The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Who Is Qualified To Fight Me?

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Many went into deep thought after hearing Xia Qingyuan’s words at the banquet.

What does Xia Qingyuan mean by all that?

While it seemed as if she was berating Ye Futian, she had nonetheless given him permission to engage the ones from Lihen Heaven. With Wang Chuan being absent, none of the students of Lihen Heaven present would have been able to take Ye Futian on.

It was something that many present found amusing. Emperor Xia made Ye Futian the princess’ valet, which meant that Ye Futian served Xia Qingyuan. While her words seemed to be targeted at Ye Futian, many wondered if she was also voicing her displeasure at the ones from Lihen Heaven.

Fengxiao was the one who provoked with words earlier, spreading what Ye Futian said for all to hear. If that was the case, then they would have only needed to duke it out right there and then.

There seemed to be no reason to refuse such a proposal.

Xiao Qianhe took one look at Xia Qingyuan. It seems that the princess has made up her mind then.

Well then, we shall see what Ye Futian is made of.

If Ye Futian turned out to be just some crazy guy having a penchant to boast, then there would have been no need to worry. Both Emperor Xia and Xia Qingyuan would have no longer had any need for Ye Futian.

Yaoxi took one good look at Ye Futian by her side. She did not know if Xia Qingyuan was clear how capable Ye Futian really was, and she had no idea how powerful Ye Futian actually was.

However, she would have been able to gauge more or less if he were to fight, and she would have been able to tell what kind of an attitude Xia Qingyuan had towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan with a rather surprised look. Others may have known little, but he knew well that no one present knew what he was capable of, than Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan had learned plenty from both the battle in the Imperial Mausoleum and the sacred battle fought at the Holy Zhi Palace.

The fog that clouded Ye Futian’s mind dissipated within an instant. If Xia Qingyuan were to take his side, that meant that to a certain extent, he had Emperor Xia’s consent as well. As for the Xiao clan, the family the queen hailed from, there would not have been any risk of getting him into trouble, so long as he did not offend them too harshly.

Ye Futian was feeling rather grateful for she did for him. While he found Xia Qingyuan’s personality irksome, but that hardly mattered there, as one’s stance took priority over everything else.

But then again, Xia Qingyuan probably meant every single word she berated him with. If the opportunity were to present itself, he would have had no doubt that Xia Qingyuan would have wanted to beat him up real good.

“Yes, princess.” Ye Futian bowed and stood up, appearing very polite and respectful. He was Xia Qingyuan’s subordinate after all, so he had to play the part with the right attitude.

There was an empty space in the banquet. While the place was by no means small, but it was apparent that it was still inadequate for having pinnacle sages fight.

However, Ye Futian did not mind at all. He walked to the middle and bowed to both Old Man Xiao and Queen Xiao on the pedestal, saying, “Today is the day where your birthday is celebrated, Senior Xiao. As a junior who was invited to the event, I naturally do not see it fit to spoil the mood of the event by fighting here. As such, I’d like to play a song here instead, a way to celebrate your birthday, Senior Xiao. I shall repel the sword wills of the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven, with the tune alone.”

Ye Futian finished his lines and turned his eyes at the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven, saying, “Since you all, students of Lihen Heaven, claim that I was merely boasting, well then, all of you below Saint Plane, feel free to come at me at once.”

He sat cross-legged as soon as he finished. The guqin spirit appeared before him.

He started plucking the strings without waiting for them to make a move. A tune was soon heard.

The banquet turned unusually quiet after that, with only the sound of the tune in the air. Everyone turned their eyes at the silver-haired young man sitting alone, as if he was the only being worth paying attention to at the moment.

There was a tinge of loneliness heard within his tune, as if he was isolated from the world. Vivid illustrations welled up in the minds of everyone within earshot. Despite being at the center of a lively crowd, he seemed isolated and completely alone.

“Let’s go,” the leading sword saint of the Lihen Heaven students said. One figure after another appeared. Many swordsmen walked together and surrounded Ye Futian in the middle.

Mo Li of Lihen Heaven sat cross-legged before Ye Futian and took out his guqin as well.

Fengxiao stood by his side while all the others stood, surrounding Ye Futian and emanating sword wills.

“You could make your move,” Ye Futian said. One of them, who stood before Ye Futian, shot with sword wills about him as soon as Ye Futian finished talking, without any reservations.

Both parties were very near each other and compressing sword will attacks in very small vicinities would have been something extremely dangerous, as the destructive capacities of such attacks would have been formidable.

The sword will rang with a high pitched noise as it launched at Ye Futian at blazing speeds.

Ye Futian plucked the strings and sent a sliver of music into the air, which surprisingly was converted into terrifying power of rules, shattering the incoming sword will.

Whooosshh… Terrifying sword aura storms whipped up within an instant. All of the mighty ones from Lihen Heaven burst with frightening sword will. A stifling pressure washed all over the banquet, turning into frightening storms. Saints acted and laid down screens of light, isolating that battlefield from the outside world. The terrifying sword aura storms were tore through the space as boundless sword will, intending to cut Ye Futian down.

Ye Futian did not move and neither did the ones from Lihen Heaven. It was only the music and the sword wills that were clashing.

That small space looked like doomsday within that mere moments.

Ye Futian was at the very center of it all.

However, it seemed as if he was unable to feel any of that and remained playing his tune quietly. His tune pierced through the sword aura storms and became heard outside. A frightening storm of rules manifested around that lonesome figure. As the tune continued playing, sound waves shot forth and the air seemed to have been cut opened. It tore right through the storm of sword wills and the scene looked harrowing.

The tune that Mo Li was playing was heard as well, converted into extremely sharp sword wills. It seemed as if thousands of threads were flying about as every single tune he played felt like a sword, stabbing into Ye Futian’s mind.

Worse still, there were still boundless sword wills heading straight for Ye Futian emanating from that storm that was cut opened earlier. However, Ye Futian continued to look as if he had not felt any of it. He continued sitting where he was quietly, as if countless swords cut his body and stabbed into his spiritual will. Ye Futian, in the situation he was caught in, felt as if he would have been torn to shreds at any given moment.

But then again, he remained playing his tune in silence. His tune was lonely and sad, yet it had extreme pride laced within, as if to announce to the world that even if he were to make enemies with the entire world, he would still remain as he was and his mind would remain unflinching.

Ye Futian’s hair billowed in the storm like swords, his clothes whooshed in the air. He emanated an aura of rules about him at that moment, that none of the sword wills were able to cut.

“An amalgamation of starry and space rules.” The saints seemed to have been able to sense the power emanating from Ye Futian. He placed absolute defense around his body, while his power of rules continued to rage while being shrouded by his tune.

The mighty ones from Lihen Heaven frowned mildly and burst with even greater sword wills. Some even unleashed their Life Spirits. Mo Li plucked the strings in a frenzy, intending to penetrate his opponent’s mind using his tune, in an attempt to affect Ye Futian. However, he soon found that Ye Futian looked as if he heard nothing.

The storm brought forth by Ye Futian’s tune grew increasingly intense, shrouding boundless spaces. The tight space was filled with devastating space-tearing powers, making many feel threatened.

A swordsman finally made a move. His body burst straight like a sword, lashing out straight for Ye Futian. One strike would have been capable of taking life and splitting space.

Ye Futian remained seated quietly still and did not even bother lifting his head. The swordsmen simply felt devastating lightning flashed in his mind in that moment, making him shudder at his very soul. At the same time, his body seemed to have stopped altogether. Devastating storms shrouded him and he felt intense fear.

What is with the power of rules and spiritual will attack of such magnitude?

It seemed as if he was totally defenseless.

“The people of the world claim that I’m unbridled and arrogant, yet why would I need to prove anything to the world?” Ye Futian said calmly. He plucked at the strings as he finished talking. That swordsman grunted and spitted blood at that very moment, as he body dropped.

He was not alone. Every single swordsman of Lihen Heaven around him was being attacked by his tune at the same time. At that moment, his tune seemed to have been turned into true spiritual attacks, penetrating their will right there and then. They all suffered hallucinations right there and then, feeling as if they were being subjected to the might of the light of doomsday.

That was not all. Their bodies seemed to have been frozen solid, making it almost impossible to move.

“I am who I am. Who below Saint Plane from Lihen Heaven, is qualified to fight me?” His fingers plucked the strings again as he finished his words. The people around him all grunted and spitted blood from their mouths in that very instant. The strings on Mo Li’s instrument snapped right there and then. His face was as white as paper. The entire space was filled only Ye Futian’s music, and that stifling storm.

It was as if everyone was being subjected to Ye Futian’s control.

Who below Saint Plane from Lihen Heaven, is qualified to fight me?

None among the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven dared move a muscle, and none had the strength to.

Ye Futian was still playing nonchalantly. However, his frenzied tune was near its end, turning quiet yet lonesome.

It was as if he needed understanding from nobody, and he had nothing to prove to the world.

There were naturally many who doubted him, who came from the Nine States of the Lower Worlds. While many great figures deemed him too abrasive and unbridled, that he was not fit to stand abreast with the geniuses who stood at the pinnacle. But then, so what?

Xia Qingyuan allowed him to fight, as such, he overpowered everyone from Lihen Heaven who was not a saint, with just one song.

His tune slowly came to a close as his hair billowed. He remained seated there quietly, as if he had never done anything.

However, everyone present was immensely shocked. He dealt with the attacks of the swordsmen with only his control of rules and his formidable constitution. Yet, at the very end when he finally attacked, lashing out with both his tune and rule attacks, no one was able to stand in his way.

No one was capable of doing so.

It did not matter that they were cultivators from Lihen Heaven. The result remained the same.

Everyone present had their eyes on him. That one song seemed to have made them realize just how much pride that silver-haired young man from the Nine States held.

It seemed that Emperor Xia had indeed made him the princess’ valet, due to having known of his strength and came to appreciate him because of it.

When that was said, Emperor Xia’s appreciation of Ye Futian seemed to have exceeded the expectations of everyone present.

The permission that Xia Qingyuan gave to Ye Futian to make a move became more intriguing than it had otherwise would have been.

Is this her way of telling everyone that Ye Futian belongs to her?

Xiao Qianhe cast his gaze at that figure. He sensed a sharp aura emanating from Ye Futian.

Ye Futian put away his guqin spirit and stood, bowing at the pedestal before saying, “I beg your forgiveness for having interrupted the mood of the event. I shall take my leave at once.”

“Go on then.” Xia Qingyuan said before anyone commented anything.

Ye Futian excused himself and left with the people of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Since Xiao Qianhe had his own agendas, then Ye Futian saw no need to give him face and stay behind in the party!