword slicing towards his body.

As the sword came towards him, he seemed to be frozen. He was afraid like never before. It cut through his Mindfulness of the Path and broke the foundations in the Great Path. The sound of shattering reverberated through him as he trembled in fear.

He had been the Jueying Sword Saint for many years. He had founded Jueying Palace. And now he would lose his life to a junior cultivator?

He did not have time to think about it. The Village Chief’s sword pierced through him. The sword that could tear space apart destroyed him. His body seemed to turn into a beam of blinding light. He disintegrated in fear, and his endless sword wills disappeared.

“No!” cried everyone in Jueying Palace as they watched him fall. Their despair was plain on their faces.

Could a Saint really be killed on the spot like that?

At that moment, everyone else kept silent out of fear. No one else dared to move.

Ye Futian stepped forward towards Pei Qianying. No one would stand in his way.

Pei Qianying watched him coming closer and trembled. He clenched his fists so tightly that the veins stood out.

Vengefulness, pain, regret and fear were all that was in his heart.

With an indifferent expression, Ye Futian said, “Wuchen.”

Ye Wuchen understood what he meant. He stepped forward with an extremely powerful sword will towards Pei Qianying.

In the past, Pei Qianying had ordered him to be stripped of his life spirit. He had been so arrogant, and they had to wait so long to fight him at Jiutian Temple.

As he watched Ye Wuchen coming towards him, Pei Qianying screamed and rushed up into the air towards him.

A dazzling light bloomed from Ye Wuchen’s eyes as his Sword Spirit appeared, a golden sword will that could destroy anything. He sped up, leaving behind afterimages as his sword struck out.

Pei Qianying struck out with his sword at the same time, but Wuchen seemed to be an instant faster. The golden sword flashed as it pierced through Pei Qianying’s throat. He trembled violently. He put his hands up to his throat and blood ran through his fingers.

Tears flowed from his eyes. He seemed to be thinking of the glorious life he could have had.

Could it be that Pei Qianying, the prodigy of Jiutian Temple, a disciple of Lihen Heaven, and the son of the Jueying Sword Saint, would come to an end like this?

His body fell from the sky. There was an intense look of regret in his eyes. Why did he have to take Ye Wuchen’s life spirit away all those years ago