The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 A Great Shock

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The swordsmen of Lihen Heaven retreated in shambles after Ye Futian left. All of them suffered injuries of varying degrees.

It was especially so in Fengxiao’s case, who looked extremely irritated. Ye Futian transformed his music into rules and manifested it as a large hand, pinning her on the ground right there and then, making her look really beaten up.

The banquet turned eerily quiet. Everyone wore looks suggesting deep thought.

Many had been able to guess that if Emperor Xia was willing to make Ye Futian a valet of Xia Qingyuan—his most doted daughter—then there must have been something about that direct subordinate from the Nine States that caught his attention. Furthermore, with the battle records of both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng added to the list, he could have possibly been ranked alongside the most cutting edge of geniuses. That battle that just happened moments ago verified their speculations.

The mighty swordsmen of Lihen Heaven had been vastly overpowered and none of them were worthy of fighting him. Their powers and his were of different orders of magnitude altogether.

There was no doubt that Ye Futian was at the level of Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane as well.

It was entirely possible that he could have fought toe-to-toe with Wang Chuan of Lihen Heaven after all.

They were wondering if such massive loss of face in Lihen Heaven’s part would have been enough to prompt Wang Chuan to descend from the 33rd Layer of Heaven of Lihen Heaven, visiting Ye Futian at his cottage personally.

Xuanyuan Ao, Gongsun Zhong, Qin Bai and the others watched Ye Futian leave. All of them came to have some level of respect shown in their eyes. There were probably a handful of such opponents to be found in even all of the Upper Worlds, so much so that they probably existed only in single digits.

Yaoxi’s eyes glittered. That tune from the silver-haired young man had been stunning, as if to declare that even if he were to not budge for even an inch, he would have been able to tear through the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven regardless. No one below Saint Plane from Lihen Heaven would have been qualified to fight him.

The only who was deemed qualified, was probably Wang Chuan.

She turned her eyes and looked at Xia Qingyuan. Her smile was indeed alluring.

From what was seen, while Xia Qingyuan behaved coldly towards Ye Futian, she was nonetheless helping him out actually.

“One who was valued by his majesty has indeed been of exceptional talent, and one who has quite an attitude to boot as well.” A voice was heard breaking the silence of the banquet. Xiao Qianhe smiled and said, “Qingyuan, your valet is really something indeed. But you’d still need to work on him more. He would have became something quite difficult to tame otherwise.”

Xia Qingyuan’s eyelashes twitched. Tame?

She never actually had any thoughts about taming Ye Futian.

However, since Xiao Qianhe put it that way, she nonetheless nodded and said, “My father made him my valet precisely he knew what Ye Futian is like. The first reason would be to nurture him, and second, to shape him up for the future. He hailed from the Nine States and is a Palace Lord of a Holy Land. He is quite arrogant and unbridled, knowing not when to keep his ego in check even in such an event today. I’d have father berate him when the opportunity presents itself. Please forgive the offense caused, uncle.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Qianhe nodded without minding at all, yet he felt coldness all over him nonetheless.

It seemed that the princess had indeed grown up and had her own mind, not giving him any chance to meddle in her affairs.

What Xia Qingyuan meant by letting her father berate her simply meant that Ye Futian served her and Emperor Xia. As such, the emperor would have kept him in check personally, and that uncle of hers had better not have any ideas.

“Small matter. That tune has spruced up the banquet quite a bit, I’d say.” Queen Xiao smiled and added, “Qingyuan, your father had planned out everything for you, making Ye Futian your valet and even letting you go on a pilgrimage with people from both the Upper and Lower Worlds back then. You’re near becoming a saint now, and you should indeed nurture your own force. When would you be summoning the Heavenly Chosen Ones from the Lower Worlds?”

As the princess of Emperor Xia’s Realm, Xia Qingyuan would have probably became the heir of his father’s Renhuang throne. As such, she naturally needed to nurture her own force and she needed the best of the best, as only those people would have been able to keep up with her and be useful to her.

Emperor Xia would have chosen some candidates for her while she was free to choose to nurture people on her own.

“Yeah, their planes would have been near Archmage Plane by now. I’m already considering summoning them up to the Upper Worlds to train, and have them achieve sainthood in the Upper Worlds.” Xia Qingyuan nodded.

“Not just the ones from the Lower Worlds. If there are any geniuses of the Upper Worlds that you came to value, you could inform your father as well. But then again, I’m sure you have your ideas, so I won’t tell you how to go about it.” Queen Xiao smiled and continued, “But regarding your marriage in the future, I’d really like to do something for you, as your mother.”

“What are you thinking, mother?” Xia Qingyuan asked indifferently. She had yet to reach Saint Plane and as such, she had no mind for love affairs.

“Well, you’re right. Make sure you make the right decision in the future. I wonder who in Emperor Xia’s Realm would have made a good match for you. But then again, you’d venture out yourself one day to the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path. There’d be many top notch figures out there.” Old Man Xiao smiled and added. The few of them talked in discreet voices, as all of that were matters within the family after all.

The others did not see their conversation as such, however. All of them listened intently, picking up the conversation despite the miniscule volume. Many came to have their own thoughts about things.

The princess’ future marriage would have definitely became more than an affair of their own family; it would have became something massive that would have affected all of Emperor Xia’s Realm after all.

Many top notch figures in the Upper Words harbored such thoughts but they kept such thoughts to themselves. No one dared to let others know such thoughts out in the open.

Xia Qingyuan’s talents were known to be peerless in all of Emperor Xia’s Realm, and at the moment, few were capable of speculated who would have been worthy of becoming her future spouse.

Gongsun Zhong of Divine Cloud Valley turned her eyes onto the proud and cold silhouette on the pedestal. As the most core students of Divine Cloud Valley, it would have definitely not been his first time meeting Xia Qingyuan. He met her many times before and he felt stunned in every single one of the meetings. He wondered himself as well, what kind of a man would have been deemed worthy of her hand in marriage.

While he was of excellent talent himself and was the number one figure below Saint Plane in Divine Cloud Valley, being rather renowned in Emperor Xia’s Realm as well, but he would have lost his shine before Xia Qingyuan nonetheless.

However, he strived to work hard and keep up with her, as that was the only girl that piqued his interests in that kind of way. While Yaoxi of Yaotai Divine Palace was stunningly beautiful and had looks that would have made cities fall, he remained unmoved at all.

The second master of Divine Cloud Valley, Gongsun Jing, who stood by his side, took one look at Gongsun Zhong and spoke to him telepathically, “I’d have your grandfather make a request to Emperor Xia to let you train with the princess. It’d be up to you if you’d be able seize the opportunity or not.”

Gongsun Zhong took one look at his father and said nothing.

The banquet continued and the ones from Lihen Heaven found some reasons to excuse themselves. Everyone knew what was going on and did not say much.

Mo Wen of Tianji Pavilion stayed at his seat silently throughout the whole time, watching the attendees. He found it rather amusing that many of those who were present had their own thoughts, and most of the thoughts surrounded Xia Qingyuan, the most renowned genius of a woman in all of Emperor Xia’s Realm. Things would have turned more interesting in the future in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

However, none who were present had probably speculated that history, would have moved in a totally different direction instead.

And all of that, had nothing to do with Ye Futian at the moment.

He would have been able to train in peace after he returned.

The battle at the Xiao clan’s banquet spread like wildfire. Many were impressed by Ye Futian’s powers, so much so that he was actually able to make short work of all the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven.

Just how powerful is he?

Would Wang Chuan emerge?

Many looked forward to it all, yet they found that Lihen Heaven was hardly doing anything at all, and Wang Chuan did not seem to have any intentions of emerging from his training.

Some claimed that he was indifferent while others speculated that he was simply making a breakthrough into Saint Plane.

Regardless, no one knew what was actually going through Wang Chuan’s mind. The number one figure of Lihen Heaven hardly emerged from the mountain for the past two years. He was already at the very pinnacle of Sage Plane two years ago.

It was said that even more than two years ago, there had been hardly anyone among the top notch swordsmen of Lihen Heaven capable of taking even one strike from Wang Chuan.

Time passed and Year 10020 of Divine Prefecture Calendar was nearing its end.

While it was said that as one’s training reached higher heights, one would have came to have little thoughts about the concept of the end of the year. However, Emperor Xia’s Realm continued to be rather lively nonetheless. Countless forces busied themselves, and many were about to inspect the progress of their younger generations for the past year.

Ye Futian did not enter the palace to serve the princess and Wang Chuan did not emerge as well. Emperor Xia’s Palace remained standing at the top of Cloud Peak, symbolizing its power and prestige.

Many mighty ones from Emperor Xia’s Palace stepped out and stood high up in the air, casting their gaze faraway, seemingly waiting for something.

The clouds rolled several hundred miles away and golden clouds were seen showering. A roar of the dragon was heard in the clouds.

At that moment, countless looked up in the air, hearing the dragon’s roar thundering in the air. Dazzling golden light rained down below. A huge figure appeared basking under the golden light.

That huge figure was golden throughout and its head looked overpowering and magnificent. Five claws were seen at its abdomen, with lengths reaching over a thousand meters. It was none other than the golden dragon.

The hearts of many shuddered. One golden dragon after another emerged and filled with divine might. Those were saintly might and they were sacred beasts capable of taking human form.

Yet at that moment, there were actually 18 divine dragons pulling a carriage, blocking out the sky and looking magnificent.

“Who are they?” The hearts of some raced. Which force in Emperor Xia’s Realm dared to emerge with such a magnificent entourage?

Not even Emperor Xia and Xia Qingyuan would have put up such a massive display going out, no?

Images of true dragons were carved on the huge golden carriage, looking extremely extravagant and there was an enormous golden character on it saying: Li!

“Emperor Li’s Realm.” The hearts of many continued to race. Such an entourage could have only been of the neighboring Emperor Li’s Realm, which was right next to Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Emperor Li established the Dali Dynasty and ruled all of the Lower and Upper Worlds of his. His power was magnificent and he held stricter control over his realm, compared to Emperor Xia was his.

What’s with the mighty ones from Emperor Li’s Realm doing with such a huge entourage, and heading straight for Emperor Xia’s Palace?

“Let’s head to Emperor Xia’s Palace.” The hearts of many remained racing as they followed the golden dragons, heading towards Emperor Xia’s Palace.

The massive groups of mighty ones gathered as they headed for the palace standing tall in the sky. Powerful saints stood guard outside the palace, blocking the golden dragons’ way. Their extremely overpowering divine might shrouded the place.

There were in Emperor Xia’s Realm after all. They needed to follow the rules and customs even if the visitor was none other than Emperor Li himself.

The golden carriage descended and one figure after another emerged from within. The one taking the lead was a figure who was clad in golden, extravagant clothing and had mighty ones by his side.

That young leader bowed in Emperor Xia’s Palace’s direction shortly after. A voice was heard somewhere near him saying, “Li Yao, crown prince of Emperor Li’s Realm, has come to pay a visit to Emperor Xia.”

The palace stayed silent for a brief moment before a voice was heard.

“Permitted to pass.” The voice was heard everywhere. Li Yao and the mighty ones from Emperor Li’s Realm stepped into Emperor Xia’s Palace shortly after.

News quickly spread that Li Yao, crown prince of Emperor Li’s Realm, came to ask for the hand of the princess of Emperor Xia’s Realm, Xia Qingyuan. The news of the marriage proposal came as a great shock!