The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 Number One Below Saint Plane?

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Things were at all time high and mighty ones flocked outside Emperor Xia’s Palace.

People were seen everywhere at a corner of the vast space. Two people were seen fighting at the center of the crowd.

The mighty one from Emperor Li’s Realm threw a punch and terrifyingly devastating lightning was seen coiled around his fist, as if concealing the power of the great path with. That punch struck its target, making the person on the receiving feel as if their body was tearing apart from within. Every single one of his internal organs seemed to have been ruptured as he was sent flying, spitting blood as he crashed to the ground.

Many continued to be shocked by that scene. The side of Emperor Xia’s Realm suffered yet another defeat, as the one who was defeated was a mighty one from Emperor Xia’s Palace, and he too, was overpowered. The power of his opponent’s fist had concealed might of the saints, and furthermore, its force was compressed as much as it had been able to. As such, there were hardly any terrifying aura being sensed by the onlookers, yet the attack burst with extremely devastating force nonetheless.

People of such levels would have been able to have fine control of their power at will. Their control was unnervingly terrifying. If they were able to make it as saints, such qualities would have been even more pronounced.

At that moment, the crowd split without anyone telling them to. Cheers were heard and countless eyes turned around, looking at Emperor Xia’s direction. A figure descended from the palace above and stepped into the crowd.

“The princess is finally here.” The eyes of many sparkled, not knowing if the princess would have fought personally.

“Princess.” The people from Emperor Xia’s Palace all bowed. Tian Ji brought his men and appeared behind Xia Qingyuan. Gongsun Zhong, Xuanyuan Ao and many others were there as well. The moment the saw Xia Qingyuan, they knew that the time for the ones from Emperor Li’s Realm to go home was near.

If those people still insisted of staying around, they would have acted then.

“Princess Qingyuan, we meet again.” Li Yao turned his eyes at Xia Qingyuan and smiled. Xia Qingyuan is indeed stunningly perfect. What a waste for her to be dressed in men’s clothing indeed.

If she were to be clad in phoenix robes, her stunning looks would have enabled her to charm kingdoms. That, coupled with her cold yet elegant bearing as the princess, would have made her unmistakably charming.

It was quite a pity he would never have had any chances to get near such a woman.

Emperor Xia would have definitely killed him if he dared.

“The upcoming battle shall be one fought to the death. Do you intend to continue, or get lost?” Xia Qingyuan eyed Li Yao and asked.

“We have yet to see what Princess Qingyuan is capable of, so we shall naturally continue,” Li Yao replied calmly.

“Tian Ji,” Xia Qingyuan called.

“Yes, princess.” A towering figure was seen stepping out from her side. He seemed to have been able to shake the ground with every step he took.

Ye Futian took a look at that figure, whom he recognized. It was the man who stopped him when he was at Emperor Xia’s Palace, requesting to see Xia Qingyuan.

“Tian Ji.” Many around them looked on with anticipation.

He was Tian Ji, the son of the leader and the number one figure of the Eight Sacred Generals. He had superb talents and acknowledging the merits and efforts of his father, Emperor Xia allowed him to train in Emperor Xia’s Palace. Despite being little more than a guard, but that was only because of the limit of his plane. Tian Ji was destined to walk the same path as his father, becoming a sacred general serving Emperor Xia directly.

As to whether he could have succeeded his father to become the next Sacred General of Tian, that would have up to the extent of his powers and how far he would have been able to go in the future.

Boom. Tian Ji walked. Unmatched pressure swept all over the place as he stomped the ground. The mighty one from Emperor Li’s Realm who fought before walked as well. Flashes of lightning clad around him and coursed about his body, bursting with devastating might of rules.

Tian Ji raised his fists and within an instant, golden images appeared on each of them and materialized as blinding halos. Terrifying power of Tearing Rule burst from them. Furthermore, halos appeared on his body as well, emanating formidable pressure as if they were divine light.

Halos of Great Path glittered and pressured his opponent. The mighty one from Emperor Li’s Realm frowned a bit and seemed to have sensed threatening force. However, there was no way he could have backed away then. He stepped forward as well. His fists struck the air with shattering crack of lightning, seemed to be out to swallow the heavens.

Both came to clash with each other up close and personal within seconds.

Boom. Boom. Boom… Wrecking explosions were heard and within an extremely short span of time, both sides brought countless punches to bear. A shriek was then heard. The mighty one from Emperor Li’s Realm had his arms turned bloody and gory, before his internal organs exploded from the relentless attacks. He was quickly thrown back to the dragon carriage and slumped to the floor, totally and undoubtedly dead.

The hearts of countless spectators raced. They looked at the glittering Tian Ji, finding that the son of the Sacred General of Tian had indeed lived up to his father’s mighty name. His strength was undoubtedly formidable.

Tian Ji was a Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane himself. He was nearly invincible at Sage Plane. Even if his opponent happened to possess powers enhanced through external means, said opponent was nonetheless quickly killed.

Li Yao did not show much of any emotions from seeing his men killed. Those people had been trained to become suicide fighters and martyrs to begin with after all. All of them should have been prepared to die in battle.

Tian Ji, son of the Sacred General of Tian, was indeed formidable.

There was little idea how many people of such levels were there in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

“Who else?” Tian Ji turned his eyes at Li Yao.

Li Yao looked at someone at his side and said in a low voice, “Get up there.”

There was a mighty one at each of his side respectively who had never participated in the battles. It was apparent that those two differed from the others.

One of them walked out and stood before Tian Ji. That supreme bearing emanating from him seemed like a natural one instead of achieved using external powers.

Xia Qingyuan stared at the battlefield. That person would have probably been very powerful.

As expected, the resulting fight between those two men was indeed spectacular. Tian Ji and that mighty one from Emperor Li’s Realm fought and the fight ended up in a tie.

Even someone as powerful as Tian Ji had been incapable of taking down his opponent.

“That will do,” Xia Qingyuan then spoke. Both Tian Ji and his opponent stepped down simultaneously. The aura of both men still felt agitated.

Xia Qingyuan turned her eyes at Tian Ji’s opponent. Other than the ones who have had their powers forcefully amplified, Li Yao had also indeed brought two true Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane fighters with him indeed.

“The Sacred General of Tian had been known for his almighty prowess and the son was equally as extraordinary. Are there any others from Emperor Xia’s Realm like him?” Li Yao asked.

Gongsun Zhong, Qin Bai and some others were eager to try their hand, so they were about to walk out.

However, Ye Futian stepped out before everyone else. His expression was extremely cold as he gazed at Li Yao.

Li Yao looked at him with a puzzled expression. He was not at that sacred battle back in the day and his people, who had been watching the battle back then, were killed as well. As such, he decided to bail right away and left Emperor Xia’s Realm. He only knew later that the Holy Zhi Palace emerged victorious in the sacred war. That good-for-nothing Saint Zhi acted and still failed.

He seemed to have sensed vengeance from Ye Futian’s gaze and asked, “Are you going to fight?”

“I challenge you,” Ye Futian looked at Li Yao and said.

“You?” Li Yao smirked when he heard what Ye Futian said. You want to challenge me?

There was no way he would have taken the challenge.

“Who else?” Li Yao did not bother with Ye Futian, and had instead asked his people at his side.

Someone else stepped out, spreading his aura at Ye Futian.

The surrounding spectators from Emperor Xia’s Realm felt rather hopeful about that battle. They thought the likes of Gongsun Zhong would have made a move, and never expected Ye Futian to have acted first. Furthermore, Ye Futian intended to challenge Li Yao.

However, given that they were at Emperor Xia’s Realm, there was no way Li Yao would have simply agreed to fight.

But then again, the people of Emperor Xia’s Realm were actually very curious as to how capable Ye Futian would have been. That battle would have allowed them to witness for themselves.

“Li Yao isn’t going to fight. Stay out of this battle.” Xia Qingyuan spoke to Ye Futian telepathically. “If vengeance is what you’re after, you’ll get plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Ye Futian remained standing where he was even after hearing Xia Qingyuan’s words. He gazed at Li Yao and asked, “So you took Saint Zhi’s son away then?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Li Yao naturally would not have admitted. While Emperor Xia would have definitely found out that he was present when the sacred war of the Nine State took place, but he never participated directly. There was no way he would have been stupid enough to just own up to the accusation of him inciting a lord of Emperor Xia’s holy lands to revolt, when he was right in front of Emperor Xia’s Palace.

“You would be in their place soon enough.” Ye Futian turned around and left after leaving a line behind.

There would have definitely been reasons for Xia Qingyuan to tell him to stay out of that battle.

Many were feeling puzzled as to what Ye Futian meant with that line.

So, that’s it?

Gongsun Zhong then walked out next, fighting the one who emerged from the other side. Like how it was with Tian Ji, he too, killed his opponent.

Qin Bai, Xuanyuan Ao and a few others killed one of the other side each, letting everyone witness what did it mean to be called ‘Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane.”

Other than the two sages right beside Li Yao, the number of other mighty ones continued to dwindle.

“So you really are not going to spar then, Princess Qingyuan?” Li Yao continued to ask, seemingly still wanted to have Xia Qingyuan fight.

Xia Qingyuan did not answer. Li Yao then smiled and said, “Well, if that is the case, we shall take our leave.”

He was able to more or less tell what the top notch figures from Emperor Xia’s Realm were like in terms of powers.

“So they’re finally leaving then?” Many asked themselves deep down. While the supposed enemy had been sent home, but the battles actually ended with Emperor Xia’s Realm being on the losing side as a whole nonetheless.

However, sword will whipped about in the air at that moment, seemingly announcing the arrival of someone. Countless looked up and found out to their shock, that swords rained down straight from the air ceaselessly.

“Wang Chuan of Lihen Heaven, here to spar with the people of Emperor Xia’s Realm.” Voice of the great path seemed to be heard from above. Sword aura blocked out the sky and countless witnessed a figure arrived, riding on thousands of swords.

Wang Chuan, an Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane from Lihen Heaven.

“Such unparalleled bearing.” Many felt their minds shuddering in awe. It only merely an instant for the swords to arrive and one mighty one after another before Li Yao stepped out, taking on the opponent who showed from the other side with sheer numbers.

Wang Chuan, however, commanded the swords to coalesced into one entity. He himself seemed like the master of the swords. Celestial Sword Techniques seemed to brought forth as he launched himself at all others before him.

One mighty one after another roared as their bodies burst with power. Their aura was cranked to the maximum, intending to take that one sword entity head on.

That sword, however, pierced through the air and straight into their minds. One strike was all it took to tear them apart.

Pfftt… With only a light tearing sound, one of the incoming mighty one was unable to hold on and spitted blood. He dropped to the ground right away as his spiritual will was cut down right there and then.

One sword to cut it all. Wang Chuan’s sword will pierced the bodies of all before him. All of them dropped while spitting blood. Their auras dropping at alarming rates.

“Heretical tricks unworthy of the higher circles,” Wang Chuan commented plainly. His finger pointed downward as soon as he was done talking. All before him were penetrated by his swords in that one instant, ended up dead right there and then.

Li Yao’s eyes were frozen in place and the other two by his sides looked troubled.

The hearts of those from Emperor Xia’s Realm raced.

Ye Futian provoked Lihen Heaven back then and Wang Chuan never bothered looking for him.

However, he was absolutely stunning as he descended from the 33rd Layer of Heaven and cut down the mighty ones from Emperor Li’s Realm .

Wang Chuan was truly the number one figure below Saint Plane in Emperor Xia’s Realm!