The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 Crazy One

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Yaoxi’s alluring eyes did not linger on Ye Futian for long. That one look was of an appropriate length of time, leaving a striking impression in his mind but not ending up appearing offensive.

She turned her eyes on Xiao Sheng and chuckled, “Please, Mr. Xiao, you’re too flattering. Goddess Fengxiao of Lihen Heaven is here, so it makes no difference to the scenery regardless if I’m present. Furthermore, Ms. Gongsun of Divine Cloud Valley should be here today as well.”

Everyone naturally knew who Yaoxi meant: the sisters of the Gongsun family. The sisters were indeed rare beauties on their own.

“We’ll have to ask Brother Gongsun about that,” Xiao Sheng said as he turned his eyes at Gongsun Zhong.

“They’re probably already here.” Gongsun Zhong then added, “But, today is Old Man Xiao’s birthday banquet, so the queen should probably be here then. If both the queen and the princess are here, we’re all but side characters. Nobody dares to steal the thunder from the queen and the princess after all.”

Everyone naturally nodded in agreement.

Queen Xiao was the number one beauty in all of Emperor Xia’s Realm.

The princess liked to dress in men’s clothing and no one had actually seen her dressed in a woman. However, her stunning looks remained highly visible in the least. That, coupled with her status as the princess, would have definitely made her the most high profile woman in all of Emperor Xia’s Realm. No one would have been able to steal Xia Qingyuan’s thunder, including Virgin Yaoxi of Yaotai.

Mo Wen of Tianji Pavilion sat quietly as he listened to the chatter. While the conversation had been a simple one, he was nonetheless able to acquire a lot of information from it.

Tianji Pavilion was known for knowing everything in Emperor Xia’s Realm. No one present would have known more about Emperor Xia’s Realm than Mo Wen.

His knowledge about the realm was so deep that he even knew all about the love affairs of Emperor Xia in the past. However, no one dared to bring such topics up. All who were present notwithstanding, even Mo Wen only came to know about those age old secrets from his teacher, to remind him who in Emperor Xia’s Realm should be deemed off-limits. It was the very reason why Tianji Pavilion was able to stay around for so long.

Goddess Yaotai lost to Queen Xiao all those years ago, so there was little hope for Yaoxi to win against Xia Qingyuan.

Furthermore, what Gongsun Zhong said earlier was rather inappropriate. Yaoxi was a stunning beauty herself with peerless appearance. It was fine for him not to compliment her, but mentioning Queen Xiao and the princess to overwhelm Yaoxi was rather unfriendly. If one were to take the ambitions of Divine Cloud Valley into consideration, it would have not seemed all that difficult to comprehend.

“Please, have a seat, Goddess Yaoxi,” Xiao Sheng said with a smile.

Yaoxi nodded lightly. She scanned the place around and moved towards a direction with light steps. The place that she sat at caused a lot of the ones present to cast puzzled looks.

While there were many seats available, Yaoxi did not sit at any of master seats, choosing to sit somewhere near Ye Futian instead. There were actually better seats elsewhere.

While that move seemed insignificant, many looked at her with baffled looks nonetheless, wondering if she was doing so intentionally.

“Yaoxi of Yaotai Divine Palace, please to make your acquaintance, Mr. Ye. You do live up to your reputation and look incredibly dashing indeed.” She nodded politely to Ye Futian as her beautiful eyes seemed to be dancing as soon as she sat down. Her voice was as gentle as water, soothing the minds of anyone within earshot. Every single expression and move of hers were bound to strike the minds of men.

Ye Futian looked at Yaoxi with a rather surprised looks, feeling rather weird as to how Yaoxi behaved in front of him.

While he was extremely confident of his talents and appearance, he did not think for one second that all of that would have sufficed to make someone like Yaoxi fall for him at first sight and worse still, taking a liking for him simply by his reputation alone. That was some overused, rotten tropes written in some books, and would have never happened in reality.

The reason why Fengxiao deliberately had Xiao Sheng elaborate on the identities of the ones present was to pressure Ye Futian, a way of telling him that all of them were of more exceptional status than him, a valet of the princess.

Ye Futian admitted that much himself. He was at a gathering where the most brilliant of the later generations were found after all.

Yaoxi hailed from Yaotai Divine Palace, so there was little need to talk about her privileged status. It looked rather unusual for someone like her to come up to him instead.

Regardless of the reasons, since Yaoxi was showing good will to him, there was naturally no need for him to be unfriendly to the other party.

“You’re too kind, goddess. I’m but a mortal man and there is no way I could be worthy of your praise. Speaking of which, it is my first time meeting you, goddess, and I must say that your appearance is so stunning that there is hardly even a handful of girls I know, who would be able to remotely compare,” Ye Futian replied with a smile.

“So you mean to say that there’re ones who would be able to compare nonetheless then, Mr. Ye. I wonder who would look so exceptional?” Yaoxi’s voice was fine and alluring. Her eyes were such that few men would have been able to resist.

“My wife,” Ye Futian replied simply. Yaoxi was stunned for a bit and actually looked rather dazed. It was apparent that she found the answer surprising.

She thought that Ye Futian would have meant Xia Qingyuan, since he would have definitely known the princess better due to his status as her valet.

That answer of his caught her off-guard, especially so when he actually mentioned his wife despite being in the presence of such a stunning beauty. She apparently knew what the answer meant and that made her feel a little defeated.

However, she rescinded those thoughts quickly and her eyes remained having a warm smile in them.

“I heard that you have beaten the Jiutian Temple for a friend once and stripped Pei Qianying of his Life Spirit, Mr. Ye, becoming known as peerless among the Lower Worlds. Yu Sheng had too defeated Lu Cheng of Lihen Heaven once. The people of Emperor Xia’s Realm now claim that until the day Wang Chuan of Lihen Heaven emerge from his training, there would hardly be anyone below Saint Plane capable of defeating you, Mr. Ye.” Yaoxi then asked with a smile, “What do you think about that, Mr. Ye?”

“While I’ve no idea who Wang Chuan is, but it makes no difference if he emerges or not,” Ye Futian answered with a smile while looking calm and composed. What he meant was there was still none in Lihen Heaven under Saint Plane, who would have been able to compare to him, even if Wang Chuan came to face him.

“Big words indeed.”

“Another fellow whose arrogance knows no bounds.”

One angered comment after another emerged as soon as Ye Futian finished his sentence. All of that apparently came from the cultivators of Lihen Heaven. Fengxiao and Mo Li both turned their eyes to look at Ye Futian coldly.

Their Brother Wang Chuan was the Edge of Pinnacle below Saint acknowledged by all.

There were even elders in Lihen Heaven claiming that there were two planes right below Saint Plane, with Wang Chuan being alone in one while all the others in another plane. It was no secret that they held Wang Chuan in extremely high regard. Even the likes of Lu Cheng needed to ask for guidance from Wang Chuan at 33rd Layer of Heaven.

Lihen Heaven notwithstanding, even when compared throughout the entire Emperor Xia’s Realm, there were few below Saint Plane who were deemed qualified to fight Wang Chuan.

Ye Futian actually boasted that it would not have made any difference even if Brother Wang Chuan were to emerge. His tone was so arrogant that it was apparent that he did not take Wang Chuan seriously at all. One could have imagined what was going through the minds of the cultivators from Lihen Heaven.

Everyone present, including Yaoxi, sported puzzled looks and they were all surprised by Ye Futian. They apparently never expected such answers from him. There was no hint of doubt, as if Lihen Heaven cultivators have always been beneath him.

Ye Futian behaved well since the very moment he arrived, sitting there quietly. He had few words to spare even when Yaoxi chatted with him.

However, when the conversation came to involve training, what he said surprised everyone so much, that the cultivators of Lihen Heaven were barely able to keep themselves from drawing their swords.

Ye Futian looked extremely composed and unfettered throughout the ruckus. It was as if that he said something insignificant.

He naturally knew what kind of reactions his words would have garnered, yet he did not mind them at all. The cultivators of Lihen Heaven ganged up on Wuchen and when they lost, the Sword Saint of Liyang made a move and injured Yu Sheng. All of that meant that he had scores to settle with them.

As such, Ye Futian actually wished that Wang Chuan of Lihen Heaven would have actually emerged, so much so that Ye Futian did not mind fighting him on that very day.

Lihen Heaven was a massive force and he was only able to obliterate Jueying Palace. It was far from enough to be able to shake Lihen Heaven. But then again, it was something entirely different if the students of Lihen Heaven were to look for him, instead of the other way around instead.

“Please shut up if none of you are willing to fight.” Ye Futian looked at a cultivator of Lihen Heaven who berated him, adding in a composed manner, “If any of you wish to fight, please take your pick. But then again, I’m sorry to say that I’ve no intentions of entertaining the notion of saints rescuing their students, when things do not go their way.”

He was obviously referring to the time when the Sword Saint of Liyang made his move last time.

As expected, his words silenced all of those from Lihen Heaven and the ones who were subordinate to them. They simply glared at Ye Futian coldly as they were speechless about that battle. It was indeed considered a taint in the history of Lihen Heaven.

Yaoxi felt rather surprised as she gazed at his handsome face from the side. He had never expected such sharp and pointed words coming out from the mouth of gentle, mild-mannered silver-haired young man. He had been able to anger every single one from Lihen Heaven with several simple lines alone.

“Uncle Liyang had only acted to save Lu Cheng’s life when he lost in the last battle. While it was indeed somewhat inappropriate, but he had never intended to kill Yu Sheng. He would not have been able to sit here otherwise. You claimed to be peerless in the Nine States and while your talents were indeed extremely exceptional, you have respect for nothing and thought yourself invincible. I say that you’ve really underestimated the cultivators of the Upper Worlds,” Mo Li commented. Due to his relatively mild-mannered temperament, his voice was a calm and composed one.

“So, you’re saying that we should thank the saint of Lihen Heaven for not killing one of our own then?” Xu Que, who was sitting beside Ye Futian, smirked coldly as he continued, “The fact that your saint attacked remained. Whether it is to save a student’s life or not is irrelevant. The swordsmen of Lihen Heaven had no intentions of going easy on the three of us back then. So in conclusion, you’re saying that Lihen Heaven is allowed to attack with intentions to kill, be defeated, and then it is entirely appropriate and correct to have your saint attack then? Number one holy land of swordsmanship indeed.”

“I’ve never claimed to be invincible. But I’m able to beat every single one from Lihen Heaven who is not of the Saint Plane. Would you care to find out?” Ye Futian stared at Mo Li and said.

The swordsmen of Lihen Heaven had sword will coiling around them as soon as he finished. Some even stood as they have had enough.

Ye Futian was apparently ridiculing the number one holy land of swordsmanship in Emperor Xia’s Realm indeed.

Beating everyone who is not a saint?

All the others looked at Ye Futian without saying a word. Many who were present came to have some thoughts listening to Ye Futian’s words.

“While Lu Cheng was ranked on the Jiutian Ranking, but he was not actually at the very top. To my knowledge, Lu Cheng of Lihen Heaven was not even qualified to be compared with Wang Chuan.” Gongsun Zhong of Divine Cloud Valley looked at Ye Futian and added calmly, “Furthermore, Wang Chuan had beaten every single sage at the pinnacle of their training of Lihen Heaven two years ago. I’m afraid he’s already half a saint now. Are you sure you’re able to beat him?”