The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 Straight To The 33rd Layer Of Heaven

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At the eleventh heaven of Lihen Heaven, Ye Wuchen moved forward with great momentum. The swordsmen of Lihen Heaven who were in front of him were all wounded and retreated.

At this time, some of the sacred elders of Lihen Heaven stood next to the battlefield and observed what was happening inside, and their hearts were slightly disturbed. They did not think that Ye Futian’s group of five came to challenge Lihen Heaven. So far, only Ye Wuchen was making the moves.

The two strongest people, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, had not yet fought, and Yu Sheng follow Ye Wuchen closely.

As for Ye Futian, he walked alone in the back as if taking a leisurely walk outside, relaxing.

As if the 33rd Layer of Heaven of Lihen Heaven meant no threat to him at all.

“They are about to break the eleventh heaven.” Looking at the radiance sword opened a path that would go straight to the 33rd Layer of Heaven. Even just Ye Wuchen alone had a Sword Way superior to countless swordsmen of Lihen Heaven.

Soon, Ye Wuchen set foot onto the eleventh heaven, and it was also the place where the real geniuses of Lihen Heaven gathered.

In this eleventh heaven, there were elite cultivators of Sword Way from Lihen Heaven.

Since Ye Futian’s group of five set foot on to Lihen Heaven, until now not much time had passed before they had crossed the eleventh heaven, and Ye Wuchen only had one sword.

At this point, the sword stopped, the forward-moving Sword Will finally dissipated, and Ye Wuchen’s group of three stood there, still surrounded by infinite Sword Will. They looked up and forward, then continued moving forward.

It seemed that they intended to take the momentum and get to the highest layer of heaven.

Yu Sheng still followed closely behind, with Ye Futian taking up the rear. Until now, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng still had not made a move.

There were even fewer people who were on the eleventh heaven. When they looked up, they saw a line of figures that lined up straight from bottom to top. In each heaven there were just a few people, but everyone was of the existence at the peak of the Sage Plane.

At this time, there was a swordsman standing in front of Ye Wuchen and the others, standing in the void above them, surrounded by Sword Will, his life spirit blooming, and above his head there was now a sword diagram, shining downward. The light fell on Ye Wuchen and the others.

From there, an astonishing atmosphere of Sword Way atmosphere faintly permeated the outside.

At this moment, the Sword Qi vaporized into rain. The sword diagram was growing bigger and bigger, covering the void. Endless Sword Will was falling down from the sword diagram, with extremely fast speed, without any rules or restraints. These Sword Will were dropping with craze, completely drowning the area beneath the sky.

Ye Wuchen and the others stood below, like standing in the rain, only that this was a rain of swords.

Psst! Around the eyebrow chakra of the Sword Spirit rushed out, and an even more dazzling Sword Will shrouded his body, as if once again entering into the state of the last battle when he was assassinated.

He stood there, as if he had transformed into Sword Way, completely in charge of the Great Path of the sword, infinite Sword Will between heaven and earth gathered together, centering on Ye Wuchen body.

In the void, as the sword rain fell, Xu Que and Zui Qianchou were resisting and dodging, but Ye Wuchen still did not move.

The sword rain fell on him, but did not harm him at all, even melting into the sword will that surrounded his body.

An even more beautiful sword light swept out from his body, as if he reigned supreme in the Sword Way.

“Wuchen’s comprehension of the Renhuang Sword Will is even deeper,” Ye Futian thought to himself. It had been some time since the last battle, so it was normal that Wuchen’s power had increased and improved.

But the power he now comprehended was the Renhuang Sword Will; just a shred of improvement translated into considerable increase in combative power.

Above the sky, the swordsman of Lihen Heaven frowned, and felt a sense of danger. Then he saw that Ye Wuchen moved. His whole person seemed to be turning into Sword Way and integrated with it in one; not at all within the possibility of someone in the Sage Plane.

But the one-armed figure that bathed in radiant glory, at this time gave that feeling to the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven.

The white garment was bright as snow, and he moved directly toward the sword diagram, and the one arm lifted, pointing to the void.


At this moment, brilliant light poured over the sword diagram above, but Ye Wuchen seemed to be unaware of it. Just like the last time, his one finger pointed to the sky, and suddenly there was a sword light between heaven and earth, directly tearing and opening, smashing toward the sword.

The sword diagram spun wildly and became more violent and dangerous. The Sword Will that erupted from it seemed to be all-powerful, but it was broken by Ye Wuchen’s sword.

There was a gap in the sky, and Ye Wuchen carried the shredding rules of Sword Way toward it, the sword diagram oscillated, and cracks seemed to appeared faintly upon it. The cultivator made a snorting sound and the sword diagram disappeared instantly. It was formed with his own life spirit, so naturally he would not have allowed Ye Wuchen to destroy it.

A sword crossed from his side, and Ye Wuchen did not even gave it a glance, but simply continued going up. The swordsman from Lihen Heaven had a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, looking pale.

Only one move of the sword. He had guarded here and had thought that today, he would fight with Ye Futian or Yu Sheng, but he would never had thought that he just saw these two people instead without even making an exchange with either, and he was defeated by one move from Ye Wuchen’s sword.

“This guy,” Xu Que and Zui Qianchou saw Ye Wuchen breaking the sky with his sword and could not help but tried to catch up with him quickly. Did he want to try to get to the 33rd Layer of Heaven by himself?

At this time, Ye Wuchen was urging the Renhuang Sword Will with his spiritual power, and his strength was exerted to the limit, such possibility was not entirely without merit.

Maybe, he could really make it.

In those previous battles, Ye Wuchen did not really exercise all his power, but was reserving it, waiting to explode for the eleventh heaven to reveal his true strength.

Ye Futian showed a flash in his eyes, and he and Yu Sheng continued to keep up.

Today, Wang Chuan invited him to come to challenge the 33rd Layer of Heaven, but it had always been Wuchen and the others fighting, because he also wanted to see if Wuchen could get to the ninth heaven.

The five of them kept moving forward and the opponents were stronger and stronger, but the advancement of Ye Wuchen’s kept pace without stopping. All the way upward, all the cultivators seemed to only have one sword.

As if Ye Wuchen had only one sword and was only good with one sword.

At this time, above the sky up front, a suffocating pressure dropped down, and the loud rumbling sounds could be heard. The heaven and earth made a sharp whistling sound, and a boundless and beautiful sword mark blossomed upon the sky, as if to sever the sky and cut directly toward Ye Wuchen’s body.

Three Thousand Mile Sword, a sword that cut through three thousand miles, slashed toward Ye Wuchen in the air.

The last time, Ye Wuchen was defeated by this sword.

At this time, he was still simply raising his hand, pointed in the void, and a sword opened up the sky, colliding with the thick sword mark that came chopping down from the sky. For a moment, the world seemed to be collapsing, and the storm that could tear and destroyed everything swept out. The sword mark was torn, and Ye Wuchen rushed forward.

However, there was another sword that greeted him, and seemed to be even more fierce and violent. The figure that stood in front of Ye Wuchen was the enchanted genius of Lihen Heaven, Lu Cheng.

After Lu Cheng lost to Yu Sheng that day, he had gone to the outer layer of heaven to seek higher cultivation.

Although it was impossible to metamorphose his strength, it must have been much stronger than it was before. Could it change the outcome of this battle?

Yu Sheng was still behind Ye Wuchen. Originally, he was the target of Lu Cheng, but at the moment, only it seemed that he had to first defeat Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen blocked a sword move again, but then he saw endless sword marks came down from the sky that seemed to chopped through the sky.

This time Lu Cheng asked for Wang Chuan’s help to understand a truth. Swordsmanship often did not need to be too rigid in its practice. Sometimes, the most simple and direct sword moves could often exert the strongest strength, so that sword and heart became one, sword and will became one.

Lu Cheng at this time had comprehended this point. Every time he pulled out the sword, it was the same. He was at the peak of his spirits, and many sword marks had broken the sky, that seemed to be dividing the sky. But more than that, horrific sword marks melded into the Sword Will, intending to destroy Ye Wuchen’s spiritual will

Lu Cheng understood that although Ye Wuchen had not been instructed, he also understood.

In the midst of the storm, he broke a lot of swords, but the sword marks of the Great Path became stronger and more aggressive.

Upon his body, an extremely strong Sword Will seemed to appear, the radiance of two different Sword Will shined at the same time. At this moment, the endless Sword Will above the sky flowed toward Ye Wuchen’s body and blended into him.

Back then when he went through the trials at the ruin, he had received three Renhuang Sword Wills.

One sword to open the sky and one sword to return the truth.

Ye Wuchen’s body moved, as if entering a state of selflessness, like a sword, but with actual physical existence.

His body skyrocketed, without unsheathing the sword, not attacking nor dodging.

Lu Cheng’s expression was cold. If Ye Wuchen was looking to die, then even Xia Qingyuan would probably have nothing to say.

Many cultivators witnessed Ye Wuchen meld into the sword marks, slamming into them with his own body. When Yu Sheng tried to block him, Ye Futian used voice transmission to stop him.

He knew a little of Ye Wuchen’s style, he was extremely decisive, and usually cared nothing about himself.

His person melded into the sword marks, seemed to trample and collapse, and the sword will dropped down madly. Many watched the scene in the void with great shock. Then they saw the sword marks explode and smash, and Ye Wuchen figure rushed forward.

Bang, Bang, Bang! Sounds of loud booms came out. Ye Wuchen actually passed through folds of heavy attacks, and his whole person became illusory and appeared directly not far in front of Lu Cheng. He did not stop, but continued forward, and in an instant landing in front of Lu Cheng’s eyes. As his one finger fell, there were stone-breaking shocks.

Lu Cheng let out a scream, gathered all his entire life’s cultivation of Sword Way, and unleashed the most powerful strike with his sword. The fingers of Ye Wuchen’s illusory and immaterial body had already pressed down on the sword. In this moment, Lu Cheng only felt that his body seemed to be penetrated by thousands of swords. He watched the body that was getting closer and closer, the sword he had unleashed was slowly broken bit by bit.

An unparalleled sword light exploded forth, stung everyone’s eyes. The next moment, countless people were shocked to see that Ye Wuchen was still standing there, but the Sword Will from his body had weakened much. As for Lu Cheng, he was covered in blood, falling to the ground, letting out a moan, and coughing up bright red blood.

Ye Wuchen looked at him calmly without too much emotions, and continued to move forward.

Yu Sheng took a big step forward, and also glanced at Lu Cheng coldly, directly passing over him and continued going upward.

Another swordsman made a strike, and Ye Wuchen did not move again. Behind him, Yu Sheng rushed out and threw a punch that pierced through the void between heaven and earth, just as tyrannical as that day when he battled Lu Cheng. Just one punch was enough to shatter the sword of the other, and shocked another swordsman to fly out, breaking many of his ribs.

Back then, Lu Cheng couldn’t take the blow, and today it was the same with the other swordsmen, unless they were like Wang Chuan, who was no longer at this level.

A group of five, rolling forward over everything that was in their path, and no one was able to resist. With an absolutely strong posture, they had now gone to the highest place of Lihen Heaven, the 33rd Layer of Heaven.

Looking up, one could see the figure sitting in front of the ancient palace, and several swordsmen beneath him!