The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 The Well Fed Has No Idea How The Starving Suffer

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Gongsun Zhong’s tone was a composed one and there was hardly any emotions found within. There was no need to talk about if he liked or disliked Ye Futian; he knew too little about that young upstart to have such concerns in the first place.

While extreme geniuses like Ye Futian were not all that common, yet there was little need for Divine Cloud Valley to be concerned with him.

As the number one armorer force in all of Emperor Xia’s Realm, the valley master’s relationship with Emperor Xia went a long way back. With the exception of top notch figures, Divine Cloud Valley had little need to be concerned about anyone.

However, Ye Futian’s unbridled conceit displeased him somewhat. Despite being of peerless, exceptional talent, he was still just someone who came to train from the Lower Worlds. Emperor Xia appreciated him enough to make him the princess’ valet, so he should have known what he should and should not do. He should have laid low and train, staying within Emperor Xia’s Palace and doing his best to assist the princess, instead of throwing big words around, provoking Lihen Heaven.

As the number one force of the sword in Emperor Xia’s Realm, it was only natural that that holy land’s wealth, history and powers were formidable in all sense. Even if Ye Futian was displeased with them, he had no right to vent his frustration at them. Does he really think that he could shake Lihen Heaven, just because Emperor Xia took a liking to him? He’s only causing trouble for the princess instead.

Furthermore, Wang Chuan of Lihen Heaven did not get where he was without substantial powers to back him. Gongsun Zhong was known to be a top notch figure below Saint Plane, yet he never dared to say that he was able to win against Wang Chuan.

The way Ye Futian behaved with such condescendence and arrogance simply meant that he was able to overpower every single one who was at the very cutting edge of their training.

As such, Gongsun Zhong asked what he asked.

Ye Futian looked at Gongsun Zhong and said plainly, “I’m not talking about Wang Chuan alone; I’m talking about all below Saint Plane in Lihen Heaven.”

That flat, unfettered tone he took made Gongsun Zhong glare at him, staying silent for a moment, before an amused smirk was seen on his face.

All below Saint Plane in Lihen Heaven eh? Truth is, you have never met Wang Chuan and you don’t know what he is capable of.

Are you saying that you’re invincible among all below Saint Plane then?

Are you saying that you’d have no need to concern yourself with the plane level of others, as no one would be able to beat you then?

Ye Futian turned his eyes away. He was picking fights with Lihen Heaven, but if Gongsun Zhong insisted on feeling offended as one of those who were scorned, then he would not bother explaining anything, as there was little need for him to do so. As for Gongsun Zhong’s opinion of him, he saw that to have nothing to do with him.

“What would you all be chatting about?” A woman’s voice was heard. Everyone turned their eyes around and saw two figures walking in their direction.

The two women had extremely stunning appearances. Both of them were top notch figures and the one who spoke, while looking slightly inferior to Yaoxi in terms of appearance, but the difference were almost negligible and she could have easily been deemed a beauty few would have been able to compare to herself.

The other woman looked somewhat younger. Her clear eyes scanned everyone around her, before coming to look at Ye Futian. She wore a puzzled look for a fleeting moment before recomposing herself, and not looking in his direction anymore.

“Gongsun Xuan, she went onto pilgrimage with the princess back then. All I knew was the princess looked after her quite well back then. Never crossed my mind that she was of the number one armorer force in the Upper Worlds.” Xu QUe looked rather amused as he spoke to Ye Futian telepathically, “Furthermore, Luo Fan had taking a liking to her and attempted to woo her. Her refusal had been quite a brutal one.”

Ye Futian looked speechless as he heard that. He knew what his Fifth Brother was like with that big mouth. It was entirely possible that Luo Fan flirted with that woman over there.

He never asked about anything that happened in those years. The thing that he was most clear about was the feud between Wuchen and Pei Qianying. He knew next to nothing about anything else that had taken place.

But then again, having gone on pilgrimage for several years, it was entirely for them to be acquainted with one another.

“Ni.” Xiao Sheng’s eyes turned to the woman who spoke, the beloved daughter of the Divine Cloud Valley, Gongsun Ni, who was also the elder sister of Gongsun Xuan. Both sisters looked extremely stunning while sporting exceptional talents.

“We’re just chatting around. Brother Ye here claimed that he was capable of overpowering all who were below Saint Plane from Lihen Heaven. If there’s such a chance to see such fights, I’d be delighted indeed,” Xiao Sheng said with a smile. He did not find Ye Futian’s big words all that believable.

That’s probably just putting up airs anyway.

Gongsun Ni took one look at Ye Futian’s direction and her expression was a calm, unfettered one. She knew little about Ye Futian and so, did not bother giving an opinion. She simply said, “The banquet is about to begin, shall we make a move?”

“Very well.” Xiao Sheng nodded with a smile. He turned his eyes at everyone present and said, “If the opportunity presents itself, I’d really like to see you spar indeed. Well then, to the banquet.”

He got up first and gestured politely. Everyone else stood up one after another.

Xiao Sheng walked towards Gongsun Ni and said, “Let’s walk.”

Gongsun Ni nodded lightly. The Xiao clan was a relative of the imperial family and the relationship between Divine Cloud Valley and Emperor Xia was an exceptional one. Both forces shared a close relationship and kept close contact with each other. As such, she was naturally more familiar with Xiao Sheng.

Gongsun Zhong walked but Gongsun Xuan stayed a little behind him instead.

Ye Futian and his people walked together with Xiao Sheng while the cultivators of Lihen Heaven cast cold gazes at him. Many of them wore sheaths behind their backs, as if that was some habit of theirs. Those items were probably a symbol of pride of them being swordsmen.

When Brother Wang Chuan emerges, Ye Futian would have to shut up whether he like it or not.

“Shall we walk together, Mr. Ye?” Yaoxi, who was at Ye Futian’s side, seemed to be waiting for him, so she smiled and asked when he had gotten close.

“Very well.” Ye Futian nodded and did not refuse. Both of them walked. The silver-haired young man was exceptionally handsome while Yaoxi looked absolutely stunning. They made quite a scenery just walking abreast.

Ye Futian saw a beautiful silhouette standing around after walking for several steps, who was none other than Gongsun Xuan. Luo Fan shirked behind Ye Futian, as if he had done something wrong.

“What now? So you don’t know me anymore?” Gongsun Xuan asked after seeing Luo Fan shirking, “You’ve had more guts all those years ago.”

Luo Fan lifted his head and smiled at Gongsun Xuan, saying, “Well, I knew you were someone exceptional at the very first time I saw you. I never knew you were from the Divine Cloud Valley of the Upper Worlds. It was little wonder why your skills with flame rules had been so exceptional.”

Ye Futian saw from the attitude displayed by both parties and knew that there had been little more than a scuffle between them. He left the scene and did not bother anymore with his Fifth Brother’s affairs.

Gongsun Xuan took a good look at Luo Fan and said, “I never expected to see you coming up to the Upper Worlds to train. There has been lots of news regarding both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Which force did you all belong to? Why were those two not present in that pilgrimage?”

“Little Brother and Yu Sheng were of exceptional talents, so it mattered little if they went on a pilgrimage or not,” Luo Fan said.

“Little Brother?” Gongsun Xuan looked puzzled as she asked. Both chatted as they walked.

“Yeah.” Luo Fan nodded. “Little Brother ranked last among the students of the Cottage. Our Eldest Brother, Second Sister, Third Brother and Fourth brother, you’ve seen them all.”

Gongsun Xuan nodded. She had seen every single person from the Lower Worlds who had been on that pilgrimage, but she was not familiar with any o fthem.

“Xuan.” Gongsun Zhong called, after he and Gongsun Ni, who were at the front, found Gongsun Xuan walking behind and chatting with Luo Fan.

“Excuse me then,” Gongsun Xuan said to Luo Fan, who nodded. Gongsun Xuan sped up and moved past Ye Futian and the others, meeting up with his brother and sister.

“You knew him?” Gongsun Zhong asked.

“Indeed, during the pilgrimage,” Gongsun Xuan answered.

“It would have sufficed to just greet him. Don’t talk to him so much from here on out.” Gongsun Zhong reminded her. As the daughter of Divine Cloud Valley, men who were to marry both Gongsun Ni and Gongsun Xuan needed to be of the best in Emperor Xia’s Realm, be it in terms of background, talent in training as well as appearance.

For instance, Xiao Sheng had a liking for Gongsun Ni, and Gongsun Zhong had little to say about that. Xiao Sheng and Gongsun Ni were a good match after all, and Gongsun Zhong looked forward to seeing them together.

Who the hell is that Luo Fan by the way?

He dares to swoon at the daughter of Divine Cloud Valley?

Furthermore, what Ye Futian said left a bad impression on him. Besides, Ye Futian had a score to settle with Lihen Heaven. Despite appreciated by Emperor Xia, his achievements in the future would have been limited regardless, let alone Luo Fan who was behind him.

“I know what to do,” Gongsun Xuan answered.

Both of them did not bother concealing their voices as they spoke, so there were many around them hearing the conversation, and they cast amused looks at Ye Futian and his people.

While Gongsun Zhong had never conversed with Ye Futian directly, but Ye Futian’s attitude was apparent nonetheless. Gongsun Zhong did not bother giving any face to that person who boasted that he would have been able to overpower all under Saint Plane from Lihen Heaven.

Luo Fan turned his eyes at the front and he frowned a bit.

Ye Futian caught Luo Fan’s expression as he turned his head around, asking telepathically, “So you’ve taking a liking to her then, Fifth Brother?”

“Don’t be stupid. I’ve flirted with her with a few lines a few years ago, that’s all. We don’t know each other much.” Luo Fan shrugged and looked indifferent, yet he seemed to be averting Ye Futian’s eyes nonetheless.

“I find her not bad though.” Ye Futian smiled and said, “She actually came up and chat to you. She might have actually taken a liking to you.”

“Yeah, stop overlaying Fourth Brother’s experiences on me, will you?” Luo Fan quipped exasperatedly.

“Speaking of which, you and Fourth Brother seem to share similar likings.” Ye Futian wore an amused look. His Fourth Brother had taken a liking to You Xi of Alchemy City all those years back, and his Fifth Brother came to like a daughter of an armorer force then.

Both of those brothers are closest to each other and are always up to something together. So they come to like the same type of girls then?

“I was just bored from training all those years back and seeing the awesome might of the flame rules, I just happened to flirt with her for a bit. But you know, your Fifth Brother here has incredibly charisma. It’s entirely normal for girls to like me,” Luo Fan commented rather shamelessly.

“Fourth Brother was better at it though, he ‘sealed the deal’ right there and then after all. How about you try something similar yourself? You’d probably end up going home with the girl after winning an armorer competition or whatnot, like Fourth Brother,” Ye Futian jested. However, even if there were to be such a competition in the Upper Worlds, Luo Fan would have had no part in it.

“Shut up.” Luo Fan closed the conversation with two words telepathically. What’s this little sh** going to be up to? ‘Seal the deal’ my a**.

It was due to You Xi having thoughts about running away from the arranged marriage in Alchemy City all those years ago, that their Fourth Brother had been able to end up with her with the first place. As with him and Gongsun Xuan, he was having fun with words and never given all that much thought to it all.

The well-fed has no idea how the starving suffer. This dude at the front seems to be able to pick up pretty girls wherever he ends up in. See, another extreme beauty by his side.

All who came to celebrate hailed from holy lands.

Ye Futian looked inconspicuous at all among the crowd. There were cheers heard and carriages were seen with clouds up in the sky faraway. The entourage was a lavish one.

“Queen Xiao has return to her home.” A voice was heard from far away, heard all over the Xiao clan’s vicinity.

Queen Xiao was Emperor Xia’s women and was titled queen. Her status was exceptional and even just returning to her ancestral home was considered quite a trip in itself.

The family head of Xiao clan and other core figures appeared one after another, receiving her at the pedestal.

The carriage moved in the air and there were two figures seen sitting on the carriage. They were none other than Queen Xiao and Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan cast her gaze below and saw a familiar figure among the crowd, looked slightly displeased. Why is he here?

She then saw the extreme beauty at Ye Futian’s side shortly after, and both of them seemed to be having a good time chatting away.