The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Set Up

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Ye Futian turned around and walked towards Kong Xuan. The Black Wind Condor behind looked on with glittering eyes and said, “Hey demonic girl, my master is going to teach you a lesson now.”

“…” Ye Futian had an urge to just chuck the bird into a pot and see if it would have fit right there and then. While he did permit the bird to provoke the enemy, but it seemed as if it was really overdoing it so much, that he felt compelled to teach the bird a lesson instead.

Kong Xuan’s eyes were fixed at Ye Futian. One demonic beast after another zipped by behind her. She pointed at the Black Wind Condor and said, “Kill it.”

Cold eyes came to glare at the Black Wind Condor within seconds, causing the bird to shiver. While the bird was indeed very confident of its own powers, it deemed it rather stupid to just stay behind and fight, choosing to bail instead.

It zipped away with just one flap of its wings, leaving Ye Futian behind. The demonic girl needed a lesson and its master would have naturally gave her one. There was no need for the bird to worry about him.

Gale blew and one demonic beast after another streaked past, chasing after the Black Wind Condor. Their cold, brutal eyes seemed to be such that if they were indeed able to catch up with the Black Wind Condor, they would have tore the bird to bite sizes. The Battle of Empty Realm had just begun, yet the Black Wind Condor had already became the number one target of the army of Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm, and one that needed to be killed before anything else.

That a**hole of a bird is just too much.

Kong Xuan shrouded Ye Futian with her aura. There were several other top notch monsters other than her, that did not pursue the Black Wind Condor, staying behind to watch the fight between the two instead.

Their wings flapped about in the air as they demonic aura got extremely overbearing, barricading Ye Futian.

While all of them were extremely confident of Kong Xuan’s powers, but she was nonetheless a princess of the Demon Peacock Emperor. As the daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor, Kong Xuan’s status in the Demon Peacock Emepror’s Realm would have definitely been on par with that of Xia Qingyuan in Emperor Xia’s Realm. As such, there were definitely mighty ones staying behind to guard her, as leaving her outside alone was utterly unthinkable.

Furthermore, both Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condor had displayed extremely powerful might in the flag battles before. The Black Wind Condor was but a stead of Ye Futian and seemed to take only his orders, which meant that Ye Futian’s powers must have been above that of the Black Wind Condor. Furthermore, he would have been considerably more powerful than the bird for being able to subdue it, making it fully willing to serve him.

Even so, none of them had any intentions of participating in the fight there. With Kong Xuan around, they firmly believed that she would have definitely been able to take him down, regardless of how powerful he actually was.

At that moment, Ye Futian’s body was surrounded by Kong Xuan’s divine light world. The extremely dazzling feathers seemed to be pulsing with the rules of the great path, as if Kong Xuan’s might of the great path alone ruled that very area they were in.

Zoop zoop… Blinding divine light of nine colors from the peacock’s feathers shot out, heading straight for Ye Futian. The light had intense killing intentions within it, as if it was out to wipe out everyone targeted by the light.

Ye Futian felt the pressure and was somewhat aware that his opponent’s power seemed to resemble the rules of light practiced by the Hall of Holy Light, yet was of greater power. The divine light of nine colors seemed to be something evolved from the usual power of rules of light.

Ye Futian was able to clearly see the might of the great path heading straight for him and was extremely overbearing. His will was triggered and terrifying light of the stars appeared around him, but they were quickly reduced to nothingness under the divine light of nine colors. The shattered light of the stars were even swallowed by the peacock’s divine feathers right there and then, assimilating them into the power of the divine light of nine colors.

That was the power of the great path overpowering that of the rules, which was in its nature, overpowering effects brought forth by something of a higher order of magnitude in its very nature.

Ye Futian’s Space-freezing rules were punched through right away by the divine light of nine colors. The dazzling, devastating light seemed incredibly beautiful nontheless as they showered on Ye Futian. Kong Xuan glared at Ye Futian’s silhouette with an extremely cold expression. None would have been able to take an attack from the divine light and emerge unscathed, yet Ye Futian did not bother to even evade.

Boom… The divine light of nine colors bombarded onto Ye Futian’s body, which rang violently when the light hit him. Defense light was seen coursing about Ye Futian’s body, but the divine light of nine colors was nonetheless able to punch through his defenses and hit his body right away.

At that moment, Ye Futian was able to clearly sense how powerful the divine light of nine colors truly was. It seemed to have consisted of any type of offensive powers—destruction, shredding, overpowering and the sort. In that very instant, Ye Futian felt that he was being bombarded by multi-layered power of rules, intending to tear his body apart.

Such was the talent of Kong Xuan, talents inherited by the descendants of the Demon Peacock Emperor. Her predecessor was at Renhuang level of training. His powers embodied the way of the heavens and was in all ways, overpowering. His descendants were blessed from birth by being destined to be able to develop comprehensions of the great ways. Kong Xuan, for example, would have became a saint at the very least, and she would have been able to get there naturally, without having to do much.

The ultimate dream that many human and demonic beast cultivators toiled to achieve, would have probably been the starting point for her instead, as she was able to get that far without doing much.

“This guy sure has a death wish.” The demonic beasts around Ye Futian stared at him. All of them were surprised that he dared to take on the divine light of nine colors from her highness using only her body. Not even great monsters in the Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm who were known for their extremely formidable constitutions, would have dared done such a thing. Their bodies would have been torn apart right there and then, and they would not have even had the time to realize anything before they ended up dead.

Violent ringing noise was heard and the scenario in everyone’s mind did not happen. Ye Futian’s body was shaken, yet he stood where he was in a steady manner still. He was indeed bombarded by the divine light of nine colors, yet the light was unable to destroy his body.

The demonic beast sported peculiar expressions, being surprised that his body was even stronger than those top notch great monsters.

Kong Xuan was just as dumbfounded as she looked at Ye Futian. The divine light of nine colors was unable to destroy him?

Her eyes were incredibly cold. Boundless divine light of nine colors continued to shower below, bombarding Ye Futian’s body like it cost nothing.

Rumbling noises continued to be heard. Ye Futian’s blood boiled and turned. The divine light of nine colors circled about on him, as if the attacks were tempering his body instead.

Kong Xuan only came to realize how unnervingly formidable Ye Futian’s physical body was. While the person had been shameless and despicable, yet his powers were just as they expected. It was no wonder why he dared to provoke them at the Demon Peacock City all on his own.

The divine feathers of the peacock burst with boundless divine light around her. Kong Xuan’s hand extended in Ye Futian’s direction. Boundless divine light manifested as a peacock, which looked like a true peacock demon saint, flying straight at Ye Futian, opening its mouth to chomp on him.

The currents in the space around them reversed and were being absorbed into that big mouth. Even the might of the rules of the great path was being devoured by that peacock.

Ye Futian felt as if a gale had whipped up around him. The currents around his body was being absorbed into the peacock’s mouth in a frenzy. He seemed to have a hard time holding himself still, seemingly about to be devoured by the peacock.

Rules and spiritual qi in that space had all been devoured, and the place seemed to have been drained altogether. Such demonic means nothing short of heavenly indeed.

Ye Futian intended to coalesce a halberd with rule powers, but quickly found it difficult to materialize said weapon. He was able to sense all manner of powerful limitations within that space, as if the place had been completely taken over by Kong Xuan.

He looked up at Kong Xuan, who was above him, finding her sexy silhouette to look more alluring as she was basking in the divine light of nine colors. He let the violent divine light of nine colors bombard his body. He took one step forward, going along with the devouring powers instead.

The humongous peacock devoured all straying light and Ye Futian was swallowed by that peacock together with the light. In that instant, he felt as if he had been thrust into the world of the divine feathers of the peacock, with boundless divine light deconstructing everything in it devoured.

Ye Futian’s speed remained that of a lightning bolt, sprinting at a single direction. He lifted his arm and terrifying will of rules coursed about on his body. Boundless light of particles glimmered on his fist. When he threw out a punch, it seemed as if their surroundings were about to crumble. That peacock wall was shattered right there and then. His body burst through the peacock’s shadow, heading straight for Kong Xuan directly above.

Kong Xuan was totally unfettered despite seeing Ye Futian coming straight for her. Divine light of nine colors continued to course about her body and she threw a punch as well, with the boundless divine light. She actually intended to take on Ye Futian in close quarters.

Demonic beasts possessed extremely powerful combat prowess to begin with and that daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor was naturally no exception. Fists from both sides clashed and terrifying, violent rumble was heard. Ye Futian’s fist was imbued with terrifying offensive force capable of wrecking anything it hit, yet when that power clashed with the divine light of nine colors on Kong Xuan’s fist, his powers continued to shatter instead. The power that he drove into Kong Xuan’s arm was unable to even faze her. She simply ended up twitching from the wild tremor of his powers.

Ye Futian threw yet another punch without hesitation and Kong Xuan continued to look fearless. She did not chose to back away during that last clash, opting to fight Ye Futian right there and then instead.

Boom, boom, boom… Violent rumbles reverberated throughout their surroundings. The divine light of nine colors from her continued to destroy everything else around. None would have expected Kong Xuan’s sexy body and petite fist held such frightening powers.

However, the great monsters around them were shaken to the core as well. Ye Futian is actually able to clash head on with her highness?

With the exception of His Highness Kong Zhan, there were probably no one else below Saint Plane in Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm capable of doing what Ye Futian did right there.

Boom… Yet another rumble was heard. A dazzling arc zipped past Ye Futian, retreating far away. Kong Xuan’s body burst with terrifying glitter of light. It seemed that saintly might was cast again, intending to bring out a divine implement. However, the Halberd of Time and Space appeared in Ye Futian’s hand at the same time, pulsing with brilliant light.

He took one look at Kong Xuan and said, “You’re indeed formidable, Princess Kong Xuan. That steed of mine had a potty mouth, but it told the truth nonetheless. If you’re willing to serve me, I would actually consider it.”

His body turned around and left with a beam of light as soon as he finished.

Those great monsters intended to pursue him, but Kong Xuan said instead, “Stay back. Call those demonic beasts who went to pursue the bird.”

Sweat seeped through her clothes and her sexy body was twitching about. Her cold eyes glared at Ye Futian’s departing silhouette. That despicable bastard.

However, she was nonetheless able to sense how formidable Ye Futian was in that battle and was on par with her powers. She was unable to keep him around and so, chose to give up pursuing him instead.

Furthermore, with the others pursuing the Black Wind Condor, she was concerned if they have fallen in enemy traps. That bird was very shrewd after all.

Kong Xuan was never Ye Futian’s target. He headed straight to one direction after he left. In a barren land of a mountain in Empty Realm, the Black Wind Condor and the group of demonic beasts were all there.

Those demonic beasts were incredibly pissed and it seemed the Black Wind Condor had led them to run in circles. It lured all of them there, yet there were no ambushing troops found.

At that moment, the Black Wind Condor halted all of a sudden, turning around to glare at those demonic beasts, which halted and glared at the bird in return.

Coldness was seen in the Black Wind Condor’s eyes as it said, “You guys dare chase me this far eh? You’re all done for.”

The bird shared a mental link with Ye Futian, and it knew what to do to synchronize with its master, with just one thought from Ye Futian.

Those demonic beasts from Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm, including Kong Xuan, were all probably set up by the bird’s master!

A silhouette zipped past from faraway, and it was none other than Ye Futian, coming to meet up with his bird!